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Default Re: User Image Album! Should You Choose, Strut Your Stuff Here.(Index on page 1)

Ok... this picture is about 2 years old now! O.O
I have short hair now and it's black instead of blonde-ish-brown! xD

Those are my birdies!! ^^ White one is Tobi. Yellow one is Sakura! (No. I don't like Tobi x Sakura I just named them those!) ^^

2) This is so old I feel like a child in that picture. -_-'
3) OMG X__Sasuke__X IS A GIRL!? (answer: yes! ) xD

Both of those birds have passed away now. I've got two other birds now. One is a blue parakeet named Hollywood (AKA Sasuke)
And Sky Song is a mixture of white like Tobi and sky blue.

Lets watch this city burn...
Hollywood Undead
Undead Army Till The Day We Die
The city looks so pretty do you wanna burn it with me till the skies bleed ashes, and the f*cking sky crashes!!

I pledge alligance to the mask. To carry wiskey in my flask. And anyone to diss H U. I'll leave a bloody mess of you. For we are family you and I. 3 Tears for you we all shall cry. All day and night our flags will fly. The Undead Army till the day we die.

...From the sky lines on top of the world

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