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Default Re: Vatas Shadow Pridus: The Story

Vatas Shadow Pridus

Saga One: Turn Back the Pendulum Mini Arc

Chapter Ninety-Seven: Orphanage in Flames

The pair of doctors stood in the doorway, their shadows bouncing off opposite themselves and the weak light above them. Dressed in long white coats that went down pass their knees and just a few inches from touching the dirt-clustered floor which was infected with half-devoured flies and fleas along with a few crumbles of old bread. Their faces were shielded by gas masks that were devoid of any emotion. As the pair of doctors mutely examined Allen’s corpse, sprawled on the ground with a pool of dried red blood surrounding the body, they maintained a sense of calmness around them. To them, this was simply a daily occurrence.

What was left of that man meant nothing to them; in their eyes, Allen was simply a man with high-rank and power who had been disposed of by another person of even higher influential power.
As the two doctors watched, standing in the doorway, several worker men in simple uniforms and white gloves meanwhile began covering the corpse. There was no noise at all; they worked efficiently, dragging the body into a corpse bag as their eyes, cold and haunting, remained focused on the target.

As that happened, Ms.Kat meanwhile was working on her phone, a slick Blackberry 9900. As her fingers moved briskly across the button pad, she worked vigorously. As she sent text messages rapidly, new messages were in turn sent back at her.

“Ms.Kat: Those boys are causing more trouble than I had anticipated.”

“Anonymous Sender: They haven’t been eliminated yet?”

“Anonymous Sender #2: lolz, rlly? thy aren’t ded yet?”

“Ms.Kat: It seems not. The Googleplexes and two Googles are still engaging the brats, it seems.”

“Anonymous Sender: I see. These orphans must be quite vigorous then.”

“Anonymous Sender #2: wow, rofl, those goggles must b vry weak then, lol”

*Daikou Miroku has joined the chatroom*

*Sigma Nexus has joined the chatroom*

“Daikou Miroku: I’ll deal with them. Give me five seconds, that’s all it will take.”

“Sigma Nexus: Whatsup, Daikou, man?! Haven’t talked to you in a while, whatcha up to?”

“Daikou Miroku: ……….Shut up…. Unless you‘re lookin‘ for a death wish.”

*Daikou Miroku has left the chatroom*

*Anonymous Sender has left the chatroom*

*Anonymous Sender #2 has left the chatroom*

*Ms.Kat has left the chatroom*

"Sigma Nexus: Helloooooo?"

"Sigma Nexus: Anyonee hereee? HELLOOOOO…………………………….."

*Sigma Nexus has left the chatroom*


Sighing, Ms.Kat quickly turned off her Blackberry. Doing so, she then slid the phone into her pocket, as all of a sudden, she suddenly smelled something. She wasn’t seemingly the only one to have smelt it, as the worker men and doctors have abruptly stopped in their own work. “……..It’s….. smoke.” one of the worker men murmured slowly, as if just having taken the information in.


Crumble. Roar. Crumble. Roar. Break.

The melancholy pattern of what remained of the large room. Pieces of debris crumbled, breaking up into several smaller segments from the destruction. What seemed like flames were everywhere. The fire was strangely green-colored with a small hint of purple and was transparent as well; it seemed to appear to spread across the room and debris rapidly, causing constant destruction in its wake. Furniture broke, breaking apart from being smashed upon by falling chunks of debris.

Ninety-nine people were currently in the room, most with burns and injuries of some sort, some light, some heavy. The room had used to be in a perfect circular diameter, but it was now damaged being possible repair by normal means. This had been the room that would lead to the staircase to the seventh floor of the large orphanage building.
It was heavily guarded before this incident by ninety-seven heavily armed men, all Googleplexes, with the exception of two veterans, a man named Matthews Buccaneer and an infamous woman known as Nenebroso Numero. The two remaining people was a pre-teenager along with a child; one was Hari Paul Jackson, an assassin in the Mafia Machiavelli Family’s ranks. The other, a young kid known as simply Pat, possessing no surname. He was currently hidden near the large room and unconscious.

As the men in black tuxedos laid on the rubble-filled floor, some sprawled on the ground, some not, those Googeplexes were all injured, most possessing second-degree burns and some even fourth-degree ones. The man known as Buccaneer was sprawled on the ground and unconscious, with several fragments of debris and rubble burying his body from full view. Meanwhile, Nenebroso was crouching, kneeling on her knees. Her left arm had suffered a fifth degree burn, along with her left leg which endured a fourth degree burn. Several other parts of her body had taken first degree burns by grazes.
When Hari had unleashed his technique a few moments ago, she would have surely died and be burn to smithereens if she had not been able to dodge at the last moment. As she attempted to ignore the severing pain of her burns, she managed to keep from collapsing by using her blade as a cane of sorts. Now likely unable to move, she watched her opponent slowly stand up. Hari Jackson was twenty to thirty meters from her, baring less severe injuries in comparison to hers. Mustering his strength, he slowly began to stand up, using the wall near him as support. After a short moment, he had managed to fully stand up on his feet, as he then slowly took a glance towards Nene.
“I’m surprised you’re still conscious with those wounds.” he said after a while, as Nene remained noiseless in return.

“You have won, Hari P. Jackson, Mafia of the Machiavelli Famglia.” Nene then muttered, as her eyes then drifted upwards towards the ceiling, as her eyelids closed and she collapsed from the extent of her injuries and fatigue. With her blade still in her hand, Nene was unconscious, sprawled on the floor. Reacting with silence, Hari gazed at Nene with a hint of respect.
However, as he did so, Hari suddenly felt a hot, burning sensation sizzling throughout his body. Recognizing as the searing, burning pain from his wounds, he suddenly collapsed. “Kyouhen Waza: Renaissance(Assassination Art: Rebirth),” Hari managed to murmur beneath his breath, as he then glanced at his right hand. Suddenly, his fingernails have grown severely. And with so, he jabbed his hand into the left side of his stomach, as a droplet of blood shot out. Giving a quick wince of pain, Hari mustered the pain, as he began to feel the hot, searing sensation roaring throughout his body began to disappear, replaced by a warm yet comfortable sensation.
His hand then began to unlatch itself from his left side of his stomach, as he then fully pulled his hand out, revealing three small bloody holes. The blood from the gaping holes dripped down into the ground. However, in a second or two, the bloody holes began to seemingly vanish, as if the skin tissue was being regenerated. Meanwhile, his fingernails too have reverted back to normal.
Now feeling great and energetic, Hari then jumped off, feeling extremely energetic. The technique had pulled off successfully, despite its many risks. As he stood, he then reached down and grabbed a hold of his handgun, which was near him. As the green flames continued to dance around him, he then took out several bullet shells from his pocket with his free hand. Inserting the new fresh shells into his handgun’s barrel, he then jammed the barrel shut as he glanced upwards, his handgun now fully armed.

As he stood, he was silent, taking a few moments to re-plan his escape with Pat out of this orphanage. With the stairway to the seventh floor now blocked by several large pieces of rubble and debris, he now had to think up of a new exit. After a few seconds, a new plan was formed in his head, as Hari started to commence his plan. However, just as he did so, a sudden “ripple” shot through the air. It struck him dead-on, as Hari immediately collapsed from the pressure. Almost completely paralyzed, Hari mustered all of his complete strength, as he barely managed to glance behind him. To his surprise, he saw the flames he had created were now completely vanished.

And standing in the middle of the room, just about a hundred meters from him was a man with broad shoulders. He wore an orange-colored safari shirt that had a dark-red flame design to it. The short-sleeved safari shirt was unbutton, revealing a stainless white t-shirt underneath accompanied by a black-and-red striped patterned necktie. The man with the broad-shoulders wore khaki-colored baggy pants underneath, fastened tightly by a slick black belt. His shoes were sneakers, a pair of Jordans. The man’s hair was spiky and orange, along with eyes that mercilessly penetrated its target. He had a slight frown on his face, making it seem that he had an unpleasant day. The scar on his cheek assisted in the menacing feeling he sent throughout the room.

“So you are Hari Jackson, eh,“ he said with a hint of boredom. “My name is Daikou Miroku,” he then continued, as his arm, bugling with muscles, reached down towards the air near his feet. He seemingly gripped something, as he then picked it off, and tossed it over lazily at Hari.

Whatever he had thrown landed short of Hari, as the invisibility technique on the figure wore off, and Hari found himself staring at Pat, who was still unconscious.

“And I’m here to kill you in five seconds or less.” Daikou finished, as he suddenly vanished, and the “ripple” sent throughout the area suddenly vanished, allowing for Hari to move. However, he had no time to move, for Daikou had attacked in less than a nano-second. In a fashion so swift that even Hari had not noticed, Daikou had abruptly appeared in front of him, face-to-face, by pure raw speed.

Daikou Miroku only had to punch once.

With that one punch, Hari was sent flying. Literally. From the raw power of Daikou’s punch, Hari broke out of the wall behind him. He flew into the sky, flying in a manner so fast that witnesses would have mistaken him as a comet or meteor by mistake. He flew from the island he was on, as he could suddenly see the vast blue seas underneath him. As he was sent flying, the air around him heated up, giving him burns. He continued flying, as he soon then hit a mountain on another island, in another sea.

With that one single punch, Daikou Miroku had sent him flying over a distance of four hundred and seventy-eight kilometers in four-tenths of a second.

Daikou scowled. "What a weakling; too think I was actually getting excited."

To be Continued..

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