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I have nothing else to do sooo...

Chapter 3 Earth Review


"Do you care to explain?" Keser demanded.

Teklen scratched his head for a few moments. "Have you forgotten that we have as much as 4 spaceships ready to take off? Testing them and going to Earth at the same time could be rewarding; the worst that could happen is that we would crash land on Earth, our sworn enemy."

Teklen gave everyone a moment to soak in that information, and then they began to chat about how it would work.

"Silence!" Keser blared. "We cannot test our rockets on an important mission such as this-"

"Sir," Teklen began. "We know enough information about Earth, and since the abduction a while back I have been including information in my notebook..." Teklen withdrew a notebook from a brown leather bag he had fetched before the big announcement. "Check it out." He showed the notebook to Keser, and here is what it said:

Earthlings breathe oxygen 10x lighter than us.
Earthlings have limited information storage in their brains.
Baby Nerrons have near-rubber lungs and can hold their breath for about 45 minutes; Earth babies cannot do such things.
Baby Nerrons can walk and their legs are actually stronger than grown-up Nerrons, however baby earthlings are incredibly weak.
Technology is incredibly risky; hundreds of deaths come from technology backfires.

Teklen read these parts out loud and then showed Keser the rest.

Keser refused. "Just because you write down information that may not be true doesn't make me rely on you to not mess up on this mission."

Teklen grew impatient. "You are just scared. How can you ever win the lottery if you don't buy the ticket? Let us try this idea."

Hikaru, the one who started this conversation, was proud that he had such a great idea. It backfired when Keser said this:

"Send Hikaru with you, Teklen. You two are going to go to Earth."

"Sir, are you serious? I will not go on board- alone -with a child. Please at least send some experts along..." Teklen argued.

"You two are the only ones who want to! I will not force my people to do things they do not want to do, but if you truly want to try this mission, that is how it will be set up. If you succeed and gain information about Earthlings, maybe even take some hostage, I will move my people to Earth to take over. This planet is getting overpopulated anyways, and while this mission is risky, you two want to do it. Make up your mind; visit me at midnight tomorrow. If you don't, I will take it as a no." Keser demanded. "You are all dismissed, but I wish to talk to Hikaru."

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