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Time for a double chapter! It isn't exactly a double chapter but it is longer than the other ones.

EDIT: Are you kidding me, that chapter isn't even close.

Chapter 7: Fighting Back With the 1st


It took a little while for Teklen and Hikaru to get to know the routine, as they were being studied 24/7. They woke up, did some tests, ate, did some tests, ate, did some tests, ate, did some tests, did some tests while sleeping, and that was what their day was like. Maranon told them it wasn't that bad, but he was here for 40 years.

One night Maranon told them, "Soon, things will get interesting. They'll pit you against one Moberlous." (Moberlous= MOW-ber-less)

A Moberlous is an alien being that attacks Earth every week; the reason that the Earthlings tried to control the Nerrons is because that the Moberlous is invisible to the human eye. Nerrons are the only species that can see them, besides the Moberlous themselves.

"Hey, Maranon," Hikaru approached him when they had free time; a recess for subjects. "Can't we break out of here?"

"I don't know," Maranon said quietly. "I've been here for 40 years... I'll tell you all I know.

"The easiest time to escape would easily be dinner. Security is down a little because we've been worked all day. As you know, we are in a max-security chamber, pretty much like a big dome made out of cinderblock. To sleep, we have to go into seperate jail cells, so we won't be able to escape then. Right before we have to go to sleep, with are given medicine to force us to go to sleep within 20 minutes. During that time period we have to break out... But no matter what, afterward, we will fall asleep, probably costing us our mission.

"This is why we have to switch the medicine. They put the medicine in some needles. All we have to do is switch it with harmless stuff and bingo, we got our share. However, there is no time to switch it. Free time is heavily guarded... I suppose we could wait until Teklen regenerates his arm... Boy, Teklen, what a hell of an ability you have! It'll take a while. There's no use doing anything else...

"So it's settled, we wait until Teklen regenerates, and we'll figure out something then. Hopefully the Moberlous won't be released before too soon. Is it settled then? Good. Tick tock, wait for the clock."

Weeks later...

"Looks like we'll have to fight a Moberlous today, folks!" Maranon announced. Then he murmered sadly, "I thought we would've escaped by now..."

The Moberlous looked like a huge, brown grasshopper standing up, probably the size of an average persons house. Hikaru was scared stiff.

"You, mini trashbag, go first!" A large man armed heavily ordered. Hikaru was shoved out into the cinderblock dome. Everyone else was behind titanium walls. Humans couldn't see any Moberlous, just distorted space.

The Moberlous screeched loudly and ran full speed forward. Hikaru was able to dodge it. "Light Spears! Senpoko!" Spears made out of pure energy formed in Hikaru's hands. Hikaru jumped up to the Moberlous' head and stabbed the monster in the eyeball. The eyeball absorbed the energy, and then exploded.

Hikaru was careful not to touch the Moberlous' blood, since it burned. He threw the remaining two spears at the Moberlous, and in midair they fused together creating a giant spear. The spears of light went right threw the Moberlous, and exploded. Hikaru couldn't avoid the blood this time, so he got a little on him.

Hikaru sighed. "I made it out without a scratch." He smiled.

Now it was Teklens turn.

Another Moberlous was released in the arena. Teklen created a ball of rainbow-colored energy, and the energy was spread out into a beam. The Moberlous was hit by it, and it just fell to the ground.

Teklen finished it like cake.

And that was when Maranon started the plan unexpectedly.

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