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Thank you itasan! I will do some work on Chapter 1 later... After I post this chapter


Chapter 6: And That Makes a Total of 3

Hikaru had studied space travel at the Nerron School, and he was very interested in it. Hikaru wished he had actually listened to the last few lessons; "Controlling a Spaceshuttle."

Teklen was not fond of the whole idea, and he came onboard thinking that Hikaru was a brain at space travel, but the only lessons he didn't listen in on were the ones that actually mattered.

"Dang it, Hikaru," Teklen cursed as he slammed his hand down on the heavy metal. "At least the map tells you where to go."

The map worked like a GPS made from Earth, only it was much more advanced. You would say where you wanted to go through the speakers and the map would convert you words into text where it would read it and then respond by giving directions.

Hours and hours later...

"Teklen, I think I can see Earth!" Hikaru exclaimed with joy.

"Thinking is not good enough," Teklen tutored. "But if you are right, I guess the words are valid." Teklen grinned as he peered through the main window in the front of the ship. "I guess that is Earth... Hit the Invisibility Button."

Hikaru obeyed, hitting a clear button, and the ship became transparent; for the Nerrons at least. To anything other than their species it was invisible. "Teklen, have we succeeded?" Hikaru asked like a little boy waking up on Christmas.

Teklen realized in horror that the ship was picking up speed. He tried slamming on the emergency brake to no avail. "Darn it! What were those scientists thinking! They haven't fixed the invisibility bug!" Teklen discovered.

Hikaru realized that they were going to crashland on Earth.

Some time later...

"Ugh..." Hikaru's eyes slowly opened to let in light. He picked himself up to see what was around him... He saw two Nerrons in front of him.

Two Nerrons? Hikaru thought. We only traveled with one...

"Hikaru," Teklen said proudly. "We're on Earth, and we're not damaged. We've found the one that disappeared all those years ago. We've found Maranon!"

Nerron children heard stories about Maranon, partly because he was the bravest Nerron, and partly because he was the Nerron who was taken to Earth. Maranon wore tattered clothes in camouflouge* and stray blonde hair.

"Sadly," Maranon announced, "That makes three of us." With these words, Hikaru realized sadly that was actually on Earth, and he was actually captured... That his friends were left behind, and that he was going to be used for Earthlings. It was a sad thought, really. Hikaru had dreams for Nerron. He wanted to help his species out someday.

Then he realized that with Teklen and Maranon, he could defeat the ones that bothered their planet. Hikaru could murder them all in cold blood.

It's time we defend ourselves.
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