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Noctis Arashi 04-23-2011 11:49 AM

KHR Character: Noctis Spade

Name: Noctis Spade

Affiliation: Scelto Guardian Of Cloud "The Cloud Forged of Steel" And right hand man of the Scelto.

Flames: Cloud-Primary Mist-Secondary Steel-Custom

Description of Flames: You know cloud and mist.

Steel Flame: It has the ability of melding and puncturing. This makes it very versatile and deadly. It isn't a necessarily fast flame, but, it has immense destructive power and traits. Obviously this flame is quite hard and good for defense, as well as offense, and works well in conjunction with other flames. The welding trait allows the fusing of the environment with my steel flames, as well as turning it into other metals or rusting, this does not include non-material based flames, however, material based flames are susceptible to this effect. The puncturing trait is straight forward. It is quite good at puncturing. =/ In a soft state, it takes on a light grey/silver color. In a hard state, it darkens, and gets a feint green tint. More to be added.

Box Weapons:

Carnage Form:

Cambio Forma:

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