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Chapter 1: The second mission


"All set. Are we ready, captain?" A man in an spacesuit asked.

A tall grumpy man waltzed into the room. "Air tanks?"






"I guess it's alright, then." The captain started and sighed. "This time, capture every one you see. The last time they were only able to find one; these beings are powerful. Your training better have paid off... After all, you are the senior. Start up the rockets."
The man in the spacesuit (named Masashi) messed around with some buttons here, pulled some levers there, and fastened his seat belt.
"5, 4, 3..." The captain began...
"Sir, I'm afraid I'm not in simulation training anymore," Masashi winked.
The captain winked back and stepped out of the rocket. "Good luck."

2 weeks later...


"Wow, I haven't stood up in ages," Masashi told himself, rubbing his back. "I don't need my spacesuit anymore... This place has proper oxygen... Now let's see what we have here... I'm sure I put my communicator here somewhere." After a bit of struggle, Masashi found his communicator; it's what you would call a top-notch cell phone.

"Captain? Are you there?" Masashi said, turning on his phone. You would be surprised about how high tech the phone was since calling from planet to planet was no ordinary feat.

"Eh... What? For God's sake, Masashi, it's 1:00 in the morning..." The grumpy captain replied, hitting his head on a lamp.

"Sorry I didn't wake up in my house..."

"Eh..." The captain groaned. "Status report?"

Masashi started, "Well, I just got here and I'm still cracking my arms, legs, back..."

"Everything went well then?" He asked.

"Of course, sir. I have the net cannon..." Masashi replied.

"So if you need me, you know how to reach me..." The captain turned off the phone, and Masashi heard static on his end.

This planet looks just like Earth, Masashi thought. Wow, this is it... This is planet 4R7-GLT... I can't believe it. I better load up the net cannon... I think I see alien beings... Masashi took a banister and stuck it in his end of the cannon. He heard noise coming at 5 o' clock! His first alien. He rolled as if he were in an action movie and shot it. Success!

Masashi decided to check out his catch a few steps took him to his destination. An arm shot out and the alien broke out of the net. The being picked Masashi up by the throat. "Gck... Let go... Beast..."

"Mind your own business and head back to earth. You took one of us last time, remember? Isn't that enough?" It spoke in Masashi's language.

"That... Was... N't... Me..." Masashi was losing air.

"Oh, but you are all the same." It's grip was tightening on Masashi's throat.

Masashi reached for his communicator. "C-captain..." He dropped it.

"Die, Earthling." Electricity shot up the alien's arm and into Masashi.

"My, how I love the sound of crackling lightning," The Nerron grinned.
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