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Default Re: Vatas Shadow Pridus: The Story

Chapter Eighty-One: Speak of the Devil

Note: I'll probably finish this chapter today. but there is a slight, very slight chance that I won't be able to. Just a heads-up, folks! In recent news, demand of the Q & A Section once again comes up, as people are demanding for it once again. I'll try to post a new one in a couple of weeks or so, probably less or more, it depends. Now, for the next chapter...! Oh, by the way, I re-edited the previous chapter due to some mistakes.

Kuro Renzu: Renzu da la Akuma(Black Lens: Lens of the Devil)! Vatas thought. Almost immediately afterwards, Vatas then promptly brought his hand down, unveiling his closed eye. His eye's bright red scar now glowed in the looming darkness of the pitch black sky surrounding him. However, that wasn't the only difference. Before Vatas's closed eye were one lone lens, half a pair of lenses. The lens was large, with the glass color dark red. Two wings were placed on the upper section of the lens, one on the left side and the other on the right. The small wing on the left was a feathery, angelic, white wing while the one on the right was a dark, demonic one, resembling a bat's.
Meanwhile, Miranda, flew in midair about sixty or so to the right of him, smiling broadly. Glancing at Vatas, she promptly licked her fangs, which shimmered in the glow of the Moon. Vatas in reply remained silent, as he then slowly opened his eye, unveiling an eye with absolutely no pupil and pitch black. Black Shades, Lens of the Devil, Sopra! Vatas thought, as he fully opened his eyes.
"You have an intriguing power, dear." Miranda commented, her fangs now exposed. "You think so?" Vatas asked, attempting a weak smile as the lens above his right eye continued to stay afloat, somehow floating just over his eye. "I say it's a curse." Vatas finished as he then set into an offensive stance.
Immediately after setting into the stance, he then promptly stabbed one of his swords onto the stone foothold. With now wielding one blade, and the other latched properly onto the stone foothold. "Ittoryu: Chirashi Kaze Tsuppari(One-Sword Style: Scattering Wind Thrust)," Vatas whispered to himself, stating the technique he was about to use. As Miranda remained completely still, still intrigued by the approaching-adulthood boy, Vatas in turn grasped his lone blade with both his two hands. Gripping it, he set it back, bringing it to shoulder height. As Vatas did so, the chain in return flew back, as the sickle promptly smashed into the stone skyscraper behind him, burying itself in it and thus latching itself into it.
Possible Scenarios: Three, Vatas calculated, the eye with the lens darting around Miranda as it searched for a possible weakness. As Miranda remained silent, Vatas then finally made his turn, as he unleashed an attack. Thrusting the blade forward at the air, Vatas did so. However, after only doing so once, he halted, glancing at Miranda. With a weak smile on his face, Vatas then watched as Miranda then heard the sword of a bird chirping around her. She promptly flew away to the left a few meters, as the glass skyscraper behind her suddenly crumbled from an invisible attack. What in the world? Miranda asked, scanning for the next attack.
Chirashi Kaze Tsuppari(Scattering Wind Thrust) allows for me to unleash an invisible projectile made of wind. The projectile also releases the small sound of a bird chirping as it closes in onto its target. The technique doesn't require chakra, because it, like many other sword techniques, are based on your swordsmanship skills..... Vatas thought, However...

Miranda too remained silent, as she then heard another chirp near her. Immediately on reaction, she deduced where the sound had came from and quickly flew down, as another skyscraper behind her, another one created of glass, suddenly crumbled. ...Even though it had appeared like just one thrust, I had in fact used it more than once.
Miranda, meanwhile, flew in the air, silent, listening for a hint of an incoming attack. The only sound was the flapping of her pitch black wings. However, Miranda's eyes narrowed as she then heard the sound of a bird chirping. Deducing the source of it, she immediately realized where it was coming from. I'm surrounded! she thought as the six invisible projectiles flew at her, all surrounding her, leaving no opening open. Now! Vatas thought as he watched silently, somehow seeing the invisible air thrusts he had created. Promptly grabbing his other identical sword out of its latch with his free hand, Vatas then grasped the hilt of his other sword. With the sickle of that sword properly latched onto the stone skyscraper behind him, Vatas then jumped down from his stone foothold, about three hundred meters or more beneath him a wrecked ground of rubble and debris. However, as he began to lose altitude, Vatas then immediately took the sword that wasn't partially latched onto the skyscraper. Holding the sword under him, Vatas then began to spin it rapidly.
In conjunction, the silver steel chain that connected from the hilt of the unlatched blade began to spin in return. Suddenly, Vatas's decrease in altitude suddenly ceased, as Vatas remained still in placed while rapidly spinning his unlatched blade. Lost Time: 1.00000002 seconds, Vatas once again calculated as he then glanced at Miranda. Ittoryu: Nunchaku Sumasshu(One-Sword Style: Nunchunk Smash), Vatas thought as he began to swung his partially latched sword in an uppercut manner, aimed at Miranda. Meanwhile, Miranda was currently surrounded by the invisible air projectiles. As they had approached her, she had thought, Banpaia Tsume(Vampire Claws) Technique: Aerial Roundabout Fang!
Immediately as those words emerged in her mind, Miranda quickly lashed around, her pair of claws alert. She then suddenly spun in a full circle as all six invisible air projectiles made contact with her. As she spun around in a full circle several times, all six unseen projectiles were sliced up, reverting back to a simple weak gust of wind. As soon as Miranda had done so, she ceased in spinning, now returning back to her usual position.

However, as soon as Miranda had finished so she suddenly saw a huge gapping shadow over her. Glancing upwards, her eyes narrowed as she saw Vatas several dozen meters above her, maintaining flight by rapidly spinning his free blade, along with its silver steel chain. In his other hand was his other identical blade, in which a steel silver chain emerged from its hilt as well. Leading from the silver steel chain was a large silver sickle, latched onto a skyscraper. However, the skyscraper had been removed from its position and was now falling towards Miranda, its shadow overlapping her by far.
There was no time for a counterattack or to evade: in less than a nanosecond, the large skyscraper made contact with Miranda, as Vatas swung his latched blade in downwards: in reply, the skyscraper smashed downwards, towards the wreckage of rubble and debris, along with a crushed Miranda Vi Thunderhead..

To be Continued..

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