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Bacon 10-19-2010 06:55 PM

Role play quest(test quest)
Hally, can you sticky this? I apologize in advance if it's not perfect, I am a bit melancholy from the events of the last few days.

This is the Roleplay quest that will either make or break group Roleplay threads in the future. Success in this quest will not come from completing it,but it will arise from completing a few rounds of successful Role playing. In addition to this, please REFRAIN from posting any questions, concerns, and judgments in this thread. Post in one of the link below.
Edit: Npc's have the default strength of an arrancar's first resurrection.
Edit: All baddies and goodies are allowed to control their allied NPCs.

The link. Question, sign up thread.
For Further information:
Turn structure:

Myself ~Game master
zetsu2141- competing
Maikeru Shinigami(Neautral)
Zenon 22-Competing

Post requirements:

The post must consist of 4 lines to include the following:
  • Where you are at
  • Who is with you
  • What are your fellow team mates doing
  • What you intend on doing

Must keep the baddies out of the seireitei for 110 amount of turns total.

Must wipe out the women and children of the seireitei by 110 amount of turns total.

Current phase:


Hally 10-19-2010 07:29 PM

Re: Role play quest(test quest)
Alright done and stickied

Bacon 10-19-2010 07:46 PM

Re: Role play quest(test quest)
Thanks Hally.
This is not what I expect,but pay attention to it. It will fulfill all my post requirements.

The gate to the mortal plane is quite the theatrical structure. The gate's towering doors resemble the likes of two mischievous skeletal warriors. One possesses an eternal smirk upon its face, while the other is filled with sorrow. These grim apparitions seem to be beckoning thee to come forth while the surging power of the gate surges beyond comparison.

As I sat upon my mobile throne, the wonder of my legions was boundless. My personal legion consisted of a uniform soldiers. The staple of my legions were my Ossium. These beings are composed of multiple souls that are bound together by threads to create a species that is similar to the vasto lorde. Their capabilities are far different though. These beasts of burden are clad in a sharp and jagged Gothic armor, the likes of which would clank and scrape to create a symphony of clashing metal. Their inhuman discipline is a sight to behold as their pikes create a sight to behold, it is as if an boundless a sea of pikes are fast approaching.

Within the clusters of legions, there lied my workhorse that would convey my legions siege tools; the Troglodyta. These beasts stood 20 feet tall, their bodies were plagued with festering boils and a light layer of skin that displayed grotesque arteries. Their muscles were blatantly evident, the likes of which pulsated and throbbed endlessly. The most common Troglodyta wielded a massive pair of drums, the likes of which were sewn from the skin of the dead. The Troglodyta beat their drums with an indefatigable zeal that served to signal our advance.The Trogloyta artifex conveyed my towering trebuchets, towering siege towers, and my great ram, Gorthanc. The last of my mules were the zelatores, a species of troglodyta who are clad in the same Gothic armor as my Ossium. These beasts are shackled by cumbersome chains until their deployment.

We marched for 3 days and 3 nights as my legions encompassed the seireiei. The shining fortress stood as the people's last hope for salvation and that that is righteous and benevolent. I was about to change this soon as I bore my first child, Mephisto. This being resembled a normal human that was clad with the same robe as me as he manifested from my shrieking cloak. He immediately rushes to a nearby house to symbolically tower over my legions to signal our attack. While my Ossium begin to thrust their pikes into the ground, creating a tremendous uproar of uniform drum like-sound.

Soon, all of existence will fall bow before me.

Sephiroth 10-19-2010 07:57 PM

Re: Role play quest(test quest)
As I fallowed my lord to this weird place. I am neither stunned at such weak people we have slaughtered to get here. I look at my lord and gave him a slight nod. I was the one who would lead the new person with in this dreadful place.

Our mission was clear, to attack and kill these worthless humans with out pause. I approach the gate with the new comer Deva and stare at it for a second trying to figure out how to destroy it in front of our lord. As I looked at the gate I notice some simpletons coming at us from the right.I a small grin came across my face and I point at the worthless beings and they ignite and burn. Their Screams of agony fueled my rage and my power to destroy this place.

Rotate 10-19-2010 08:47 PM

Re: Role play quest(test quest)
This is the first time in the millenium I've been out of Hell, and of course like any demon. I am excited to slaughter the innocent. We've been walking for three days towards the only place that can even have a chance of stopping us. Our mission is to destroy everyone and everything. After marching for three days and three nights straight, we finally arrive at our destination. I see my comrad Carniveau has already created a giant flame to torch our victims.

I start out by making a dark mist start to form around the area to shade our presence, this mist seems thick to things that haven't been in hell. To us it's as clear as daylight. I then create 666 swords to form high in the clouds where they are hidden. On my command they will start raining down from the sky onto our enemies.

Pain 10-19-2010 09:43 PM

Re: Role play quest(test quest)
I think i go next right??

As I watch my team mates do all these moves. I look up into the sky at a symbol and too my astonishment I see 666. Sence I am the new person of this demon brotherhood, I did not know they was so strong. A evil grin comes across my face as my evil laugh rang out through out the Soul Soceity.

I walk up to the gate and take a good long look at it. I see my team mate and teh person in charge of me during this match has already killed some weakling. Such sport he is having with this. I knock on the door and an echo rang out. "No one home huh??"

I look at my team mate Carniveau and tells him to step back.

zetsu2141 10-20-2010 07:26 PM

Re: Role play quest(test quest)
I pace back and forth in seritei waiting for something big to happen.I walk over to a group of soul reapers who are waiting for something to happen soon i stop and stand there.I order the soul reapers to line up in rows.I came here just because i thought it would be fun to fight the enemy i never knew i would have this much work which was a unexpected suprise being the leader despite some of my superiors being here.

I get some soul reapers to set up multiple ballista which are basicly large mechanical crossbows that stand as a defense. I stand by my friend 22 as i take a long look at the wall and gate making sure it's safe i tell 22 to be careful as this battle will be hard and dangerous along with a test of everyone's skill.I quickly make a order to get the soul reapers to prepare myself i stand there bored waiting for something to happen as i put my hand on my hilt of my sword prepared to fight.

Azal 10-20-2010 09:59 PM

Re: Role play quest(test quest)
nvm T.T

Hally 10-20-2010 10:03 PM

Re: Role play quest(test quest)
um its not your turn just to let you know.. It is my move I am workin on it give me a second.

Hally 10-20-2010 11:20 PM

Re: Role play quest(test quest)
When Zetsu the leader of this mission begins to pace back and fourth I smile slightly as I watch him while in seireite for the time being as he talks to the soul reapers. Knowing full well Zetsu is one of my very few students who near the beginning I had believe had potential. He has not been an arrancar for too long and has already worked his way up to being a member of the Escudo Elite forces. Like the majority of student I have trained in the past he has the skill to strive toward possible leadership roles in the future. Knowing full well he needs a challenge so that he may show what he is capable of I have put my trust in him as the leader of our squad for this mission. Little does he know that part of this is a secret test in which will allow him to possible reach a higher rank in my kingdom, to be co-leader of Elite Forces. I Hally Queen of the Escudo Arrancar has decided to take a step down from the leadership role for this one quest to see what he is capable of.

Normally Hollows are enemy's with the soul reapers but throughout my past I have grown attached to some of them and they have become very good friends. This enemy poses a threat to the entire serietie which means some of my closes friends could perhaps perish leaving me in a state of dispare. In my past I have lost so many ppl and have gone through so many hardships that I cant bear the thought of losing another friend. I as you can tell am not like other hollows. My aspect of death is sacrifice, I am willing to risk my life to protect this place and the soul reapers so I prepared to go full out from the start.

As the ballista's are being set up I begin my preparations. I see a group of soul reapers that have not been given a task and using my espada ability to sense sp I sense 5 of these soul reapers who have an amazing high sp level. Where the rest of them grouped with them were strong but not quite like the others. These were 3 lovely ladies who allot of ppl must have miss judged thinking that they were too weak to fight in this quest. I smile slightly as I discuss strategy and ideas with them and the others. I then had them gather together with the rest of the forces that my leader had prepared and there stood are army of soul reaper soldiers. I look to the 5 lovely lady's and give a slight nod which informs them that the time is almost near and to prepare. Zetsu gives the order to all prepare and we do so.

"It been quit along time since we have been in a good battle. I think its time we kick some butt?"Luna stated as she smile back at me. Mia, Cloe, Danika and Zoe all nodded at me and Luna. While the rest of the soul reapers agreed. Each soul reaper draws their sword from their sheaths and prepares. Each one begins to raise their sp as they form a layer of thick highly condensed sp around their body's which act as a thick protective layer which can protect from some attacks and minimize damage. It is a special Kido that was new too the soul society and had just been developed. Danika who was into research and experimentation had developed a whole new category of power. These were known as Secret Kido or special Kido. They were yet to be tested."Secret Kido: Sp Armour" they spoke as each soul reaper forms their layer of armor around them and they glow with a silver radiant light which will protect their bodys alot like an arrancars heirro. Each of the 5 soul reaper Lady's have some unique and cool skills that will rival that of the released arrancar. As for the others these are all skilled ppl selected for this battle and have amazing potential. The five Lady's are in the front line and ready to fight. Luna steps out and places her hand on the ground releasing sp from her hand focusing it along the ground 10 feet in front of us as it spreads toward the wall as it radiates with a purple light covering a wide range.

She then steps back as Cleo steps in front. Her blade gleams with a blue light and soon a thick blue liquid begins to form along her blade with acidic properties. "Disintegrate Blue Serpents." She places her blade on top of the gleaming sp on the ground as the liquid spews from her blade covering the area which Cleo covered in sp. The sp can not be corroded so its the perfect ground for the liquid to form since you cant corrode energy the ground will not corrode away thanks to lunas sp. Soon the resemblance of numerous snake like creatures begin to slither and move throughout the acidic lake. One snake in partiucuar slithers its way toward the door of the massive wall and rises up out of the lake hissing takining on the resemblance of a boa. Her out of her mouth the acidic liquid forms and is dripping down into the lake. The acid is like a poision and is leathal if you come in contact with it. She then steps back in line.

The 3 other Lady's walk out with me standing with me as we are behind the liquid lake of serpents which is Cleo's shikai. I direct the 3 Lady's to place their hands on me and release just a small portion of their sp into my body so that for my prep move I have an extra boost of sp to do what I need to do without waisting too much of my own while in base form. I feel the sp from them flowing around my body energizing me as I pull out my two long blades, one long black and jagged and the other one long and silver. I place the blades together and spin them around releasing a wave of sp utilizing their sp that they have given me. I manipulate the sp in such away that the wave separates and splits into separate blast shooting for the balista's. The balistas begin to glow with spiraling. Now any arrow that is used will be enhanced with a rotational sp giving the arrow a rotational piercing power making them way more deadly. Once the arrows Peirce into a target they will explode not only wounding the target like arrows do but killing them if hit. The sp is what will explode inside them.

I then focus as spin my blade around releasing a massive blast of sp into the air as it shoots up high covering a wide range above us and spiraling with my explosive and deadly sp just waiting as I maintain control of it with my sp. I place my free hand out toward the wall releasing a blast of my sp toward the wall. I manipulate my sp to cover the vast majority off it especially near the door to enhance its strength even more then what it all ready is. "Reflection Wall" The sp flows over top of the wall covering the front and creating a rotational reflection shield on the outside of the wall. This has the same ability as my shield which I use as a defense. I can deflect the majority of attacks away with the rotational sp in the shield. This enhances the wall making it way more difficult to break through. Once the defense is enhanced I send 2 of the Lady's to opposite ends of the army to stand at the edge. placing their free hands toward the wall focusing on maintaining the extra sp around the wall. Both Mia and Cloe do this and are known as kido experts so sp control is quit easy for them. I step back and stand beside Zetus as the silver part of my blade releases 20 long extensions from it. "Are you ready?" I look at my comrades and my leader are we prepare to attack. I look around and keep a good eye on the environment around me to make sure we are prepared, our army of soul reapers ready to take down anyone who threatens soul society.

Devroux 10-21-2010 10:09 AM

Re: Role play quest(test quest)
Hally damn it... =.= Huge posts suck when I have to read them.
The lights in my appartment are all turned off. The only light is coming from the T.V. along with little sound. I sit on the couch and play my flute. The melody fills the room and brightens my gloomy day. But no matter how bright I make it there is no escaping the notion that it is one hell of a boring day. Playing a different note a gargantua opens up in front of me. It's a good day to bother the soul reapers. Stepping into the portal I walk through a small hallway until I get to the edge of the other opening. I stand peering out over the Seireitei and the lands that spread out from it.

At one of the gates I notice a dark spiritual pressure. Turning I spot an army right outside the gate. Big and small they look strong. I smile and decide that fighting them would be a lot more fun. I look around a bit more and see a large group of soul reapers on the inside of the Seireitei. I sokudo (Sokudo is japanese for speed) over to them and appear in front of the group that's lined up. Next to me stand Zetsu. From what I heard he's not too strong. I doubt these soul reapers stand a chance now.

Looking over the group I spot Hally. She's the leader of the Escudo Arrancar and quite strong. I have doubts about her letting Zetsu lead this group but I feel a new hope for the sad likes of soul reapers now that I know she's here. I kick Zetsu in the side. Not too hard but enough to get him to shut up. Pointing over the line I pick out the 10 strongest spiritual pressures among the group. I take them a little away to talk with them and let them know what's up.

As we get to the spot I defined I notice that they are all men. Figures. Women are weak and useless most of the time. I command them all to release their zanpaktou's with no exceptions. From the sight of the enemy they will need it. Then I demand them all to follow me and keep the smaller enemies from reaching me. I don't want to break a sweat before I fight the big guy.

We sokudo and shunpo to the top of the gate and look down over the enemy army. I search through the crowd and easily locate the strongest spiritual pressure. The army was strong as a whole but this guy makes the army look like scum. Turning to the soul reapers below I shout, "He's mine! Any of you touch him and I'll rip you apart!"

With my Extra-Dimensional Flute in hand I wait ready to summon my beasts. I'll need them in this fight. As I wait I also remind myself not to get cocky. Confidence kills.
Teehee. Zetsu and Hally...

Draco Uchiha 10-21-2010 02:25 PM

Re: Role play quest(test quest)
*I stand ontop of a flag pole high above watching as the soul reapers scurry about when i sense I dark sp. I draw zogochu,I whisper words, and zogochu turns into a completely different blade and armor appears around me. (the armor increases my endurance and speed. I see hally on the ground below and I advance sonido beside her and wait for the enemy.*

Kiba_Inuzuka 10-21-2010 03:18 PM

Re: Role play quest(test quest)
Kiba had recently been released from the Seireitei's hospital from a injury in battle, he had been asking his nurse's for updates for 3 day while he was been fixed up and healed and has gotten nothing but a frown and a fainting 4Th squad kid. He assumed some new development on the Arrancar's movements.

Now that he was released from the hospital he was running through the streets of the Seireitei getting exercise at his normal pace of 70 mph. He was hoping his friend Draco would show up but he remembered they had both been called to a meeting at some leaders office, obviously Kiba didn't feel like attending and didn't go to it. Maybe Draco had gone to the meeting for all he knew and continued to run in his regular attire. (below) He saw a few sad faces and many people in armor, he wondered how many people were being shipped out to fight the Arrancars this time.

He continued to run completely unaware to the dark presence looming outside the walls, until he heard a loud dark laugh unlike anything he had ever heard. He used Air Manipulation to boost himself into the air and saw over the walls a huge approaching army of demons.
"Oh, so that is what the meeting was about."

kejon16 10-21-2010 07:20 PM

Re: Role play quest(test quest)
~Walking into the Seireitei. I see many Soul Reaper's running around. Looking though the crowd. I can see Zet yelling orders at people. Quickly I sense a dark energy outside the walls. As I advance shunpo to the top of the walls. I look down over the army. With a smirk I laugh saying.~You people are fools. It's time I shine now.~Jumping down to the ground I start walking towards the army. Placing both hands of my swords.~

Maikeru D. Shinigami 10-22-2010 07:55 PM

Re: Role play quest(test quest)
So there I was, minding my own business, sleeping on top of a building in the seireitei, with my coat beside me. My skin glimmering with its sexy shine, illuminated by the sun that can be barely seen in the distance. Such a calm, peaceful day up toward this point. Not a sound can be heard, at least, until that bastard henchmen of mine decided to come by. Anyways, so yeah, Roy Lighten, once of my lackeys, decided that he would come and wake me up to tell me that people are fighting off in the distance of the seireitei.

Why he has decided I care about such a battle, I will never know. My face cringes as the sight of his wrinkled face, makes me want to vomit. Oh, how I hate thee, dear Roy. Before getting up, I look up at the sky to where it appears I saw the number "69", which excited me. Then, I looked closer and noticed the number was actually a "666". This enrages me, here I was thinking I was going to get some, and then it turns out to be a demon symbol. This on top of my stupid ass bastard henchman, infuriates the living shit out of me.

"Man, Roy, what is your problem? I was busy sleeping," I said to him. With a stupid, oblivious look on his face, he told me that he figured I'd be interested in the battle. "Why the hell would I give a damn about a stupid battle, you dumbass?" I yelled, before rising to my feet. That's when I saw someone on a flag pole off in the distance, he advance sonnidoed down somewhere that I couldn't see. "Gosh, now you've made me curious Roy, you asswipe," with those words said, I would then pull out my ink pen out of my coat pocket and my book out of the opposite pocket. Writing some words down, I asked my henchman to read the words.

"And lo, Roy was eaten by a million maggots," Roy stated. At that point I took the pen and book out of his hands, putting the pen on my ear, and the book in my left coat pocket, as a million maggots came down from the sky, and devoured my lackey down to the bone. That'll teach that idiot for waking me up. Out of sheer boredom, I would then decide to go check out the scene at this supposed battle. So, picking my coat up off the ground, used a button on my coat, which informs my other henchmen to meet me on top of my rendezvous point. I put my coat over me, and jump to the next building and stand there. Seconds later, six men surrounded me. One is Pell Ross. Another is Richard Thatcher. Next, is Theodore Orgon. Beside him, Arthur Yin. Afterwards, Butch Jones. And finally, Clyde Smith.

They have their own unique powers, but I really could care less about them, so they are kind of just there for now. Upon reaching a point over the battlefield and looking down, as the dark clouds come overhead and the rain falls, an incredible rage which I haven't felt in a total of 4 scores and 13 years, rattles down my entire being. Why? In due time, all will become clear.


My pic is in the sign up thread.


Zenon22 10-23-2010 02:58 PM

Re: Role play quest(test quest)
*I watch silently as i see zetsu pace around in seritei i had come here because i was bored and zetsu was going so i had nothing better to do that and he would have attacked and dragged me here if i didn't come. I look carefully at some of our fighters i see zetsu the leader of these forces and my teacher, i see hally leader of the escudo arrancar, and dev who seems to be getting too cocky.I walk and stand by zetsu as he gives us the order to prepare he talks to me about the upcoming battle i watch as dev tries to kick zetsu i tell dev" dev stay focused we are preparing we have no time for you to be jealous of people" i then start to wonder who will the first person to get killed in this battle or will anyone even die i laugh at that last thought as i know zetsu is too merciless to not kill at least 1 enemy i pull out my sword and wait for the upcoming battle laughing then i say in a low whisper after i laugh saying"i think i'm catching zetsu's insanity."*

Bacon 10-24-2010 09:18 PM

Re: Role play quest(test quest)
As I sat upon my throne in the midst of my pretties, I sense something dreadful in the distance. This presence was dormant until now,but now the power surging throughout this being's frame was pulsating beyond compare. Now the seireitei has shown it's true colors as well, many of it's inhabitants are fairly unprepared. However, the leaders seems to be preparing a major offensive,especially that wanker situated upon the wall. He actually has the nerve to point to me in such a disrespectful manner? I will make it my personal duty to wipe them out,but first I need to make some preparations first.

With much reluctance, I bore my 6 other children. These beings comes manifest from my cloak's tempest of souls as slag. Each would slide down to the ground and take shape in a matter of moments,all of which are clad in similar attire to myself. My second born child is a widely built man, he represents my sullen tendencies. My third born child is a benevolent woman with a cheerful nature.She represents my joy. My fourth child is a bipedal bovine who represents ignorance. My firth child is a scruffy canine who represents my loyalty. My sixth child is a elderly man who represents my mortality. My seventh child is a sulking child who represents my deep seated agony.

Each of them look to me for names.
Child 1:Name me daddy! Pl0x!
Child7:What's the point,we're just puppets?
Child 3: Sunshine,happiness,and boobs!
Child 2:Who cares?

With noting more than a malevolent glare that spread across my countenance. My children instantly know that their jabbering is not wanted as their youthful spirit was stamped out. They each pick up the Roriminar Cryptic axes that each of them was given. These axes exuded a freezing aura that litterally affects an opponents reserves of reiatsu. With much reluctance, I sent them to pursue the mysterious newcomer from the west. Now, I had more pressing matters to attend to as I watch an impressive barrier erect over the seireitie's walls.

The wall was coursing with power on the outside. What a bother I thought to myself,now my legions could not easily invade. This could be a great test for me as I ordered the Troglodyta to start placing prisoners into the trebuchet's nets. The prisoners' transports were nothing more than massive carts pulled by my legion's workhorse, the Troglodyta.The carts were inhospitable decrepit mechanisms. The wood was splintered,the space was inadequate for the overcrowding,and disease was rampant amongst it's passengers.

As the people were unloaded,I started to extend my cloak out to thrust my tendrils into the individuals. The prisoners were made up of men,women, and children of all ages. As a prudent and efficient slave driver, I took their live stock into custody as well. My tendrils are a menacing sight to behold as a sharpened end manifests. Once it finds the target that it wants,it begins to excrete a viscous fluid. Once it juts into the unfortunate misfit, their bodies will become lifeless rag dolls whiles their body's cavities overflow with this dark substance. The Troglodyta place the corpses into the trebuchet's nets.

My first son Mephisto held his sword up as the clanks of the gears armed themselves throughout the surrounding lands. Without any warning,he uttered a blood curdling roars that resounds for miles on end; signaling the corpses to fly against the barrier. The barrage was insurmountable because it would have eclipsed the sun over the defenders. The corpses flopped around freely as their bodies collided with the outer wall to cause explosions on impact. (God modding powers are being implemented for this instance ~Gamemaster)As the barrier's coursing energy is overcome by my assault, I bring out my hostages for all to see.

The Trodglydta threw two young children before me, they were beaten into oblivion. Their vital signs were feeble. The duo could not even utter a groan as their tears of happiness coursed down their tiny cheeks.

Me: Hallethenia,Queen of the Escuondo! Hath you the courage to save thine kin? Will thou let them suffer the unending agony of hell? If thou wishes to save them, thou must rent away thine safety to and retrieve them from the abyss!

With that, I uttered a maniacal laugh while Mephisto signaled the charge with another blood thirsty roar. This was done by him symbolically holding his Shuguro berserker axe high above his head.

The legion of Ossium charged without any real formation as they neared the massive walls. Here they made room for the Troglodyta to place the towering siege ladders up while a few Ossium road shot gun to the top. Each Ossium is outfitted with a Duiririn Phase blade and a Mirgogle's Contra shield. The Blades of Duirin allow the Ossium to unleash unprecedented bursts of slashes with their jagged blades. Meanwhile,their Mirgogle's Contras hideous occult nature allows them to cause blunt trauma to nearby enemies with strike with their shields.

As the first of my peons land upon the wall's perch,they begin to attack with an indefatigable zeal. Their iris's will be to be crimson red as they roared as if they are rabid beasts.

Sephiroth 10-26-2010 10:56 AM

Re: Role play quest(test quest)
As I stare down this huge wll infront of our forces. I look over my shoulder at our fearful leader. He and his children are takening over the prisioners for now. I look over the door as it has a thick kido around it. I sit there and ponder how to destroy such a kido with in this evil place.

As I stand there I forum two fire balls and launch them at the kido wall and it seemingly had no effect on these such walls. I look at Deva and he noded his head at me as I turn and walk away a few yrds from the barrier in order to be prepared for any attack over the way.I slam my hand into the ground as 10 fire minions appear round me. They each with me start to spam 50 fire balls each over the walls bombarding the inside. These will burn the city and injury if not kill many people and SR.

(Sorry this was so short im still sick)

Pain 10-26-2010 02:09 PM

Re: Role play quest(test quest)
As I watch my comrads make an attack over the wall at the city. A evil smile comes across my face. I place my hands on the ground as 2 others that look almost like me appears.

Me: "Lets gets this over with/"

????:"Yes my master"

The three of us run up one of the ladders and jump to the roof of on of the houses. One of my two man conjur up SE and Create a Giant Rhino. The Rhino runs rampaged through the city destorying houses and a few people. Me and My two men stand there watching the beast starting to destory the left part of the city.

Vatanui AKA Pride 10-27-2010 06:51 PM

Re: Role play quest(test quest)
Watching from atop the mountains, I grin at the siege below.

"Fool," I laugh and proceed to observe. However, I am keeping an interested eye towards the chaotic ruler of the fortress.

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