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Default Re: Shonen Jump December 2009

Originally Posted by Futago_101 View Post
@Sasquatchistan: The cover is Naruto and Sasuke, with Luffy on the bottom left hand corner and a small picture of Rukia on the top left. The Naruto Chapters are 450-453.

Here's the cover:


SJ talked about Naruto: Shippuden Ninja Destiny 2, N:S Clash of Ninja Revolution III (Special Edition w/Shippuden movie), DB Raging Blast, & One Piece catch-up.

@Naruto321: Viz works on future issues ahead of time since it takes a long time to put the magazine together.

Oh! And by the way, was it me or did Bleach manga just go way too fast? I wish Viz serialized more chapters!!!!!!
OMG LUFFY!!! I love him..but this mag is 4.99? WOW

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