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Shooting Star 03-09-2011 09:01 AM

One Piece Chapter 617 Discussion!!!
One Piece Manga Chapter 617 - The Shocking Incident at Coral Hill
Cover page: Koshiro near Kuina's grave. Next to her grave are also a newspaper, a buch of flowers and Kuina's old wooden katana.

Summary: After sucessfully infiltrated the Ryuugu Palace, Hodi Jones and his crew prepare their next move. King Neptune cries inconsolable and begs Zoro and the rest of the StrawHats to go after Van Der Decken IX, in order to prevent him to capture her beloved daughter, Mermaid Princess Shirahoshi. In exchange, he promises to offer anything they desire: gold, silver, even the lives of his own men. The Neptune's Army try to consolate but their efforts are in vain. Hodi Jones comments that he never would have thought that the StrawHat Pirates of the "prophecy" would lent he and his crew their power to take over Ryuugu Palace. Nami, then thought for herself what Hodi meant by "prophecy". She notices the Arlong marks on his arm. The Minister of Right that he had heard from Jinbe that had been increasing unrest in "Fishman Town" and adds that it was all Hodi's doing from the very start. He asks the captain of the "New Fishman Pirates" if he had no shame, since he was once part of their Royal Army. He responds by saying that shameful is someone with as much pride as he ever joining the Neptune's Army in the first place. The only used he has for joining as a soldier was to gain knowledge and exeperience of combat of techniques on the battlefield. As a child, Hody witnessed the unreasonable oppression of his Fishmen brothers by Humans and he founded what he longed for in the ambition of the "Arlong Pirates" - to destroy the human race. They, the New Fishman Pirates, would restore that will. Usopp asks if they were united under the will of Arlong, while Brook makes a joke saying he never ate an Arlong and gets kicked by Usopp. A pale Nami looks horrified. Hodi then decides to show his power by crushing the Palace's walls with his own hand, causing an uproar at the Palace. The water begins to infiltrated the castle and Hodi begins his attack by releasing multiple water drops which quickly transformed into arrows against the Neptune Army. Altought some of the arrows hitted some soldiers, Neptune used his body as a shield to protect his men. Hodi comments what a fool Neptune is by shielding his underlings. Zoro deecides to fight back by unleashing a new technique upon Hodi, Ittoryu: Yakkoudori (lit. One Sword Style: Disaster HarbourBird). Hodi manages to block by using one of his own man as his shield. Zoro tells the gang to unite the warriors ropes so that he can release them. Brook informs that Nami has ran out somewhere and that the water, which as quickly spreading around the palace, was drainin his power. Zoro decides to cut the negotiations with Fishman Island and admits he couldn't his promise to return all hostages safely. Brook begs the soldiers to make a quick escape and to cut the ropes of the soldier next to them, while cutting the ropes of one of the soldiers. Hodi orders his crew to crush the Neptune's Army and the StrawHat Pirates but Usopp steps in and charges with a new attack, Hissatsu: Midoriboshi (lit. Special Attack: Green Star Rafflesia). The attack causes a flower to bloom and unleash a stinky smell. As the water continues to fill up the Palace, Zoro cuts Neptune's chains and asks him to help Usopp and Brook escape from there while he remained in the Palace to make sure they wouldn't be followed. Meanwhile, in Coral Hill Beach, the citzens are blaming the StrawHats for the kidnap of Princess Shirahoshi. Sanji admits that although he loves mermaids enough to run away with one, he'd never kidnap one. While Chooper is treating Hachi, Luffy finally arives at Coral Hill, with an anxious Megalo who's carrying the Princess inside his mouth. Luffy descends to the ground, only to see an injured Hachi lying on the floor. He asks how he got those injuries, but Chooper says that Hachi refuses to tell them what happened and he's warning them to leave the island immeadiatly. Incapable of holding the Princess longer in his mouth, Megalo spits her out. Everyone is surprised witnessing the Princess; Chooper tells Sanji not to look back, otherwise he would relapse again and this time he'd die.

Opinion: I thought that Oda would be playing with the ground a little bit more, by exploring the background of Fishman Island greater figures first, but instead of going straight to the battles, unlees is preparing something big later on. Anyway, I enjoyed the chapter, especially those parts where Zoro was at it. Actually, in my opinion, he has greater leadership skills than Luffy. His character development has grown alot in these last 2 years. Nami has yet to surpass her fear from Fishman, but her character development and Usopp's have also grown alot, since they don't back down anymore from their fighting duties. New techniques were shown, by Zoro and Usopp, which were irrelevant for me. Funniest part of the chapter was when Chooper got hit by a bottle and his only response was only an "Ow"; he didn't even turn back to see who throw it. Talk about commitment to the job :lol:

kanisawa 03-09-2011 09:05 AM

Re: One Piece Chapter 617 Discussion!!!
Yay I liked that chapter

Zoro vs Hodi XD

tsuki 03-09-2011 09:38 AM

Re: One Piece Chapter 617 Discussion!!!
I wonder how Zoro is going to breathe underwater? Will Sanji die of a giant nosebleed? Things are finally heating up.

Shooting Star 03-09-2011 03:03 PM

Re: One Piece Chapter 617 Discussion!!!
Zoro won't be able to breath due two reasons:

1. He's 10,000 metres underwater, the pressure is just to much.
2. If he's gonna fight, he'll have to move and with each movement he does he'll be losing energy and he'll need to eventually breath

But then again, this is One Piece, we're talking about. Anything is possible. He'll probably be helped by someone.

Sanji won't die. I also doubt he'll have another nosebleed. Oda isn't the type of mangaka who's constantly repeating things over and over again. But then again, with all these events, anthing is possible.

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