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SasukeDude96 10-14-2010 05:16 PM

Alphario the Prologue By: klFiretears


Well here is my first completely original animation! *applauds*

Actually, though the plotline and characters are original, the entire idea and story is created and written by a friend of mine from Deviantart. splgum. This animation is a prologue I made for his contest about his original series, Alphario. (The theme was prologue, so I thought why not. xD)

I know there are several errors in the animation, such as changes in the father's clothing and proportional errors, but I literally had only a month to complete this entry with all the schoolwork I have on my hands. I'm still happy with the overall outcome though.

Especially perfect video for this month as well xD

The following wonderful people who contributed in helping me with the voices are:

Bloodredoath (Main Character Dennis)
Tenaciousbt1 (Dennis's father)
Ichigoxcupcake (Dennis's mother)

Thank you to all of them for their excellent voice acting!! C:

And yes, I voice acted in there too xDD (As little Dennis, and yes, I confess, I raised the pitch because I can't voice act)

Sound effects were a hell of trouble to find and gather too.

The entire animation is animated by me using Photoshop CS4, and video combined using Windows Movie Maker. Audio combined and edited using Adobe Audition.

Have a wonderful day c:

This guy is really good a drawing and I thought some of you guys would want to see it. All credit to klFiretears.

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