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Kuroda Taishi 07-01-2009 06:15 PM

Kuroda Taishi
Hey so this is my fanfic. It is set in the future. It is about a young Genin in the Hidden Petal Village and the adventures he has with his teamates Sakura Nagana and Jando Hyuga along with thier sensei Kayo Yuhi. Everything seems normal as Team 3 goes on missions and the young students work their way up the ninja ranks, however Kuroda keeps many secrets that could spell trouble for those around him. Currently Team 3 is participating in the Chunin exams in the Hidden Rock Village and some very strange things are occuring, with most of them concerning Kuroda. All three members of Team 3 were able to get into the third stage of the exam, but after Jando's loss and Sakura's forfiet Kuroda is the last one remaining.

1. Yes I know it might seem like the characters are overpowered, but the entire series is set up that way.
2. Yes these first few chapters are not that well written, but I guarentee the later ones are better.
3. Yes I realize I don't really describe characters that well. That's because I am more of a plot focused writer. However I did make a place where I am requesting artists who could draw characters for me, and so far I have 4 very talented artists that have done stuff for me and will hopefully be able to do more.

Go here: If you are good at drawing and want to help me out.

Story directly below this post

Character Profiles:

All characters ages apply to when they are introduced into the story.

Hanabiramaru Sarutobi age 64 Deceased
He is the 7th Koukage of The Village Hidden in the Petals. He is a wise and noble man who cares deeply for the village. He sacrificed his life in order to avoid a way with the Village Hidden Among the Rocks

Kuroda Taishi age 12
The main character of the story. He is notable for his light blue eyes and pitch black hair that he wears in a ponytail with long bangs hanging over the right side of his face. He wears a black t-shirt with the collar sticking up, loose fit black pants, and a tan weapons pack tied to his right leg. He is an orphan and is currently living on his own in an apartment. He is best friends with Ichimarunaru and they were the goofballs of thier class until they graduated from the academy. Now for some reason Kuroda is a lot more serious and has some secret mission that no one else knows about. Is he really the hero of the story or is he the villain?

An explination of Kuroda's secret Kekkei Genkai:
Warning: It is best not to read this until at least the 3rd Stage of the Chunin exams. It helps keep the plot better.
Kuroda's flying thunder god technique works by his being able to instantly transfer himself to one of his "special kunai" which will have been previously marked with the required special seal or jutsu formula. Kuroda must be able to see the sealing mark in order to transfer to them. Kuroda can also mark his "associates" with a variation of the special seal during a secret rutual. He must still be able to see the mark on the body in order to transfer to it (This requires his associate to expose the skin of where the mark was placed. The mark on a human can only be seen by Kuroda or when it lights up momentarily for the transportation process). Kuroda has also adapted his ability so that whenever a person who has the seal mark on thier body is in immediate danger of being killed he will be transported in front of the attack.

Sakura Nagana age 12
She is a Genin on team 3 along with Kuroda and Jando. She is very popular with the males because of her long pink hair and blue/green eyes. She also likes to wear a white dress with a dark blue outline. Her ninja skills are average, but she is very determined to be the best ninja she can be. In the Chunin exams she premiered her new Jutsu which allows her to summon a variety of Butterflies.

Jando Hyuga age 14
He is a very untalented even though he posses the powerful Byakugan Kekkei Genkai. He was held back for 2 years until he finally ended up on team 3. Unlike most males of his clan he keeps his black hair cut very short. Jando is very jealous and easily frustrated, and is always searching for a chance to prove himself.

Michiyo Katonae age 43
She was recently chosen as the 8th Koukage. Her nickname is the Princess of Fire due to her special talents with Fire Jutsu. She has long golden blonde hair and a weakness for sweets. She prefers to be called by her last name.

Kayo Yuhi age 28
A powerful Jonin that specializes in Genjutsu. She was thrust into the position of leading Team 3 after Raj Fujo was deemed inadiquite. She has long black curly hair and striking red eyes. She is very suspicious of Kuroda and trys to gleen information off of him whenever she can.

Ichimaru Nara age 12
The best friend of Kuroda and now a member of Team 12. After becoming a Genin he changed his goofball attitude and is now serious about becoming a ninja. However he is very confused about the severe change in Kuroda's attitude and tries to get in touch with his old friend whenever he can.

Yoshikuni Dosu age 28
The Jonin leader of Team 12. He has a plain look with short black hair, a brown overcoat, and a brown pants. He is a very skilled, intellegent, insightful, and highly respected in the village. His nickname is Hanabira's Brown Cobra because of his specialization in Snake and Mud Jutsu.

Raj Fujo age 26
He was originally assigned as the Jonin leader of Team 3. However at Kuroda's request the Koukage replaced him with Kayo Yuhi. He now is usually seen running various errands for the Koukage.

Yui Yamanaka age 12
The only female ninja on Team 12. She has meduim length blonde hair and is very interested in fashion. She is an average ninja, but does know the special Mind Transfer Jutsu that her clan is famous for. She works hard and is always cheering on her fellow Petal Ninja.

Kenta Akamishi age 12
A plump Genin on Team 12. He is physically strong and a decent ninja, but he is hesitant to fight against strong looking opponents. He enjoys fine cuisine and is always prepared with something to eat.

Nurse Emi age 20
A talented nurse at the Hanabira Hospital.

Taiki age 25 Deceased
A Jonin level rogue ninja from the Village Hidden Among the Snow. He left the village after a dispute with the leader. Now he is currently working on a plan of revenge involving stealing large shipments of supplies headed for the Land of Snow. He specializes in Ice Jutsu and has a very powerful technique called the Ice Whale that summons a giant whale made of ice that smashes down on opponents.

Funimo age 18 Deceased
A Chunin level rogue from the Village Hidden Among the Snow. He decided to follow Taiki and help him in his plan for revenge. Funimo is notable for his bright orange hair. His specialty is a Genjutsu technique that makes opponents beleive they have been frozen solid

Yukiko age unkown
She is an orphan that was taken in by Taiki and Funimo and now serves under them. She doesn't really want to do what they say, but feels compelled to since they saved her life. She has short curly white hair and wears eskimo attire.

Princess Kyoko age 12
The hier to the Valley Country. Team 3 is assigned to gaurd her when her father goes to another country for peace talks. She becomes good friends with Kuroda.

Shun Kashi age 12
He is a Genin in Team 15. Shun has light brown skin, a big black afro, he is fairly tall and has well toned muscles, wears a green headband on his forehead, black baggy pants, green sleeveless shirt, tan weapons pouch on belt. He is focused on becoming the best ninja he can be. Shun's parents died on a mission, and now he lives with an Aunt.

Naoko Fei age 12
She is also a Genin on Team 15. Dark brown hair in ponytail with bangs on forehead, blue-green eyes, wears a black skirt down to knees, legs are wrapped in white bandages, dark blue long-sleeved shirt with right arm cut off, right arm covered in white bandages, black fingerless glove on right hand. Her best friend is Rame Tsu, and they are almost never seen apart. They are very feminist, believing that the majority of men are lazy and useless. They are very irritated with their sensei, always yelling at him for being a pervert. Her mother once lived in the Wind Country and she uses a variation of the Puppet Master Jutsu.

Rame Tsu age 12
The final member of Team 15. Light brown hair worn down to her ears, brown eyes, a black sleeveless shirt, light brown shorts, has a brown pack on her back with various slots and pockets. She is the best friend of Naoko. They are very feminist, believing that the majority of men are lazy and useless. They are very irritated with their sensei, always yelling at him for being a pervert. She specializes in weapons jutsu specifically shuriken jutsu.

Tousen Nohana age 26
He is a very handsome man and has long blonde hair that he wears sticking straight up. However he is also extreemely perverted. He attempts to hide this by always speaking about the beauty of love, and it also serves to decieve people about his true intellegence. As a Jonin he is skilled in using a number of Jutsu from different elements.

Kaneo age 25 Deceased
He is a skilled Jonin from the Village Hidden in the Smoke. He has long purple hair that he wear in a ponytail. His attire is a combination of purple and grey. Kaneo is well versed in any Jutsu having to do with decreasing visibility. He also posseses a deadly genjutsu attack.

Bosch age 18 Deceased
A Chunin from the Village Hidden in the Smoke. He has short grey hair and an ugly mustache. He is seeking to gain the rank by completing his latest mission with Kaneo.

Kasumi Momochi age 23
Considered to be the next great ninja to come from the Village Hidden in the Mist, and expected to be named Mizukage in the future. She has deep blue hair down to her shoulders and wears a blue tanktop and a light brown skirt. Kasumi is an expert in many powerful Water techniques. However she seems to be working for a mysterious organization in her village and is always going on dangerous and top secret missions. She has a younger brother named Desh.

Rin age 17
A rogue Chunin from the Village Hidden Among the Snow. She has long flowing white hair and deep blue eyes. She is skilled in the Ice Style, and specializes in large scale attacks. She abandoned her village along with Gina because of a lack of loyalty and trust between ninja.

Gina age 17
A rogue Chunin from the Village Hidden Among the Snow. She has curly white hair down to her shoulders and brown eyes. She is skilled in the Ice Style and sepcializes in close range combat. She abandoned her village along with Rin because of a lack of loyalty and trust between ninja.

Kohaku age 19
A ninja from the Village Hidden in the Woods. She did not agree with her country's intention to ally with a neighboring nation and went off on her own to attack the daughter of the neighbors leader. She wears her short brown hair in a ponytail. She has a fear of being burned to death. She specializes in Jutsu involving trees.

Desh Momochi age 17
A Chunin from the Village Hidden in the Mist. He is the younger brother of Kasumi Momoshi. He is hostlie towards his sister because of her talents, however he will vigorously defend her skills if anyone challanges them. Desh has short spiky blue hair and hazel eyes. He wears light blue pants and a brown sleeveless vest. His full skills are unkown, but he is very confident in his abilities.

Midori Obani age 11
A Genin from the Village Hidden in the Grass. She wears her short black hair in a pony tail with a green ribbon intertwined in her hair beside her left cheek, and dark green eyes. She is young , confident, and eager to prove herself.

When the next group of characters are introduced, all ninja going up to Kasumi who are still alive are now a year older than thier listed age.

Tatsuki Asakura age 23
A Jonin from the Hidden Rock Village, and proctor of the third phase of the Chunin exams. She has brown hair worn in a fan like ponytail and brown eyes. She wears a long light brown overcoat, a black fishnet shirt, black fishnet shorts, and a short brown skirt. Tatsuki is usually seen with Kuma Onaka, her surrogate elder brother. Both of thier parents were killed when they were children and they met each other in an orphanage and have been close ever since.

Picture by Xeinzeru

Chiaki Enjoji age 32
A Jonin from the Hidden Rock Village, and proctor of the first phase of the Chunin exams. She is a very beautiful woman, but she has an aura about her that makes her extreemly intimidating. She has long dark black hair with streaks of red in a ponytail, with long bangs on the right side of her face. Her arms and legs are completely wrapped in white bandages. She wears short black shorts and a black t-shirt, and has a custom grey flak jacket with a high collar. She is skilled in information gathering intellegence issues. Chiaki's attitude makes her very hard to deal with, this is due to some unknown event in her past.

Picture by Xeinzeru

Masato Ishimaru age 35
The Tsuchikage of the Village Hidden in the Rocks. On the outside he is very polite and respectful, but on the inside he is very cunning and devious. His clan has been part of the Hidden Rocks since it started, and is one of the most powerfull in existance. He is considered a genius with his clan's technique and was named Tsuchikage at an unusually young age for a leader of the Rock Village. Masato has very long dark brown hair, black eyes, light brown formal robes, and a black belt.

Kenji Takimasu age 32
A Jonin from the Hidden Rock Village, and proctor of the first phase of the Chunin exams. He has short black hair, his eyes are a deep forest green and he wears his light brown headband in bandana form and dons a custom Rock village flak jacket with black clothes underneath. He is sought after by women near and far, but he usually has no intrest in them. He does however seem to be very intrigued with Chiaki Enjoji even though she is clearly put off by him. Kenji is very intellegent and also knows a number of unique and dangerous jutsu.

Yamashita Uzuki age 13
A Genin of the Village Hidden Among the Rocks. He has very short brown hair, but it cannot be seen because his entire face except for his left eye is covered in bandages. he wears grey pants, a long-sleeved grey shirt, and a light brown fur cape. He is highly intellegent and very catious, not always saying everything that he is thinking. He knows his place and tries not to be out of line, but seeks to become a strong ninja eventually.

Naga Takeuichi age 13 Deceased
A Genin of the Village Hidden Among the Rocks who teams with Yamashita and Hoshi. He has long black hair, but wears it so that it sticks up vertically. He wears a black long-sleeved shirt covered by a light brown t-shirt, a grey scarf, and grey pants. Naga is loud mouthed, headstrong, and very cocky. He usually doesn't think before talking or acting. He is fairly skilled, but not as much as he says he is. His teamates have learned to deal with his anticts, but many other ninja are highly annoyed by them.

Hoshi Ishimaru age 10
A Genin of the Village Hidden Among the Rocks who teams with Yamashita and Naga. She has long brown hair that is naturally straight. She wears a brown sleeveless shirt, black shorts, and wraps her legs with white bandages. She is the only duaghter of the Tsuchikage, and many feel that she is a genin already because of her relationship to him. However she is highly skilled in her clans jutsu, almost as good as her father was at her age. She chooses to not speak as much as someone her age normally should, however she does scold Naga when he becomes too annoying. She is always focused on the mission, and seeks to prove that she is a strong ninja.

Rino Shigure age 14
He is a genin from the Village Hidden in the Rain and teams with his two younger siblings. He is very tall for his age, has short black hair, and usually has a menacing look on his face. He has a grey rain coat, and usually puts the hood over his head when he is in a bad mood. He alsow wears a grey sleeveless shirt, black pants, and carries two large umbrellas crisscrossed on his back. Rino has a shaky relationship with his siblings and often takes out his feelings on them. Rino's goal in life is to become a powerfull ninja and prove that his village and the people from it are not weak. He hates the larger villages and wants to take on any of the strong ninja from them.

Ino Shigure age 13
She is a genin from the Village Hidden in the Rain and teams with her two brothers. She is shorter than her elder brother, but still tall for a female. She has blue eyes and long blonde hair, which she wears in a unique ponytial that has four sections and forms an X pattern. Her rain coat is dark blue, and she wears a light blue tanktop underneath and grey pants. She carries a single giant umbrella on her back. Ino is very intellegent and very strong. She know the limits of her brother Rino, and when to shut her mouth. She enjoys taunting her opponents, and is very motivated to defeat any female enemy she faces.

No Shigure age 12
He is a genin from the Village Hidden in the Rain and teams with his two older siblings. He is very small standing next to his siblings, but is actually average in height. He has short orange hair, wears a yellow diving suit, and has scuba diving gear. No is not the brightest, and is constantly being abused by his siblings for being weak. No has great potential and has an uncanny ability to dodge attacks, but he lacks knowledge and Jutsu. His brother and sister don't bother to teach him any good jutsu so he has to get by with what he has.

Chiasa Inuzu age 28
She is a Jonin from the Hidden Rock Village and the Sensei of Hoshi, Naga, and Yamashita. She has long wwavy brown hair, sharp violet eyes, she wears a white short-sleeved robe jacket top, with a long-sleeved form fitting black undershirt, and short white shorts. She cares deeply for her students, especially Hoshi, and is quick to defend them. She also has a great dislike for the petal ninja. She is highly skilled and specializes in earth style techniques.

Mari Matsumoto age 12
She is a genin from the Village Hidden in the Grass. Her comrades don't seem to have any interest in her, but she is considered extremely attractive. She has short light green hair and black eyes. She wears a black sleeveless shirt with one strap over the left side, long white arm sleeves on both arms, long green shirt, and black cowgirl boots. She can be very deceptive and specializes in Genjutsu Techniques. Mari is very supportive of her teamates and any Grass Ninja.

Hara Gaki age 12
He is a Genin and the pride of the next generation of ninja from the Hidden Grass Village. He teams with Mari and Kuro, and is mentored by the Fearsome Mazuma Shiranui. Hara wears a plain green shirt and long green pants. His hair is long, brown, and wild. He sometimes appears as a wild beast when he moves at high speeds and uses his inventive Taijutsu. He is highly skilled in all areas of of the ninja world. Hara is also highly intellegent, coming up with impressive strategies, but also able to adapt them on the fly. He is predicted to win the Chunin Exams.

Kuro Bandou age 12
A genin of the Village Hidden in the Grass. Kuro is a tall, lanky, but well toned ninja. His skin is dark brown, his eyes are black, and he has short cropped black hair. He is one of the top genin from his village, and focuses his skills in taijutsu. He is very confident in his own abilities and prides himself with not giving his opponents an easy victory. His goal is to follow Hara and help him ascend the ranks in thier village.

Mazuma Shiranui age 30
A fearsome Jonin from the Village Hidden in the Grass. His is a mentor to Hara Gaki and the rest of his team. He is highly intellegent, has great observation skills, and is well connected. Mazuma is also a very strong fighter, and is sometimes the target of assassination missions. He is even in place to become the next leader of his village. Mazuma has long black hair held in a ponytail with a dark green hair tie. He wears black pants, a light green t-shirt, and a green vest. He is a very muscular person and wears his headband on his biceps.

If you like the story please post in the thread and say what you like about it.

Kuroda Taishi 07-01-2009 06:16 PM

Re: Kuroda Taishi
Introducing Kuroda Taishi Arc

See the next post for link.

Team 3 Formation Arc

See the next post for link.

Genin Test Arc

See the next post for link.

New Sensei Arc

See the next post for link.

Escort Brothers Arc

See the next post for link.

Genjutsu Training Arc

See the next post for link.

Jealous Jando Arc

See the next post for link.

Snow Country Arc

After a few more D rank missions Team 3 is sent on a C rank escort mission to the land of Snow. A freighter full of food is being shipped to the land of Snow and would like some protection from the recent elevated pirate attacks on the route. Team 3 and Team 10 are both ordered to make sure all the goods and crew arrive safely. They journey to the port where the ship is docked, and Ichimaru tries to renew his friendship with Kuroda.
Kuroda takes this time to have a serious conversation with his old friend about his life in the village, his teammates, and the future. Team 3 and Team 10 arrive at the port and board the ship. Yoshikuni and Kayo talk with the ship’s captain about what they will be facing on the mission. On the second night of the journey five pirate ships appear and attack the freighter. Team 3 and Team 10 are able to repel most of the pirates, but then the leaders come aboard.
Three missing ninja from the Village Hidden Among the Snow are in control of the pirates. They are angry that their attack was being stopped and wanted to know why. They are surprised when they learn that the freighter has hired Petal Ninja to protect it. The leader Taiki a Jonin level ninja attacks the Genin while his subordinates, Funimo a Chunin and Yukiko a Genin engage Yoshikuni and Kayo. Taiki overwhelms Yui, Kenta, and Jando. Then he decides to retreat because Funimo and Yukiko were loosing. While recovering from the Snow ninja attack everyone starts questioning why they are attacking a shipment meant for their own country. Meanwhile Taiki is furious that he was forced to retreat by the Petal Ninja.
It is revealed that Yukiko is an orphan who was taken in by Taiki and feels she has to do his bidding even if she does not agree with it. A few more days pass and the freighter is finally repaired and almost halfway to the country of snow. Yui, Kenta, and Jando are not fully healed, so everyone else has to cover for them. This time Taiki attacks during daylight, and comes out directly to engage the Petal ninja. Taiki and Yukiko take on the Jonins, while Funimo attacks Ichimaru, Kuroda, and Sakura.
“Well, well this is a surprise. I didn’t think they would hire so many ninja to defend a simple shipment of food,” says Taiki. “I think it’s obvious that this shipment of food isn’t exactly little,” retorts Kayo, “But I’m sure you already knew that didn’t you?” Taiki laughs, “Think you got me pegged, do you Petal Ninja?” “Actually we were wondering why a Snow Ninja would be attacking ships that are delivering goods to his own country,” says Yoshikuni. “Ah, if it isn’t Hanabira’s Brown Cobra. I didn’t realize such a famous ninja would be here,” says Taiki. “You seem to have me at a disadvantage, because I don’t exactly recognize you,” replies Yoshikuni. “It seems my former village hasn’t let out the news that I no longer reside with them. No matter, you don’t need to know my name,” replies Taiki. “So you’re a missing ninja then?” asks Kayo. “Yes, and now that I know who you are it will be a good chance for me to test my skills against one of the best.”
“I don’t go around looking for fights, but if you’re going to continue attacking these freighters then I’m going to have to stop you,” says Yoshikuni. Taiki laughs, “Well then let’s get to it,” and then he and Yukiko fling some shuriken at them both. They both dodge, and Yoshikuni counters with his Striking Shadow Snakes. Four snakes are launched out of his left sleeve and wrap themselves around Taiki, while four snakes from his right sleeve capture Yukiko. Kayo moves in close and attempts to use a Genjutsu on him. Before she can Taiki’s body melts into a pool of water. “Hmm, a Water Clone,” comments Kayo, “When did he do that?” “Kayo behind you,” yells Yoshikuni as Taiki rises up from the water behind Kayo with an ice spear in his hands. As Yoshikuni moves to help Kayo he momentarily forgets about Yukiko, allowing her to use her Ice Style: Swallow Blizzard to hurl sharp icicles at him.
Meanwhile Ichimaru has been attempting to capture Funimo with his Shadow Paralyses Jutsu. “Man this guy is tough,” comments Ichimaru to Kuroda and Sakura, “We need to think of a plan.” “You little kids are annoying,” says Funimo as he appears in front of them and lands kicks to there abdomens, knocking them a few feet away. “I’ll teach you what a real ninja can do,” he says.
Funimo knocks out Ichimaru with his Instant Freeze Illusion and then goes after Sakura. Sakura is caught in a trap and then Funimo launches a dead on Swallow Blizzard right at her. This triggers her seal and Kuroda is instantly transported in front of the attack. He easily deflects the attack with a kunai which catches Funimo off guard. Kuroda throws his special kunai at Funimo, and hits him with his Flying Thunder God Technique. Taiki sees this and thinks, “So that one was holding back. I can’t fight all of them at once, so I’ll have to get rid of them one by one. He seems to have a connection with that girl, so ill start with her.”
Taiki makes a Water Clone to help deal with Yoshikuni and Kayo, as he goes after Sakura. “Sakura watch out!” screams Kayo as she tries to make her way to Sakura, but is blocked by Yukiko. Sakura is helpless as she is attacked by Taiki. After knocking her unconscious he throws her into the freezing cold ocean. After easily knocking Funimo unconscious with Taijutsu, Kuroda dives in the water after Sakura.
Yoshikuni lands a punch into Yukiko’s face sending her flying, but Taiki is able to catch her before she falls into the ocean. He looks over to see Kayo slash his clone across the chest with a kunai causing it to loose its form. “It looks like you’ve won this time Petal Ninja, but I’ll be back, and you’ll be down two more ninja,” says Taiki as he picks up Funimo and runs across the top of the water back to a waiting pirate ship.
Ichimaru wakes up and wants to search for Kuroda and Sakura, but Yoshikuni tells him that sometimes ninja loose the ones closest to them, but they have to keep going and complete the mission. Kuroda is able to reach Sakura under the water, but they are caught in the currents and flung deep underwater. Kuroda is able to find a cave inside an iceberg and get Sakura out of the freezing water.
“Good thing I prepared this fire scroll” he says as he summons the flames to keep Sakura warm. He also takes out a heavy coat that he packed and changes Sakura out of her wet clothes, hanging them up to dry. Slowly Kuroda is able to lift the fever that Sakura gets. Meanwhile he leaves a shadow clone to watch over her as he explores the cavern inside the iceberg.
While wandering around looking for an alternate exit he stumbles upon two summoning scrolls hidden behind a series of puzzles and traps. After retrieving the scrolls and returning to Sakura, she is finally able to wake up. “What…what happened? Where are we?” she asks weakly. “Don’t talk, I will explain later, but you need to rest,” says Kuroda, “Here I made some soup, you should eat.”
While waiting for her to recover Kuroda decides to test out the new scrolls he found. So he rolls them out and signs both of the scrolls with his blood and then summons the sacred animals. The first one is a human size mammoth that yawns, “It’s been a long time since I was summoned. I’m called Uthuloxo, who are you?” “I’m Kuroda,” he answers. The mammoth yawns again, “You must be a very skilled ninja to have found my scroll. It was hidden down here a long time ago.” Kuroda uses a second summoning Jutsu for the other scroll and an elephant appears, “Hey, Uthuloxo long time no see. So someone found the scrolls eh?” “Yeah that’s him right behind you Dantoloxo,” says Uthuloxo.
“You? But your only a kid?” says Dantoloxo. “Appearances can be deceiving,” replies Kuroda, “So tell me why exactly did I find your scrolls down in some ice cave under the sea?” “It was those damn Cloud Ninja,” explains Uthuloxo, “They sealed us down here so the Village Hidden Among the Snow wouldn’t be able to use us, and they wouldn’t be able to become a larger power among the villages.” “I see, so you are very strong then?” asks Kuroda. “Just give me someone to fight, and I’ll show you how good I am,” says Dantoloxo.
Yukiko suddenly appears in the cave, “So you were able to get the scrolls out? Taiki and Funimo have been trying to get them for a while now.” “You, how did you get here?” asks Kuroda. “Is she an enemy?” asks Dantoloxo. “Yes, but I can handle her on my own. You two may go,” says Kuroda. “Well then, until you need us,” says Uthuloxo. Two clouds of smoke appear as Uthuloxo and Dantoloxo disappear.
“This cave is in the middle of a giant iceberg, our base is also inside,” explains Yukiko. “I see, but you’re an enemy, why are you not attacking me?” asks Kuroda. “I have a question to ask. Why did you risk your life to save that girl?” she asks. Kuroda explains, “I saved her because she is important to me. She is going to help me accomplish my dreams. I would do anything to protect her.” Yukiko comments, “Taiki would never do anything like that for me. I don’t believe in his dreams.” “Then why are you with him?” asks Kuroda.
“My parents died when I was young. He found me and took me in,” she explains. “So you feel that you have to serve him because he saved you?” he inquires. “Yes,” she responds. “It’s understandable. So tell me, what is he really after? Why is he attacking shipments heading towards the Land of Snow?” he asks. She tells him, “Taiki and Funimo were banished from the Village Hidden Among the Snow. There only goal is to get revenge on the village, so they are gathering supplies and people for an attack.”
“How foolish, he is going about it in the wrong manner,” mumbles Kuroda, “So let me ask you this, what would you do if they were no longer living?” “I don’t know,” she replies. Kuroda tells Yukiko, “I wasn’t planning on it, but I will kill Taiki and Funimo if you will pledge your life to help me accomplish my dreams.” “And what is your dream?” asks Yukiko. “I can only tell you that after you pledge your life,” he responds, “However I can promise you that if you do follow me I would sacrifice my life for yours without hesitation, if you were ever faced with death.” “Those eyes of yours, I can tell your not lying, you meant every word you spoke,” she replies. “So what is your decision?” he asks.
Yukiko agrees and signs one of Kuroda’s blood contracts. She goes through his marking ritual. They wait a few more hours until Sakura has recovered and then she leads them to an above ground exit from the cave. Yukiko takes them to the hiding spot that Taiki and the pirates use, but all ten ships are gone. “It looks like they left for the next attack already,” comments Kuroda, “Sakura and I will go after them, but you have a different mission.” “You don’t want me to come?” Yukiko asks. “No it would ruin my cover, plus I have a more important mission for you. I need you to seek out the strongest female shinobi in the Snow country, evaluate their skills and compile a list for me” explains Kuroda as he gives her a letter, “After you feel you have found all of them send this letter to the Hidden Petal Village and I will come.”
Meanwhile the Freighter is only a few miles away from the Snow Country, and Jando, Yui, and Kenta are healthy again. Ichimaru is depressed that Kuroda threw his life away and does not understand why he would do that for someone he barely knew. Taiki and Funimo attack a third time with ten ships full of pirates. The Genin take on the pirates while the Jonin handle the enemy ninja. Funimo tries to use his Instant Freeze Illusion on Kayo, but she is not affected by the Genjutsu attack. The Genin manage to work together to defeat a majority of the pirates, and they retreat without orders from Taiki. He gets angry and uses his most powerful Jutsu. He summons a giant whale made of ice. He sends his Ice Whale Jutsu to destroy all the pirate ships. Yoshikuni catches Funimo with his Striking Shadow Snakes and then Yui uses her Mind Transfer Jutsu to take control of his body.
Taiki returns his attention to the Petal shinobi and is able to defeat everyone with his Ice Whale and Ice Weapons Jutsus. Kuroda and Sakura arrive on the scene. Kuroda sees that everyone is unconscious and he can use his true abilities. Taiki is furious that they somehow survived and uses his Ice Whale Jutsu; Kuroda throws his special kunai along the sides of the Ice Whale. Then he uses his full Flying Thunder God Technique to appear right to the side of Taiki and stab him in the heart.
Ichimaru awakens first and is stunned to see Kuroda alive, and a dead Taiki. He sees that Funimo is only unconscious and wants to take him as a prisoner. Kuroda stabs Funimo in the heart against his friend’s wishes. When asked why Kuroda replies that people that do not follow their hearts do not deserve to live, referring to Funimo’s goal of revenge on the snow country when he was the wrong doer. The freighter finally arrives in the snow country, and the Village Hidden Among the Snow is relived to receive the corpses of Taiki and Funimo. The journey home is a lot shorter, but Team 10 starts questioning about how Kuroda and Sakura survived, and what happened to the female Snow ninja. Kuroda lies and says that Yukiko decided to save them, then helped kill Taiki, and then ran away.

Training in the Valley Arc

After arriving back in the Hidden Petal village Kuroda reflects on the mission and decides that it would be good to know some healing Ninjutsu. So at nights he secretly has Emi the nurse from the village hospital teach him some basic healing techniques for cuts and bruises. He is able to effectively heal all the small cuts he practices on, but not a lot more than that. After the dangerous mission that Team 3 was just on the Koukage decides that they need some more D rank missions to improve their teamwork. This time they are sent to the Valley Country to take care of the King’s daughter while he goes to some diplomatic meetings with the neighboring Forest Country.
On the way there Kuroda starts to help Sakura out with her ninja skills. He decides to teach Sakura the Shadow Clone Jutsu stating that she needed some more offensive moves. Jando gets jealous and tries to learn the Jutsu on his own. Kayo tries to get Kuroda to talk about what really happened on the Snow Country mission, and he says that he will reveal the happenings to her, but it is not the right time. Team 3 arrives in the Valley country and meets Princess Kyoko who is only a few months younger than Sakura. She is instantly fascinated with Kuroda because of his looks and his serious yet relaxed personality. She is also surprised by his knowledge of formal manors thinking ninja were all ruffians. They quickly become friends, and she stays near him a majority of the time. Jando gets jealous again and tries to get Kyoko to pay attention to him, but she ignores him. Sakura focuses on perfecting her new Shadow Clone Jutsu so she doesn’t disappoint Kuroda. Kayo tries to figure out Kuroda and what his true intentions are. She watches him closely, but he mostly just trains with Sakura, or entertains Kyoko.
Kuroda decides that having the future leader of a nation on his side would be very useful in completing his plan, so he convinces Kyoko to sign one of his blood contracts and performs the seal ritual on her. On the last day of the mission Sakura is able to create one fully functional Shadow Clone, Jando has not gotten any better, and Kayo has not learned anything from watching Kuroda. The King returns to find his daughter in perfect health and in an unusually gleeful state. He is very pleased and rewards Team 3 handsomely. After arriving home the Koukage decides to keep Team 3 on D rank missions for a while longer. After one uneventful day in the village Kuroda is summoned all the way to the Snow Country to defend Yukiko.
Kuroda easily kills a rain ninja that was attacking her, and decides to keep the headband. Kuroda decides to have Yukiko teach him the Ice Weapons Jutsu because it is a rather unique jutsu allowing for great flexibility in tactics. He is able to master the basics in two days. Yukiko has made little progress on her mission and Kuroda decides to have her continue to seek out the strong ninja. He uses his Flying Thunder God Technique to go all the way back to the Hidden Petal village in one day. Apparently no one but Sakura noticed he was gone for three days, and she did not tell anyone.

Attack of the Smoke Arc

Finally Team 3 is given a third C rank mission. This time they must go and pick up a valuable sculpture from a master sculptor and bring it back to its buyer in the village. The buyer decides that he does not need to go with them, because they will move faster without him slowing them down. Team 3 arrives in the master sculptor’s village in a few short days with no problems. Kayo talks with the sculptor and learns that someone has been trying to steal the sculpture.
In the morning Team 3 wakes up surprised to see a heavy mist in the village, which is very unusual for this time of year. While trying to leave the village they are attacked by unknown enemies. They are able to make it out of the village and to a lakefront where they rest awhile.
Kaneo and Bosch of the Smoke Village appear as Team 3 escapes the village. Bosch says to Kaneo, “Can I go after them alone? I don’t think they will be much of a problem, even if I am only a Chunin.” “Sure, go ahead and have fun.” Bosch heads after them and finds them the next day by the lake and confronts the group.
When Kayo does not give him the sculpture, Bosch attacks them with his Water Vapor Reflection Jutsu. At first everyone is confused and accidentally they attack each other. Then Kuroda sees through the Jutsu and is able to disrupt it. Jando is able use his gentle fist Taijutsu on Bosch, and force him to retreat.
While Jando is celebrating his victory Kayo warns her students, “More ninja will come to get the sculpture, be on guard all of you.” The next day Team 3 runs into some bandits, but they are able to defeat them easily using teamwork.
Meanwhile Bosch returns to his hide out and reports to his superior Kaneo. “I’m sorry I failed. I underestimated their strength.” Kaneo laughs, “I knew you would be defeated, but it always better to learn from experience.” “So what is the plan?” asks Bosch. Kaneo explains, “I already started working on it. Im going to lure them into this cave, and we will take them down one by one. Here is the trap setups, finish them up while I go and get our guests.”
Kaneo finds Team 3 by the lake and attacks without warning using his Poison Fog. Kayo reacts quickly and disperses the fog before it can affect the team. Then Kaneo uses his Smog Choking Technique to capture Sakura. He drags her into the forest and forces the others to follow.
They track him to a cave entrance and decide to enter in order to save Sakura. Inside the cave Kaneo gives an unconscious Sakura to Bosch. Jando sees Bosch and feeling confident he goes after him without thinking. The cave collapses behind Jando, so Kayo and Kuroda cannot follow; instead they are confronted by Kaneo. Kaneo uses his Hidden Mist Technique to separate Kayo and Kuroda. Kaneo attacks Kuroda with his Deadly Poison Death Illusion, and leaves to defeat Kayo.
Meanwhile Jando has followed Bosch into a large cavern. Bosch starts attacking with his Poison Fog, but Jando is able to avoid the attacks. In the cave next door Kaneo is able to corner Kayo and seal all the exits. Kaneo tries to use his Deadly Poison Death Illusion on her, but she counters with some of her own Genjutsu.
Meanwhile Kuroda manages to release Kaneo’s Jutsu and wanders around trying to find the others. Sakura wakes up and joins Jando in the battle against Bosch. Bosch manages to catch Sakura off guard with a lucky kunai throw, but her seal is triggered, and Kuroda is summoned to save her. Confused for a moment Bosch decides to cast his Fog Clone Jutsu. In response Kuroda and Sakura each use their Shadow Clone Jutsu’s. Jando tries to use his Byakugan to help out, but it does not work. Kuroda and Sakura attack the Fog Clones, but they are not destroyed when hit.
Kuroda starts to think it might be a Genjutsu when he is summoned to the aid of Kayo. Kayo is in bad shape with some deep wounds, she is confused when she sees Kuroda appear in front of her. Kayo tells him, “My Genjutsu was not effective against him, be careful.” Kaneo is angry and yells, “I don’t know how you escaped my Jutsu, but if you were smart you would have run away.” Kuroda decides to use his Elephant Summoning Jutsu and Dantoloxo appears. Kuroda tells Dantoloxo, “I don’t know how long I’m going to be here, you might have to fight by yourself for a while.” Dantoloxo seems eager, “That’s fine with me; I haven’t been in a fight in a long time, so I need to see if my abilities are still as good as they used to be.”
Kuroda starts a combination attack, but is thrown back by Kaneo’s Smog Choking Technique. When he hits the wall a crack appears and he is able to see Jando on the other side. Kuroda starts to mount another attack when he is summoned to Sakura’s aid once again.
Jando and Sakura are both beat up, but Jando’s Byakugan has started working. Jando figures out that the real Bosch is hiding underground and attacks when they are distracted by the clones. Kuroda makes a few clones, and transforms all but one into Bosch. Then the original goes underground using the Headhunter Technique. When Bosch surfaces to attack the clone, Kuroda catches him from underground, and then his transformed clones use a combo attack and send Bosch through the wall and into the cavern where Kayo and Kaneo are. Kuroda, Jando, and Sakura arrive to see the Dantoloxo and Kaneo fighting.
Kaneo is furious that Bosch was defeated and uses his own Fog Clone Jutsu. Kuroda uses the same strategy to catch Kaneo, and then Dantoloxo uses a water attack to kill Kaneo. Exhausted Jando falls to sleep. Kuroda decides to test his healing abilities and heals the more severe wounds on everyone, but leaves Kayo unable to walk as punishment for almost getting the other two killed.
Kuroda explains to Kayo and Sakura about how the seal works. Kuroda orders Kayo and Sakura not to tell anyone about his healing abilities. After a day of rest Team 3 starts back towards the village, with Kuroda carrying Kayo on his back all the way to the Hanabira Medical Facility.
Sakura and Jando hand over the sculpture and give a mission report to the Koukage. All members of Team 3 have to stay in the hospital to heal from the recent mission. Kuroda recovers the fastest and is released before the others. Kuroda is summoned to the Koukage’s office where she informs him, “The Chunin exams are coming up and I think you proved on your last mission that you have the ability. I want you to participate.” Kuroda surprises her by his knowledge by saying, “I am aware that the first stages of the exam require a team, and I feel that my team is not ready yet.”
Just then Team 15 enters to tell the Koukage that they do not feel they are ready for the Chunin exams either. This time Kuroda seems surprised saying, “I would think that a team like yours with all that talent would be itching to move up to Chunin level.” Rame Tsu and Naoko comment, “Our sensei is more concerned with being a pervert. He hasn’t really taught us anything that we could not have figured out on our own.” The 8th Koukage decides, “Fine if none of you are going to participate then I will give you a mission instead, and since Kuroda’s teammates are still in the hospital, he will join you on the mission.” As Kuroda and Team 15 exit the Koukage’s office, Team 10 enters to tell her that they also don’t want to enter the Chunin exams either.

Tea Country Arc

The next day Kuroda and Team 15 set out on the mission. The objective is to track down a man with an extremely large gambling debt who seems to be able to elude normal debt collectors. They arrive in the Tea Country and meet with the leader of the Wasabi Clan. They learn that the gambler seems to have ninja like abilities, can disguise himself, and disappear in an instant. However the gambler has an extremely recognizable way of playing, so they have figured out a way to find him. The plan is for Team 15 to wait until a message comes in that the gambler is at one of the betting houses. Then they will immediately go and capture him. Nothing happens in the first few days, and everyone starts to get restless.
Tousen decides that he will pass the time by trying his luck in a casino, but no one else can come, because they are too young. Rame Tsu and Naoko speculate, “I bet he’s not even going gamble. He is probably going to a brothel, because he is a pervert!” Kuroda takes this opportunity to explore the region looking for possible people he can use in his plans. Shun becomes suspicious of Kuroda and follows him; however Kuroda quickly becomes aware of his tail, but is not really concerned. After most of the day is passed Kuroda is disappointed he did not find anyone. He vanishes from Shun’s view and appears behind him asking if he is ready to go back. Shun is stunned and ponders how and when Kuroda became aware of him.
When they arrive Rame Tsu and Naoko immediately start questioning and telling off the two males. In the middle of Naoko screaming at Kuroda, about running off without telling anyone where he was going, a messenger comes in and informs the Wasabi leader that the gambler is at one of the gambling dens. Kuroda suggests that they should wait until Tousen returns, but Rame Tsu argues that it might be a long time before they get another chance to catch the guy. A vote is taken, and Kuroda reluctantly agrees to go without Tousen. The messenger gives them directions to the gambling den and they head off.
When they arrive they are greeted by an eccentric Tousen who loudly tells them that he has been winning tons off some sucker. Then he asks them why they are there, because they are supposed to be waiting for the gambler to show up. With that a man throws a smoke bomb and crashes through a window. The Genin take off after the gambler, leaving Tousen looking confused. After realizing that he will not receive any of the money he just won, he figures out that the sucker was the guy they were looking for and he takes off after them.
The gambler leads them to the ocean where they run into an extremely dense mist. Kuroda instantly recognizes it as the Hidden Mist Technique, and speculates to the others that they are dealing with a ninja. Tousen arrives and uses his Air Bullet Jutsu to disperse portions of the mist. The gambler is revealed, and Tousen tries to use his Syrup Capture Field to trap him, but it turns out to be a Water Clone. Shun sees the gambler sneak into a cave, so they all follow. Kuroda advises them not to split up, because it might be a trick to split them up and make them easier targets.
Team 15 finally corners the gambler in a large cavern. The gambler is surrounded by smoke, and then a young woman appears. Tousen immediately recognizes her as Kasumi Momochi a Jonin from the Village Hidden in the Mist. She does not recognize him, and he sulks. Rame Tsu and Naoko make comments on how much of a failure is. Tousen warns them that Kasumi may look young, but she is a child prodigy and extremely dangerous. Kasumi says that now that her cover is blown, she has to kill them before she can return to her village. Tousen says, “All right all of you stand back, I am going to take her on by my….” But both Shun and Kuroda create Shadow Clones and start to attack her.
Kasumi effortlessly defeats the clones, and then captures Shun in a Water Prison. Then she creates a Water Clone with one hand and it starts to attack them. Naoko uses her Manipulating Attack Blades to try and free Shun, but the Water Clone deflects them all. Tousen takes the chance to launch an Air Bullet attack at the real Kasumi. She is forced to release the Water Prison. Kasumi looks like she is about to start some hand signs, when another clone of hers appears and knocks out Kuroda. Everyone including the real Kasumi is stunned. Then four more clones appear and knock Team 15 unconscious.
Now Kasumi is shocked and starts to try and figure out where the clones came from. Kuroda stands up and gives orders to the clones to take Team 15’s bodies outside; rough them up a bit, and make sure they stay unconscious until he comes out. Kasumi stares at Kuroda and asks him how he was able to make the clones and transform them without anyone knowing, and why he attacked his own team. Kuroda comments, “Why would I tell the secrets of my Jutsu to you? I will however say that I took out my own team because he wanted to be alone with you.” Kasumi starts laughing hysterically and says, “You are a fool for wanting to fight an advance Jonin like me by yourself. There is no way you can win with all those weak attacks you used earlier. I barely even had to try.” Kuroda retorts, “I was only using a tenth of my power to attack earlier.”
Kuroda throws a few kunai at her and then he disappears form view. Kasumi dodges the knives, and then is attacked with a kick from behind by Kuroda. She blocks the attack and throws Kuroda against the ground saying that his speed was impressive for a Genin, but not good enough. As the dust clears Kuroda’s body turns into smoke and the original Kuroda appears above Kasumi and lands a powerful kick to the head. Her body melts into a pool of water. Then she materializes next to him and traps him in a Water Prison Jutsu.
She comments, “Good strategy, but you are not the only one who can create a clone within only a few seconds.” A puff of smoke appears inside the Water Prison. Kasumi releases the Jutsu with an angry look on her face. She yells, “I’m getting pissed off and now I’m not going hold back anymore. I will use some of my more advanced Jutsu to kill you quickly.”
Five clones materialize and charge at her. She takes out a kunai and tears them to shreds. When one of the clones does not disappear, she uses some hand signs and shoots her Rapid Crasher straight at Kuroda. He is able to get most of his body out of the way, but his left arm is severely injured. Kuroda makes a Shadow clone and it starts to use the Mystical Palm Technique to heal him. Kasumi gets even angrier and fires off another Rapid Crasher at him. This time he instantly transports right behind her and slashes her back with a kunai. She falls to the ground screaming in pain. He lands and begins to heal his arm again.
After a while Kasumi struggles to sit up and says, “Impossible, no one can move that fast. Besides, you were only half as fast as I was, so there is no way you should be able to do that.” Kuroda replies, “I already told you I was only using a tenth of my power. As a Jonin you should know to never underestimate an opponent that you know nothing about.” Kuroda looks satisfied with the state of his arm, even though it is not fully healed, and walks toward Kasumi. He starts saying, “This battle is over, and now I need to hurry and fulfill my objective before the others wake up.” Kasumi struggles to her feet looking even angrier and charges at him. He easily dodges her and this time lands a huge slash across her chest with the kunai. She falls to the ground.
Kuroda looks at her and says, “I’m impressed. You are indeed a highly skilled ninja; you shouldn’t even be able to walk right now. I really don’t want to kill you.” He offers to spare her life in exchange for her serving him. She spits in his face and then jumps up and away across the room. She immediately starts a long chain of hand signs. Kuroda says, “You just keep surprising me. To think that you still have enough chakra to do what I assume is an extremely advanced Jutsu.” Kasumi comments, “Prepare yourself, This Jutsu is going to send you straight to hell,” and then she finishes the hand signs and attacks him with her Water Dragon Jutsu.
A huge river of water surges toward Kuroda, and he has no way to escape it. He is tossed around inside the water and slammed against the cave wall. Kasumi throws some kunai at Kuroda, but his body goes up in smoke. She falls down exhausted, and curses him and his Clone Jutsu. Kuroda appears with a kunai knife to Kasumi’s throat, and restates his offer of sparing her life in exchange for her servitude.
Kasumi thinks to herself, “I will probably be executed if I go back to the village and tell them I failed this mission, so I might as well agree to the terms.” She tells Kuroda, “I accept your offer.” Kuroda takes out a scroll and tells Kasumi, “Sign your name in blood to bind the agreement.” She does. Then Kuroda has Kasumi take off her clothes. She hesitates and a surging pain goes through her body. Kuroda tells her, “This pain will happen every time you don’t do as I ask. It is not fatal, but it hurts a lot.”
She takes her clothes off. He takes out a kunai and carves a symbol similar to an exploding tag into her flesh. Then he makes a few hand signs and pours some of his chakra into the mark. After a minute the mark dims and soon is no longer visible. Kuroda tells her to tell no one about what he just did, and to put her clothes back on. Kuroda then starts to heal the wound on Kasumi’s back.
He tells her, “I’m only going to heal this one wound. I won’t heal any of the other ones, because you need to look like you was just in a battle. You will return to the Village Hidden in the Mist and report everything up until I took out my teammates. Instead you will lie and say that a mysterious and powerful ninja attacked all of us and somehow you were able to get away and headed back towards the village.” Kasumi rejects the idea, “If I go back to my village I will be executed for failing the mission.” Kuroda ignores her and says, “They wouldn’t kill you because of that.” She tries to object, but he cuts her off, “You must do as I order unless you wish for that pain to return.” Kasumi gives up remembering the horrible pain, instead she asks, “What are you going to tell your village?” He responds, “Oh I’m just going to pretend that I was knocked out like the rest, and woke up outside the cave with her gone.”
They walk outside the cave and head over by the others. He tells her that as soon as she has made him unconscious to leave. She knocks him out.
When he wakes up two days later, the others are all standing around him. Naoko comments, “Jeez, you should have been the first one up, because you were attacked first.” Kuroda asks, “What happened, and how did I get back to the Wasabi mansion?” Shun tells him, “When I woke up we were all outside the cave and that Mist ninja was no where to be seen. I waited until Tousen was awake and we decided to come back to the mansion.” Tousen says, “We are going to head back to the village in the morning and reporting this to the Koukage.”

Murder in the Mist Arc

Meanwhile Kasumi arrives at the entrance where she is met by some guards. “What the hell happened to you?” one of them asks. “It’s none of your business,” she says, “Just tell them I am back” “Yes ma’m!” they salute, and then one of them goes to get someone while she waits. A young boy appears from nowhere. He says, “You back already sis, always looking to finish as soon as possible, but you don’t look to good. Did you underestimate your opponent again?” She replies, “Shut up Desh. You should not concern yourself with my missions unless you are included in them.” The guard returns and says, “Come with me Lady Kasumi.” He sees Desh and tells him, “The Mizukage was looking for you, he wants to talk to you right away, and he isn’t in a patient mood.” “Damn,” says Desh, “Well see you later sis.” He reluctantly dashes off. The guard leads Kasumi through a series of buildings and trees and into an underground tunnel and up to a door. She enters and he returns to his post.
Team 15 is about halfway home when they decide to take a short break. They stop by a spring for a rest. “I am going to look for some rare berries I heard were around here,” says Kuroda as he walks off. “Just don’t go too far,” says Yoshikuni. Kuroda wanders around looking for the rare berries, when he is suddenly transported away. When Team 15 realizes he is gone they begin to look for him. After an hour they decide to give up and head back towards the village.
When Kasumi closes the doors she sees five outlines of men, but can’t see their faces. She knows they are some of the highest ranking Jonin who are under direct orders from the Mizukage. One of them speaks, “Kasumi Momochi, why did you abandon your mission? You were supposed to be there for two more months.” Another one questions, “And why are you so badly hurt. You are one of the top young Jonin in our village.” A third demands, “Answer us now! Explain yourself or face the punishment!” One of the final two yells, “All of you shut up! How is she supposed to talk with you badgering her? Now speak Kasumi!”
She recounts, “I was discovered by a team from the Hidden Petal Village. I lured them into a cave so I could take them out without anyone seeing. Everything was going fine; I was in the middle of fighting them when suddenly a figure appeared. This… mysterious ninja was so fast that I could barely see what happened. He attacked both me and the petal ninja. When I woke up I was outside of the cave in this condition and the petal ninja and the mysterious ninja were nowhere to be seen. I thought it was best to return here and report what happened.”
One of the men slaps her across the face, “You lying !” She falls to the ground clutching her face and retorts, “I would not lie to you! My only purpose is to serve you! I am telling the truth!” They talk amongst themselves whispering and debating. They determine that since she failed such an important mission and revealed herself to an enemy village that she would be killed and they would claim she was a rogue ninja not acting on their orders. The silent one pulls out a long sword aims it at her chest and stabs at her heart.
Kuroda materializes and blocks the attack. The man yells, “Who the hell are you?” He sees the petal symbol on Kuroda’s headband and yells out, “She is a traitor! Kill them both!” Kuroda takes out forty of his special kunai and throws them all over the room. He uses his Flying Thunder God Technique, flashing around the dark room and killing all five men before they could even try and defend themselves. Kasumi stares in amazement realizing, “Is that his real power? If he had used that against me he could have defeated me easily with that technique. Was he only testing my abilities when we fought?”
Kuroda takes off his headband and stores it in a pocket. Then he walks over to one of the corpses and takes the mist headband and puts it on. He tells Kasumi, “I guess you weren’t kidding when you said they would kill you. I will remember to believe you next time. However they should believe you this time, so tell them that the mysterious ninja from earlier followed you back and assassinated everyone but left you alive for some reason.” “Yes, I will,” she replies. Then he stabs her in a particularly painful spot and she lets out an excruciating scream heard throughout the village. Guards from all over come running in the direction of the scream.
He opens the door and uses his Flying Thunder God Technique to escape the village and head back to his own. He arrives just outside of the gate about 12 hours later. He creates a Shadow Clone and has it put some serious wounds and gashes in him. He sees Team 15 approaching and stumbles out onto the road falling down to the ground.

Kuroda’s Suspension Arc

When Kuroda wakes up he is in the Hanabira hospital. The nurse sees him and summons the Koukage. She comes in and greets him, “Hello Kuroda, it is good to see you awake.” “Lady Koukage, why are you here?” asks Kuroda. “Do you know where you are?” she inquires. “I assume that Yoshikuni and the others brought me inside the village,” he replies, “and judging by the room I assume I am in the hospital.” “Good the doctors thought you might have had a concussion,” she replies. “But still why are you here Lady Koukage?” he asks. “When someone disappears from a mission and then shows up in front of the village it is a matter that a high ranking person needs to investigate. And considering the report I got from Yoshikuni I thought it was necessary I investigated this matter personally.”
“So he told you what happened,” comments Kuroda. “Yes, but I would like to hear your version,” she says, “And please start at the point where you tracked the mist ninja called Kasumi into the cave and engaged her in combat.” nicely. He explains, “I anticipated that Shun was going to attack her alone, so I thought I would give him a hand. Obviously we failed and Shun was trapped in her water jutsu. After Tousen was able to free Shun, I was going to try another attack, when Kasumi started to perform hand signs. Suddenly, as if Kasumi did not mean to do it, a clone attacked me from behind and knocked me unconscious. I woke up back in the Wasabi mansion.” “That is consistent with what the others said, but what about your arm? Yoshikuni said it was injured when they all woke up and found you,” she says.
“I’m not sure,” he says, “I just woke up like that.” The Koukage does not seem to believe him, but she moves on, “So what happened to you on the way back to the village? Where did you disappear to?” Kuroda explains, “We stopped to take a break, and I remembered reading about some rare berries that were in the area, so I went to look for them. While I was searching someone came out of nowhere and attacked me. I tried to get to the others, but could not find them. I tried to fight the enemy, but he was too fast for me, I could barely even see his movements. So I did the only thing I could think of which was run. Somehow I was able to make it to the village gates where I collapsed. I’m not sure why my attacker didn’t follow me.” The Koukage again does not believe him, but does not press the matter. “Very well, thank you for explaining that to me,” she says getting up and walking to the door, “please get some rest.”
She leaves the room and meets with a fully healed Kayo in the hallway “So how is he?” asks Kayo. “He seems fine both physically and mentally,” says the Koukage, “However I believe he is lying to me for some reason. Please use your Mind Interrogation Technique to find out what really happened.” “Yes lady Koukage,” says Kayo. Kayo enters the room and immediately does the Jutsu before Kuroda can say anything.
Inside Kuroda’s mind Kayo finds the wall, and Kuroda appears. She tells him, “The Koukage ordered me to find out what really happened.” Kuroda replies, “I was summoned to help one of my other associates.” “You mean slaves,” Kayo snaps. “Is that what you really think?” Kuroda says. “Do you not see that this is a mutual relationship? I have already proven that I will risk my life to save yours, and all I ask is that when I need you to, you follow my orders and wishes so I can accomplish my dreams.” “And the majority of your orders have been to keep your secrets about the betrayal of the village, and to help you in enslaving others to my own fate,” replies Kayo.
“It is only your opinion that I am betraying the village, because you do not know the full extent of my plans,” says Kuroda. “Plans that you swore you would tell me,” snaps Kayo. “And when the time is right you will know them, but I cannot risk you meddling,” replies Kuroda. “As for my other associates they have all agreed to my terms of their own free will in return for something that they wanted from me. Now, you will tell the Koukage that my memories have been tampered with and the originals cannot be recovered.” Kayo returns from Kuroda’s mind, walks outside and gives the Koukage the message.
The Koukage comes back in the room and informs, “I have decided that you will be suspended from all further missions and you are not allowed to leave the village until I say so.” “What? Why?” he protests. The 8th Koukage explains, “It is for your own protection and for the village’s protection. You cannot fully remember what happened and some of your memories have been tampered with. You may have given up some information about the village, or been put under a Jutsu. Also the person who attacked you might be waiting and will try to kill you the next time you go on a mission. It is safest for you lay low for a while.”
Kuroda is restricted to the village after he gets out of the hospital. He is allowed to go on the D-rank missions that are inside of the village. For any ones outside either Shun, Ichimaru, or Rame Tsu accompanies Team 3 as a replacement. This goes on for two months so Kuroda spend most of his time training on his own, training Sakura, researching various things, or hanging out with Ichimaru.
One day Kuroda is in a library looking up something on the Village Hidden in the Grass when Ichimaru walks in. he says, “Man this is really getting annoying. Pulling double duty as a replacement on your team as well as going on my own teams missions is really a pain. What makes it worse is that Jando Hyuga doesn’t listen to anyone. He always jumps right into everything without planning or strategizing. When are you going to get yourself back on to missions?” Kuroda replies, “She is the one making me stay inside the village, go complain to her.” “No way man,” says Ichimaru, “I’m not going to say that to her.” Kuroda states, “It stinks, while I can get in a lot of research and practice, there is no better training than a real mission.” “Strange to see you doing research, but yeah a real mission is the best training,” Ichimaru agrees, “Well I am pretty tired I am going head off to bead.” “Make sure you get a good rest,” says Kuroda, “I heard from Kayo that you have another mission tomorrow.” “Oh yeah, I just remembered, “says Ichimaru, “Sakura said she wanted to talk to you about something important. You should probably go and see her.” “All right, thanks for the message,” responds Kuroda. They depart their separate ways. Kuroda is walking over to Sakura’s house and is almost there when he is transported away.

Rescue Yukiko Arc
Kuroda appears in the Snow Country. He immediately deflects some shuriken that were aimed at Yukiko. Kuroda looks and sees two enemy shinobi from the Village Hidden among the Snow. Behind him is a battered Yukiko. She has a thankful look on her face and says, “I knew you would save me.” Kuroda walks over to her and starts to heal her wounds. One of the enemies throws a few kunai at Kuroda, but he deflects them easily. She yells at him, “Who the Hell are you?” Kuroda does not answer her, and continues to heal Yukiko. This time she fires of a Swallow Blizzard at him. He picks up Yukiko and dodges the attack. He then puts her behind a large rock.
He speaks to the attacker and says, “It is proper to give your own name before asking that of someone else.” She replies, “Why aren’t you a cocky one? You interfere in some other villages business, and don’t even identify yourself.” Kuroda looks confused, and then remembers he has his Petal headband still on. “Oh I see now why you are confused,” he says. He removes his headband and stores it in a pouch, “I am interfering, because you just tried to kill one of my allies. Now why would you do that?” “That weak little piece of is your ally? Well then you must have been the one who told her to follow us around. Well my friend Rin and I don’t appreciate people spying on us. I guess I will just have to kill you both then.” She says. “Hey Gina you think you can handle them both on your own?” says her partner. “The girl is only a Genin, and this guy doesn’t look so tough.” Replies Gina. Kuroda yells to them, “Yukiko will no longer be participating in this fight, but I would recommend that you both attack me. You might have a chance then.” “Why you are a cocky one,” says Rin. “Go get him Gina.” “Yeah, this guy is gonna pay,” She says.
Gina starts off attacking him with some basic Taijutsu and ninja weapons, but soon realizes that it won’t work. Then she uses her Ice Weapons Jutsu to make a big mace. She handles it extremely well, coming close to hitting Kuroda. Kuroda decides to use his own Ice Weapons Jutsu and makes a staff. Gina is disgusted; she says, “That brat is a traitor to her country for teaching an outsider our Jutsu. Kuroda does not reply to the comment. Instead he starts his attack on her. She changes her mace into a staff of her own, but he is to fast for her and lands a few blows. She gets angry and then uses an Ice Clone Jutsu. She and her clone change the staffs into swords and counter Kuroda’s attack. At first Kuroda can defend himself, but eventually Gina overpowers him and he is forced to create two shadow clones. He combines with his clones to destroy hers, and injures her badly.
Rin sees that Gina is loosing and decides to step in and uses her Swallow Blizzard to attack. Gina switches back to her mace and they attack him together. He is able to fend them off, but they destroy one of his clones. Rin decides that the battle is taking to long and uses her Wolf-Fang Avalanche Jutsu to destroy Kuroda’s last clone. Kuroda is barely able to escape, but then Gina traps him in an Ice Prison Jutsu. Kuroda tries to break a bar, but instead shatters his staff. Then he tries to throw a kunai outside, but it freezes in between the bars. Gina laughs and says, “You cannot escape unless I release the Jutsu.” Kuroda yells to Yukiko, “Yukiko I need you to come out where I can see you and lift up your shirt so I can see your belly”. Rin and Gina laugh and say, “What ever you are trying to do, it’s not going to work. There is no way you can possibly escape.” Kuroda uses his Flying Thunder God Technique to transport over to Yukiko. “Thank You Yukiko, please return to a safe area now,” he says.
Rin is pissed and fires off a Swallow Blizzard at them. After dodging Kuroda decides to use a summoning Jutsu and summons the mammoth Uthuloxo. Rin and Gina talk together and decide that they will need to use their most powerful Jutsu to defeat Kuroda. Rin and Gina try to use their Wolf-Fang and Ice Prison combo to trap Kuroda and Uthuloxo, but after seeing it once he is smart enough not to get caught again. Then they go on the offense with Kuroda using his Ice Weapon staff and Uthuloxo using a Swallow Blizzard to attack Rin and Gina. Then Gina uses her strongest attack the Freezing Mist Jutsu to stop an attack in mid-air. Uthuloxo notices that the attack has a limited range, and would only affect them if they got to close. Gina tries to create some Ice Clones, so she can extend the range of her attack, but she does not have enough chakra left. Instead Rin uses her Tiger Pierces Dragon attack. The tiger freezes everything it touches, and can chase after its targets. Kuroda is fast enough to escape it, but Uthuloxo is caught and frozen. Kuroda then leads the tiger and gets it trapped in Gina’s Freezing Mist Jutsu.
Rin and Gina start yelling at each other, and Kuroda takes the opportunity to slash Gina across the chest. Rin sees that Kuroda will win if she does not attack, so she uses her most powerful attack. Rin uses her remaining chakra for her Ice Whale Jutsu. Recognizing the Jutsu Kuroda is able to escape the giant whale. Kuroda attacks Rin and she is too exhausted to dodge and he lands a slash on her chest as well.
Kuroda brings Rin and Gina together and prepares to give them a final blow when they ask for mercy. Kuroda is surprised by their request. They tell him that they are actually rogue ninja who left the snow village because they did not like the way it was being run. They tell him that none of the ninja truly cared about each other and would sacrifice their own lives like Kuroda did for Yukiko. They tell him that if he spares their lives they will follow him and do his bidding like Yukiko. Kuroda calls Yukiko to him and asks for her opinion. Yukiko says that if she believes they are like her and are just searching for someone who will be there when they need them. Kuroda decides he will let them live. He has Rin and Gina each sign one of his contracts. Then Kuroda has them take off their clothes. They hesitate and a surging pain goes through their bodies. Kuroda tells them, “This pain will happen every time you do not obey me. It is not fatal, but it hurts a lot.” They take their clothes off. He takes out a kunai and carves a symbol similar to an exploding tag into their flesh. Then he makes a few hand signs and pours some of his chakra into the marks. After a minute the mark dims and soon is no longer visible. Kuroda tells them to tell no one about what he just did, and to put their clothes back on.
Kuroda then starts to heal their wounds. Kuroda decides they should find a place to stay and rest a while. After they reach a suitable cave he has Rin and Gina tell him about the Village Hidden Among the Snow. After a few days of rest he decides he wants to see more of the village first hand. He takes Gina with him and has Rin stay behind to train Yukiko to use her Jutsu’s better. Kuroda and Gina travel to the snow village and pose as a couple of kids who want the village to search for their missing father. They stay in the village for a week and a half. Kuroda uses the time to learn more about how the village is run, and even a few secrets. Gina gets impatient, because Kuroda makes her stay inside for most of the time. After Kuroda is satisfied they return to Rin and Yukiko.

Visit the Mist Arc

After two weeks in the Snow County Kuroda decides he should probably return to the Hidden Petal Village, but first he wants to make a side trip. Kuroda, Yukiko, Rin, and Gina pose as siblings and take a freighter all the way to the Land of Water. The journey by water takes them a week and a half. After getting to the port they make their way to the Village Hidden in the Mist.
Kuroda puts on a disguise and makes himself look like an old man with a long white beard. He also has the girls change their faces and hair with jutsu. “I have a very secret and important mission and I require the shinobi known as Kasumi Momochi for the mission,” says Kuroda to the Village elders. “Kasumi is one of our top Jonin, she is very important to our village. What will this mission entail?” asks an elder. “This is a very top secret A rank mission. I will only reveal the details to Kasumi,” replies Kuroda. “Can’t you give us any more information than that?” asks another elder, “And why do you need Kasumi specifically?” “I cannot answer either of those questions,” replies Kuroda in a polite manor. The elders whisper among themselves and then the first one who spoke says, “Kasumi is unavailable at the moment, but her brother Desh Momochi is highly skilled and can take her place.” Kuroda fakes considering it for a moment and then puts a large bag of money on the table saying, “Kasumi is the only one who I trusted will be able to do the mission the way I want it.” Eventually the elders give in and summon Kasumi.
Kasumi does not recognize him because of his disguise. An elder tells her, “This man and his friends have hired you for a mission. They have paid a significant sum for your services. You are to leave immediately.” She asks, “So what exactly is the mission? Can you give me some details?” “I will tell you once we are outside the village,” responds Kuroda, “I trust you are prepared for anything that will come up.” She starts to argue, but the elders tell her, “The matter has already been settled Kasumi. Please complete the mission as fast as possible then return to the village.” She does not say anything else and follows her new employers out of the village.
A few miles away from the village Kuroda stops and turns around to Kasumi. She starts to ask him, “Why was I requested for this mission and what exactly is the mission? And…” Kuroda interrupts her, “Is anyone from the village is following us?” She says, “I was not aware there was any reason for someone to follow us.” Kuroda says, “Let me rephrase that; tell me if anyone was sent by the village to follow us.” Kasumi does not answer and she is hit by a wave of pain, and falls over. She slowly gets up and says, “it’s you isn’t it?” “Answer my question Kasumi, unless you want the pain to continue,” says Kuroda. Kasumi answers, “The village elders told me to watch you closely and abandon the mission if it was too dangerous, but they did not send anyone to follow us.” “Good,” says Kuroda, and then he takes off his disguise.
Kasumi asks who the others are, because they don’t look like they could be the same ones from the last time. “Don’t be foolish.” says Kuroda, “I would never bring any of those people on a personal mission.” “A personal mission? Why are you here? What do you want me for?” asks Kasumi. Kuroda replies, “I have come to see how you are. I also want to know why the Hidden Mist Village has not made any public responses to our encounter in the Tea Country.” Kasumi asks, “Is that all?’ “Yes, that is the only reason I have come. I became concerned when I did not hear any news in my own village and wanted more information. I figured that they might have used poison or some other means to kill you because they did not believe your story.” “Oh the Mizukage believed my story when he heard it, and the village is taking it very seriously,” replies Kasumi. “We have sent out messages to all our ninja to look out for a mysterious and deadly shinobi. We have sent spy’s all over to find out which village he is from. As for our encounter in the Tea Country the Mizukage has decided to wait for the Petal Village to make the first move before responding.” “I see, very interesting,” comments Kuroda.
Kuroda tells the others to take off their disguises. “Kasumi, this is Yukiko, Rin, and Gina. They are other associates of mine. If you ever happen to come across them during a mission for your village I want you to do your utmost to avoid any combat with them. Now you three return to the Snow Country and continue to train and become stronger. Yukiko you can tell the others of the mission I gave you, but I doubt you will find anyone. Do not go near the Village Hidden Among the Snow. If you need to contact me by either sending a note using the aliases Rin and I used; or you can come in person and ask for a ninja called Kayo Yuhi and her squad to go on a freight escort mission.” He throws them a bag of money. “This should be enough if you need to come in person. Now give me your headbands, from this point on you are no longer to associate yourself with that village. If nothing happens I will contact you in two years if nothing comes up, now go.” The three head off.
He turns toward Kasumi, “Now you will wait for a few days and then return to your village saying that you assassinated ninja from the Snow Village.” He tosses her one of the headbands. “In one month you will suddenly remember that you saw the Mystery ninja use a grass type Jutsu. You will suggest that the village give this information to the Hidden Petal Village and that there should be a joint mission to identify if the Mystery ninja hails from the grass village.” Kasumi asks, “Why do you want to blame the grass village? Kuroda replies, “I want to visit the grass village for my own purposes that you don’t need to know at the moment. However I am still a member of the Petal Village and I don’t have any good excuse to go there. So this will give me the opportunity I need.” Kasumi decides to not question it anymore. “Have fun on your mini-vacation,” says Kuroda, “Make sure to be discrete about where you go and what you do.” “That won’t be a problem,” she replies. He nods and then decides to leave and head back to his village.

Kuroda is Back Arc

Kuroda arrives outside the gates of the Petal Village, and then two guards jump down and block his entrance. They both take out a kunai and get ready to attack. “Who are you? And what are you doing here?” one of them asks. “Relax,” says Kuroda holding his hands up, “My name is Kuroda Taishi, I am a Genin here in the village.” “We know who Kuroda Taishi is,” says the guard, “and there is no way you are him.” “Why not?” asks Kuroda. “Because he vanished from the village two weeks ago,” replies the second guard, “You may look like him, but there is no way you are him.”
“Well if it is going to be like that then I request an audience with the Koukage,” says Kuroda. The guards look at each other and then one of them sends a message on the radio. Raj bursts into the Koukage’s office and immediately falls to his knees bowing, “I am sorry to intrude Lady Koukage but we have urgent news.” She sets down the scroll she was reading and replies, “What is it? Did the Tsuchikage send a reply message?” “No My Lady,” he responds, “There is a report from the East Entrance that there is a boy claiming to be Kuroda Taishi.” She stands up immediately, “What did you say?” “The guards say they stopped a boy trying to get into the village. He claims to be Kuroda Taishi and even looks like him. He has requested an audience with you.” The Koukage jumps out of the window and runs toward the gate leaving Raj behind.
Kuroda sees the Koukage approaching and sighs in relief, “Finally someone rational is coming. Will you tell them who I am Lady Koukage?” “I know who you look like, and who you claim to be,” says the 8th Koukage, “But I find it very hard to believe that you would just suddenly appear after running away from the village for a month.” Kuroda states, “What makes you think I ran away? I could have been kidnapped, or mislead by someone to think I was on a mission.” The Koukage admits, “Those two options are possible, but there is no proof of either of them.” Kuroda replies, “Well then I guess that the only real way to confirm my identity is to have Kayo to use her Mind Interrogation Jutsu on me.”
The Koukage then remarks, “The real Kuroda would not know about that Jutsu.” Kuroda counters, “I am well aware of the Jutsu and I am sure that it has been used on me at least once, due to a time gap in my memories. Plus I have seen Kayo-sensei use it on a mission before and I know it erases all traces of the invasion into the victims mind. The 8th now seems convinced that it is in fact Kuroda. The Koukage grabs him by the ear and drags him all the way to her office.
Once they get there she starts yelling at him about all the ninja they had to use to look for him, and how Sakura got extremely sick from worry and ended up in the hospital, and various other things that could have destroyed the entire village because he disappeared. Then she starts questioning him, “Now I want to know where you went and why you left even though you were under direct orders not to do so.” Kuroda calmly explains, “I was on my way to visit Sakura when a messenger bird flew up to me and gave me a note saying that a friend I met on one of his missions needed my help. So I decided that I would go on my own and help out, partly because I wanted to help and because I wanted to get out of the village for a while. It turns out that my friend was being harassed by some new gang that just showed up in his town. So I helped to get rid of the gang and set up some defenses, so that the people would be safe from any future trouble.”
The Koukage starts yelling at him saying, “We could have easily sent a team on a mission to help out and then this whole mess would have been avoided.” Kuroda replies, “The town was poor and would not have been able to pay for a mission, so I did it for free.” The Koukage admits, “It was the right thing to do, but you should have at least told someone. But now you have forced my hand. You will still be confined to the village like before, but now I will assign someone to follow you everywhere you go to make sure you obeys my orders.” Kuroda exits her office groaning when he runs into Kayo.
She tries to slap him across the face, but the pain of the seal surges through her. “You idiot where have you been? Sakura has been so worried about you. She even tried to kill herself in order to summon you back and make sure you were still alive. But this cursed pain prevented her from doing that. Finally she tried and failed so many times that her body just collapsed and the medical ninja are bewildered because they cannot figure out what is wrong.” Kuroda drags her into a private room and replies, “It was pointless of her to worry so much because if I die you will instantly know because the seal mark would burn off. Kayo snaps back, “How are we supposed to know that? You never told us that, so there was no way for us to know.” Kuroda smirks and says, “I was not aware that Sakura cared that much about my well being. Kayo gets angry, but Kuroda walks away to visit Sakura in the hospital.

Guard the Princess Arc

Kuroda is trapped inside the village for another month and this time he has fellow ninja following him around. He gets irritated very easily because he can never be alone, but is lucky when his escort turns out to be either Ichimaru, Kayo, or Sakura. Kuroda starts to notice that Sakura is getting very attached to him and is very grumpy when she returns from long mission and has not seen him for a few days.
One day a request comes in and all of Team 3 is called to the Koukage’s office. The Koukage starts out by saying, “I am still very angry at you Kuroda and was not planning on letting you go outside the village for another few months; however a request came in asking for you personally to be on the mission.” “A request for me, who is it from?” he inquires. “It seems that the King of the Valley Country asked for you. As you know, from your last visit, the Valley Country is in negotiations for peace with the neighboring Forest Country. Well it seems that there are some people who do not want peace and have threatened the Princess of the Valley Country. So until the negotiations are completed the King has asked that you come and guard her. Now if you did not know the Forest Country has a small ninja village, which is not much of a threat to us, but for a country with no ninja village of its own it is very serious. The King seems to believe that the ninja are very loyal to the leaders of the Forest Country and will not attack the girl. Yet there is still the possibility that someone will act of their own volition, so he wanted your protection. For obvious reasons I am sending the rest of your team with you,” decides the 8th Koukage.
Team 3 travels to the Forest Country and are greeted by Princess Kyoko when they arrive. She is very excited to see Kuroda again and has lots of fun with him. She now starts paying more attention to Jando, but only for the purpose of pulling pranks on him. Everyone is very entertained by this, except of course for Jando. An uneventful week goes by and nothing happens. Sakura uses the time to continue her training and can now produce three fully functional Shadow Clones. Kuroda notices that Jando has also improved and is now able to control his Byakugan better.
One morning Sakura, Kyoko and Kuroda go for a walk in the forest when they are attacked by a female ninja. “So they hired some Petal Ninja to protect the princess,” she says. “Who are you?” asks Kuroda shifting himself in front of Kyoko. She identifies herself, “I am Kohaku from the Village Hidden in the Woods. I do not support the alliance between the Forest Country and the Valley Country, and I have come here to ensure it does not happen. Be warned Petal ninja, I will do anything to stop it.” Kuroda orders, “Sakura, bring Kyoko back to the village. I will deal with her.” “Right, come with me princess,” replies Sakura as she grabs Kyoko and takes off.” Kohaku tries to follow them but is stopped by Kuroda. “You will have to get through me first,” says Kuroda as he engages her with a kunai.
Kohaku leaps back onto the branch of a large tree, “Bad move deciding to take me on by yourself. I have the advantage in the forest.” “I advise you not to underestimate me,” responds Kuroda. “Why because you are from the Petal village?” she asks, “That won’t make any difference. Ninja Art: Stick Needle Jutsu!” Thousands of tiny sticks and branches come flying at Kuroda from all directions. He tries to dodge it, but the attack is very fast and comes from many angles. Kuroda decides to use his Ice Weapon Jutsu and forms a sphere with the water in his pouch. Now Kuroda is able to deflect Kohaku’s attack easily.
“No bad,” comments Kohaku, “I will just have to change my strategy then.” Suddenly Jando, Sakura, and Kayo come to back him up. Kohaku decides, “Four against one, I don’t like those odds. My best option is to retreat for now and come back later.” She runs away deeper into the forest. Kuroda orders, “You three stay here with Princess Kyoko in case any more ninja show up. I will track her down and attempt to capture her.” Jando objects, “You have not even been with the team for a while. I do not know why the others are even listening to you, but I am coming too.” So Jando and Kuroda go after Kohaku.
Kohaku crosses the border into the Forest Country and goes inside a gigantic tree in a large forest. They follow her inside the base of the tree and into a large room with a strange looking tree in it. The tree looks to be half alive and half dead. It has wings and it has a portion of a scroll sticking out of it. Kohaku looks and sees them enter the room. She says, “I thought that all of you would follow me, but since there are only two of you I she won’t have to take the scroll from the tree.” Jando replies, “Don’t get cocky. It is a two on one match and you will need all the help you can get.” “You are the one who is cocky,” replies Kohaku as she quickly uses her Stick Needle Jutsu to attack them.
This time the attack is even more powerful than before. Jando and Kuroda are able to use Escape Jutsu to get away safely. Kohaku follows them outside the tree still attacking. She explains, “This part of the forest is denser than the area we were in earlier. My Jutsu are three times more powerful in here.” Kuroda uses his Ice Weapons Jutsu and creates a large shield that is big enough to protect both of them. Jando activates his Byakugan so he is able to see outside. “Good thinking Jando, now we can see what she is doing out there. You should observe her attacks and see if there is an opening we can use to our advantage.”
They sit under the shield fully protected from everything she throws at them. After a while Jando reports, “There is a pause in her attacks every 30 seconds we can strike then.” “Good work,” compliments Kuroda.” When the time is right they lift the shield and counter with kunai. She dodges behind a tree. Kohaku think, “Damn this isn’t working, that shield is too strong. I don’t see how though seeing as it is made of ice. Whatever it doesn’t matter, I will just have to step it up a bit. Ninja Art: Falling Tree Jutsu!” She barely even touches the tree she is hiding behind and it instantly toples over on top of the boys. Since they are under the shield they cannot dodge the attack, and the trees fall on top of the shield. It gains a small crack in it, but still holds strong.
“What was that?” asks Kuroda. “She threw a tree at us somehow,” explains Jando, “Do you think this shield will hold.” “I don’t know, just be ready if it breaks,” warns Kuroda. After 3 more trees fall, the shield breaks and they scatter for cover. As Kuroda runs her suspects, “The air here is not as cold as when I was in the snow village. I should have realized that the weapons I create will not be as strong. I also lost nearly all my water when the shield collapsed, I will have to be careful.”
Jando decides, “I am tired of hiding, it is time to go on the offensive.” He charges straight at Kohaku. She is so surprised that he lands a punch right in her face. Then Jando uses his Gentle Fist Taijutsu to close up some of her chakra points disabling the flow of chakra to her fingers. She tries to use her jutsu again since they are out in the open, but is unable to. “What the hell did you do to me?” she questions. “I noticed that you use your fingers to control your jutsu,” explains Jando, “So I messed with your chakra points. You wont be able to use those jutsu anymore.” “Not bad,” she says, “But you didn’t think those were my only jutsu did you? Ninja Art: Branch Bashing Jutsu!”
She uses her arms to control the branches of trees and attack Jando. Since the forest is so large Jando is not able to dodge the attacks and is knocked out when a branch hits him right in the back of the head. Kuroda takes the opening and uses his Headhunter Jutsu. He sprouts up from the ground underneath her and grabs her ankles and drags her down, trapping all but her head under the surface. He stands up and brushes his hands off. “Let me out of here!” demands Kohaku as she struggles to break free. “I haven’t practiced this a whole lot on a full-fledged ninja, but it is worth a shot,” comments Kuroda. He uses the Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Genjutsu Technique on Kohaku and makes her believe that she is being burned alive.
She screams in agony as the fire consumes her body. “I can stop this,” says Kuroda, “I can save you from the fire. I am the only one who can save you.” “Please stop, help, save me,” she begs. “I can save you,” he repeats, “But you must pledge your loyalty to me.” She is in such fear that she agrees and instantly signs the contract he gives to her. He releases the Genjutsu and brings her up from the ground. “Thank you,” she says. “ Kuroda tells her, “Take off your clothes.” She hesitates and a surging pain goes through her body. Kuroda explains, “That pain you are experiencing right now will happen every time you try to disobey me. It is not fatal, but it hurts a lot.” She begins stripping her clothes off. “It stopped,” she remarks. “All you have to do is follow orders and you will be fine,” replies Kuroda. “That pain, it was worse than the fire,” she comments as she takes the last article of cloth off.”
“Good that means it is working correctly,” he says, “Now please lie down and relax. When she does he holds out his palm in the space above her body and moves it around until he locates the correct spot. Then he takes out a kunai and carves a symbol similar to an exploding tag into her flesh. Then he makes a few hand signs and pours some of his chakra into the mark. After a minute the mark dims and soon is no longer visible. Kuroda says, “You are not to tell anyone about what just occurred. Oh, and you can put your clothes back on.”
“So what now?” asks Kohaku as she dresses. Kuroda asks, “Are there any other ninja who accompanied you?” “No, just me,” she admits, “There were a few others that agreed with her and did not want our countries to align, but none of them wanted to go against the village.” Kuroda ponders, “What should I do with her? I could send her back to her village, but would they accept her back? Hold on a moment I just remembered something.” “Kohaku, what was that strange tree with the scroll inside the gigantic tree?” he inquires. Kohaku replies, “The tree contains a very powerful summoning scroll, but it is sealed inside and can only be obtained if the person knows the answer to the riddle engraved in the tree.” Kuroda asks, “So what is the answer?” “I was bluffing earlier,” she admits, “I have been trying to figure it out for a while. I was trying to get it before you two got to me, but I would have needed more time to figure it out.”
“I guess I will just have to do it then,” he replies. “Do you really think you can get it?” she asks. “No harm in trying,” he responds. Kuroda walks over to the odd tree and looks for the riddle. It reads one of element and one of animal; both these things are bringers of life and both have three stages of existence. Touch them both to the scroll and it will be released. Kuroda thinks for a moment and then walks outside. He searches around for a while and then returns to the tree. In one hand he holds his water pouch with the last of his water and in the other a butterfly. He pours the water over the scroll and sets the butterfly onto it. Then he pulls and the scrolls slides out from the tree. After the scroll is completely out the wings of the tree recede and the dead portions are returned to life.
Kohaku is amazed by the ease at which Kuroda solved the riddle. Kuroda explains, “Water is a source of life for both plants and animals, while the butterfly spreads pollen from one flower to another and helps them reproduce. Water can also be in the form of ice, water, or vapor. While the butterfly starts out as a caterpillar, then becomes a cocoon, and finally transforms into the butterfly. The scroll will most likely summon a butterfly.” Kohaku requests, “Please allow me to sign the scroll.” Kuroda says, “You already posses some very powerful Jutsu and so I will give it to someone else. Now I need to figure out what to do with you.” “What do you mean?” she asks.
“Well I can’t just bring you back to the Petal village now can I?” he replies. “But then why did you…?” she asks. He interrupts, “I was impressed by your strength and decided I could use you for my plan.” “Your plan?” she inquires. “I will inform you when the time is right, but that won’t be for a while. Anyways I just decided what I will do with you.” “And that is?” she asks. “Well you can’t go back to your village and I can’t bring you back to mine. So I will leave you here. You will become a personal guard for Princess Kyoko and protect her from any future attacks.” “What about the other Petal Ninja?” asks Kohaku. “The princess and the others have signed contracts like you have,” he explains, “and the guy on the ground is not important. We can trick him easily.”
Kuroda brings Kohaku with him back to the mansion. He meets with Kayo and Sakura and has them change Kohaku’s appearance just enough so that no one will recognize her. Then Kuroda goes back for Jando. Jando is just starting to regain consciousness when Kuroda arrives.
“Welcome back,” he greets Jando, “Good work.” “What do you mean?” asks Jando rubbing his head. “You killed that Tree ninja with one of your exploding tags.” “I did?” says Jando still a little groggy. “Yep, but she got you in the head at the same time. You have been out for about an hour.” “What about the girls?” asks Jando. “They are fine,” says Kuroda, “Kayo-sensei sent Sakura to find us a while back. It looks like that girl was on her own, but I sent Sakura back just in case and did a little recon. You were waking up when I got back.” They return to the mansion and Jando does not recognize Kohaku who they say was very helpful during the attack and is being hired as a new assistant for Princess Kyoko. A week later the King returns from successful negotiations and is told of about the attack and the new guard for Kyoko.
Team 3 starts their return journey. Kuroda decides to give his newly acquired summoning scroll to Sakura. Jando is mad because he is now the only one without a scroll. Sakura tests the scroll out and summons a normal sized white butterfly called Papilio. Jando laughs at the size of the butterfly, and Sakura seems disappointed. Kuroda tells her, “Even the smallest creatures can be valuable assets; maybe not in battle, but in other areas. You should get familiar with Papilio and practice with her. You should also practice the Summoning Jutsu so you can get better at it and eventually summon larger butterflies.” “All right I will,” she says with a determined look on her face.
Team 3 arrives back in the village after a successful mission, but Kuroda is immediately put back on suspension and not able to leave the village. Kuroda’s birthday comes and goes, but the only one who notices is Ichimaru. Kuroda does not seem surprised that no one else remembered. The two spend the day together and talk about the times before they became Genin and how much they have changed. At the end of the day Ichimaru mentions, “So the Chunin exams are coming up again in a few weeks. Team 10 is going to participate in them this time. Kuroda says, “I think that my team seems like it would be ready, but I doubt that the Koukage would let me participate.” Ichimaru offers, “I can to talk to the Koukage on your behalf,” Kuroda replies, “I doubt it will make any difference, but go ahead if you want. It is worth a shot.”

Mist Alliance Arc

A day later Team 3 including Kuroda is summoned to the Koukage’s office. She starts off, “As I am sure you are all aware, I restricted Kuroda to the village after his mission in the Tea Country with Team 15. The team and the Mist ninja Kasumi Momochi were attacked by an unknown person, and then on the return to the village Kuroda was attacked again. I have had recent talks with the Village Hidden in the Mist regarding this matter.” “Did you find out what Kasumi was doing in the Tea Country?” inquires Kayo. “The Mizukage did not tell me and I did not ask,” replies the Koukage, “Whatever her assignment was it is not a high priority at the moment.”
“Still it was suspicious,” remarks Kuroda. “Anyways it seems that The Hidden Mist has uncovered evidence that the ninja could possibly be from the Village Hidden in the Grass,” reveals the 8th, “Our two shinobi villages have decided to participate in a joint scouting mission as a sign of good faith between us. You can come in now.” A tall young man with spiky light blue hair walks into the room. He wears light blue pants, a brown vest, and his mist headband is slightly slanted on his forehead. He introduces himself, “I am Desh Momochi, the Mizukage sent me as his representative on this mission.” “Momoshi, are you related to…?” inquires Kayo. “She is my older sister,” says Desh cutting her off. “How come you are alone?” asks Sakura. “How come you are not?” retorts Desh. “Quiet down all of you, I want to go over the mission rules,” says the Koukage.
“Lady Koukage, why am I being sent on a mission where I could possibly encounter the ninja who might have attacked me?” asks Kuroda, “And if the mystery ninja is from the grass village, then its leaders might know what I look like anyways and they might attack.” She replies, I am sending you because there is a possibility that it might trigger some suppressed memories and you might be able to recognize the ninja and confirm his identity.” Kuroda then asks, “As you wish Lady Koukage. Now I have a question for you Desh. Why is the Mist Village only sent one ninja? This is a joint mission, and I would want an equal number of ninja from both villages if I was in charge.” Desh replies, “I am more than capable of conducting the whole mission on my own, and the only reason that your team is going along is to ease relations between our two nations.”
“Are you two done now?” asks the Koukage. “Yes I apologize if I spoke out of turn,” says Kuroda. “Now you are to go to the Grass Country and search for any traces of this mysterious ninja. This mission is strictly to gather information. You are to retreat if you are met with any opposition. Is that understood?” “Yes Lady Koukage,” confirm all of Team 3. “Desh?” she inquires. “Yeah, I was already told by the Mizukage,” he replies. “Good, then you are to head out as soon as you are ready,” she says.
Team 3 and Desh leave on the mission and head to the border of the Land of Fire and the Land of Grass. Desh and Kuroda get into conversation where Desh comments, “You talk a lot. If this mystery ninja had not attacked my sister Kasumi, then you would not even be alive right now.” Kuroda retorts, “It was a four on one situation.” Desh mocks the statement, “So what? My sister is stronger than most of the Jonin in the Hidden Petal Village there is no way she would have lost.” Kuroda then mentions, “You say that, and yet she was apparently not strong enough to defeat the mystery ninja.” Desh starts to get angry, but Kayo interrupts, “Settle down. We are approaching the border.”
Desh says, “I don’t have to follow your orders.” She reminds him, “This is a joint mission, and since I am the highest in rank that you will have to follow my orders in order to ensure the success of the mission.” “Fine, I will follow your command,” replies Desh, “For the moment.” The team passes through the border town, without any hassle. They make camp for the night.
They next day the team disguises themselves as ordinary travelers and they put on long blue traveling cloaks. Then they head for a large city only a few miles away from the border. It is a city known for having lots of information on anything and everything. Kuroda notices that three ninja are following them, but does not mention it to anyone else. When they enter the city Desh suggests, “I am familiar with a few places. We should check them and ask around about any strong or mysterious ninja that have passed through lately.” “Do you really think that will work?” asks Sakura. “Everyone is willing to talk,” explains Desh smirking, “For a price.” “What if they give us bad information?” asks Jando, “What if it is just rumors?” “Every rumor has some sort of factual base,” says Kayo, “besides we are looking for rumors and whispers about this mystery ninja. This will also be good training for your information gathering skills.” “Training?” inquires Jando, “I didn’t think of that.” “I will do my best!” announces Sakura. “I know you will,” says Kuroda patting her head and messing up her hair, making her blush.
“All right, let’s get moving then,” orders Kayo. “Follow me,” says Desh, “We will head to a little flower shop I know of.” The team sets out through the city going to multiple locations trying to find the information they need. Kuroda is curious about how Desh knows all of these information sources and he is very careful to take note of all of them. He advises Sakura to do the same. After a while they are directed to a small restaurant that looks to have very promising information. They enter the restaurant and Kuroda, Jando, and Sakura sit down at a table while Desh and Kayo go to talk to the bartender. After a drink of water Kuroda stands up and starts to walk away. “Where are you going Kuroda?” asks Sakura. “To the washroom, do you want to come?” he replies smirking.
Meanwhile the bartender has directed Kayo and Desh to a man in a black suit sitting alone at a corner booth and smoking a cigarette. “Do you mind if we join you?” asks Kayo as they walk up. “Who is your friend?” asks the man. “Just my younger brother,” she replies. “Well in that case you are welcome to sit with me,” responds the man, “As long as you let me see that pretty face of yours.” Kayo lowers the hood of her cloak and smirks as she sits down. Desh sits next to her and asks, “So are you the one called Byakko?” “That’s what they call me,” confirms Byakko, “and if you don’t mind I would like your sister to do the talking. I much prefer listening to the voice of a woman.” “We were told that you might have some information we have been looking for,” explains Kayo.
“I have information on a lot of things,” replies Byakko. “We are looking for someone,” says Kayo. “I know lots of people,” says Byakko taking another puff of his cigarette. “We are looking for a Ninja,” says Kayo. “A ninja, well why didn’t you say so? So what kind of ninja? Is it a man or a woman? Is there anything special about them? Where are they from?” asks Byakko. “I can’t tell you the gender or give you any facial descriptions. We believe that the ninja is from the Grass Village,” explains Kayo, “However I can tell you the ninja is very strong. They were able to take out 2 jonin with ease, and possibly has an ability to alter memories.”
“A strong ninja from the Grass village you say? Well that is interesting,” comment Byakko. “Why is that?” asks Kayo. “Because there is a very skilled Grass Ninja staying at an inn on the far end of the city,” explains Byakko, “I believe his name is Mazuma Shiranui.” “You are positive about this?” asks Kayo. “Absolutely,” he confirms. “Well I think we will be going then,” she says as she starts to stand and take out some money. “There is no need for that,” says Byakko, “Just make sure you stop by and chat the next time you are in town.” “I will be sure to do so,” replies Kayo.
Meanwhile Kuroda has made a shadow clone while he was in the bathroom. The clone walks out and joins his team when Kayo and Desh rejoin them. “Find anything useful?” asks the clone. “Kayo pulls the hood up on her cloak and replies, “Yes, it seems there is someone in town who fits the profile.” “Really?” asks Jando. “We will find out when we get there,” says Desh. They leave and the real Kuroda emerges from the bathroom and takes a seat in an empty corner of the restaurant.
He waits a few minutes until he spots the ninjas, which have been following his team since they entered the city, enter the restaurant. They are a young Genin team made of two guys and a girl. They stop and talk to each other, Kuroda overhears them call the girl Midori, and tell her to head back to the village and tell the leader about the enemy ninja’s actions. They head in separate directions, and Kuroda follows Midori. She heads towards the edge of the city and then stops and goes inside an old house. Kuroda follows her inside, but is attacked by a flurry of shuriken. Kuroda is able to perform a Replacement Jutsu to escape to another side of the room.
Midori takes out a kunai and says, “I noticed you following me after I left the others. I probably should have tried to get some help, but you didn’t look that strong so I decided to take you on all by myself.” Kuroda comments, “Confidence is a good thing to have, but looks can be deceiving and you should never underestimate a fellow ninja.” “And what does that say about you?” she replies, “Seeing as you came after me on your own.” “Well said,” compliments Kuroda,” However I know something that you do not.” “And what is that?” she inquires. “You will just have to find that out on your own,” he replies.
“Fine then, here I come,” she shouts as she charges toward him. Midori uses basic Taijutsu to attack Kuroda but he easily counters all of her attacks. He lands a hard kick to her gut and sends her flying into a wall. Her back crashes into it and she slumps to the ground panting. He starts to say, “Well this is disappointing. You are not even worth my time, and I should probably kill you quickly before…” “Not so fast, Grass Style: Vine Spear Jutsu!” A long vine that she wore curled up on her belt unrolls itself and turns into a long sharp spear. Kuroda thinks, “Very intriguing, I wasn’t expecting anything from her. She may be useful after all.”
She jabs the spear at him from across the room, and he neatly slips to the side to avoid it. “That is strange, I thought she was exhausted,” thinks Kuroda. She twists the spear to the side and tries to slash his mid-section. Kuroda nimbly jumps over the spear and it cuts a nearby table in two. “You have been holding back,” comments Kuroda. “You should never attack an unknown enemy at full strength right off the bat,” replies Midori. She twirls the spear back behind her back and raises it above her head, and then brings it down for a powerful blow. Again Kuroda sidesteps, and the jumps over the vine spear when she does a follow up horizontal attack.
The same attack and dodge game continues on for a while. Midori’s attacks are more disciplined, but Kuroda is able to avoid them all with ease. “Well I think I have seen enough,” announces Kuroda. “What do you mean?” she asks. “Haven’t you noticed?” says Kuroda smirking, “I’ve just been testing out your abilities the whole time. Suddenly he lunges forward, straight past her defenses and slashes her across the chest with his kunai. Before she can even react he uses his speed and technique to land a series of painful blows with a kunai. She falls to the ground and drops her vine spear. It loses its shape and returns to a normal vine as soon as it falls from her grasp.
Then he uses his Demonic Illusion Hell Viewing Technique on Midori. A giant white tiger appears on top of her and threatens to bite her head off. She is too frightened to recognize that it is a Genjutsu. Because of the insane fear and panic caused by the jutsu she is in no condition to make a rational decision. So Kuroda is easily able to convince her to sign one of his blood contracts. Then he does his special sealing ritual, transferring a minute portion of his chakra into the carving he makes on her upper thigh. After the ritual Kuroda interrogates her for information. “So why was your team following us?” he asks as he begins to heal her wounds with his medical jutsu. “My squad was sent to investigate why the Petal Village and the Mist Village were working together on a mission in the Land of Grass,” explains Midori.
“I see, and why did your friends send you off on your own?” he asks. “We followed you around all day and all you were doing was searching for information. They sent me back to ask the village if we should continue the mission,” she replies. “And they will continue tracking my team while you are gone?” he asks as he finishes up the final cut on her left breast.” “Yes,” she answers. “You should be fine now,” he says as he stands up, “You can put your shirt back on.” She quickly covers herself, already embarrassed and confused about what happened. “So what now?” she asks.
Kuroda tells Midori, “You will return to your village like you originally planned, and tell your superiors that the enemy ninja were searching for a mysterious and powerful ninja that was rumored to be attacking people and stealing valuable information from their villages. The Petal and Mist village have uncovered evidence that the ninja uses techniques from the Hidden Grass Village and they sent a scouting team to investigate.” “Why do you want me to tell them that?” she inquires. “Because it is the truth,” he replies. She looks at him skeptically, “But why would you want me to tell them what you are really doing here?” “That, you don’t need to know,” he replies. “Fine, is that all then? Can I go?” “Hold on a minute,” he replies.
Kuroda transforms into a perfect replica of Midori. “Why are you…?” she asks. “Because I need to look friendly when I catch up with your team,” explains Kuroda, “Now you can go.” She hesitates for a second and then takes off; he leaves to catch up with her team. Kuroda uses his Flying Thunder God Technique to catch up in a fraction of the time. Kuroda quickly reaches the other two Grass Village Genin and runs up behind them. “Midori, what are you doing?” one asks, “We told you to go back to the village.” He explains, “One of the enemy ninja tried to follow me, but I defeated him and learned that they are looking for a powerful ninja from the Grass Village and were sent to kill him.” “What are you serious?” one exclaims. The other comments, “The only ninja in the area is Mazuma Shiranui because he is on vacation.” “I know,” says Kuroda, “He must be their target. We need to warn him quickly!” They say, “If we take the shortcut we should be able to beat the enemy by a few minutes and warn Mazuma.”
After a speedy race across the village they reach Mazuma right before he enters his hotel. “Muzuma sensei, there is a group of enemy ninja in this village. We have solid information that they have been sent here to assassinate you,” explains one of the boys.”Where are they now?” asks Mazuma. “They are headed this way,” replies a disguised Kuroda. “All right, Midori you head back to the Village and tell the elders about this. We will stay here and see what they truly intend to do,” says Mazuma. “Yes I will go now,” says Kuroda. He heads off just when he sees his team approaching from afar.
As Team 3 approaches the hotel Desh notices that Kuroda is falling back in the formation. “What is that guy playing at?” he wonders. However he quickly forgets when he sees three grass ninja in front of the hotel. While no one notices the real Kuroda switches with the clone and rejoins the group. Desh darts ahead of the group and heads towards the grass ninja while pulling out a kunai. “Wait, what are you doing?” says Sakura as he runs past her. “Damn I told him not to separate from the group!” shouts Kayo as she and the others sprint after him.
Mazuma sees a group sprinting towards him and takes it as a threat. He quickly takes the vine off his belt and hardens it into a spear. Desh doesn’t stop even when he sees this, just mealy raising up his kunai a bit. Mazuma thrusts Vine Spear forward and hits Desh right in the chest, but it is a Water Clone and falls into a puddle. The real Desh appears back where the rest of the group is and they come to a stop. Desh yells, “You just made a big mistake Grass Ninja! Attacking another persoon like that without any warning. Mazuma replies, “Foreign ninja are not supposed to be in the grass country without the permission of the Hidden Grass Village. I had every right to attack,” Desh corrects him, “That rule only applies to the Hidden Village. The entire country is fair game to any ninja from any other village unless you set up strict border entrances like the rain village. By attacking so recklessly you might have just declared war on the Mist Village. I should kill him for attacking someone who so obviously was not attacking him.”
Mazuma responds, I just received information that a group was sent to assassinate me. How am I supposed to react when someone rushes at me with a knife?” Desh laughs, “I don’t even know who you are. You are a nobody! If I had really wanted to kill you i would not have come straight towards you like an idiot.” Kayo steps in and whispers to Desh, “That is enough, our cover is blown and the mission goals are no longer obtainable. We need to retreat.” Desh regretfully agrees, “Fine let’s get out of here then.” “I apologize for the intrusion, we will be leaving now,” Kayo says to the Grass ninja. As they turn to go Desh warns Mazuma, “Hey you! The next time we meet I won’t hesitate to kill you even if it is against my orders.” They leave and head back towards the border.
After passing through the border town they rest at a Petal Village outpost. Kuroda watches as Sakura practices her Summoning Jutsu and is now able to summon two Butterflies about the size of dogs. Kayo yells at Desh, “What were you thinking? You just made all the work we did useless! Now we can’t even go investigate any of the other cities in the Grass village. Desh does not really pay attention and says, “I told you I would have done a lot better on my own.” Jando comments, “Yeah, that was stupid for just charging towards an enemy group all by yourself.” Sakura comments to Kuroda, “Reminds you of someone else we know?” Kuroda snickers and she giggles.
They arrive back in the Hidden Petal Village a few days later and immediately report to the Koukage. It mostly consists of Kayo and Jando complaining about Desh. The Koukage admits, “I knew the mission did not have a high success probability in the first place. I only agreed to it to improve relations with the Hidden Mist.” She excuses Desh and he heads back to his own village. Everyone else leaves after some more complaints, but Kuroda stays behind.
He asks the Koukage, “Was it really a good idea to expose a possible alliance to other ninja villages?” The Koukage replies, “You wouldn’t understand the complexities of the situation or my true intentions. I am not going to bother explaining them.” “I have done a lot of reading about politics,” he replies. “Books can only tell you so much,” she replies, “Practical application is an entirely different thing.” Sensing she wouldn’t say anymore he changes she subject, “So am I going to be put back on suspension now?” She replies, “I have decided to return you to active duty.” Kuroda seems genuinely surprised and asks, “Why the sudden change?” She replies, “The Chunin exams are coming up soon. It will be the first time in over two centuries that the Petal Village will be participating alongside the Rock Village. I want the best Genin in the village to be participating in it, which includes you. Kuroda decides that her answer is satisfying and exits her office. Kuroda goes to find Sakura to see if she has learned any more about her new summons.

Kuroda Taishi 07-01-2009 07:03 PM

Re: Kuroda Taishi
Introducing Kuroda Taishi

Team 3 Formation

The Genin Test

A New Sensei

Escort the Brothers

Genjutsu Training

Jealous Jando

The Snow Country

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Training in the Valley

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Attack of the Smoke

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The Tea Country

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Murder in the Mist

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Kuroda's Suspension

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Rescue Yukiko

See Above Post

Visit to the Mist

See Above Post

Kuroda is Back

See Above Post

Guard the Princess

See Above Post

The Mist Alliance

See Above Post

The Chunin Exam


The Hidden Rock Village!
Stage 1
A Special Task
Stage 2
Enter the Forest of Lost Souls
Petal vs. Rain
Petal vs. Snow
Who is ambushing who?
Petal vs. Snow #2
The chosen one
Petal Ninja teaming up
Mysterious Ninja
Inside the Tower
The Preliminaries
Yui vs. Hoshi
No vs. Hara
Shun vs. Kuro
Naoko vs. Ino
Sakura vs. Yamashita
Ichimaru vs. Rame Tsu
Heartbeat Silenced
Preliminaries are over, start training!
Stirring up trouble
Stage 3 Round 1: A shocking decision
Hoshi vs. Jando
Sakura vs. Ino
Hara vs. Ichimaru
Rino vs. Kuroda
Who is the favorite now?
Stage 3 Round 2: A shocking request
Kuroda vs. Hara
Stage 3 Round 3: A shocking question
Chunin Exams over, what next?
Promotions are Coming

Kuroda Taishi 07-01-2009 07:11 PM

Re: Kuroda Taishi

Originally Posted by Yori Uchiha (Post 441170)
I like it Kuroda

Thanks, if more people comment (whether good or bad) i will post more

Sensei : Riku Arashi 07-01-2009 09:41 PM

Re: Kuroda Taishi
nice good , write some more

Kuroda Taishi 07-01-2009 10:03 PM

Re: Kuroda Taishi

Originally Posted by Sensei : Riku Arashi (Post 442512)
nice good , write some more


Nine 07-01-2009 10:30 PM

Re: Kuroda Taishi
my fav 1 so far

Sai's brother 07-02-2009 01:13 AM

Re: Kuroda Taishi
Its good

Kuroda Taishi 07-02-2009 08:33 AM

Re: Kuroda Taishi

Originally Posted by ninetaled (Post 442855)
my fav 1 so far

really? cool. The begining was written about 2 and 1/2 years ago, and isn't that great, but i am just too busy/lazy to go back and make it better

NaruSakufluff4ever 07-02-2009 08:50 AM

Re: Kuroda Taishi
i didnt like the clothes part considering im a girl...

Kuroda Taishi 07-02-2009 08:53 AM

Re: Kuroda Taishi

Originally Posted by NaruSakufluff4ever (Post 444856)
i didnt like the clothes part considering im a girl...

Yeah, well he wasn't doing anything naughty. He just needed to find a certain chakra point on her body, and since he doesn't have the Byakugan it was the only way he could do it

NaruSakufluff4ever 07-02-2009 09:07 AM

Re: Kuroda Taishi
oh okay but what was that sign for?

Kuroda Taishi 07-02-2009 09:12 AM

Re: Kuroda Taishi

Originally Posted by NaruSakufluff4ever (Post 444951)
oh okay but what was that sign for?

what sign?

NaruSakufluff4ever 07-02-2009 09:20 AM

Re: Kuroda Taishi
that he made on Sakura that looks like an explosion tag one

NaruSakufluff4ever 07-02-2009 09:21 AM

Re: Kuroda Taishi
WILL IT MAKE SAKURA EXPLODE???i hope it doesnt

Kuroda Taishi 07-02-2009 09:22 AM

Re: Kuroda Taishi

Originally Posted by NaruSakufluff4ever (Post 445014)
WILL IT MAKE SAKURA EXPLODE???i hope it doesnt

That is a secret. You will just have to wait and see

NaruSakufluff4ever 07-02-2009 09:28 AM

Re: Kuroda Taishi
:( fine SO WRITE MORE!

Kuroda Taishi 07-02-2009 09:30 AM

Re: Kuroda Taishi

Originally Posted by NaruSakufluff4ever (Post 445053)
:( fine SO WRITE MORE!

ohh, i already have over 200+ pages written out. I just dont want to post it all. I want to space it out. I might post some more today though to give people more of a taste

NaruSakufluff4ever 07-02-2009 10:43 AM

Re: Kuroda Taishi
dude like 4 people commented write more so write more!!!what can i say its good

Ryaque 07-02-2009 01:46 PM

Re: Kuroda Taishi
Okay I'm not a big fan of the clothes part either but I liked it. Write more. Oh and *runs in and gives Kuroda a hug and runs away yelling "Now we're even!!"

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