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Chapter 4: Government Actions


1 week after Masashi's death...

The captain was enraged and was on a warpath, and that was not good since the room had multiple master-computers and expert scientists.

"M-maybe he is coming home..." A shaky scientist implied.

"He would've called us! What has happened? I trusted you to keep him safe inside the spacesuit!" The captain tried to conceal his rage, but he wasn't doing so well.

"S-sir, it wasn't our fault," The same scientist said poorly. "Masashi took off his spacesuit! It was his own fault!"

"Well, I still trusted you to at least find out what had happened..." The captain said quietly. "Get out of my building!"

That scientist scuttled away and forgot to grab his things on the way out.

"Everyone, I want you to activate the camera inside the rocket and spacesuit," The captain ordered. "We need to figure out what happened."

Meanwhile, on Nerron...

"Hikaru, I despise you for starting this mess," Keser facepalmed. "However, you may have started a great idea. You and Teklen will be traveling to Earth, and whether that is a good thing or a bad thing is none of my concern. As the current prince of Nerron I can't make you two go on this mission. If only the original king were here, but he has abandoned us... As his son I will take his duties." Hikaru listened intently to Keser's words. "You have time to make your decision, as I stated."

It was Hikaru's turn to talk. "It was just an idea, I didn't mean to-"

"Ideas are powerful, young one..." Keser interuppted and smiled. "It was a lucky mistake. If you truly despise your idea you and Teklen will confront me tomorrow at midnight. Do not forget that Teklen has a say in what will happen." Keser finished, but then added one more thing. "Good luck."

Hikaru stepped outside and felt the cool breeze. "I just wish I didn't have this much to do for my planet. I would rather stick to chores."

It was then that Masashi's oxygen tank started to burst into flames, starting the next catastrophe.

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