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Sorry for those who actually read this, I haven't been around really.

Also, sorry for the extreme shortness of the chapter, the next chapter will make up for it. The shortness is REALLY extreme.

Chapter 8: Bloodshed


Maranon, you idiot...! Hikaru cursed. Maranon casually beat up the guards in the protection room (the room where everyone watched Hikaru and Teklen fight the Moberlous) and held one of the guards' heads up the a high tech scanner so the scanner could read one of the guards' eyes. And with that the door slid open.

Hikaru reluctantly followed Maranon and Teklen, afraid of the plan being launched too soon. "This was not what I expected!" He yelled while trying to keep up with them. Maranon lead them down a narrow hallway and burst open one of the doors that lead into the Control Room.

Hikaru created some light spears and got the guards good. The security guards moaned and groaned as Maranon fooled around with the controls. "Come on," Maranon prayed. "Close down security..."

Maranon's prayers worked, and the Nerrons beat up guards here and there. However, there was a big mistake. The heaviest guards were coming down the hall with proton bazookas, and the guns were already charging...

This won't be the fun kind of blast! Hikaru told himself silently. The proton bazookas ripped fire.

"Sealing Technique! Three Gates of Nowhere!" Teklen yelled, and three propellor like things opened up from Teklens palm and spun. It was absorbing it. The blast from the bazookas would've bombed everything, if not for Teklen's technique which sealed energy and placed them up in the cosmos.

The guards were astonished at this. One of them threw a Seto Grenade, grenades with such high pressure levels the human body would instantly collapse, plus the explosion. Because the Nerrons were not humans, the grenade didn't have much effect but a grenade is still a grenade. With that throw the cowardly guards took off. Teklen smiled as he watched one of them trip over the other as they ran down the hall. Hikaru felt his head swelling, definitely from the deadly Seto Grenade. The grenade exploded. Just the wind from the explosion made bloody cuts all over the Nerrons faces. I won't tell you what the explosion really did besides ruin the Control Room.

The mission had failed. The Nerrons were placed in a underground Tokyo with maximum security now that the government learned how strong they really were.

Hikaru always knew the plan was far-fetched.
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