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Maikeru D. Shinigami 05-30-2010 10:11 PM

Power Surge
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This is an original work which is going to be derived from many different sources. To name all of those sources would take far too long. Just like my Naruto fanfic, this story will work in Seasons, Arcs and Episodes.

I came up this idea yesterday during a power outage, thus the name of the title being "Power Surge".

The general idea so far:
On Earth, people can learn abilities, but they are restrained when compared to Surgolia.

Most humans start off with no power at all but can be trained to learn a specific power or two.

However, a person's personality and standpoint in life may reject them from being able to use certain powers as the training is fueled by the mind.

Once they arrive in Surgolia they have the ability to obtain boundless amounts of powers.

There are several items in the world of Surgolia known as chips. These chips act as special items. They could be weapons, potions, etc... There are six main chips known as the "Power Surge" chips which greatly strengthen the user in various ways. The chips are currently undefined. These items can be owned in multiple numbers by one user to increase their power even further.

Season 1: Introduction To A New World (12 Episodes: Complete)
Players Arc (10 Episodes: Complete)
Episode 1: The Name is Draco Storm!
Episode 2: The Stone's Wrath! Jericho is Dynoooomite!
Episode 3: Plant Blossoms!
Episode 4: Brilly Park. X-treme Sports Galore!
Episode 5: The Man Without Powers!
Episode 6: Forged in the Fires!
Episode 7: Light The Way! Tricia's Powers.
Episode 8: Crisis! The Night Owl Hoots!
Episode 9: The Awakening of a New Power!
Episode 10: Draco vs. Korume! A Battle Under Stormy Skies!

The Transition Arc (2 Episodes: Complete)
Episode 11: Who Are We?
Episode 12: Entrance To Surgolia!


Season 2: Restoration (41 Episodes)
Welcome To Surgolia (19 Episodes)
Episode 13: Our Own Journeys!
Episode 14: Virtual Immortality!
Episode 15: Caution! The Stampede Of The Wild Boars!
Episode 16: Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?
Episode 17: The Deafening Buzz! Queen Bee Enraged!
Episode 18: Don't Touch That Cub!
Episode 19: This Is A Test! Don't Be A Cheet-Ah!
Episode 20: The Mining Quest!
Episode 21: A Piece Of Memory! First Boss Akebes!
Episode 22: Reunion! The Thief Brings Us Together!
Episode 23: Attack Of The Giant Plant Bastard!
Episode 24: Chance Meeting! Bastion VS. Jericho!
Episode 25: Snapping Back Into It! The Boss Appears!
Episode 26: The Rescue! Tricia's Memory!
Episode 27: Davin! A Satyr With A Golf Club?
Episode 28: Avatars Reunited! Pt. 1 Animosity!
Episode 29: Avatars Reunited! Pt. 2 Common Foe!
Episode 30: Avatars Reunited! Pt. 3 Feelings Restored!
Episode 31: Regrouping! The Catch Up Mission!

The Sterling Roses Arc (22 Episodes)
Episode 32: Scent Of A Rose!
Episode 33: Davin's Story!
Episode 34: Searching For Base!
Episode 35: The Clash Of The Minotaur!
Episode 36: The Tower Of Roses!
Episode 37: Separated Again! Appear Obstacles!
Episode 38: Navigation, Ye Be A Harsh Mistress!
Episode 39: An Explanation Required!
Episode 40: Return Of Venomatta! Not An NPC?
Episode 41: Tricia & Jericho VS. Venomatta! The Plant's Tactics!
Episode 42: A Swing Of A Club! Bastion's Panic!
Episode 43: At A Disadvantage! Draco Attacked!
Episode 44: The Lair Of The Player Boss! Call Me April!
Episode 45: Cutting The Roots!
Episode 46: Cyborg's Resolve! Take This You Bastard!
Episode 47: Fighting From Behind! Liliata's Struggle!
Episode 48: The Spread Of Poison! Cherill vs. April!
Episode 49: In The Knick Of Time! Bastion The Savior!
Episode 50: Final Fall! Cherill's Impressive Maneuver!
Episode 51: The First Power Surge! Who Gets It?
Episode 52: Apology! The Vow Of Trust!
Episode 53: Approaching The Border! The Desert Ahead!

Welcome To Surgolia Arc:

The Sterling Roses Arc:

Season 3: Desperado (43 Episodes)
Gunslingers Arc (11 Episodes)
Episode 54: Fact Or Fiction?
Episode 55: Desert Creatures! The Giant Scorpion!
Episode 56: The Quenchening
Episode 57: Welcome To Helmstein!
Episode 58: The Bar Fight! Baddest Man In Town!
Episode 59: Horseback Riders! The Search For Skin!
Episode 60: Deception! An Unpaid Tab!
Episode 61: Showdown! Cactilite vs. Draco Storm!
Episode 62: Night Of The Hunters!
Episode 63: Escape! The Hunters Fall Back!
Episode 64: The Man Who Blocks The Way!

Creatures Cult Arc (32 Episodes)
Episode 65: Attack Of The Snake Warriors!
Episode 66: The Challenge From Kangdrake! Kangdrake vs. Six!
Episode 67: Locked Up In The Mines! No Escape!
Episode 68: Plan Of The Cult! Desperado!
Episode 69: The Conversion! Tricia vs. Cherill!
Episode 70: The Conversion! Bastion vs. Davin!
Episode 71: The Conversion! Draco vs. Jericho!
Episode 72: Brainwashed! Bastion Alone!
Episode 73: Riding Off! A Challenger Appears!
Episode 74: Road Runner's Assault! Bastion vs. Saleraes!
Episode 75: Crazy Speed! Saleraes' Advantage!
Episode 76: The Silver Lining! Bastion Overcomes!
Episode 77: Brains Restored! Desperado Fails!
Episode 78: The Lover Of Meerkats! Tricia vs. Kas'zyan!
Episode 79: Obstacle! The Boxing Kangaroo! Davin & Cherill vs. Kangdrake!
Episode 80: Rematch! Draco vs. Cactilite!
Episode 81: Searching For The Boss! Jericho Rides Off!
Episode 82: Kangdrake's Flurry! The Hits Keep Coming!
Episode 83: From The Holes! The Meerkat's Assistance!
Episode 84: The Stabbing! Draco Falls!
Episode 85: Lair Found! The Boss Revealed!
Episode 86: Tricia's Recovery! Taming Of Meerkats!
Episode 87: TKO! Kangrake Loses Control!
Episode 88: The Name Is Azareia! Jericho's Battle!
Episode 89: Clash! Draco Breaks Even!
Episode 90: The Whispers Of Snakes! Azareia's Blitzkrieg!
Episode 91: New Baddest Man! Draco Emerges!
Episode 92: Finally Down! Jericho Fights Back!
Episode 93: Azareia Falls!
Episode 94: The Second Chip Goes To...
Episode 95: Repaying A Debt!
Episode 96: Onto The Next Land! Waving Goodbye!

Gunslingers Arc:

Creatures Cult Arc:

Season 4: Visage Of Carn De' Rana (86 Episodes)
Dark Secrets Arc (28 Episodes)
Episode 97: Break Time! Hotel Stay!
Episode 98: Day In The Town! Visage Of Beauty!
Episode 99: Attack Of The Troll! The Village's Defense!
Episode 100: Addicted! Stay Forever!
Episode 101: Clothing Shop! Fashion Is In Order!
Episode 102: The League Of Quitters! Loving Carn De' Rana!
Episode 103: Appearance Of A Prince! Call Me Nagar!
Episode 104: Poverty! The Hidden Town!
Episode 105: Prejudice! Secrets Of Village Leaders!
Episode 106: History Unveiled! A Flashback To Greed!
Episode 107: Bursting Ego! Kiss My Feet!
Episode 108: Abomination! Undeserved Punishment!
Episode 109: Comedy/Tragedy! The Arts!
Episode 110: Flashback End! This Is Now!
Episode 111: A Vow To Protect!
Episode 112: A Bold Statement! Destruction Of The Poor!
Episode 113: Taking A Stand! Draco Steps Forward!
Episode 114: The Debate! Davin vs. Henry!
Episode 115: Barred From The Village! Fated To Die!
Episode 116: Resolution! A Plan To Invade!
Episode 117: Assistance Of A Stelt!
Episode 118: Palace's Secret Chamber! Tunnels Beneath!
Episode 119: Overheard! The Troll Hoax!
Episode 120: Rash Movements! The Group Spotted!
Episode 121: Sound The Alarm! 6 vs. 600!
Episode 122: The Trap! Nobody's Home!
Episode 123: Jack In The Box! The Invitation!
Episode 124: Dressed For The Show!

Night Of The Carnival Arc (45 Episodes)
Episode 125: In The Courtyard! Jericho vs. Pagron!
Episode 126: Moving Ahead! Searching By Riddle!
Episode 127: Spotted The Giant Funhouse!
Episode 128: The Colorful Interior! Navigate!
Episode 129: Springing The Traps! Not That Simple!
Episode 130: Play The Game! Mr. Blackjack!
Episode 131: Return To The Courtyard! Pagron's Speed!
Episode 132: Abduction! To The Hall Of Mirrors!
Episode 133: Mirror Mirror In The Room! Daughter Cathy!
Episode 134: Falling Down! Gory Sight!
Episode 135: A Central Platform! The One Who Flies Above!
Episode 136: Rabbit Girl! Cherill vs. Cathy!
Episode 137: Flight Of Chains! Draco vs. Zardo!
Episode 138: On The Back Of Dragons! Bastion vs. Nagar!
Episode 139: The Final Game! A Key Is The Prize!
Episode 140: Unlocking The Door! Meet The King And Queen!
Episode 141: Flipping The Table! Separation!
Episode 142: A Room Of Stairs! Henry's Illusion!
Episode 143: Into The Web! Talia Shows Her Power!
Episode 144: The Fall Of The Court Jester!
Episode 145: Stroke Of Bad Luck! A Broken Mirror!
Episode 146: Breathe Of Fire! The Unreachable!
Episode 147: Gas And Blood! Zardo's Tactics!
Episode 148: Fate Of Her Prey! Talia's Story!
Episode 149: Plan For Destruction! Dictator Henry!
Episode 150: Sticking Around! Tricia vs. Talia!
Episode 151: Stairs Expert! Davin vs. Henry!
Episode 152: Cathy Submits! The Heart Within!
Episode 153: Mounting! Bastion Takes Flight!
Episode 154: Next To Unconscious! Zardo Unfazed!
Episode 155: Clash Of The Dragons!
Episode 156: The Arachnid Queen! Talia Transforms!
Episode 157: Playing With Cards! Henry's Game!
Episode 158: Dragon's Decision! A Victor!
Episode 159: Set Returns! Zardo Panics!
Episode 160: The Queen's Eggs! Tricia's Strategy!
Episode 161: Visage Of Death! Henry's True Form!
Episode 162: Zardo Escapes! Set Roams Free!
Episode 163: Success! Squashed Like A Bug!
Episode 164: Necromancy! Forbidden Art!
Episode 165: 1 HP! Davin's Insane Comeback!
Episode 166: Set's Rampage! Ultimate Destructor!
Episode 167: Lover's Quarrel! Cherill vs. Set!
Episode 168: Cathy's Power! Back Under Control!
Episode 169: The Victory! Bringing Good News To Carn De' Rana!

Controlling Set Arc (13 Episodes)
Episode 170: Depression! Draco's Tears!
Episode 171: Mind Wars! Set's Escape!
Episode 172: The Destruction Of Carn De' Rana! Ravage Of Set!
Episode 173: Saving Magic! Cathy Finds Draco!
Episode 174: The Body's Controller! Draco vs. Set!
Episode 175: Cannibalistic Nature! Set Takes Command!
Episode 176: A Spark Of Light! Draco's Heart!
Episode 177: Even Battle! Level Of A God!
Episode 178: Surpassed! Set Contracted!
Episode 179: The Good News! Draco In Control!
Episode 180: Not Forgotten! Hero To Menace!
Episode 181: The Bad Impression! Wanted In Carn De' Rana!
Episode 182: Narrow Escape! The Sight Of A New Area!

Dark Secrets Arc:

Night Of The Carnival Arc:

Controlling Set Arc:

Season 5: The Hacker (95 Episodes)
The dID Arc (30 Episodes)
Episode 183: Tour Of The Town!
Episode 184: Personal Robot! Mandy's Gift!
Episode 185: Shop Of Upgrades! Cyborg Yanzen!
Episode 186: Improved Inventory! 20 Slots!
Episode 187: Shopping Mall! Gadgets And Devices!
Episode 188: Hospitality! A Free Room!
Episode 189: Marketing Of Quirsachron Elite!
Episode 190: Data Exchange! dID!
Episode 191: Burglar Bot! Acting As Cops!
Episode 192: Evolution! Hacker Tricia!
Episode 193: Found! The Hunters Return!
Episode 194: Battle In The Skies!
Episode 195: Hacker Interferes! Hunters Destroyed!
Episode 196: The New Friend! Hacker Welcomed!
Episode 197: Sudden Virus! Cherill's Trojan!
Episode 198: Tech Hospital! Cherill Laid Down!
Episode 199: Hacker's Software Malfunction!
Episode 200: Locating The Source! Tricia Gets To Work!
Episode 201: Another Fallen! Jericho's Spam Mail!
Episode 202: The Lead Found! City Search!
Episode 203: The Virus' Source! Quirsachron Elite!
Episode 204: dID: Attack Of The Virus App!
Episode 205: Maximum Security! Lacking A Blind Spot!
Episode 206: Realization! Shutting Down dID!
Episode 207: Business Infiltration! Battling Bots!
Episode 208: Through The Entrance! Personal Bot's Betrayal!
Episode 209: Personal Bot; Boss Bot!
Episode 210: Consequences Of Victory! Loss Of Avatar!
Episode 211: The Human Form!
Episode 212: Conceding Defeat! Confidence Deleted!

Enslaving Arc (12 Episodes)
Episode 213: Fate! Factory Workers!
Episode 214: Monopoly! Controlling Consumers!
Episode 215: Development Of Products! Producing More Viruses!
Episode 216: Cathy Ticked! A Desire For Freedom!
Episode 217: Single File! The Ultimate Plan!
Episode 218: Psuedo-Development! Covering Tracks!
Episode 219: Requesting An Audience! Convincing Lixareus!
Episode 220: Speaking To Hacker! Expression Of Gratitude!
Episode 221: Trap Is Set! Spring Inevitable!
Episode 222: Right Back At You! Quirsachron's Mail!
Episode 223: The Spread Of The File! Effects Reversed!
Episode 224: Return Of The Avatars! Turning To The Streets!

Battle For Talisborg Arc (53 Episodes)
Episode 225: Head On! The Quirsachron Elite Appear!
Episode 226: Conditions Of Battle! Real Damage!
Episode 227: Random Number Generator! Transported To Battle!
Episode 228: Wired! Yanzen's Story!
Episode 229: Salenzia! Lineage Of Greatness!
Episode 230: Mandy's Provocation! Effects Of Rape!
Episode 231: Cyborg Archer! Desire For Power!
Episode 232: The Explanation! Hacker Speaks!
Episode 233: Cyborg Clash! Bastion vs. Yanzen!
Episode 234: Samurai And Princess! Cathy vs. Salenzia!
Episode 235: Clubs And Arrows! Davin vs. Lixareus!
Episode 236: Seduction! The Aim Is Draco!
Episode 237: Battle Of Hackers! Tricia vs. Hacker!
Episode 238: Matching Blows! Equal HP!
Episode 239: Samurai Sword! Gift Of Quick Feet!
Episode 240: Holding His Own! Davin's Study!
Episode 241: Kiss Of Love! Draco's Infatuation!
Episode 242: Whipped! Mandy's Pet!
Episode 243: Wire Hair! Hacker's Onslaught!
Episode 244: Hopping Mad! Cathy's Finisher!
Episode 245: Four! Davin's Turn Around!
Episode 246: Supreme Cyborg! The Final Strike!
Episode 247: Hole In One! Lixareus Falls!
Episode 248: Finding The Weakness! Scope Eye!
Episode 249: Fair Fight! Tricia's Chance!
Episode 250: The Invincible Team! Draco & Mandy!
Episode 251: Unreal! Draco & Mandy vs. Davin, Cathy & Bastion!
Episode 252: Bogey! Par Not Made!
Episode 253: A True Hacker! Tricia Surpasses!
Episode 254: The Pupil Of The Creator! Hacker's Secret!
Episode 255: Existence Deleted! No More Hacker!
Episode 256: Bastion Falls! Handicap Reversed!
Episode 257: Jumping In! Splitting Up!
Episode 258: A Conscience Battle! Tricia vs. Draco!
Episode 259: Mutual Understanding! Cathy vs. Mandy!
Episode 260: The Single Seductress! Mandy Prevails!
Episode 261: An Unhappy Ending! Tricia Falls!
Episode 262: Shout Of Love! Mandy's Kiss!
Episode 263: Set's Frustration! Forcibly Released!
Episode 264: Set Draco vs. Mandy! Mandy's Tears!
Episode 265: An Underhanded Scheme! Mandy Transforms!
Episode 266: Set vs. Freya! Legendary Battle!
Episode 267: Back And Forth! High In The Sky!
Episode 268: The Decision! Last Man Standing!
Episode 269: Draco Lost! Tricia Awakens!
Episode 270: Anti-Virus! Quirsachron Thwarted!
Episode 271: Damage Off! Awakening From Slumber!
Episode 272: Heroes In Talisborg! New Icons!
Episode 273: The SBS Is Here! A Challenge From Henreik!
Episode 274: Quick Defeat! Henreik Defeats Set!
Episode 275: Declaration! The SBS Will Be Destroyed!
Episode 276: Rest And Relaxation! A Night Of Nothing!
Episode 277: So Long Talisborg! The Adventure Continues!

The dID Arc:

Enslaving Arc:

Battle For Talisborg Arc:

Season 6: Challenge Of Magi (68 Episodes)
Fallen Dominoes Arc (23 Episodes)
Episode 278: Land Destroyed! Varsineum's Empty Streets!
Episode 279: Remnants Of The Apocalypse! Scattered Bones!
Episode 280: Lightning Strikes! Seeking Shelter!
Episode 281: Lost! Searching For A Sign!
Episode 282: The Town Guide! He's Dead!
Episode 283: Looking For Clues! Ruins Of Varsineum!
Episode 284: Stone Carvings! Lost In Translation!
Episode 285: Critical Finding! A Book Of Terms!
Episode 286: A Twist In Time!
Episode 287: Destroyer Of Varsineum! The Culprit Is Draco!
Episode 288: Explanation Pt. 1! Gardelon's Poison!
Episode 289: Explanation Pt. 2! Hetrado Deletion!
Episode 290: Explanation Pt. 3! War Of Carn De' Rana!
Episode 291: Explanation Pt. 4! Talisborg's Research!
Episode 292: Explanation Pt. 5! 500 Year Leap!
Episode 293: Explanation Pt. 6! The Ancient Device!
Episode 294: Scavenging For Time!
Episode 295: The Broken Machine! Fate Sealed!
Episode 296: A Missing Piece!
Episode 297: The Domino Tipper! Jansen Von Groger!
Episode 298: Recollection Of Events! Jansen Reveals All?
Episode 299: Destroying Surgolia! The Eyes Of Jansen!
Episode 300: The Challenge! Appearance Of Magi!

Atonement Arc (45 Episodes)
Episode 301: To All Corners! Facing The Challenge!
Episode 302: Lector Arises! Battle In The Ruins!
Episode 303: Surrounding Of Dead Plants! Sariya's Appearance!
Episode 304: Call Me Blazor! The Lake Of Varsineum!
Episode 305: Approaching The Chapel! Priest Murdoc!
Episode 306: Field Of Lava! Keldron's Demonic Gaze!
Episode 307: Korume Settles! The Screams Of A Cemetary!
Episode 308: The Tower Of Magi! Top Challenge!
Episode 309: Climbing Steps! Towering Confusion!
Episode 310: The Top Of The Tower! Jansen Awaits!
Episode 311: Controllers Of Wind! Cherill vs. Sariya!
Episode 312: Walking On Water! Cathy vs. Blazor!
Episode 313: Seeing The Light! Tricia vs. Murdoc!
Episode 314: Playing With Fire! Jericho vs. Keldron!
Episode 315: Earthly Delights! Bastion vs. Lector!
Episode 316: Infinite Darkness! Davin vs. Korume!
Episode 317: Battle For Supremacy! Draco vs. Jansen!
Episode 318: Damage! The Battles Are Real!
Episode 319: Expertise! Natuerla 7 Has Skills!
Episode 320: Breathe Of Life! Sariya's Beautification!
Episode 321: Splash Of Fun! Blazor's Nature!
Episode 322: Heart Of Purity! Murdoc's Righteousness!
Episode 323: Burning Passion! Keldron's Resolve!
Episode 324: Rock Hard! Lector's Training!
Episode 325: Darkened Vision! Korume's Complex!
Episode 326: Above All! Jansen's Power!
Episode 327: Sprouting Plants! Cherill's Charm!
Episode 328: Careful Steps! Cathy's Respect!
Episode 329: Strategic Observation! Tricia's Knowledge!
Episode 330: Explosive Tendencies! Jericho's Spontaneity!
Episode 331: Hooked Up! Bastion's Reliability!
Episode 332: Surging Through! Davin's Courage!
Episode 333: Bringer Of Storms! Draco's Wisdom!
Episode 334: A Lovely Win! Sariya's Smile!
Episode 335: Honorable Fall! Lector's Laugh!
Episode 336: A Parting Gift! Blazor's Heirloom!
Episode 337: Positive Judgment! Murdoc's Approval!
Episode 338: Until The End! Keldron's Tears!
Episode 339: An Unforeseen Conclusion! Korume's Mystery!
Episode 340: The Identical Spirits! Set Draco vs. Set Jansen!
Episode 341: Wisdom vs. Power! A Battle For The Ages!
Episode 342: The Passing Of The Chip! Thank You Draco!
Episode 343: A Fallen Letter! Nateurla's Sentence!
Episode 344: Trapped Forever! Nateurla In Melancholy!
Episode 345: A Sigh Of Relief! A Gate To The Capital!

Fallen Dominoes Arc:

Atonement Arc:

Season 7: Tournament Of Champions (122 Episodes)
Sign Ups Arc (18 Episodes)
Episode 346: The Metropolis Known As Serasgrave!
Episode 347: The Greatest Shops Around!
Episode 348: Frolicking! The Town Of Liveliness!
Episode 349: The Tradition Of Serasgrave!
Episode 350: King Henreik! The Appearance Of Power!
Episode 351: Henreik's Address! Tournament Of Champions!
Episode 352: Signs Ups Opened! Qualifications Not Met!
Episode 353: Missions Board! Proving One's Self!
Episode 354: F(X) = Avatars Off!
Episode 355: Selling Merchandise! Davin's Task!
Episode 356: Animal Daycare! Depending On Cathy!
Episode 357: Magician's Assistant! Tricia Steps Forward!
Episode 358: The 50 Mile Race! Bastion Takes On The Challenge!
Episode 359: Helping The Dwarves! Jericho Mines!
Episode 360: Beauty Pageant! Cherill Shines!
Episode 361: Catching A Bandit! Draco Enforces The Law!
Episode 362: Qualifying Complete! Tourney Eligible!
Episode 363: The Night Before! Relaxation!

Axron 12 Arc (104 Episodes)
Episode 364: Participants Announced! Surveying The Competition!
Episode 365: One-Sided! The Demonstration By Sheldon Wilkers!
Episode 366: Familiar Face! Cactilite vs. Adreon Vlanders!
Episode 367: An Epic Battle! Tobin Colliar vs. Rabisor!
Episode 368: An Epic Battle Concluded!
Episode 369: He's Young Again! Korume vs. Kangdrake!
Episode 370: Return Of The Seductress! Mandy Elite!
Episode 371: Blast From The Past! April Burgundy vs. Abadoxx!
Episode 372: First To Fight! Tricia Paprik vs. Liliata Gaston!
Episode 373: She Is The Victor!
Episode 374: Two Unknowns! Ovileen vs. Pearl White!
Episode 375: Appearance Of Axron 12! Hilda Barons vs. Cherill Ohara!
Episode 376: Advancing! The Narrow Victory!
Episode 377: Return Of The Dragon Prince! Prince Nagar vs. Grabek!
Episode 378: First To Rise!
Episode 379: Clash Of Friends! Davin Grolith vs. Jericho Roberts!
Episode 380: Win-Lose Situation!
Episode 381: No Contest! Draco Demolishes!
Episode 382: Old Friends! Cathy La'Zain vs. Zardo!
Episode 383: Battle Intensity!
Episode 384: Conclusion Final!
Episode 385: Yawning To Victory! Bastion Defeats Mason!
Episode 386: These Guys Seem Familiar! Yanzen Riorke vs. Vaxir!
Episode 387: No Longer Winless!
Episode 388: Appearance Of A Dead Man! Pagron vs. Jansen Von Groger!
Episode 389: Top 16 Decided! Time To Rest!
Episode 390: Brackets Shown! Smack Talk Begins!
Episode 391: Start Of Round 2! Bastion Gimney vs. Mandy Sinch!
Episode 392: Same Old Tricks! Better New Bastion!
Episode 393: First Quarterfinalist!
Episode 394: Jericho's Opponent! A Hint Of Fear!
Episode 395: Exchange Of Blows! Close Match!
Episode 396: Life's Longest Minute!
Episode 397: A Battle Of Colors! Korume vs. Tobin!
Episode 398: Darkness Devours!
Episode 399: Suspicious Result! Adreon Surrenders!
Episode 400: Female Power!
Episode 401: Claiming Superiority!
Episode 402: Crazy Match-Up! Jansen vs. Yanzen!
Episode 403: Magi & Cyborg! Total Opposites!
Episode 404: Total Resistance!
Episode 405: A Break Through At Last!
Episode 406: Another Axron 12! Prince Nagar vs. Abadoxx!
Episode 407: The Dragon's Fang!
Episode 408: The Swinging Scythe!
Episode 409: Fall Of Another Axron!
Episode 410: Finale Of Round 2! Draco Storm At Last!
Episode 411: The Long Awaited Rematch!
Episode 412: Clear Victory!
Episode 413: The Quarterfinalists Decided!
Episode 414: Announcement Of Matches!
Episode 415: Axron 12 Rises! The Damage Turned On!
Episode 416: Another Rematch! Draco Up First!
Episode 417: Draco Struggles!
Episode 418: Turning The Tables!
Episode 419: Into The Semifinals!
Episode 420: Winner Faces Draco! Korume's Battle!
Episode 421: The Axron Female Strikes Back!
Episode 422: Korume Shifts The Tide!
Episode 423: The Grudge Match Confirmed!
Episode 424: Another Rematch! Bastion Prepared!
Episode 425: Deja Vu!
Episode 426: Equal HP!
Episode 427: A Show Of Mercy!
Episode 428: Nagar Faces The Boss!
Episode 429: Holding His Own!
Episode 430: Time To Get Serious! Sheldon's Frustration!
Episode 431: Just A Little Short! The Death Of Nagar!
Episode 432: Semifinalists Known! Draco's Panic!
Episode 433: Sheldon's Laugh! A Conceited Grin!
Episode 434: Confrontation! Bastion Angered!
Episode 435: Start Of The Semifinals! Draco Storm vs. Korume!
Episode 436: A Battle Under Stormy Skies!
Episode 437: Appearance Of The Night Owl!
Episode 438: Korume's Advantage!
Episode 439: Set Makes Himself Known!
Episode 440: The End! Victory For The First Finalist!
Episode 441: Not Backing Down! Bastion Gimley vs. Sheldon Wilkers!
Episode 442: Sheldon's Quick Strikes!
Episode 443: Bastion Battles Back!
Episode 444: Last Resort! Dionysus Sheldon!
Episode 445: On The Brink! Bastion Transforms!
Episode 446: A Battle Of Elite Spirits!
Episode 447: The Fall!
Episode 448: Korume Defends Draco!
Episode 449: Korume vs. Sheldon Wilkers! Street Brawl!
Episode 450: Sheldon's Panic! Rage Ensues!
Episode 451: Axron 12 Surges Forth!
Episode 452: Henreik vs. 11!
Episode 453: Henreik's Power! 11 Banished!
Episode 454: Battle Continues! Night Owl vs. Wine Spirit!
Episode 455: A Draw! Korume Explains His Actions!
Episode 456: A Special Sentence! Henreik's Punishment For Sheldon!
Episode 457: Onto The Finals! Bastion Gimney vs. Draco Storm!
Episode 458: Damage Off! The Friendly Bout!
Episode 459: Using The Power Surge!
Episode 460: Equal Grounds! No Advantage!
Episode 461: Magic vs. Technology!
Episode 462: Spirits Released! The Final Stage!
Episode 463: Clash Of The Gods!
Episode 464: The Winner Of The Tournament Of Champions!
Episode 465: The Celebration Of Friends!
Episode 466: The After Party!
Episode 467: Crisis! The SBS Elite Revealed!

Signs Ups Arc:

Axron 12 Arc (365-389):

Axron 12 Arc (390-412):

Axron 12 Arc (413-446):

Axron 12 Arc (447-467):

Season 8: The SBS's Elite (121 Episodes)
Power Surge Arc (21 Episodes)
Episode 468: Brawl In The Town! SBS's Power!
Episode 469: Complete Loss! SBS Has The Power Surge Chips!
Episode 470: The UnderVoid! A Place Without Time!
Episode 471: Ingenious! The Pseudo-Chip!
Episode 472: Disappearance! Outside Of SBS's Reach!
Episode 473: Training For War Pt. 1! A Need For More Power!
Episode 474: Training For War Pt. 2! Player-Made Quests!
Episode 475: Training For War Pt. 3! Restoration Of Memory!
Episode 476; Training For War Pt. 4! The Box Of Chips!
Episode 477: Training For War Pt. 5! From Jansen, With Hope!
Episode 478: Training For War Pt. 6! Final Training! Power Surges In Hand!
Episode 479: Resolution! To The UnderVoid!
Episode 480: Back On The Radar! SBS's Finding!
Episode 481: SBS Conference! The Secret Of Power Surge!
Episode 482: Malcolm! The Seventh Power Surge!
Episode 483: Prepared! SBS Waits!
Episode 484: Journey To UnderVoid! The Secret To Reach!
Episode 485: Down The Well! Below Surgolia!
Episode 486: First Look At UnderVoid! Land Of Darkness!

Battle For Surgolia Arc (78 Episodes)
Episode 487: The Journey Through The Dark!
Episode 488: The Castle In The Distance!
Episode 489: Monster Of The Pit! Super Hydra Emerges!
Episode 490: Battling The Hydra! The Test!
Episode 491: Finding The Weakness! Fall Of The Hydra!
Episode 492: Entering The Gates! The Castle's Interior!
Episode 493: Subordinates! Those Just Below The Elite!
Episode 494: An Arrow Of Love! Davin vs. Esor!
Episode 495: Rematch From Long Ago! Tricia vs. Jillian!
Episode 496: Fallen Angel! Jericho vs. Ozelin!
Episode 497: Warrior Girl! Cathy vs. Hariet!
Episode 498: A Rift In Time! Bastion vs. Titus!
Episode 499: Vampire's Delight! Azier vs. Cherill!
Episode 500: Bitter Rivals! Finale Of Draco vs. Korume!
Episode 501: Fall Of Beauty! Esor Defeated!
Episode 502: Same Results! Tricia's Victory!
Episode 503: Leap Of Faith! Ozelin Overpowered!
Episode 504: Princess > Warrior! Cathy The Great!
Episode 505: Paradox! Titus' Mistake!
Episode 506: Supreme Vampire! The Dead Is Azier!
Episode 507: Looking For An Opening! Rivalry Continues!
Episode 508: Caught Up! The Friends Reach Draco!
Episode 509: Denied! Draco's Fight!
Episode 510: Korume Falls! Winner Of The Rivalry!
Episode 511: Korume's Smile! The Group Moves Onward!
Episode 512: The SBS' Elite! Appearance Of The Keep!
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Episode 581: Transform! Set Draco vs. Turbulen Malcolm!
Episode 582: Castle Destroyed! A Finale In Rubble!
Episode 583: Sight Of The Light! Death Of The Creator!
Episode 584: Surgolia Won! A Doorway To Earth!
Episode 585: The Hard Drive! Tricia's Save File!
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Power Surge Arc:

Battle For Surgolia Arc (487-511):

Battle For Surgolia Arc (512-540):

Battle For Surgolia Arc (541-564):

The Creator Arc:

Season 9: Damage Control (25 Episodes)
Defending Earth Arc (9 Episodes)
Episode 587: Partial Failure! Surgolia Bleeding Through!
Episode 588: The Giant Elephant! Destroying A Mutant!
Episode 589: Destruction In Town! A Vampire's Blood!
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Episode 591: Evacuation! Down Into The Mines!
Episode 592: Final Piece Of The Puzzle!
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Final Boss Arc (16 Episodes)
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Episode 597: Spotted! The SBS Attacks!
Episode 598: Fighting Past HQ! Alice Joins!
Episode 599: SBS Stands Down! An Invitation From The Final Boss!
Episode 600: Draco Accepts! His Name Is Strillek!
Episode 601: Fate Of Both Worlds! Draco vs. Strillek!
Episode 602: Son Of Zeus! Strillek Strikes Fast!
Episode 603: Defending One's Self! Draco Fights Back!
Episode 604: Busting Through The Roof! A Battle Outside!
Episode 605: Sword Fight! Who Gains The Edge?
Episode 606: Into Spirits! Set Draco vs. Storm God Strillek!
Episode 607: Master Of Storms! Final Phase!
Episode 608: Recovering The Loot! Final Boss Defeated!
Episode 609: 100% Complete! No Broken Memories!
Episode 610: A Twist! Alice Is...
Episode 611: Tricia's Save File! Return To Surgolia!



Maikeru D. Shinigami 06-02-2010 09:19 PM

Re: Power Surge (An Original Work)
Episode 1: The Name is Draco Storm!
Narration (Draco Speaking): My name is Draco Storm, and I'm a high school student here at Kurabara High School. I am seventeen years old and try to live life like the average normal teenager, and until that day, I had always done it well. It all started on what I expected to be a normal Wednesday afternoon with a normal day of class and the normal assignments from teachers. But no, that wound out being totally different. It was a few days before I learned of the ancient artifacts known as the "Power Surges". It all started in Ms. Lane's Art Class where we made normal paintings and whatnot.

Draco (talking to himself): Man, this is such a waste of time. I just want to go home and get back to playing video games and eating my parents out of house and home. What the hell is this thing anyways? I thought I was drawing a house and trees to be simple, but this is turning out with just clouds and various weather effects, like rain and lightning. Even more simple than I intended. Perhaps, I should pay attention in class and it wouldn't happen. But what can I do when this teacher is so boring?

Ms. Lane: Draco, are you talking out loud to yourself again? You know this is getting to be very over the line now. Why exactly can't you pay attention in class? Am I that boring to you?

Narration (Draco Speaking): That's Ms. Lane, she's always on my ass about not paying attention in class. It's not my fault she can't keep things interesting in here. Anyways, she is around thirty-five years old and half the guys in the school have a crush on her. Man, they are so lame.

Draco: Nah, miss it's okay, I just don't have much of a life, so it takes a lot to entertain me.

?????: Come over to my house sometime and I'll show you some entertainment. *wink* *wink*

Narration (Draco Speaking): That's Cherill Ohara, she is sixteen years old, almost a full year younger than me, but not quite. We've known each other since I was four and she was three. She always had a major crush on me. Don't let her know, but I kind of have a thing for her too. I've always been too scared to try anything though because we've been friends for so long and I really prefer not to screw up our friendship. Kind of hard when she's glomping me from behind and winking at me all the time though. *sigh* I'll probably give in one of these days, but not anytime soon.

:bell ring:

Ms. Lane: Alright guys, well I will see you all tomorrow. Have a good day and come back in one piece tomorrow. Oh except for you Draco, I need to speak to you for a few minutes if you don't mind.

Draco: Sure thing Ms. Lane.

Narration (Draco Speaking): Completely unsure exactly what I was needed for and whether or not I was in trouble, I decided to stay behind and listen to what Ms. Lane had to say. I took a seat back in my desk, but she asked me to come up and sit beside her, so I did.

Draco: Well?

Ms. Lane: You know Draco, you really should tell that girl what's on your mind, I think you two would make a cute couple.

Draco: What?

Ms. Lane: Don't play dumb with me kid. You know exactly who I am talking about, that Cherill girl, she's always giving you googly eyes and everything, she's practically infatuated with you. I know you have to think the same thing about her too or you wouldn't have wrote about her in your notebook.

Draco: What? What notebook? Are you spying on me? Ms. Lane, spying is not the best way to find out information about someone. You could ha---.

Ms. Lane: Don't worry, I'm not spying on you, I was just looking at some of the interesting things in here. You left this notebook opened up on this page yesterday after you left class and I just wanted to take a peek.

Draco: That's my personal writings, how could you read it without asking me first?

Ms. Lane: Calm down Draco! I'm not going to tell her anything, you'd have to do that on your own. Anyways, I ran across something more interesting in here. Has anything odd been happening to you lately?

Draco: No, not really. Why do you ask?

Ms. Lane: Oh, it's nothing. Here, take your notebook back, I've done enough snooping for now. You should probably get going home anyways.

Draco: Yeah, that's true. I'll see you tomorrow then Ms. Lane.

Draco grabbed his belongings and ran out of the school onto the schoolyard, out into the streets where something very disturbing appeared in front of his eyes.

Cherill: Let me go, you jerk! This is my stuff, go mess with somebody else.

Draco (while running): Hey you, get away from her.

?????: A look at the little pipsqueak coming to protect his girlfriend. Love is truly in the air on this wonderful day. Sakuras are blossoming and the sweet aroma of perfume and makeup are in the air. Oh what a glorious day it is indeed. Just the kind of days I like to crush with my hands.

Narration (Draco Speaking): This is Larrity Stronghold, he is seventeen years old, a day younger than me. His father is the mayor of this town. Kind of odd if you ask me, his father is one of the smartest people I've ever known but Larrity is just a dumbass.

Draco: I said get your hands off her!

Before he knew what he was doing, Draco had leapt on top of Larrity and knocked him to the ground, holding onto him by his shoulders.

Draco: How dare you harm a girl, you little punk. I should kick your ass for that!

Larrity: If you really think you can, then show me what you got Storm.

Draco threw a punch at Larrity's face, but Larrity moved his head causing Draco to punch the sidewalk causing blood to pour down his fist. Larrity proceeded to flip him over onto his back and was about ready to throw a punch at Draco's face when he was suddenly kicked in the face like a football ready for kickoff by a guy charging in the from the left side of the street.

?????: My name is Jericho Roberts and I believe you owe these two an apology and I'm not leaving until they get one.

Characters in this episode:

Next time: The Stone's Wrath! Jericho is Dynoooomite!

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Maikeru D. Shinigami 12-04-2011 12:31 AM

Re: Power Surge (An Original Work)
Episode 2: The Stone's Wrath! Jericho is Dynoooomite!
Narration (Jericho Speaking): To have allowed a person to get away with such a disgraceful act of cruelty, would not only have given this vile human the satisfaction of pummeling that boy to the ground. It would have also brought shame onto myself. Rule one, in my code of ethics. Only under extreme circumstances, shall I not get involved when a man harms a woman. This happens to be one of those moments.

My name is Jericho Roberts, a senior and a seventeen year old here at Kurabara High School. I am at the top of my class in all subjects, as far as grades are concerned. I placed in the top three percentile in the world for my intelligence. While no one in the school has any problems with me, I don't have any friends either. That doesn't bother me though, I've never been the type to talk to many people as it is, anyways. It's not that I would ever be against having friends either, I just prefer not to spend time with normal people. I only enjoy the company of level-headed, mature people. That's not to say I'm a stick in the mud, I'm just very careful. Though I must say, watching this boy rolling on the sidewalk, made me happy.

Larrity: What the hell, you asshole? Who told you that you could jump into the middle of this fight? What does this have to do with you?

Jericho: You performed a violent act of contact with a person of the female gender. I need no other reason.

Larrity: Stupid punk ass. Your chivalry will get you nowhere.

Jericho: What is this nowhere you speak of? Prison? My apologies sir, I didn't realize you wanted me to join you. I have to re--

Larrity: You enjoy being a smart ass don't you? You know exactly what I'm speaking.

Jericho: That was not very kind of you. Interrupting a person while he is talking is quite rude, and certainly not the best way to make friends.

Larrity: Well, aren't you a little goody two shoe? I hate scum like you. You never do anything fun. It's a waste of your life.

Jericho: I actually quite enjoy my life, thank you very much. My mother has raised me up to be this way, and I am much obliged to have been fortunate in the parents that I received.

Larrity: A mommies' boy too? Haha! How lame. 'My mom raised me, she loves me'. Don't make me laugh. I bet your whore of a mother is out right now breaking every rule in your code that you made for yourself.

At that point, Jericho had become too infuriated to control himself any longer. He ran toward Larrity, ready to attack him, as Larrity pulled a knife out of his pocket, ready to stab Jericho. Jericho intentionally struck the knife with his right arm. Larrity got a smile on his face before the hit. He however was not so pleased when his knife blade completely broke, and his chest was slammed into by Jericho's arm, which had somehow been covered in stone. The hit struck Larrity right in the chest. Larrity fell to the ground holding his chest. He was barely conscious as began to blood appear on his shirt and he started coughing up blood as well. Jericho picked up Larrity by his hair.

Jericho: I bet you're never going to call my mother a whore again, are you? Now, apologize, like I told you to.

With an angry face, Larrity apologized to the both of them. Jericho then smirked as he dropped Larrity's head back on the ground. At that moment, Draco walked up to Jericho and held out his hand, to shake Jericho's hand. Jericho extended his own hand and shook it back. Cherill stood off to the side, but was still nearby.

Draco: I know it was more for Cherill since she was the girl, but I thank you very much for helping us out.

Jericho: It was my pleasure. I could not simply watch such an act transpire.

Draco: Well, I'm sure it means a lot to Cherill too. I haven't seen you around before. May I ask your name?

Jericho: The name is Jericho, Jericho Roberts. I am a senior this year. May I ask your name in return?

Draco: Draco, Draco Storm. I am a junior this year. By the way, what you did, that was really strange. It was like your entire arm turned to stone before you hit him. That's not possible though of course, so I must have been seeing things.

Jericho: Actually, what you saw was reality. I come from a family that has supernatural powers. My powers allow me to use stone and dynamite to my advantage. It's a reflection of my being. My will is hard as stone, and when you make me use my will, it can be as explosive as dynamite. All people have the ability to awaken a power, but without proper guidance, they will never be able to acquire any powers.

Cherill: That's pretty interesting. If I had something like that, I would have been able to fight him off myself.

Cherill (Talking to herself): Then Draco would have to fall in love with me.

Jericho: I'm sure I could help you out with that, I have some family members who are really good at teaching these powers. In fact, I would like to invite both of you to come over and train with us. How does that sound?

Draco & Cherill: Great!

Jericho: Alright, well I'll give you some directions to my house. Come over around six o'clock tonight. I'll tell my parents I have visitors coming. Also, just in case something comes up, I'll give you my number as well.

Jericho pulled out a small piece of paper, and started writing directions, as well as his phone number. He then pulled out another small piece of paper and did the same thing. He gave the small pieces of paper to Draco and Cherill respectively. Then walked off, with a smile and a wave goodbye.

Cherill: Alright, we might as well walk home now.

Draco: Wait just a second actually, I have something I want to do first.

Cherill: Okay then, I will wait for you.

:5 o'clock:

Draco, now at his house, was standing in his bathroom with a phone up to his ear, as he spoke to someone over the other line.

Draco: I seriously just didn't feel right not doing that.

Cherill: He attacked us and everything Draco. I don't see why you had to take him to the school nurse before we left.

Draco: Cherill, I may not like that guy, but I don't want him to die either. Who knows, maybe he'll finally get some of those rocks out of his head after this.

Cherill: Well, I guess you're right. Even if it is Larrity, we wouldn't want to take a chance of him dying on us or anything.

Draco: Indeed.

Cherill: I have to go get ready now. Have to be at Jericho's house in less than an hour. See you there, cutie!

Draco: Yeah, see you there Cherill.

As the phone hung up, Draco thought to himself about Cherill. He knew they had been friends for a long time. However, he wondered if their friendship could actually be harmed by a relationship like that. This wasn't the first time he had those thoughts though, so he soon had thought them off while he was getting ready to go to Jericho's house.

:5 minutes until 6:

As Draco and Cherill walked down the stone driveway that seemed to go on for half a mile, they made there way to Jericho's house. On either side, they could see large trees, that basically stood around ten feet away, lining the path down the driveway. When they finally reached the front door, they saw a beautiful site. Jericho's house was a large three story, brown mansion. The front door was white, with one of those little handles that people used to use more often when knocking on doors. The driveway ended just in front of the house, in the shape of a stone circle. To either side, trees still reached to the sides of the building, but were further of now. They pulled the handle on the door and knocked. A few moments later, a man in a butler outfit opened the door, and held his hand out, pointing to the inside of the house.

Butler: You two must be Draco and Cherill. The young master Jericho is waiting in the next room.

New characters in this episode:

Next time: Plant Blossoms!

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Maikeru D. Shinigami 10-27-2012 08:16 PM

Re: Power Surge (An Original Work)
Episode 3: Plant Blossoms!
Narration (Butler Speaking): I am the butler for the Roberts family. My name is

Jericho: Butler, you don't get a narration segment.

Butler: *sigh* You're ruining all the fun Draco.

Narration (Cherill Speaking): When I was a little girl, I wasn't into the same things as everyone else. They grew up wanting mansions, ponies and rainbows. Blegh! While they were into that, I was playing video games and learning how to work my way around a computer. Call me a hacker if you like, that's just what I'm into. Don't get me wrong, I always appreciated the beauty of things like flowers, painting and clothes, especially flowers and painting. It's just that, I wanted to play things with technology. After arriving at Jericho's house though, I have to admit that I see what's so fascinating about mansions. They are huge, and enchanting. I'm not going to go work my ass off to get one. That would require me to actually go out and do something. I guess being a grown sixteen year old woman changes your perspective on things.

Anyways, we arrived at Jericho's house a couple minutes after 6. We weren't exactly there at the exact time, but whatever, it's not like anybody cares. When we arrived, we were greeted by his white-haired glasses wearing butler. Oh, and Draco accidentally grazed my arm with his arm. Best Day Ever! So, we continued on to follow the butler into the next room which turned out to be a dining room where Jericho and his parents were already sitting. It's a beautiful place with a fireplace on the far side of the room and a large table under a chandelier. The walls were made of beautiful brown-red marble and their were works of art all around. We went to take a seat at the table with the Roberts family.

Jericho: It is 6:03 and twelve seconds past. You are late, which will cut into our time.

Cherill (Thinking To Herself): Is this guy for real, lecturing us for being a little over three minutes later.

Jericho: Also, adding on the fact that your tardiness causes me to have to make this speech to you cuts into our time together ever more. You should keep that in mind next time you go somewhere. You don't want to keep a host waiting.

Mrs. Roberts: My apologies Draco and Cherill. My son is a bit too obsessed with time. I think he is the reincarnation of the White Rabbit.

Jericho: *grunt* I'm just trying to alert them of the importance of proper time management... *sigh* I guess you are right though. They will learn how important it is later.

Mr. Roberts: I didn't agree to let you invite your friends over so that I could listen to you people chatter. Hello kids, my name is Mr. Theodore Roberts. You've already met my wife and my son of course. Do you realize why you are here.

Draco: Actually, before we get to that. I just need to confirm this. You guys really have supernatural powers, yes? You're not going to just call me here and say 'Haha, April Fools' correct?

Cherill: *sigh* Did you not see what Jericho is with your own eyes? Do you think he faked turned his arm to stone? I swear, people these days can't even accept what they see.

Mr. Roberts: I don't have time to answer your question. You will learn for yourself later. Just answer my question.

Draco: Fine. Jericho told me that he was bringing me here so that Cherill and I could be taught how to learn some powers of our own.

Mr. Roberts: Yes, but before we do that, there's some things you need to understand. First over, having these powers is a huge responsibility. This isn't something that you just see people using out on the streets every day. You need to make sure you don't use this in the presence of those who don't have powers. Jericho obviously didn't listen to that warning. Can you keep the existence of these powers a secret?

Draco & Cherill: Yes sir.

Mr. Roberts: You better, because if you don't, you risk exposure for all of us. I don't feel like being exposed because some brats gave away our secret. Anyways, to the next part. There is another responsibility to having these powers. Before you can begin your first lesson, you have to fill out a form. This form enters you into a lottery. This isn't something where you win a prize for having your name called. This is basically like a military draft which we call a summoning ceremony. There are two ways to get drafted. The first is to have your name called in the lottery that occurs once per month. The second is to attract the attention of SBS, the Supernatural Beings Squad. They are an elite class of superpowered men who make sure everything stays right in the universe. We do not know where the people who are chosen for this draft go, only that you have to stay until you reach a special condition. To this day, no one has returned after being summoned. Can you accept this responsibility.

It took the two of them a little longer to think about that question.

Cherill: I accept the risks. I would rather live with the power to defend myself at the risk of being taken away at any time than to be defenseless and let people walk all over me.

Draco: *nods* I'm going to stick with Cherill on this one. We've never been apart. Also, I can't make myself look like a pansy by letting her do it alone.

Cherill: *chuckles* You are so flattering Draco.

Mr. Roberts: Yeah, whatever. I don't care about your speeches or your relationship. The only that's important is that you fill out this form.

Mr. Roberts grabbed two papers off the table that had been sitting in front of him the entire time. He then walked up to Draco and Cherill, giving them each a paper to look over. The two of them looked at the papers as Mr. Roberts sat a pen down beside them. They looked hesitant at first wondering if they really wanted to do it. Draco gave Cherill a nod and they both began to write. A few minutes later, they sat their pens down and Mr. Roberts picked up the papers.

Mr. Roberts: Excellent, we can now move on to the reason you came here today, the teaching. Son, if you don't mind, lead your friends out to the back yard so you can begin.

Jericho stood up and gave his father a bow then motioned for Draco and Cherill to follow him. They did so as Jericho led them through out the dining room, through a large living room, a guest bedroom and out through the back door. When they reached, they found themselves in a large area covered in grass and various plants. The plants weren't bunched up together, they were spread about, giving them ample room to walk anywhere they wished. Sitting on the stone step just outside the back door was a black-haired boy.

Draco: Who's this?

Jericho: Pardon me, I forgot to mention that my friend and I will be your trainers. This is a guy from a high school in the neighboring town. His name is Riku Bracsmith.

Riku: *stands to feet and extends hand* Nice to meet you.

Cherill: *shakes his hand* Hello Riku, it's nice to meet you too. My name is Cherill Ohara.

Riku: Ah yes, the beautiful Cherill. How lovely it is to see you on this gorgeous day my love. Will you marry me?

Draco: *grunts and grabs Riku's hand as he gives him a forceful handshake* Hi Riku, I'm Draco Storm and that happens to be my best friend you're talking to. I suggest you keep your mouth shut before I shut it for you Romeo.

Riku: *pulls away his hand* Well, you're not exactly the most friendly guy in the world are you? Are you afraid that if this beautiful women that you've neglected to answer got to know me that she might fall in love with me instead of you?

Cherill slaps them both in the face.

Cherill: Riku, don't ask me a question like that again and don't talk to Draco like that. Draco, don't be so jealous. It's not like you've exactly been jumping off a bridge to answer my question yourself.

Jericho: Why do I feel like a fourth wheel? We didn't come here for this.

Riku: Right, we came here to train. Jericho, why don't you take beauty and I'll take the beast?

Jericho: *sigh* I don't care, I just want to get started. Cherill, follow me over to the designated battle area.

Cherill gave Jericho a nod and followed him. As she did so, Riku led Draco to the other side of the backyard. When they stopped, Jericho started trying to teach Cherill the basics.

Jericho: Alright, the first step of learning powers is believing that they exist. Up until this point of time, it was impossible for you and Jericho to learn powers because you didn't believe they exist. Now though, you have the first step down. The second step of learning powers is imagine the power with your mind. You need to use your imagination long enough to create the power. When you try to create the power, your soul will be searched to see your worthiness of using that power and how adapt you are at using that power. The final thing you have to do is learn how to control your power. We all learn things in different ways, so I can't help you much more than that.

Cherill: Alright, I will try my best.

After letting Cherill try to channel her energies for a few minutes, Jericho started to lose patience. It wasn't in his nature to watch people try to get things down. He decided to try to teach her by force. He announced that he was about to attack. Cherill gave him a nod and Jericho rushed in. He lifted up his fist aiming it toward her chest. Cherill tried to gather her powers, but couldn't do it. Ultimately, Jericho stopped himself a few inches before he would have hit Cherill.

Cherill: I'm sorry Jericho, I'm trying.

Jericho: It would be unreasonable for to expect you to be able to defend yourself on the first try.

On the other side of the battle field, Draco was also having his own problems trying to learn his moves. They were getting prepared for training as Cherill and Jericho were.

Riku: Alright jackass, I'm not here to babysit you. You already know powers exist, find out how to use them yourself. I'm going to attack you full force. You'll either pass out or learn how to defend me.

Riku wasn't kidding. As soon as he finished his last word, he ran toward Draco and aimed a punch at his face. Draco simply tried to moved his head out of the way, but as he did, Riku's wrist took an unnatural bend and caught Draco on the side of the face.

Riku: What are you doing, trying to get hit? Dodging isn't going to be very useful for you if you're fighting against me.

Riku pulled back his leg as Draco got to his feet and aimed a kick at Draco's chest. Draco tried to put up a defense, but like Cherill, he wasn't able to. Unlike Jericho though, Riku wasn't stopping, he kicked Draco in the chest, hard, sending him flying backwards.

Back on the other side of the back yard, Jericho continued to try to test Cherill's ability to create a power for herself. She had yet to make any progress though, and Jericho of course would always stop before he hit her. Knowing that he could stop himself calmed Cherill down a bit. It didn't make it where she was able to use a power right away, but it was helping her focus. It was helping her block out the world around her. After a few more minutes, it finally happened. Jericho rushed in attempting another punch at Cherill's chest. Before he could though, a vine extended from the ground and grabbed Jericho's wrist. Cherill gave him a smirk. She let her guard down though by not taking advantage of the situation. Jericho broke the vine by turning his wrist to stone and then tapped Cherill on the shoulder.

Jericho: Never let your guard down when you're battling an enemy.

Cherill: Sorry, I guess I still have quite a bit to learn.

Jericho: No worries. It's understandable to be happy. You did good putting up a defense. Why don't we stop here for today?

As Jericho spoke those words, Riku walked up to the two of them with blood on his fist, face and clothes. He looked to the two of them as Cherill's eyes widened. Draco was lying on the ground across the back yard, knocked out with blood all over his body. Jericho pushed Riku out of his way and ran over to Draco.

Jericho (Shouting): What did you do?

Riku: I guess I may have been a little too rough on him.

Cherill didn't immediately walk over to Draco. Instead, she walked straight up to Riku and gave him a sharp jab to the face. The one hit caused Riku to fall unconscious onto the ground. With that done, she walked up to Jericho and Draco and knelt down.

Cherill: Is he going to be alright?

Jericho: Yeah, he's fine, just unconscious. I can't believe Riku would go this far. He's just going to need to rest here for a couple hours. I'll call your parents and his and tell them you'll be getting home after nine.

:Two hours later:

After Draco finally regained his consciousness, he found himself lying in a bed with his blood having already been cleaned off. Riku was leaning against the wall looking uphappy while Jericho sat on the end of the bed and Cherill laid her head on Draco's stomach. Draco looked at himself to notice he was wearing different clothes.

Draco: What happened? How did I get in different clothes? What's Cherill doing laying on me?

Cherill: You got all bloodied up from your training match, no thanks to Riku.

Jericho: After she saw how messy you were, Cherill took you to our shower and washed you. She changed you too.

Draco: Wait, you mean Cherill touched me and looked at me?

Cherill: *wink* Yes, I did.

Draco: *beet red* So, you just decided to take off my clothes, wash me and recloth me. You looked at me naked.

Cherill: Yes, yes I did. You should be happy, I know I was. *giggle*

Jericho: Yeah, you two have no time to flirt. It's nine already. You need to get home, your parents will be expecting you. First though, Riku, say what you have to say.

Riku: *grunts* Fine, I'm sorry I kicked your ass. I didn't realize you couldn't take a few hundred punches because you're such a pathetic weakling. Can I go now?

Jericho: I told you not to be a smart ass.

Draco: No, it's fine. I don't want him to apologize to me if he doesn't mean it. Besides, we need to be getting home, right?

Jericho: Yes.

Draco: Riku, I don't know what I did to piss you off, but I'm just going to forget about.

Riku: I don't care.

With that, Riku left the room and let the three of them be.

Draco: Well, he's a real ray of sunshine isn't he.

Jericho: *chuckle* Yeah, I apologize for that again.

Draco: No problem. So, how are we getting home?

Jericho: My butler will drive you home. He's used to driving late at night with his partying all the time.

Draco: Alright, thanks to the both of you for looking out for me.

Jericho: No problem.

With that, the three of them made their way downstairs as Jericho led them out the front door to the front of the mansion. The butler was already waiting by a green sports car as he held the backseat door open for them. Draco and Cherill got in immediately. Before the butler got back into his driver seat, Jericho held the backseat door open and spoke to them.

Jericho: I'm not really much of a teacher honestly, and I don't think it's good if I let Riku teach again. Why don't you guys meet with me at 4 PM tomorrow so we can continue the training at another venue.

Draco: Alright, where should we meet you?

Jericho: Brilly Park.

Draco and Cherill gave him a nod as the butler got into the front seat. The three of them said their goodbyes and the butler drove off. After they arrived back at their respective homes, Draco and Cherill had themselves peace for the first time that day. They weren't bothered by anyone and slept very well despite having the thought of what they were learning on their mind.

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Re: Power Surge
Episode 4: Brilly Park. X-Treme Sports Galore!
Narration/Journal (Draco Speaking): Yesterday was a pretty odd day, it was both rough and awesome at the same time. Cherill and I discovered the world of magic. Well, I guess we can't really discover it since it already existed in the first place. After all, Christopher Columbus didn't really 'discover' America, right? The point is, were introduced to the existence of a style of life which we wouldn't have even considered possible before. That of course, was the cool part.

The rough part is everything that came with it. The roughest part of it all was that my trainer, if you want to call him that, was an extreme jackass. I don't mean he was just rude, he was actually violent too. For starters, he flirted with Cherill. Cherill shouldn't be being targeted by such a vile human being. I defended her, but he told me that if I actually took the time to acknowledge her offer of taking our friendship to the next level that I could have an argument. Can you believe the nerve of that guy? I guess I can understand his point, but that's not the worst part. What he did in our training was uncalled for.

You've heard of tough trainers, right? Well that doesn't define this guy. This guy went all out. He didn't tell me how to start using powers, nor did he give me any hints. He just wailed on me the entire time. I was knocked unconscious for a couple of hours and Cherill washed my naked body. I'm pretty sure she was enjoying it too. Now that I think about it though, I'm wondering why I keep holding back. I've decided that the next time she tries something, I'm going to give her an answer.

The thing that has made me most is this 'summoning ceremony' that we were forced to sign up for. It doesn't sound likely that either of us will be picked. What if one of us is picked though? Can we go together? There's so many questions I still want to have answered. Anyways, after a good night of sleep, I was prepared for the school day. Strangely, Cherill wasn't in class today though. That's odd only because she never misses class. I hope nothing serious has happened to her. I'm writing this just before I leave to go to Brilly Park. Time to see what's in store!

:5 Minutes until 4:

Draco arrived at Brilly Park before anyone else. Brilly Park wasn't exactly what you might think. It wasn't a playground or anything like that, it was a skate park. All around boarders were skating around on halfpipes, rails and other things in the park. Draco had never been to a skate park so he felt out of place.

Random Skater Boy: Hey kid, I don't think I've seen you around here before. What are you doing?

Draco: Honestly, I'm not even sure myself. I was asked to meet a friend of mine here. His name is Jericho Roberts.

Random Skater Girl: Ah, you're friends with Jericho? That's cool. We haven't seen him around here much lately.

Random Skater Boy: Yeah, ever since that day he hasn't been the same. He's always going on about time and chivalry. I don't really understand it. He used to be a skateboarder who didn't really care about anyone else, like his father. Something must have changed though for him to have become so serious.

Draco: Sorry, I can't give you anymore information on that. I hadn't ever really even talked to him until yesterday.

Random Skater Girl: You just started talking to him yesterday and you two already consider each other friends? *sigh* I wish he still came around here and considered us friends.

Random Skater Boy: Heed our warning bro. Be careful about being his friend. We wouldn't want him to abandon you the way he did us. Take care man.

With that, the boy took off on his board and went back to skating. The girl however wanted to chat with him more and took a seat down beside him on the metal bench.

Random Skater Girl: I haven't introduced myself yet. The name is Sarah, it's nice to meet you.

Draco: Hey Sarah, it's nice to meet you too. This is my first time ever really being at a skater park. I was a bit worried I was going to be out of place.

Sarah: *giggle* You have nothing to worry about. A lot of people seem to think that skaters are scary people. If you get around us though, you'll see that most of us are fine. The ones that don't seem fine are usually just tough.

Draco: Thanks for that explanation.

Sarah: Indeed... anyways, I wanted to talk to you. You've only known Draco for a day, but does he seem happy to you?

Draco: I wouldn't actually call him upset, but I understand why you ask. I do feel that he's taking everything a bit too seriously. I'm thankful to him and he's been kind, but yeah, I think it would be nice for him to relax sometimes.

Sarah: I was afraid of that. Draco, do you think you can get him to hang out here sometimes? We really miss him being here.

Draco: I can't promise anything, but I can see for you.

Sarah and Draco sat their for a few moments, before the next person arrived. It was Cherill. She looked at the two of them, and Draco couldn't tell if she was jealous or happy to see him.

Cherill: Hello, my name is Cherill. I see you've met Draco.

Sarah: Ah, so this is one of the people you said you were meeting. Hello Cherill, it's nice to meet you. I am Sarah. Is this your girlfriend, Draco?

Draco: No, we're childhood friends.

Cherill: Yeah, because he won't take the time to answer me about dating. I'll forgive him for that though. It's probably just difficult for him to comprehend that such a ravishing beauty is into to him.

Draco: Actually, I have come to a decision about that. I would prefer to chat with you about it later though. You know, in a less public place.

Cherill: Ooh, I see how it is. You want to take the naughty route. *chuckle*

Draco: *beet red* Oh no, it's not that, it just wouldn't be as meaningful like this.

Sarah: *laughs* You two are really cute.

Cherill: Thanks. You weren't sitting beside my future boyfriend to come onto him were you?

Sarah: The thought had crossed my mind, but not seriously. I still have a long way to go to get over Jericho anyways. *sigh* Anyways, I'll leave you two alone now. Have fun.

With that, Sarah rode off on her skateboard as Cherill sat down beside Draco. It was five minutes past four, so Jericho was definitely late. They questioned whether or not he was coming. It didn't seem like him to be late.

Cherill: Speaking of Jericho, where is he?

Draco: I don't know he hasn't shown up yet. More importantly, why didn't you come to school today?

Cherill: I didn't feel like going. Haven't you ever just stayed home and played games all day?

Draco: So I worried for nothing basically.

Cherill: *giggle* Aww, you worried about me? I see that I am on your mind. So, since we have some time alone now, why don't you tell me what you wanted to tell me.

Before Draco could answer, the last member of their group, Jericho, finally arrived. He walked up to them, out of breath.

Jericho: Sorry I'm late. I was working on putting something together and I lost track of time. I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long.

Draco: Nah, we're fine. The people here have been kind, so we haven't had any problems.

Cherill (Pouting): Speaking of which, that Sarah girl seemed upset about something that happened between you two. What did you do to her Jericho?

Jericho: *sigh* I think that's a story for another day. We need to get you guys to meet the new trainer. *yells out to a random skater* Hey, where is Bastion at?

All the skaters stopped and turned to see that it was who they thought it was. It was Jericho, a guy they had been close to in the past.

Random Skater Boy #2: Bastion's around but we don't just let people go see him. You should know that by now Jericho. Did abandoning us make you forget how things work?

Jericho: I guess I deserve that. I need to speak with him about some things.

Sarah: Yeah, and we need to speak with you about some things too. First off, why haven't you been around? I've missed you.

Random Skater Boy: I don't think that's the important thing here Sarah.

Jericho: Sarah, if you'll give me a call later tonight I will explain everything. I just request that you get Bastion out here.

Random Skater Boy #2: We can't just let you go now. We haven't seen you in ages. We're cut you a deal. Play a little H-O-R-S-E with us. If you win we'll let you see him. How does it sound?

Jericho: I think I'll pass. I don't have my board with me.

Random Skater Boy #3: Should have thought about that before showing your face. If you can't accept the terms, then I suggest you just go home.

Cherill: Wait, what if I skate in Jericho's place.

Random Skater Boy #2: Hmm, yeah I can accept that. It's not like a random girl can just beat one of our skaters anyways. If we win though, you can't challenge us again, and the only way to get by will be for Jericho to defeat us.

Jericho: That's fine by me.

Cherill: So, who's going to be my opponent.

Sarah: That would be me. I hope to have a fun match with you.

Random Skater Boy: Get her skater. You can't lose to a noobie.

Cherill: *laughs* I don't remember ever saying I was a noobie.

Narration (Draco Speaking): She's right. While Cherill is primarily a gamer who stays inside most of the day, she has been skating around the neighborhood for yours. Last I saw, she wasn't exactly a professional, but maybe she has a chance.

Sarah: Well, put your skills where your mouth is girlie. I'll even let you go first.

Cherill: Gladly.

Cherill pulled a long board out of the back of her shirt and held it out. She pressed a small red button on it and the board turned into a skateboard. After dropping it onto the ground, wheels first, she gave the skaters a smirk. She rushed off down into the skating rink and started things off. She sped toward the half pipe and kick the board out from under her feet after going up it. As she was in mid-air, the board spun beside her. She grabbed it with her hand and spun it like a baton, passed it behind her back to her other hand and grabbed it again. She then placed back under her feet as she landed on top of the half pipe. When she finished, she stopped beside Sarah as the skaters mouths went agap.

Cherill: Try that.

Sarah: *nervous* Alright, yeah, I got this.

Sarah rushed toward the half pipe and started to try the move but couldn't get the board to spin in her hand. In fear, she quickly grabbed it and placed it under her feet as she landed on the half pipe and got the first H. The next three runs were no kinder to her. Cherill kept pulling off complex movements that Sarah couldn't pull off. In four runs, Sarah was already one letter away from losing and Cherill had pulled off a complex final move. Sarah wasn't going to just give up though. She rushed toward the rail with her board. When she reached it she jumped in the air and spun around as she grinded the rail backwards. As she jumped off the rail she kicked off and the board spun beneath her. She kicked the top of the board at the slightest angel as she was closer to landing on the ground. It flung her up like a springboard as the board also flew up toward her. The board hit the bottom of the feet and she attempted to do a kickflip, but she was unable to land it as the board wound out upside down, and she received the E. She walked back to Cherill as the skaters stood stunned.

Sarah: *sigh* When we accepted the deal, we didn't realize you were a professional at skating. As promised, I will show you where Bastion is.

Cherill: Thanks, you really are a good skater. So, don't take this loss too hard.

Cherill put away her board as Sarah gave her a nod. Jericho and Draco jumped down and then followed them. As they walked by, the skaters complimented Cherill on her skills, and she gave them nods. About a minute later, they found themselves in front of a small shack. Sarah showed them the door.

Sarah: This is the place. I'll have to go in with you.

Draco: Thanks. Would you mind giving Cherill and I a moment?

Sarah: *chuckle* Go ahead Romeo.

Sarah led Jericho into the shack and they shut the door behind them. Cherill looked to Draco and he looked back.

Cherill: So, Draco...

Draco: So, Cherill...

Cherill: Well, go on.

Draco: It really is a nice day isn't it? The sky looks magnificent and the breeze feels nice.

Cherill: *sigh* Yes, it does look nice. Is that what you wanted to talk to me about.

Draco: ...Yeah... that covers everything.

Cherill: So, you stopped us from going in just to talk about the weather and the grass. That's a bit odd, but okay, if that's all. I'll just be going in.

Cherill went to walk away, but Draco grabbed her hand.

Draco: ...No... I need to do this.

Draco spun Cherill around and grabbed her by her waist. He leaned into her and kissed her. Cherill grabbed around him and kissed him back as they stood that way for about five seconds. At that point, they were stopped as the door to the shack opened. When they looked, they saw Jericho and Sarah looking at them. Sarah was laughing and Jericho gave a hint of a smile. There was one more guy, sitting in a chair with his elbow on his knee as he held up his head under his chin. He was giving a grin, but not showing his teeth. He looked fascinated. It was the man known as Bastion Gimney.

Bastion: It's always fun to eavesdrop on people's conversations. Thanks for watching them Sarah.

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Re: Power Surge
Episode 5: The Man Without Powers
Narration (Bastion Speaking): It's always fun to tease people, especially over matters of love. That's why I had to let things proceed as they did. That's why I had to make the first kiss between these two kids a scene. Hopefully they are embarrassed knowing that it wasn't a secret. That was my intention. I know Jericho and Sarah greatly enjoyed it just as I did. Speaking of Jericho, I was greatly pleased to see him again after he left what seems like forever ago. It must be very important, but before I get on with that, let me introduce myself.

Narration (Bastion Speaking): My name is Bastion Gimney, and I am a pretty unique person. I am 22 years old and a high school dropout. Growing up, I was known as the troublemaker. If there was a fight at school, I was in the middle of it. If an old man found shi in a bag on his porch, I put it there. I've always been the type of person to pull pranks on people or to beat the crap out of them if they do something to annoy me. That led me to being expelled from three schools until I finally said the hell with it. Even though I am a dropout, I'm not an idiot. I just don't adhere to the rules of a 'civilized society'. For instance, did you know that you could go to jail for shooting a bear, even if it is coming after your children? How messed up is that. To hell with the bear, I'd save my kids, if I had any. If I am thrown in jail for something like that, so be it. I'm not going to let society tell me what's right and wrong. I can decide that for myself. That's all you need to know about me.

As the door opened, Draco and Cherill stopped kissing as Draco turned red with embarrassment. Cherill was thrilled by it.

Cherill: Did you guys get a close enough look? We can give you an encore if you like.

Draco: Oh no, no encore necessary Cherill. Please, I'd rather things like that be more spontaneous and private.

Cherill: *booty bump and wink* Ooh, are you saying you don't want to show a little PDA? Are you saying you don't like me enough to make things public. *puppy dog eyes*

Draco: *blush* Do you have to use those eyes like that? I just think that things like this should be more special than just doing it for show.

Cherill: *giggle* I'm just teasing you Draco. You know I won't force you to.

Jericho: We don't have time to dwadle here. Bastion here has some important things to talk to us about.

Sarah: First though, I have something I want to say... Are you going to ask her out or what?

Draco: *sigh* It seems a bit odd doing it in front of other people.

Cherill: So, does that mean you are asking or that you aren't?

Draco: The former. I want to ask you out now.

Cherill: Then, I want to tell you yes.

Jericho: Yes, good good you got it over with. Let's get to the important stuff already.

Bastion: You don't have to rush them Jericho. I have free time.

Jericho: Yeah, but, I just...

Bastion: It's fine Jericho, let them do what they want. The things I want to talk about can wait.

Draco nor Cherill responded to them. Instead they just walked into the shack and took a seat on a couch next to each other. Jericho stood up with his arms folded as Sarah walked away, back to skate park while saying goodbye to each of them. Bastion turned his chair around to face Draco and Cherill.

Bastion: Before we get started, does anyone want to drink?

Draco and Cherill: No, I'm fine.

Bastion: Excellent. Alright, first things first, Jericho says he brought you here so that I could help you two train. However, there is something more urgent that I feel I must talk to you about right now. Have you guys heard of the Night Owl?

Jericho: Do you mean like the animal?

Bastion: No, I mean a mystery surrounding a person leaving their name behind at the scene of a particular crime, the name 'Night Owl'.

The three of them nodded in unison to show that they hadn't.

Bastion: Okay, well you all should be careful at night. There's been some mysterious disappearances lately. All of the victims have been 17 or younger. The person doing this as you might have guessed is one called the 'Night Owl'. I'm assuming the name means that which attacks the young at night. Personally, I think calling yourself 'Night Hawk' is more appropriate, but the point of the matter is that this 'Night Owl' is on the prowl. No one can get fingerprints or any leads at all on who this person is. I just want to tell you all to be careful.

Cherill: So are you saying that there are no other leads, no other clues at the scenes of the crimes?

Bastion: Well yeah, I mean I pretty much just say that word for word. Not sure how you could mix it up with anything else.

Draco: That's odd. You would think that with things the way they are that there would be some lead on them.

Jericho: Bastion, has there been any witnesses to any of the abductions?

Bastion: We have one eyewitnesses who claims having seen a kid disappear in a cloud of darkness. That's the only thing though.

Jericho: Perhaps this is a Player.

Draco: What's a player exactly?

Jericho: A player is what us people who can use powers are called. We are part of an obscure world that few people know about. Those people are what we call NPCs. It's basically a twisted way of the Distribution comparing the real world to a game.

Bastion: Hmm, that would explain things. Darkness has been known to make a person untraceable. So, it does really seem very likely. It's despicable for someone to break a law like this.

Cherill: A law?

Jericho: Yes, the main rule of the magical world is that we are not to kill NPCs. They are supposed to die at an appointed time, and our interference disrupts that time. When time is disrupted the divine one has to take extra measures to make sure the balance is restored quickly. Granted, this Night Owl may not have killed them, but interfering with the lives of NPCs is something deeply frowned upon.

Bastion: Indeed, but you need not disturb yourself with that matter right now. I'm here to show you the difference between being a Player with powers and being a Player without powers.

Draco: I thought you said that having powers is what makes a Player a Player?

Bastion: That is true, but in a way it's also not. There are some of us who know about the world of Players but never signed the contract. I didn't want to be forced to be a guinea pig just to learn how to use powers. Instead, I decided to use my time to learn how to fight on part with those that do use powers. Training is key no matter what path you take and based on what I've heard from Jericho, you are going to need some help Draco. I think the best way for us to do that is to spar. What do you say?

Draco: Alright, but if I get more bruises on myself because you turn out like that guy from yesterday, I'll be upset,

Bastion: You won't be.

15 minutes later, Bastion and Draco stood outside in an open grass field as Jericho and Cherill watched. Bastion stood straight up as Draco crouched ready to attack. Bastion made a gesture telling Draco to go at him. Draco didn't hesitate, he rushed forward and aimed a punch at Bastion's chest. Bastion used his sly movements to turn his body 90 degrees and bend away from the punch. Bastion grabbed Draco by the arm and looked to him.

Bastion: You're going to have to come up with something better than that.

With those words, Bastion closed his eyes and waited for Draco to attack. Draco was hesitant at first because he didn't want to feel like a cheater. When he threw a punch at Bastion's head though, Bastion simply moved his head out of the way though. Repeatedly, Draco punched at Bastion who still had his eyes covered. Bastion avoided them each time as if he could see and could see seconds in advance. After about half a minute of Draco missing, Bastion pulled a bo staff off of his back and swung it at Draco's chest.

The strike hit him pretty good but made something odd happened. He went further than what should have been possible, being knocked back twenty feet from the attack. Bastion opened his eyes.

Bastion: This is what it means to use strength and powers. Training to become strong and training to become a Player are the same thing. If you can turn your punches and kicks into powerful blows like that, you can learn how to be a Player. Your task today is to try to hit me with a technique. I will defend myself, break through Draco.

Bastion stood back with his bo staff in hand as Draco rushed him again. He continued having no success and Bastion was growing impatient. He decided to take things to desparate measures to get Draco to awaken his powers. He walked over to Cherill and grabbed her hand as he looked to her and looked like he was about to lean in for a kiss. Draco was having none of that though. It was exactly what he needed to see his potential. Before Bastion could show whether he was teasing or not, Draco had punched him in the face and sent him flying backwards fifteen feet into a tree.

Bastion simply fell to one knee than stood back up as he gave Draco a grin.

Bastion: That is what power is. You know what it feels like to use it, now you just have to learn how to control it. I think that's enough for today though.

Draco: Yeah, I think I will need a break after all these bruises from the past couple days.

Bastion: indeed.

Random Guy: Bastion, we have a problem. Sarah was around one minute but disappeared in a cloud of darkness the next. We don't know what happened to her, but it appears to be the 'Night Owl'.

Bastion: Lead me to where she disappeared please.

Random Guy gave Bastion a nod then guided him to a small tree outside of the skate park. Sure enough, the words 'Night Owl' were carved into the wood.

Bastion: Make sure the rest of the skaters don't panic. I will take care of this. Look at the area closely, see if you find anything strange.

They all nodded as they took their own approaches to try to find something. Draco looked around things randomly, Cherill tried to think of the most likely place for a clue and Bastion did the same. A few minutes later, Jericho noticed something awfully odd with large sunglasses.

Jericho: Fascinating. This is definitely a Player, but this residue is like none I've ever seen. It's as if the person got this way from a different world.

Bastion: Of course, that's what happened. Jericho, I just remembered that someone finally escaped the thing that people are being drafted for. It's very possible that he is the same person whose pulling these pranks.

Draco: *sigh* You guys finally get a winner and it sounds like he has gained a superiority complex already.

Bastion: Indeed.

Jericho: I can figure out what this residue is all about. After that I should be able to track down fhe culprit.

Draco: As soon as you do, I'm coming with you.

Cherill: And so am I.

Jericho: What?! No, you can't go into battle like that.

Draco: I'm going into battle whether you like it or not.

Jericho: Don't be so stubborn and naive Draco.

Draco: I'll be stubborn and I'll be naive if that's what it takes to fix this. He took Sarah, and I'm not going to let him get away with it.

Bastion: *sigh* If you're really sure you want to take on a suicidal mission like that, I have no choice but to send you to a friend of mine. You don't have any real powers yet Draco. You are basically a sitting duck. If you have a weapon though, you might have a chance to defend yourself.

Draco: That would be perfect. Jericho could search for answers while I search for a way to fight.

Bastion: Then take this card and find the forge. There my friend surely will make you a weapon for you to work with.

Draco took a card that Bastion handed him and looked at the info. When he finished, he gave Bastion a nod.

Draco: Well, this our cue Cherill. We need to be prepared because this battle is inevitable. I'm going to do everything I can to make this work.

Cherill: I'll be there beside you my love.

Draco: I'm going to have to get used to you calling me that.

Cherill: *giggle* Well, that's the way it is. Now, let's get going. We need to rescue Sarah.

Next Time: Forged In The Fires!

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Maikeru D. Shinigami 12-29-2012 06:04 PM

Re: Power Surge
Episode 6: Forged In The Fires
Narration (Cherill Speaking): So, our friend Sarah has gone missing and it seems that she was taken by someone calling himself the 'Night Owl'. Draco and I decided to go to find her. Jericho was reluctant at first, but in the end, we were able to convince him to come. Before we can go look for Sarah though, Bastion gave us a task. He gave Draco a sort of card and told him to 'fine the forge'. I don't know where this forge is, but we are going to proceed with our journey anyways. Perhaps Draco understands.

Draco, Cherill and Jericho left the skatepark as they made their way to a forest nearby. As they did so, Draco kept looking at the card, trying to see if there was some kind of hint on where to go.

Jericho: What's on your mind Draco? You've been staring at that card for a while?

Draco: It's just that I'm not sure what to do with this. Bastion handed me the card and told me to seek the forge, but I don't know where the forge is.

Jericho: Oh, there's no worries. I've been to the forge before. There's no reason to fret. I'll lead you right to it.

Draco: *sigh* Well, that eases my mind a little bit. Do you mind if I ask you a question?

Jericho: Sure, go ahead.

Draco: You and Bastion seem to have a lot of faith in me that I can do what I want to do. What makes you so confident in me?

Jericho: I think you have us mistaken. We aren't helping you because we think you are some destined hero. We're helping you because we like you. We want you to succeed, so we're going to do whatever we can to help you.

Cherill: Well, even if they don't believe that is your destiny to be some hero, I think it is. You're the strongest man I know.

Draco: *chuckle* Thanks Cherill, but I don't understand why you think that. I'm not a special person or anything. I'm just some guy who wants to help save a friend.

Jericho: Perhaps, but you're much more talented than you give yourself credit for. The two of you are two of the most promising Players I've seen in quite some time.

Draco: Well, thanks.

After that little conversation, the three of them walked through a forest, following Jericho as Draco constantly looked around to see if there was anything else in the forest. As they walked through, they would occasionally see little fire symbols carved into the trees. Any time they saw one, Jericho would turn and lead them past that tree. When they passed by the last symbol, they found themselves in front of an underground tunnel with wood around the edges, as if it led into a mine. Draco looked toward Jericho.

Draco: So, is this the place.

Jericho: Yes, this is it. We have a little ways to go inside the mine. There's nothing dangerous inside, and the forge is pretty easy to find. Just make sure you stay close behind me. If you go down the wrong path, you can run into booby traps. I know the way around all of them though.

Draco gave him a nod and then Jericho walked down the mine in between a set of torches. Jericho would often look toward the ground and every once in a while, they would run into some forks in the mine. Jericho led them through each of the tunnels until they reached a large central area. They found themselves over a field of lava which was well down in the hole. There were wooden walkways, planks and staircases which led downward. Jericho led Draco and Cherill down toward the lava area where a stone bridge led to the center. In the center, a girl stood on a stone with a hammer as she slammed it down on a blade. Draco, Cherill and Jericho walked across.

Jericho: Hello Tricia, how are you doing this evening?

Tricia: Is that you Jericho? It's been a long time since we've seen each other hasn't it?

Jericho: Too long.

Tricia turned around to show her face. She wasn't a normal looking girl, but she was still considered pretty.

Tricia: So, who are these two?

Jericho: This is Draco Storm and Cherill Ohara. They are two new friends of mine who have become players.

Tricia: Ah, well nice to meet you Draco and Cherill, my name is Tricia Paprik. What brings you guys here.

Cherill: Well, a friend of ours has gone missing, and we're looking for her.

Draco: And we were sent here by Bastion. He told us that before we go looking for her, I should get a weapon from you. I have a card.

Draco pulled out a the card that Bastion had given him and handed it to Tricia.

Tricia: *sigh* Honestly, that guy is always adding more money onto his tab. He's basically my only costumer and I never get anything from him.

Draco: Oh, I didn't realize that was for a tab. You don't need to help me.

Tricia: No, no, it's fine. It's not your fault that Bastion is a cheapskate. I'll just add this to his card. It's not like I have any other customers to buy things for me anyways.

Jericho: Out of curiosity, how much is Bastion's tab?

Tricia: Four hundred seventy-three dollars and sixty-eight cents.

Jericho dug in his pocket and handed Tricia a full $500.

Jericho: It's not really my place to pay for this, but you deserve the money for the work you do. I hope that extra money will at least help with getting Draco that weapon. I'll make sure Bastion pays back his fee.

Tricia; Oh no, I can't accept that. It's not your place to pay for his share.

Jericho stuck the money in Tricia's pocket.

Jericho: I insist. Just take it. I'm not going to spend it on anything anyways. In my family, that's allowance.

Tricia: *smile* Well, alright, I can't argue with that. This sword would have only cost forty dollars, but I thank you either way.

Jericho: No problem, how long will it take.

Tricia: Well, I'm already almost done with it, so it should only take an hour, if that long. You guys can just relax until then. There's a room over there which is really well cooled so that you won't have to be around all this heat.

Draco: Well thank you for help.

Tricia: Any time.

Draco, Cherill and Jericho all headed to the small room that was carved into the wall. As they walked in, they felt cooler, but they couldn't see the source of the cooling. They just considered in an unnatural phenomenon. They had other things to care about besides that.

The two of them sat there for the next forty-eight minutes until Tricia walked in with the sword and a sheath. She handed it over to Draco.

Tricia: Well, there you go. Thanks for coming to visit me guys. It's nice to have visitors every once in a while.

Jericho: We'll try to stop by again some time then. For now though, we have somewhere to go.

Tricia: That's right, you said you were going to go look for a lost friend. Do you know anything about what you're looking for.

Draco: All we now is that the culprit is probably someone called the 'Night Owl'.

Tricia: Would you mind if I came along with you?

Jericho: Are you sure you want to leave your shop.

Tricia: Like I said, I never get any company or costumers. I'm kind of bored with staying here. I want some excitement in my life.

Jericho: Well, I can understand that. Just so you know though, we aren't really sure where we are supposed to be going, so we have no idea how long we'll be travelling.

Tricia: Actually, that's the least of your worries. The 'Night Owl' is a tough Player.

Jericho: So, he really is a Player then.

Tricia: Yes, indeed he is. I can find him too. I know a secret to this mine. There's a dark tunnel here which leads to the other side of a mountain where the 'Night Owl' is said to live.

Jericho: Are you sure that he will be there?

Tricia: Definitely. I have seen the writing on the walls and there is no way that it can be mistaken for anything else. The 'Night Owl' is definitely over there.

Cherill: That's fine and all, but how are we supposed to find our way if it's down a dark tunnel.

Tricia: *grin* Don't worry, just leave that to me.

New characters in this episode:

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Re: Power Surge
Episode 7: Light The Way! Tricia's Powers!
Narration (Tricia Speaking): Hi, my name is Tricia Paprik. I am 24 years old and I run a blacksmith shop in the middle of a mine. It's a pain working down here because I rarely get any visitors, so seeing these kids and Jericho was a real treat. I've always been way too much of a pushover though. Because of my kind nature, I've let pretty much every customer I've ever had walk out of my shop with a free item. It's nice for them, but it makes living difficult for me when I can't buy anything. I don't really care too much though. I have a few pairs of clothes and a spring inside these mines which allows me to change. I even know where to find food.

After hearing about the adventure these four people were going on though, I've decided that I want to try something new. I like these guys, so I would like to help them out in any way I can. Truthfully, I am a bit worried about this 'Night Owl' character, but there's four of us and only one of him. So, what's the worst that could happen? I probably shouldn't have said that. Oh well, I guess we'll just find out when we get there. For now, I am going to give these kids a history lesson.

Tricia led Jericho, Draco and Cherill through the mines between several tunnels as she used her dominion over fire to create a torch in her hand. After going through a few tunnels and making a few turns, Cherill noticed the writing on the walls.

Cherill: What is all this writing about Tricia?

Tricia: I've been waiting for someone to ask that question. The writing on these walls has been here since about 2100, about four hundred years ago. It tells the history of ancient warriors called magi and sorcerers which are basically ancestors of the people today that we call players.

Cherill: Oh wow, that's interesting. If the people were called magi and sorcerers back in the old days, why are they called players now?

Tricia: There was a group of people who were ashamed of what they did in the past. They were a lawless crime fighting organization which existed along side an old organization known as the Magic Council. They didn't come into existence until around 2051 though.

Cherill: What was the name of the group?

Tricia: They used to call themselves Justal Liberation, but today they go by a different name, the Supernatural Beings Squad, or the SBS. The same people who force us to sign a contract that says we may have to enter a draft at any time in exchange for our powers.

Draco: That's very interesting. So, what exactly is this language that is written on the walls?

Tricia: Scholars have deduced that the language is called 'English'. Some people believe it was derived after their idol Enrique Iglesias.

Jericho: That's all codswallop though. There's nothing to suggest that Enrique was more than just a singer.

Tricia: Not to mention that Enrique was actually Spanish.

Draco: What's Spanish?

Tricia: It was another language during those times.

Cherill: You mean there was a time in the past when a universal language didn't exist?

Tricia: Exactly, there were many languages in use in the old days. English and Spanish obviously. There were also languages known as French, Klingon and Latin though.

Draco: So, what makes there's languages different from ours?

Tricia: Actually, our way of pronouncing words was taken from English pronunciations. The only thing we really changed was the symbols. Instead of using things that people called 'letters' we use symbols more similar to an ancient writing style known as hieroglyphics.

Cherill: How exactly were people able to adapt to this new language? It couldn't have been easy getting billions of people to agree on a universal language.

Tricia: That's a good question. Truth be told, they didn't actually have to do that. According to the writing on these walls, there was a sort of divine intervention.

Draco: You mean like, a god changed their language himself?

Tricia: Yes, it was done through an event called the 'rapture' which was also known as the 'apocalypse'. No one knows the exact date or time it happened, only that it happened in our past when man didn't heed the warnings and royally screwed up the Earth.

Cherill: How did they screw it up?

Tricia: An ancient text known as the bible warned of the antichrist and the world becoming evil. Despite these warnings though, people questioned its legitimacy and used that excuse as a reason to be assholes. Actually, it wasn't just those people. Even the people who believed felt they were superior to others and many of them became assholes as well.

Draco: It doesn't sound like it was a great time to live in.

Tricia: The rapture was a horrible time to live in indeed. Man gave into the temptation of the seven deadly sins which led to Earth's downfall.

Cherill: Seven Deadly Sins? What are they?

Tricia: The sins are known as greed, lust, sloth, pride, envy, wrath and gluttony. Greed, people felt they were entitled to more for selfish reasons. Lust, people desired things that wanted to an unhealthy degree. Sloth, people lost their will and motivation. Pride, people became egotistical. Envy, people wanted what others had and would steal those things. Wrath, people became angry and began mutinies. Gluttony, people became unhealthily indulged in things such as eating and lying. The antichrist was the embodiment of all seven sins, but he was so beautiful and cunning that no one realized his evil tongue.

Draco: It's amazing that people could become so awful. If that is the case, why does the SBS wish to hide all of this information? Couldn't we use it as a lesson to tell us what not to do?

Tricia: Even if they didn't, people would start believing that is was all a fairy tale. People would deny evidence of anything they didn't want to believe in the past. People would say that anyone could have written this stuff to fool us. Even without that though, the SBS doesn't want people to know about the problem that they caused.

Cherill: How did they cause it?

Tricia: As a collective force they didn't really. It just happens that the antichrist was there leader back when they were known as Justal Liberation.

Draco: I get it now. So, what are all these other markings about. I see some pictures with lands and maps that look nothing like ours.

Tricia: Those diagrams represent different realms. We like in an unnamed realm, which people used to just call Earth. There is said to be ways to reach other realms though. In the old days, the ancient magi and sorcerers had their own realm known as Licharius. There were other realms too though. There was Spurata for instance, which housed the spirits of the dead as they waiting for the return of a Messiah. There were about 10 other realms, most of them unnamed. There was one more realm that became important in the mid 21st century known as Fitzilia. It was said to be created by the wish of a young girl named Darla who had the ability to control sewing needles and fight with dolls.

Draco: So, that little girl couldn't have been the one to lead the world to turmoil could she have?

Tricia: No, definitely not. That land wasn't tainted for over one hundred years. After she created the land though, it became a peaceful place for people to have fun. She gave them free houses and since she was in charge of the land she could give them any form that she wanted. It is said lollipops and various forms of candy bloomed in the field, but that because of Darla's wish, they would not cause cavities or harm the body in any way. The only thing they could have done was help someone survive.

Draco: It sounds like this girl really cared.

Tricia: Actually, when she created the world, it was just to find some alone time. As time when on though, she started to construct museums and amusement parks. She even allowed a select few humans to enter her realm. They frolicked through the fields, rode the rides and enjoyed the sights. The problem came when she let the wrong person enter her realm.

Cherill: So, there is a downside to Fitzilia after all.

Tricia: Yes, but not at this moment. The man entered the realm and was so mesmerized by its greatness that he wanted to make the world the same way. He became so obsessed with it that it eventually led to him trying to take over the world as a false prophet. He forgot what he was trying to do in the first place and start Justal Liberation. That was the birth of the man known as the antichrist.

Cherill: And that led to the apocalypse that you mentioned earlier.

Tricia: Exactly! At the start of the apocalypse, Darla became an angel and lived in Heaven. Justal Liberation knew all about Fitzilia though and went there often. Eventually, their leader went mad though and changed the entire realm. He took away the amusement parks, the museums and everything the people loved about the place. Fitzilia went into ruin.

Draco: So, what has happened to Fitzilia since then?

Tricia: Fitzilia's name has been changed by the Supernatural Beings Squad. It is now known as Surgolia, the realm where the mystery experiment takes place.

Draco: So, if we were chosen for the experimental draft, we would be taken to that realm?

Tricia: Indeed.

Draco: I wonder if we could find any other useful information there.

Tricia: I imagine so, but it may not be what you want to hear.

Cherill: I have one more question. What was Earth like before the apocalypse?I don't mean when the antichrist ruined Earth, but how advanced were we?

Tricia: According to the ancient scripts, the world was very advanced technologically. They rode on things called hover boards and in hover cars. Communication became simple as people lost the need for any kind of phones or laptops by was of the Z-4 device. Skyscrapers scaled the big cities, clean streets and beauty were abundant in even the small cities. People often played a game known as a virtual reality game. I still have not deciphered exactly what a virtual reality game was. They were huge for gamers in the old days though.

Jericho: Even I didn't know most of this information. How exactly do you know it?

Tricia: I have lived in the mines and made some of my own discoveries. However, the Paprik family has passed down the ancient book of translation. With that, I have been able to encode most of these texts. There are still small pieces of the puzzle that I feel are missing though.

Jericho: How exactly did your family get the book?

Tricia: Because we are direct descendants of Darla.

Draco: No way. The creator of the Fitzilian Realm.

Tricia: Yes, and I am the last survivor of our family. The SBS doesn't want us alive, but they don't know of my existence because my existence is hidden. They don't even know a member of our family exists.

As Tricia said those words, the four of them exited out of the last tunnel into a forest. There were small pathways where trees weren't blooming all around and a couple small ponds around, as well as a river with many forks. Behind everything, large mountains could be seen in the distance. In the midst of all the beauty was most frightening sight though. A human and a demon looking figure with blood pouring off of him were standing in front of them. Next to them, another man in a strange suit sat on the shoulder of a giant bear. The three spoke.

Human: So, a member of the Paprik family still survives. We've heard your entire conversation.

Strange Suited Man: We are going to take you to the extreme and tear your limbs from your bodies.

Demon Looking Man: I will drink your blood and and make you suffer in darkness until the end of time.

Human: I am Jillian, the shaman.

Strange Suited Man: I am the Xeridos, the stunt man and this is my pet Kringe, the angry bear.

Demon Looking Man: And I am Piran, the demon of blood. We are members of the Supernatural Beings Squad. If you surrender now, we will just send you Surgolia and you won't have to hear from us again.

New characters in this episode:

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Re: Power Surge
Episode 8: Crisis! The Night Owl Hoots!
Narration (Jillian Speaking): As a member of the Supernatural Beings Squad, I have two jobs. The first of those jobs is to observe players all over the world and decide who will enter Surgolia. My second task is to make sure the history of the Earth is not exposed. We have been observing Jericho for some time, to see what we want to do about his constantly increasing strength. To think that a member of the Paprik family would get dragged into the middle of this is more than I could have imagined though. The Paprik family is legendary. As the leader of this particular group, I will get a huge promotion for figuring this out. First thing's first though, these fighters are not pushovers and I'm sure they won't go quietly. At the very least, we need to stop three of them from reaching Master Korume. The history of Earth shall not be exposed!

Tricia: You know guys, it would be easy to just accept their invitation and go to Surgolia.

Draco: No, we can't do that. Sarah is still being held captive. Until we get her back, we cannot stand down.

Jericho: Tricia's suggestion isn't even an option for me either. They may look tough, but we can take these guys.

Cherill: The only question I have is, can I have the dude with the bear?

Jericho: Why would you want to face the dude with the bear?

Cherill: There's just something oddly familiar about the guy that makes me want to kick him in the face.

Draco: You do understand that by facing him, you will be placed in a two on one disadvantage, correct?

Cherill: I am ready for that.

Tricia: In that case, I'll fight the bitch.

Jillian: What'd you call me?

Tricia: I called you a bitch, open your ears darling.

Jillian: How dare you!

Jericho: Draco, do you want to demon guy?

Draco: No, I want to fight Korume myself and bring Sarah back.

Jericho: The problem with that is that I want to be the one to bring Sarah back.

Tricia: Just flip a coin.

Cherill: *pulls a coin out of her pocket* That would be the easiest way to choose. Heads or Tails, Draco?

Draco: Heads.

Cheril flips the coin and catches in her hand. As she does so, she flips the coin onto the back of her hand, showing the result as Heads.

Jericho: I guess it's up to you Draco. Don't let us down. We'll be right behind you.

Jillian: Who said that we'll let him pass?

Tricia: Do you really not believe in your master Korume enough to defeat a guy who just became a player.

Xeridos: Just let the boy pass, he's not worth the trouble.

Jillian: Fine. *grunts*

Draco runs forward and gives the three of them a nod as he goes away. The three of them all shout out 'Good luck!' to him as the three members of the Supernatural Beings Squad just watch him go by. Afterwards, Jillian runs off to the left as Piran runs off to the right. As soon as they notice that, Tricia chases down Jillian and Jericho chases down Piran. Cherill stays and looks forward at her opponents.

Xeridos: Facing me is a bad choice girly. Let me show you the power that I have.

Cherill: I won't run away. The only important thing is that we get Sarah back.

----------Cherill Ohara vs. Xeridos and Kringe----------

Xeridos begins the battle by jumping off of Kringe and motioning for Kringe to rush forward. Kringe listens to his master and immediately slams his hand down toward Cherill, attempting to punch her into the ground. Cherill jumps backwards and avoids the attack and then hops onto Kringe's arm. She rushes up his arm and attempts to kick Kringe in the face upon reaching it. The bear opens its mouth, causing Cherill to pull her leg back and avoid Kringe's head completely. The bear then creates a flame in his hand and tosses it like a ball at Cherill. Cherill responds by creating a shield of water in her body, which completely washes away cringes fireball.

Xeridos: Shit, the girl uses water. Kringe, you're going to have use your strength to beat this one.

Kringe makes a growling noise as if he understands his master. Kringe pulls his arm back as Cherill places her hand on the ground. Kringe slams his fist forward at Cherill, but Cherill jumps to the side and touches the ground with her hand again. Kringe continues to try to punch the girl, but Cherill responds to each of his attacks by jumping to the side and placing her hand on the ground until she's made a complete circle around Kringe. As she lands the last time though, Xeridos is waiting for her. He makes a loud noise to get her attention and then sprays smoke from a spray bottle in her face. Cherill screams as she senses another punch from Kringe coming.

Just as the fist hits Cherill in the back, she snaps her fingers. At that moment, a circle of thorny vines shoot out of the ground, trapping Kringe inside. The vines must have been extremely thick and the thorns must have been very sharp, because Kringe fell to his knees, screaming in pain, unable to move. It didn't come without its downside though as Cherill slammed into a tree at the front of the forest and fell to the ground. As she did, Xeridos picked her up by her hair and held her in the air.

Xeridos: How dare you harm my pet, you whore. *spits in her face*

Cherill: I won't let you get away with kidnapping Sarah. I won't!

Xeridos: Oh yeah, and what are you going to do about it? Even if you could see me, you couldn't beat me.

Cherill kicked Xeridos in the chest, causing Xeridos and Cherill to fall on the ground. Xeridos fell on his back while Cherill fell on her knees.

Cherill: Let's test that theory. Tell me, Xeridos, did you know that lutein is a xanthophyll which can be found in the retina of the eye. As a person who has the power to control plants and vegetation, I can also create their particles and insert lutein directly into my retina, allowing me to see in the dark or in smoke.

Cherill placed her hand over her eyes and did exactly as she suggested. She inserted lutein directly into her retina and could see perfectly fine afterwards. She lunged forward Xeridos, attempting to kick her in the head, but Xeridos ducked under her attack and then tripped her with a leg sweep. Xeridos jumped to his feet and pulled out a metal baton which he pointed down at Cherill while standing over her.

Xeridos: Do you surrender yet?

Elsewhere, Tricia has chased down Jillian to an area of the forest filled with luscious greenery. So much in fact, that it would prove to be difficult to maneuver around.

Tricia: Why did you lead me out here?

Jillian: We all have our places where we fight best. I fight best when my opponent has difficult moving around, but Xeridos and Kringe need the open space. Here, I can fight you my way.

Tricia: So, you're just scared you can't beat me otherwise?

Jillian: Why take a chance at failure when I can guarantee a sure thing?

Tricia: You're a coward!

Jillian: Coming from the girl who hides away her name and let's people walk all over her.

----------Tricia Paprik vs. Jillian----------

Tricia rushes forward at Jillian, attempting to punch her in the face. Jillian simply jumps further away, up into a tree branch to avoid the attack. Tricia responds to that by creating a ball of fire in her hands and throwing it at Jillian, but Jillian simply jumps over the fireball, letting it burn the branch of the tree. Before it can completely burn however, a strange plant wraps itself around the flame, causing it to stop. Jillian had jumped from one tree branch to another tree branch during that time.

Tricia angles her head upward at Jillian and shoots flames out of her mouth as if she is flamethrower. Jillian easily defended against the attack by creating some strange snake-skin looking shield in front of herself. As the flames touched the shield, they dispersed, sending smoke all around Jillian. Tricia used that opportunity to stop her attack. She ran up the tree Jillian was on and jumped toward the branch she was standing on when she reached it.

She attempted to kick Jillian in the head, but Jillian had already got out of the way. Tricia was lucky to land on the tree branch as she struggled to maintain her balance. Above her, Jillian was standing upside on with her feet on the bottom of an above tree branch, though Tricia couldn't see that through the smoke. Tricia descended down from the branch, but still stayed attached to it by means of some strange green substance. When she was right in front of Tricia, she punched Tricia in the stomach, sending Tricia flying off the branch and onto the ground, into an itchy plant.

As she landed in the plant, a snake jumped out from behind a tree beside Tricia, and bit into her neck. Tricia screamed in pain as the snake wrapped itself around her body. Tricia could feel the snake crushing her bones as Jillian walked up to her, and kicked her in the face. Tricia fell backwards into the plant on the snake which only made the snake bite on her neck even harder. As Tricia struggled to sit back up, she had blood rushing down her shirt from her neck and had blood on her face.

Jillian: Well well, you're not challenging at all are you? I must say that I'm disappointed Tricia. You come to me with a big mouth, but you can't even land a hit on me.

Jillian walked forward closer to Tricia and wound out tripping over some kind of oil spill, falling flat on her ass.

Tricia: Well, depending on how you look at it, slipping on oil counts as a hit, eh? I knew the type of girl you were the moment I laid eyes on you and was just waiting for you to fall into my trap. You think you have this wrapped up, but we have only just begun. Now, let me show you the legacy of the Paprik Family Transformation!

With those words, Tricia's body completely caught fire, burning the snake off of her and the plant around her. As she transformed, she lost all of her injuries and pains. She then stood up and looked down at Jillian.

Tricia: Now it's time to get serious.

On the other side of the forest, Piran had led Jericho to a small pond surrounded by trees. When Jericho arrived, Piran was standing on the water in the middle of the pond as the water turned red and the fish in the pond all floated to the top, dead. Jericho stopped at the mouth of the pond.

Jericho: I'm not much for words, but what is this? It's like you killed the entire pond.

Piran: I have dominion over blood, but this isn't just any blood. When my blood touches water, it strengthens into a disease, and that disease eats away at life. That's why I'm fighting you here.

----------Jericho Roberts vs. Piran----------

Piran lifted his arms up to his sides and spun around like a fan as blades of blood extended from him and ripped through the trees of the forest. Before the trees could hit the ground, they had completely decayed, leaving only tiny stumps where they used to be. Jericho had ducked under the attack as it would have hit him in the chest otherwise. Blood splattered around the forest, but Jericho somehow managed to be out of the splash zone. All it did was hit the ground, killing the grass, and turning it to a mahogany color.

Jericho thought to himself about how difficult this battle would be for him. He wasn't exactly known for fighting long range. His opponent however seemed to be impossible to reach close range. He was going to have to think really hard to succeed in defeating him. Where was Piran's opening? Was there an opening to be found? Jericho needed to figure that out and he needed to figure it out quickly. That's when the idea hit him. If the water was making the blood diseased, all he needed to do was block off the water. Of course, he knew that was easier said than done with his opponent standing on top of it. That's when another brilliant idea hit him.

Jericho created a stick of dynamite in his hand and threw it at Piran. Piran wasn't going to wait for that to hit him. He created a giant wall of blood which decayed the dynamite stick on contact. He then motioned his arm forward, sending the wall of blood rushing toward Jericho. Jericho ran to the side, knowing that he couldn't let the blood touch him. He was running low on time though, as he had to make a quick jump at the end to avoid the attack. He rolled like a ball out of the way, but Piran was already preparing another attack. He created twenty arrows out of the diseased blood and had them hover over pool for a moment.

Then, he motioned his arms forward and sent the arrows flying at Jericho. he was able to avoid the first half, but in the second half, he was unable to dodge two of them. One struck him through his left leg and the other struck him through his right shoulder. A huge hole was made in his shoulder and his leg as Jericho screamed out in pain. Piran then created another giant wall of blood and sent it rushing toward Jericho.

Piran: You cannot move, you cannot defend. This is checkmate Jericho, thank you for playing.

The wall of blood came toward Jericho as Jericho held up his arms in defense. As soon as Piran was completely blocked from sight by his blood wall, Jericho tossed several sticks of dynamite at the wall of blood. They all exploded causing the blood to disperse and splash away, though the explosion caused Jericho some pain as well. Small bits of the blood hit Jericho's body, causing his clothes and parts of his body to decay, but he did everything he could to avoid making sounds of pain. After doing so, Jericho tossed several stones through the opening of the hole in the blood wall with his good arm at Piran.

Piran had already turned away assuming the victory was his win, but he was wrong. The stones were actually dynamite which exploded all around him, knocking Piran up into the air with parts of his own body rotting away. Piran didn't go far into before falling back down inside the blood of his own pond. Jericho placed his hand on the ground at the edge of the pond and caused a stone wall to cover the entire pond, trapping Piran under it and with his blood. Jericho was in pain, but he would survive.

Jericho: This pain can be healed, but your suffering will be short, and your death will come swiftly.

Jericho struggled up to his feet and stumbled away from the battlefield, not knowing that Piran would not die that easily and would become his opponent again someday.

----------Cherill vs. Xeridos----------

Xeridos stood over Cherill with a metal baton, but Cherill wasn't going to let him win that easily. She grabbed his legs with her own and twisted them, slamming Xeridos into the ground. Xeridos dropped the metal baton as Cherill rolled away and stood back up to her feet. Kringe was still in pain, but not making any noise as he was just on his knees, unable to escape. Cherill ran toward Kringe as Xeridos grabbed his metal baton. Xeridos chased after her with the baton and swung at her when he reached her. Cherill ducked under the attack though and Xeridos wound out hitting Kringe hard in the head, making Kringe go unconscious.

Xeridos: NO! My pet, what have you done.

Xeridos cried out, but Cherill wasn't giving him any time to mourn. Vines rushed up from the ground and wrapped themselves around Xeridos as he turned around to face Cherill. Cherill walked up to Xeridos and grabbed onto the dude's mask. She held onto for a second, letting out a deep breath as Xeridos screamed at her to not take it off. She didn't listen though as she pulled that mask off of his head.

Cherill: No wonder I have had the urge to kick you in the face, Larrity Stronghold. Feel the pain that you've caused for yourself, you bully!

With that, Cherill kicked Larrity in the face, knocking him to the ground, wrapped up in vines, unconscious in front of Kringe. Cherill grabbed his metal baton and placed in her belt buckle as she walked away from Larrity on her way to find Draco. As she did, the sound of an owl hooting in the sky went across the entire forest.

At that moment, Draco had found the Night Owl's camp. It was a normal camp with a few tents around at the edge of the forest right beside a mountain. Sarah was strapped to a tree with tape over her mouth, looking petrified as Draco walked up to her. He was about to free her when he felt a hand punch him in the chest. He fell to his knees then felt the mystery person kick him in the head, knocking him down to the ground. The man became visible as he spoke.

Korume: Hello Draco, I am the mastermind behind the kidnapping of your friend. My name is Korume, though perhaps you would remember me better as Riku.

"New characters" in this episode:

Next Time: The Awakening Of A New Power!

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Re: Power Surge
Episode 9: The Awakening Of A New Power!
Narration (Korume Speaking): I hate players, fully and completely. I do not do my job as a member of the Supernatural Beings Squad simply to do my job. I wish to obliterate the entire existence of players. That is why I became a player myself. For I know without that power, I cannot hope to accomplish my goal. They are all embarrassments to the race of humans. Do you love me now father? Will this mass destruction allow you to see me as your equal? Wait for me! I will destroy you too. For you are the one I despise most of all.

----------Tricia Paprik vs. Jillian----------

Jillian: What the hell are you? What kind of power is this?

Tricia: My name is Tricia Paprik, and you should know the legacy of the Paprik family by now. We are descendants of a clan who possess spirits whose powers we can use for transformations. My spirit is of the god Hephaestus.

Jillian: Shit! I thought spirit transformations were just a myth. How can I fight against the spirit of a god?

Tricia: You can't. If you forfeit now though, I will leave you as you are.

Jillian had to think about that for a bit. She didn't want to give up, but she had no hope anymore. She didn't believe that she could match up to Tricia. Who would be able to stand up to a Greek God? She wasn't just going to accept her thoughts and become a coward though. She came there for one goal. She stood up to her feet.

Jillian: Whether or not I die is unimportant to me. I will sacrifice myself if it means fighting for what I believe in.

Tricia: For someone with such underhanded tactics, I am surprised at that response. I can admire you for that.

Jillian jumped forward toward Tricia and aimed a punch at her stomach. Tricia didn't move, she just let Jillian hit her. The punch sent Tricia crashing through the tree behind her and flying through the forest. The tree fell toward Jillian, but she dove out of the way. Her eyes widened however when Tricia flipped in mid-air landing her feet on the side of another tree. She pushed off the tree, which instantly burnt and flew back toward Jillian. She flew forward toward Jillian who rolled out of the way at the last second. The punch instantly burnt that tree to the ground as well.

Jillian grinned at the opening for an attack as her snake jumped up toward Tricia's neck. It tried to bite into her, but as soon as it hit her skin its face caught fire and turned the snake to ashes. Jillian tried to crawl away from Tricia, but she didn't have enough speed. Tricia walked behind her as she crawled as her right hand turned back to normal. When she reach Jillian, she grabbed her by the strap of her top and her held her up in the air.

Tricia: Do you still want to fight me and give up your life?

Jillian: I can't just let you go away. It's my duty to stand up to you.

Tricia sighed at her response and pulled hard on Jillian's strap, ripping her top. Jillian fell to the ground and then to her knees as her top fell, exposing her breasts. She quickly covered them up with her arm though and looked back to Tricia with fear and tears in her eyes. Tricia walked back up to her and placed her right hand on her shoulder. She was ready to crush Jillian if she didn't respond the way she wanted her to.

Jillian: You twisted pervert. How can you do this to someone?

Tricia: Weren't you the ones who came after us? What have we ever done to you? You can still repent Jillian, but this is your last chance.

Jillian: Your blood itself is an abomination. You don't deserve to live.

With those words, Tricia squeezes Jillian's shoulder, breaking her shoulder bone as Jillian cried in pain. Tricia then turned her right hand back to its transformed form and Jillian's body caught fire. Jillian screamed out as Tricia let go. She didn't stay on fire though.She was burnt greatly when the fire stopped, but it still caused her to fall on her chest. She laid there as she was on the verge of passing out. Tricia began to walk away.

Jillian: Don-- Don't walk-- walk aw-- away from- from me.

Tricia: You should learn to cherish your life more. Your job isn't worth dying over. I'll give you time to think about that what that means. If you still want to take me out, meet me again, after you've awoken the spirit hidden within.

Jillian passed out after Tricia said those words and Tricia turned back into her normal human form. Tricia then walked away from Jillian, showing pity on her by letting her live. She went on her way to meet Draco.

----------Draco Storm vs. Korume----------

Draco: Riku, you bastard.

Korume: Hahaha! You pitiful fool. When you're in my presence you call me Korume. Riku never existed, idiot!

Korume walked up to Draco and kicked him in the face, knocking Draco back onto the ground. Korume then lifted Draco up by his hair and looked into his eyes.

Korume: What did you expect out of me? Did you think that I was just putting on the act of hating you? I detest your very existence.

Draco: I don't understand you. What have I done against you? What harm have I caused? Do you have no heart?

Korume: A heart is for the weak. When you open yourself up to people you give them the opportunity to take advantage of you. Trusting people is the greatest weakness of men. I will not become like them.

Draco: Whether or not you try to deny it, you are still a man. No matter what way you look at it, you possess weaknesses just like everyone else.

Korume: Idiot, I possess no weaknesses. Weaknesses are for those of you who don't have power to do what you want. I am greater than the rest of you because my word is greater than yours. My influence is superior to yours. People respect me, they look up to me. I am a leader, and you're just some kid who's getting ahead of himself. You think the idea of being a player is cool. Don't give me that shit. You know nothing about the things that players do. You haven't been a player long enough to understand anything.

Draco: Maybe not, but I know that prejudice is sure as hell just as bad as anything you could have on your mind.

Korume: *sighs* You just don't get it.

Korume kneed Draco in the chest with those words, sending him flying in the air. At that moment, Korume sprouted giant black wings and flew in the air toward him. When he reached Draco, he flew above him and kneed him in the back, sending him slamming into the ground below. Korume then went upside down, pointing his head downwards and made his wing take the form of a drill. He began to spiral very quickly toward the ground as he planned to drill right through Draco's body. Draco turned to his back and noticed just in time to roll out of the way of the attack. Korume's attack however caused the earth to crack and some pieces to fly into the air as well Draco. Draco landed on the ground and had his left arm crushed by a falling piece of the earth.

As Draco laid there in great pain, Korume walked over to him without having even broken a sweat. His wings were still outstretched as he had a big grin on his face. Draco looked toward him, with anger in his eyes. He hadn't even seemed to try to fight against Korume, which lead him into being in a very rough spot.

Korume: You would think that someone who has so much resolve to defeat me and save his friend would actually put in some effort. It seems like you have no more of a chance against me than you did when I was "training" you. You are even more pathetic than a regular player. I must say, I am greatly disappointed.

Sarah: Don't listen to him Draco!

Draco: *sighs* Why not? He's right. I haven't even been able to get an attack on him yet. I am a disappointment.

Sarah: Don't be such an idiot. Didn't you come out here for me? Am I so unimportant to you that you can't even defend me? Stop being such a wuss and fight back.

Draco: My arm is crushed here, what do you expect of me? No one fight like this.

At that moment, Sarah was released from her restraint by the silhouette of a person. She said thank you to the silhouette and then began to walk toward Draco. As she did so, Korume just stopped and place his thumb on his cheek with his fist on his chin as if he was intrigued to see what was going to happen. When Sarah reached Draco, vines shot out from a nearby tree and pulled the piece of earth off of his arm. Sarah helped Draco up to his feet and punched him in his gut. She then lifted his head back up and kissed him on his cheek.

Sarah: Now, get back in there and stop being an idiot. Look out!

With those words, Sarah pushed Draco to the ground as a hole appeared in her chest. She fell to her knees, with blood pouring out of the hole and puked on the grass. Draco looked to her with his eyes shaking. He crawled over to her with tears running down his eyes. He knew it was too late to save Sarah, but he couldn't forgive Korume for what he did. From behind the tree Sarah was tied up to, Cherill walked out in tears.

Cherill: Draco! What are you doing? Fight back!

Draco had already decided that it was time to fight back for himself, two arms or no arms. He looked toward Korume with extreme anger in his eyes.

Korume: Ah, are you finally going to get serious? It's about time.

Draco: I will kill you.

Draco pulled the sword Tricia gave him out of its sheath and pointed it forward at Korume. He stabbed the sword and a bolt of lightning shot forth at Korume, hitting him in the chest and causing him to fall down to one knee as his hair began to stand and he held the wound on his chest. Draco then held the sword in the air as the winds began to swirl around him. At that moment, Tricia ran into the battlefield with surprise.

Tricia: He possesses a spirit too. Not just any spirit either. He has the spirit of Set.

Next Time: Draco vs. Korume! A Battle Under Stormy Skies!

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Re: Power Surge
Episode 10: Draco vs. Korume! A Battle Under Stormy Skies!
Narration (??? Speaking): *beep* *beep* *babeepbeep* Connection Detected. Speak your message after the beep. *beep* How is my Korume doing? Is my boy alright? I'm working as fast as I can to fix things up so I can return. Things aren't as simple as they should be here in Surgolia though. In our capital, the players are revolting against us. Treason roams through the air, like a deadly fume plaguing the land. I will find a way to return to you my son. I expect that you will make me proud until then as a member of the SBS. Be safe and connect with the network again sometime soon. We here at Axron miss you. I love you son.

Power surged around Draco's blade as he went through a transformation to use the spirit of Set. The winds blew all around as his left arm begun to heal itself. After the transformation, he had not changed in appearance. All that had changed was his energy which radiated around himself and his eyes which turned blood red. He looked forward at Korume with a grin and licked his lips.

Draco: It's time to feast.

Korume: What are you talking about?

Draco: Your soul, your flesh, it all looks so, tasty.

Cherill: Draco! What's wrong with you?


Draco swung his arm out toward Cherill, knocking her backward with a blast of wind into a tree. Tricia ran over to her as Draco slowly walked toward Korume. Cherill got herself to sit back up as Tricia slid down on her knees.

Tricia: Are you alright Cherill?

Cherill: I'm fine, but what's wrong with Draco?

Tricia: He's not controlling the spirit of Set. That sword is supposed to help a player awaken their spirit. Sometimes, it doesn't work out well though and the player loses control. There's very few things to break through it.

Cherill: Well, how do we stop it then?

Tricia: For the time being, Draco will be focused on Korume. Let's let them battle it out and we will come up with a solution while we wait.

Cherill: But, what if he kills Korume?

Tricia: Better for him to kill Korume than for Korume to kill all of us.

----------Draco Storm vs. Korume----------

Draco: So, why do they call you the 'night owl', Korume?

Korume: Because I have wings, abduct players and hunt at night. My powers don't exactly resemble an owl, but my actions do.

With that, Draco lunged forward at Korume and held his sword up to his neck. Korume could feel Draco breathing on him, as he tried to move his head away so that Draco wouldn't be able to smell his fear.

Draco: Well, I suppose you regret the way you handled things this time, night owl. You've come up against an opponent that you cannot hope to defeat.

Korume: We'll see about that.

Korume pushed Draco away and then rushed forward, slamming into his chest with his shoulder. Draco flew up into the air, but it didn't take long for him to catch his composure. He stopped himself in mid-air and then flew back down toward Korume. He used the power of wind at the soles of his feet to make himself move faster. When he reached Korume, he stabbed his sword at his chest. Korume dove out of the way though and Draco's sword struck the ground.

Korume took that chance to aim a kick at Draco's back, but Draco let go of the sword, caught Korume's leg and then tripped him. As Korume fell to his back, Draco picked up his sword and swung it down at Korume. Korume rolled out of the way and Draco swung his sword down again. Korume moved out of the way once more then pushed himself up to his feet. As he got up to his feet, Draco stabbed at his left shoulder, but Korume side stepped and elbowed Draco in the arm, causing him to drop his sword.

Korume then aimed a punch at Draco, but Draco instead caught his fist and then kicked him out of the way onto his back. Draco grabbed his sword off the ground and pointed it toward the air.

Draco: Enough of this.

With those words, the skies turned grey and rain began to fall. It wouldn't stop with just rain though. The rain came down so hard in such high wind that it was coming down sideways. Hail fell from the sky and lightning begun to strike around the air. It was a full on severe thunderstorm. Miniature tornadoes spun in the area above the battlefield and even ripped the tops off of some of the taller trees.

Korume was terrified. He had never seen such tremendous power. Draco lunged forward and swung his sword down across Korume's chest, leaving a slash wound in it diagonally. Korume fell to his knees and held his wound. Draco swung the sword around again, but at Korume's neck that time. Korume ducked under the slash and then hit Draco in the chest with his palm.

Draco flew into the air as Korume jumped up after him. When he reached him, he kicked him in his chest, sending him slamming into the ground. Then, Korume created thirteen black tentacles which extended from his body. He stabbed them all at the ground toward Draco, and struck him through thirteen different areas of his body. Korume sprouted his wings and used them to calmly settle down on the ground. He kept his dark tentacles behind himself and looked down at Draco, who he assumed was dead.

Korume: Well, it looks like that power surge was just a hoax.

Korume turned around and began to walk toward Cherill and Tricia. Moments after he began to walk though, Draco seemingly teleported in front of him. Korume was so taken aback that he fell on his ass. Draco held his sword out and pointed it down at Korume. Korume made his thirteen tentacles all stab through Draco's body again, but Draco just tanked them once again. He didn't even flinch.

Draco: Is this the best you can do?

Korume: How, how? How can I beat you?

Draco: You don't have the power to beat me, Riku.

With those words, Draco stabbed his sword through Korume's chest. Korume fell to his back nearly unconscious with blood pouring out his wounds. Koruke didn't know what to do. Draco was ready to go for the kill.

Korume: Please Draco! Have mercy!

Draco: You didn't show any mercy for Sarah.

Draco went to stab his sword down at Korume, but Cherill jumped out and caught Draco's arm. She held his arm back to keep Korume alive.

Cherill: Don't do it like this Draco. He doesn't deserve to die. This isn't who you are.

Draco wasn't listening though, he elbowed Cherill in the chest then pushed her onto the ground. Cherill fell onto her back in tears, knowing that Korume had lost his ability to hear reason. She was giving up hope. At that moment however, Draco felt a wooden staff swing into his chest which sent him slamming into a tree across the battlefield. As he hit the tree, he puked out blood, dropped his sword and fell to his knees. The man who hit him was Bastion.

Bastion: DRACO! What the hell are you doing? I cannot stand a man who would strike a woman, especially the one he loves.

Cherill: It's not his fault Bastion. Draco has gone into his spirit form.

Bastion: Losing control is a sign that he is weak. I'm going to beat the sense back into him.

Bastion lunged forward across the battlefield and swung his staff at Draco. Draco picked up his sword and lunged forward as well as he swung his sword at Bastion. When they clashed, they appeared to be at equal strength because neither side was able to push the other back. It was like they suddenly stopped and energy coursed out from them, knocking Tricia to the ground as well as Jericho who had just arrived to the battlefield.

Jericho: Geeze! This is no way to treat a newcomer.

Cherill: Jericho. Draco's lost control.

Jericho: Yeah, I'm not exactly in the condition to do anything about it.

Cherill: Well, I'm going to.

Bastion and Draco swung at each other as Cherill got up to her feet. She began to walk toward them as they tried to gain an advantage. In the end though, they just wound at clashing weapons, trying to push each other away, until Cherill reached them. She hugged Draco from behind and began to cry.

Cherill: Draco! Come back to us!

Draco flinched and pulled his sword back, but Bastion didn't take advantage of that. He held his staff back, waiting to see if Cherill could get through to him. Draco turned around and looked at Cherill with his eyes lightening up. He had fully regained control of himself though, which could be noticed by the fact that he pulled his sword back and was about to push her away. At that moment though, Cherill looked up at Draco and kissed him on his lips. Draco couldn't continue his swing, though he still struggled for a couple seconds before dropping his sword into the ground and falling to his knees with Cherill. The skies returned to being clear.

Cherill: Are you okay hun?

Draco: What did I do?

Cherill didn't get to answer that question though as a man grabbed her shoulder and threw her onto the ground. He then looked toward Draco and kicked him in the chest, causing Draco to grab his chest.

Bastion: Who the hell are you?

???: My name is shit ass monkey bitch. Sorry, that was my tourettes. I am Henreik Lancer, and I am the master of I slept with your mother last night. Sorry, that--

Bastion" Yeah, your tourettes, I get it. What do you want?

Henreik: I am the leader of this division of the SBS. I eat children in their sleep. I mean, I will see that you all pay for harming the master's son. Death, pimps and teabagging.

Bastion: Do people tell you that it's odd having conversations with you?

Henreik: Manhandling thunder bastards. I mean, yes, they do.

Bastion was tired of talking to that guy. He swung his staff at Henreik, but his staff just went right through him. The guys body seemed to have small squares flipping where Bastion's staff struck him. It was as if he was a digitized hologram, though his ability to hit people would have suggested that he was tangible.

Henreik: Is that the best you can kill all humans with herpes?

Bastion jumped up again and swung his staff at Henreik, but the same thing happened. However, that time, Henreik grabbed Bastion's head and held him in place. He kicked Bastion in the chest, causing him to fall to his knees. Jericho and Tricia started to run away, but suddenly they found arms floating in front of them. The arms grabbed them by their neck and started floating them toward Henreik.

They tried to strike the arms, but their strikes just went through them the same way Bastion's staff just went through Henreik's body. They were dropped on the ground between the triangle of Draco, Cherill and Bastion. Henreik just looked down at them and backed away.

Henreik: Pity, pity. You can't even hit my big ass liquid nitrogents.

The five of them struggled up to their feet and Henreik just watched them. They then all began to lunge forward. First, Tricia and Draco attempted to uppercut Henreik in the chin, but Henreik just lifted up his leg and kicked them both across the face before they could reach him. Then, Jericho and Cherill slid down and tried to knock his feet out from under him, but Henreik just kicked them both in the face as they slid through his body which again seemed to be digitized. Lastly, Bastion jumped in the air and kicked at Henreik's head. Henreik though, digitized himself above Bastion and kicked him in the head as well. The five of them had all fallen to the ground, unconscious and defeated.

Henreik: Operation Crouching Snapper Turtle, I'm going to cut you in your sleep, I mean Snapper Turtle, Intangible Chicken complete.

???: Excellent Henreik. You can return to Surgolia now. We'll take it from here.

Henreik: Thank you Master Jackass Dead Moth--

???: Henreik, just go back now.

Henreik: Yes sir. Re-log, Henreik.

Henreik disappeared in a very digital looking way as the five bodies lied there. With that, three figures walked out from behind the trees.

Figure 1: Blank their memories.

Figure 2: Yes sir.

Figure 3: Anything else?

Figure 1: Make sure to grab Korume before we go.

Figure 3: Yes sir.

Figure 1: It's time. The draft has chosen the five of you. Draco Storm, Cherill Ohara, Bastion Gimley, Jericho Roberts and Tricia Paprik. Good luck finding each other.

New characters in this episode:

Next Time: Who Are We?

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Re: Power Surge
---End of Players Arc---

Maikeru D. Shinigami 01-20-2013 11:11 AM

Re: Power Surge
Episode 11: Who Are We?
Narration (??? Speaking): Our mission has been accomplished. We have captured the five people who came close to discovering our secret. All thanks to our plan to capture a girl who was never in real danger. We can't risk these people exposing who we are, so they will spend the rest of their lives in Surgolia. The Supernatural Beings Squad is not to be crossed. Anyone who crosses us, will face a fate worse than death.

Kurabara Medical Center
Room 224

A man and a woman laid their heads on their daughter's bed in tears. The girl laying in the bed was Sarah. Her status was unknown. She definitely appeared to be in bad shape, but her condition had stumped the doctors. She was definitely alive and she didn't show any signs of being in serious danger of losing her life. At that time, a doctor walked into the room.

Doctor: We've double checked, we've triple checked, we've done everything we can. We have no idea what's wrong with her or why she hasn't woken up yet. Her body is normal, her heart rate is normal, her pulse is normal. There's no explanation. So, for the time being we are going to diagnose her as being in coma. We will continue checking on her when we can, but I expect that she could wake up at any moment.

Man: Is that all? She could wake up at any time? Is there nothing else possible?

Doctor: That's all I have for you. She definitely won't be killed by this and there shouldn't be anything odd about her when she wakes up. I won't promise anything though. This case is already strange enough. The scar suggests she was wounded in a fatal area, but she's still alive. It's as if whatever struck her didn't really strike her. I know it sounds odd, but just keep faith. We will figure out what happened to her. You can stay as long as you want.

Woman: Thank you doctor, for everything.

The doctor gave the woman a nod and then walked out of the room. The two then looked down at their daughter.

Man: Well, I hope he's right.

Woman: Please wake up, my Sarah.


In the hallways of a white facility, men in suits and lab coats walk around discussing various topics. Every once in a while, one or two of them walk through one of the automatic metal doors lining the hallways. At a certain intersection of the facility halls, a certain discussion is going on about certain topics of interest between a group of five certain people.

Person 1: How is Korume getting along, any better yet?

Person 2: He has woken up already. He was pretty upset when he woke up wondering why he wasn't strong enough to defend himself against Draco.

Person 1: I was afraid of that. Is he going to be alright?

Person 2: Well, that's the problem. You see, when he heard about what we're planning to do with the five that we captured, he decided to enter Surgolia himself.

Person 1: HE DID WHAT?!

Person 3: He entered Surgolia. He said that he cannot stand living in a world where he can never fight against Draco again. His mind has been clouded by vengeance. He told us that he will defeat Draco one day. He wants to be stronger than him.

Person 1: *sigh* Well, I guess we were all expecting this one day with his personality. I just hope he knows what he's getting himself into. Anything else you guys wish to tell me?

Person 4: I don't have anything to tell, you just a concern I wish to voice. Please understand that I say this with utmost respect. Do you think we are tightening up too much on players? The draft was originally meant to be a test, but now we are just throwing people in the game because we consider them a threat.

Person 1: Be careful who you say that in front of. Certainly I agree with you that we could lighten up a bit. It's not our place to decide how we do things though. So, I would keep my opinions to myself in front of the boss. It's not worth worrying about.

Person 4: Yeah, I guess you're right.

Person 1: Alright, since no one else has anything to say, I have something to say. We have the five ready to be downloaded. Alice, I want you to take over the task of adding them to the system.

Person 5 (Alice): Yes, of course I can do that. I was hoping you would ask me to actually.

The five of them gave their nods to each other and then went their separate ways. Alice walked down the hallway to her left toward a door at a dead end. When she reached the door, it opened up and she walked through. The room she entered was also all white and had pods lining the walls around with wires hanging around the room, connected to the pods. Alice walked over to a group of pods on the left where Draco, Cherill, Bastion, Tricia and Jericho were already in their pods. Tricia then pressed a couple buttons ona remote hanging from her utility belt.

Alice: Alright, the doors have been locked. Now I can do things my way.

Alice put a helmet on top of her head and hooked up some wires from them to the five pods. They looked like wires to plug in a CD player. After plugging them in, moments later she found herself floating through a large black space with 0s and 1s flying by. After the journey finished, she landed on the ground in front of a gingerbread house on a yellow brick road. The world was beautiful. The sky was a mixture of purple and pink and the grass was all around. Throughout the fields, candy of various sizes extended from the ground. There was a nearby river which flowed with milk and another which flowed with honey. In the center of the candy field, an angel fountain shot water from the mouths of five different angel statues high into the sky. At that moment, Draco appeared in front of her. In another spot which appeared as an exact duplicate, Bastion appeared in front of another Alice. All in all, Cherill, Bastion, Draco, Jericho and Tricia all appeared in an exact duplicate spot where Alice stood in front of them.


The Five Of Them: Where am I?

Alice: You are in the realm of Fitzilia. It is a land without pain and without disease. It is a virtual paradise.

Draco: Did I die? Is this what heaven looks like?

Alice: No, this is far from heaven.

Draco: Why does it look so much like how I would assume heaven would look?

Alice: It is a realm made completely from the wishes of a small girl named Darla.

Draco: That doesn't make sense.

Alice: Well, you're going to have to get used to things not making sense, because for f a very long time, this world will not make sense to you.

Draco: Right, I just have one question.

The Five Of Them: Who am I? I don't remember anything.

Alice: There's a reason you don't remember anything. Your memories have been blanked. You don't realize this, but you have forgotten who you were friends are.

Cherill: The only friend I have is Draco.

Alice: You actually remember him?

Cherill: Yes, we have been friends since we were little.

Alice: That explains it. You might remember some of your friends, if you've known them long enough. All the recent memories you have of them have been erased though.

Jericho: Why would this happen?

Alice: The Supernatural Beings Squad has decided that you are a threat to them. They don't want to let you roam the Earth freely anymore. And so, not only did they take away your memories, but they have trapped you in this world.

Bastion: How do you know so much?

Alice: *sigh* Because I am a member of the Supernatural Being Squad. I am on your side though.

Jericho: Why should I trust you?

Alice: Who else do you have to trust? It might not make sense now, but after you've entered the world of Surgolia, you will understand.

Tricia: So, what exactly is Surgolia?

Alice: Surgolia is a magical land. It is a mixture of reality and virtual reality. Your minds have been linked to this 'game'. The system is called 'Restoration Online'.

Draco: You said this land was known as Fitzilia though? So, where is Surgolia?

Alice: Fitzilia and Surgolia are one in the same. Fitzilia is the past of Surgolia, before it was destroyed by the antichrist. You are both in Surgolia and not in Surgolia. I wanted you to see this place so that you could see the beauty of this land of wonder before you see what it has become.

Bastion: So, can you explain what Restoration Online is?

Alice: Restoration Online is the name of the game that takes place in Surgolia. Surgolia is just the land that you will wander across. The reason it is caused Restoration Online is because of the condition of all the players. Their minds have all been wiped over a period of time that I am unsure of. However, we can recover those memories by playing the game. Scattered throughout Surgolia are items called memory pieces. You can only find your own memory pieces though. The more you find, the more you remember. Some of these pieces rest in random spots of the world, some rest inside random enemies and some of your bigger memories rest with the bosses of the lands. I however, have an alternative solution for you to consider.

Cherill: What is that exactly?

Alice: Live here in this Wonderland. You can forget all about our problems and live your lives in peace. I can restore your memories with the press of a button. You will be able to see all your friends and live in happiness.

Jericho: What about our friends and family in the real world?

Alice: No worries. On Earth, the people no longer have memories of you. They can continue on with their lives as if you all never existed. There will be no negative repercussions on them. It'll be just like taking on a new life.

Cherill: If I do that though, what will happen to you? What if someone finds out what you've done?

Alice: This room has been sealed. There is no way for anyone to reach you. If I press the button to restore your memories though, the rest of the organization will see that the system has been breached.

Cherill: But what will happen to you?

Alice: *sigh* If I am found as a person who commits treason, I will be killed.

Bastion: You're willing to lay down your life for me to live happily?

Alice: Without a second thought.

Tricia: I can't do that. I can't sacrifice the life of someone else just to live a happy life. I don't need you tell me anything more to know that this world needs help.

Alice: So, what do you say then?

The Five Of Them: I will not let you sacrifice yourself for me.

Alice: Thank you. If you are going to choose this route though there is one thing I want to do to get you prepared. Sit back and listen, so that I can tell you the rules of Restoration Online and the way Surgolia works.

New characters in this episode:

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Re: Power Surge
Episode 12: Entrance To Surgolia!
Narration (Alice Speaking): I have been raised as a member of the Supernatural Beings Squad. I never had a choice in the matter. My mother is somewhere inside the game, she was sent there after disobeying a sacred rule of the SBS. I despise the way things are ran and I want to bring an end to it. I've never gone into the game and given anyone the opportunity to choose before, but this time felt right. There's something about these guys that makes me feel like I can depend on them. There's something that makes me feel they can end my sixteen years of misery. That's why I'm helping them. I want them to beat this game. I want the SBS to be destroyed.

Standing in the midst of the fields of Fitzilia, Alice looks forward at Bastion, Cherill, Draco, Jericho and Tricia, who are all in different, yet identical areas. Whether they just can't see each other or they just aren't at the same place is unknown. The important thing though is that they have all decided that they will play the Restoration Online game. Their quest to join the fray in the lands of Surgolia is only just about to begin.

Draco: So, there are rules to Surgolia now?

Alice: Of course, every game has to have rules. I just feel that it will be easier for me to tell you them than to expect you to read the terms and conditions. Nobody reads that crap after all.

Jericho: Even I don't read the terms and conditions.

Alice: Exactly! So, the first thing to note is that you are not allowed to have intercourse with other players in a public area. You are going to need to find a private area, maybe a locked hotel room, if you want to make virtual children. If you try to have sex in a public area you will receive a warning message. If you ignore the message, you will be chased down by the hunters.

Bastion: Why is that the first rule?

Alice: It's not, it's just the one that sticks out to me most.

Draco: So basically, you're a pervert.

Alice: --Moving on. As I mentioned, you will be tracked down by the hunters. The hunters are the law enforcement officers of Restoration Online. They are all members of the Supernatural Beings Squad and very dangerous. Do not cross them. Their punishments vary depending on the crime you commit. The punishment for public intercourse is six months in jail.

Tricia: That doesn't seem like much.

Alice: As I said, this is a virtual reality game. So, punishments aren't going to be quite as large as they would be in the real world. Of course, your records will be kept and your punishments will become more grand the more crimes you commit. The next thing you should be aware of is that no one except for Stelts and Viruses can attack another player character without initiating a duel. The creators of Restoration Online don't want this game to become that type of world. More on Stelts and Viruses when we talk about classes.

Tricia: Makes sense.

Alice: Stealing is a crime. You should not steal from merchants, shopkeepers or civilians. Stelts and Viruses are much more adept at stealing, but it's still a crime. That said, we take pride in the accuracy of our artificial intelligence for this game. If the shopkeeper is in the backroom, he will not see you. If he has his back to you, he might not see you. A lot of these stores have alarm systems though, once you reach the land of Carn De' Rana. So, if you do decide to break that law, proceed with caution.

Bastion: That is useful information.

Alice: A person whose profile lists their actual self as 18+ having intercourse with a person whose profile lists them as 17- will not be tolerated unless the age difference is 4 or less. This law is taken seriously and the first offense can be up to five years in jail. So, always check a player's profile before proceeding. If it turns out a person is lying about your age, we keep consent records and so you will not be punished.

Jericho: I am totally behind that.

Alice: I bet you are. Next up, destroying buildings and other such things when not in a duel or some sort of battle is illegal. We will not allow players to go around committing arson or blowing up shopping malls. Smoking is not allowed in non-designated smoking areas. We have simulated the feel and smell of smoking, so keep it away from the children. On a similar note, drugs and alcohol should be treated the same way. Operating any motor vehicles you find in the world while under the influence is illegal as is going more than five miles per hour over the designated speed limits. Vulgarity is allowed, as each player has their own filter options.

Draco: Well that's pretty cool. This seems really lifelike.

Alice: It's as lifelike as you can get. We have simulated all of the senses so that you will be able to see, hear, touch, smell and taste. However, if one of your senses was not up to par in the real world, we will bring it up to a minimum level here. That's about all there is to say about how the world works, so now we can get onto the details of creating your avatar.

Bastion: This is what I've been waiting for.

Alice: We aren't superbly detailed. We give you plenty of races and classes to choose from, but you can really become anything. We don't have assassins as a race, but you can become one for instance. I'm sure I don't need to tell you this but your race is really better defined as your species. We have humans, who are just normal and able to work with more than others. We have elves, who are typically advanced in archery and who have higher healing capabilities. We have dwarfs, who are great at fighting up close and dodging. They aren't normally going to be good for speed though. There's a race called animen, which basically makes you half human and half an animal of your choosing. Then we have werewolves which differ from animen because you will not be able to control them in a full moon when you start. However, they are going to be more powerful than a typical animan. We then have the cyborgs. Restoration Online likes to emphasize technology, so you will be able to customize your body as a cyborg, and you get a few extra slots for techniques. Cyborgs are strong but generally slow. Then we have the undead. The undead refers to the choice between a basic undead, a zombie or a vampire. Zombies have next to no control over their actions and vampires lose much of their control around blood. The final race are called viruses. Viruses basically means that they are the dark race. You can use this race to become a goblin, a small troll, or any kind of dark creature you can think of. That's it for races. Any questions?

Tricia: Can viruses be just original dark creatures?

Alice: Yes, you have room to customize your virus character.

Cherill: Awesome.

Alice: Since there are no more questions, I will explain the classes. We have the basic race called the warrior. Warriors are good with strength but aren't as much about speed. We archers, or snipers if you prefer. Their strength is obviously hitting targets from long distances. Their strength is good, but not meant to be used up close. We have a class known as the techie. This is one of the coolest, most useful classes in the game. Not only do you get to work with technology, but you also can edit the details of abilities and who can use those abilities. Techies evolve into hackers. We have psychics who are adept at messing with the mind. The stronger you get, the more techniques you can use and the more often you will be able to read people's minds. There is much more to psychics than that though. Sorcerers can use many different kinds of magic. There's not much to say about them. As I told you, we also have stelts. This race is for those of you who might want to be an assassin, or a thief or a ninja. They are quick and quiet, but not usually the best fighters when caught. Engineers can create new abilities from scratch, but they are limited on their customization of those items. An engineer-hacker combo is amazing. Last, we have the paladins. Paladins are similar to worries but more strong on defense and they're known more for healing. Those are the classes. Any questions here?

Draco: None that I can think of.

Alice: --Alright, then moving on to the stat sheet. The stat sheet is pretty small compared to a lot of games. The thing is, we want you to control your own knowledge and your own fighting ability. We will however give you a boost in certain areas. The first stat is strength. Pretty basic, it decides how strong you are on defense and offense. Note that we do not have an accuracy state. Instead we have items to help you. The next stat is speed. As you increase your speed, we will also do some heightening with your endurance. There's nothing else to say about speed, you should know what it is. Next, we have your health. Health is always important. Some races and classes will start off with higher health than others. The average base is 100, but some can go up to 200 or as low as 50. Steps, you've probably never heard of this stat before. We want to make it easier for you to walk or run. The basics will be up to you, but the steps stat will decide where you can walk or run. You can use steps to walk across water, walk up building or walk on air if you get good enough. Next, we have class skill. This is how you develop your class. There are unique rewards for each class. A warrior may be able to wield more swords or a hacker may be able to edit abilities further. Some may just be an increase in available techniques. Finally, we have magic skill, not to be confused with being a sorcerer. Everyone gets a general ability to control elements. You get one element to work with from the start in fact. As you progress these class skills and magic skills you will notice that you will be able to get more techniques and even use secondary or tertiary classes. You will have some restrictions based on your race and class. Are there any questions there?

Jericho: Are there specific numbers to reach to get more abilities or another class?

Alice: Yes, there is a more defined list with numbers to show what you get when. You will also find that it's easier to run with steps than it is to walk.

Bastion: I have no questions then.

Alice: Alright then, well when you are placed in the world, you will be separated by race. Remember the goal of the game is to restore your memories. I really want you to be able to find your friends that you made before your memories were wiped. So, if you will follow me, I will lead you to Surgolia where you can begin character creation. Do not be alarmed when you see how different it is.

Alice walked up to the gingerbread house and opened the door. She opened it and motioned for each of them to go inside. After they did, Alice shut the door, leaned against the wall of the building and sighed.

Alice: Good luck you guys.

After that, she logged out and returned to the room with the pods as she unplugged everything. As for the other five, they found themselves standing in a dark space filled with green ones and zeros as well as a virtual character creation screen. Each of them took time to look everything over before deciding their characters.

Name: Draco Storm
Race: Elf
Class: Sorcerer
Age: 17

Strength: 7
Speed: 8
Health: 150
Steps: 10
Class Skill: 2
Magic Skill: 2

Name: Cherill Ohara
Race: Undead-Vampire
Class: Paladin
Age: 16

Strength: 8
Speed: 8
Health: 170
Steps: 8
Class Skill: 2
Magic Skill: 2

Name: Jericho Roberts
Race: Animan
Class: Engineer
Age: 17

Strength: 4
Speed: 9
Health: 160
Steps: 9
Class Skill: 2
Magic Skill: 2

Name: Bastion Gimney
Race: Cyborg
Class: Warrior
Age: 22

Strength: 12
Speed: 5
Health: 180
Steps: 5
Class Skill: 2
Magic Skill: 1

Name: Tricia Paprik
Race: Human
Class: Techie
Age: 24

Strength: 6
Speed: 10
Health: 110
Steps: 12
Class Skill: 3
Magic Skill: 2

With that, each of them found themselves spawning in a different area with their created avatars.

Character's Avatars:

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Re: Power Surge
---End Of Season 1---

Maikeru D. Shinigami 01-24-2013 05:03 PM

Re: Power Surge
Episode 13: Our Own Journeys!
Narration (Narrator Speaking): In the last season of Power Surge, we met Draco Storm, Cherill Ohara, Jericho Roberts, Bastion Gimney and Tricia Paprik. What all of these guys have in common is that they are now considered players, people on Earth with supernatural powers. Being a player is not all fun and games though, and if you've caught up to this point, you must know that. Part of being a player is that you have to sign a contract which states that the SBS (Supernatural Beings Squad) can use you as experiment in their game if they so see fit. They choose one person at random each month and at other times choose more people. After a mutual friend of the five people aforementioned was kidnapped, they chased down the SBS and faced off with them in battle. They came out victorious, but after a mysterious man known as Henreik Lancer appeared, their luck ran out. They were all knocked unconscious, had their memories blacked and sent to the world of Sugorlia to participate in the Restoration Online game. Alice has explained the rules to them as well as the basic choices for their characters. It's time to see how those choices work out, if they can restore their memories and what exactly what this game is all about. Welcome, to Restoration Online!

Draco, Cherill, Jericho, Bastion and Tricia all were separated into their own race specific camps in Gardelon. The land of Gardelon was very beautiful. There were trees as far as the eye coul see, as well as lakes and streams. It had a sort of prehistoric look. There were a few areas where trees didn't grow, those areas make up circles where villages could be seen. For Jericho, he appeared out on a campground surrounding a lake where other different animan could be seen. Tricia found herself in a small village of huts with various humans roaming about. Bastion found himself near the side of a mountain where a group of cyborgs were messing with gadgets in a small village inside a miniature power plant. Cherill found herself in a cave underground with a number of vampires. Lastly, Draco found himself at a beautiful stone building covered in greenery with fountains of water which flew water into a pool around the building. A random human walked up to Tricia.

Human NPC: Hello, my name is Gary Lumber. I am the guide of this town and am the one to come to for frequently asked questions. I see you are not wearing a chip bracelet, you must be knew to this world.

Tricia: My name is Tricia Paprik, and you are right. I am new to this world. What is a chip bracelet exactly?

Human NPC: A chip bracelet is a required item for any player of Restoration Online. Without the chip bracelet, you cannot use any techniques or skills. You also can never get more than one bracelet unless you are or have a guild member who is a techie or an engineer.

Tricia: Well that is some useful information. Where do I get one of these chip bracelets?

Human NPC: Talk to the merchant in town. He has an infinite stock so that all players may receive one.

Tricia: Thank You!

Tricia bowed to the NPC and walked over to the merchant who had set herself up a little hut nearby. When she arrived, she stepped up and placed her hands on the counter.

Merchant NPC: Welcome customer, my name is Lindsey Autumns. What can I help you with this afternoon?

Tricia: I would like to get a chip bracelet. I hear that you have them over here.

Merchant NPC: Ah, yes I do. If you would be so kind as to place your hand on this metal plate, I can make your chip bracelet.

Tricia shrugged and placed her hand on a metal plate which sat on the counter. After a few seconds, she heard a beeping sound and saw one of the chip bracelets light up. The merchant grabbed it and pressed a button on the metal bracelet to have it open up. Inside, were three chips.

Merchant NPC: These chips represent the abilities you have on Earth. Regardless of what you chose to be here, you will be able to work with these basic powers as you travel through Surgolia. Your chip bracelet can hold no more than ten chips at a time, and at your level, you won't be able to use very powerful moves. They're still something though. On that note, you can alter the way your chip bracelet works if you are an engineer or a techie. So, keep that in mind for the future.

Tricia: Thank you Lindsey.

Merchant NPC: You're welcome. Can I help you with anything else?

Tricia: Yes, where should I go next?

Merchant NPC: Go find one of the quest givers around the town. They will have something for you to do. You can also go roam the woods and hunt freely. Be careful when you go out into the woods though because if you go too far you could end up with creatures who are too powerful for you to beat right now.

Tricia: I'll keep that in mind. What happens if I get mauled by a bear?

Merchant NPC: You will lose HP, your health points. At the moment, your health points are only 110. You can increase that as time goes along though. If your HP reaches 0, you will fail any quest you are on and re-spawn in the last village you were in.

Tricia: That doesn't sound so bad.

The Merchant NPC didn't reply, she just turned to the next customer as Tricia walked away. She went to a quest giver next to see what they had to offer her.

Quest Giver NPC: I am Owen Rictor. Are you looking for a quest?

Tricia: Yes I am. Do you have anything for me?

Quest Giver NPC: Yes I do. The quest I recommend is Defending Against Boars. Just outside of this village, some small boars have gone wild and we fear they are about to cause havoc. What you would need to do in this quest is to somehow either tame them or kill them. What do you say?

Tricia: I will take on this quest. What do I get for winning.

Quest Giver NPC: For winning this quest, you get whatever loot you find along the way as well as 100 melos.

Tricia: Okay, what's a melo?

Quest Giver NPC: Melos are the currency of Gardelon. They are the only currency we have. With this, you can buy more chips, hotel rooms or anything else you might enjoy. Does that answer your question.

Tricia: Yes, it does. Thank you. Which direction do I go to reach the boars?

Quest Giver NPC: It is about half a mile north of the town. I will give you a compass so that you can see which way you are going.

The NPC pulled a compass out of his pocket and handed it to Tricia. Tricia gave him a bow, placed the compass in her pocket and accepted the quest. She walked away toward the north to look for the boars.

Quest Giver NPC: Good luck!

Elsewhere in Gardelon, Draco, Cherill, Bastion and Jericho also went through similar conversations to receive their chip bracelets and first quest. Draco, Cherill and Bastion all walked out fairly quickly to get to their first quest. Jericho had a problem with an animan who was becoming a nuisance to him though. He walked by him as he went away from the lake toward the forest. He was leaning back on a tree, smoking a cigarette.

Ahn: Hey punk, why don't you kick back and light up a joint with me.

Jericho: No thanks, I'm just going on a quest right now.

Ahn: I didn't ask you to, I'm telling you to smoke with me. Just take one.

Jericho: I said no. Leave me alone.

Ahn walked up to Jericho and pushed his shoulder. He seemed angry just because Jericho didn't want to smoke.

Jericho: Don't touch me.

Ahn: Then do what I say and smoke with me you bastard. Come on, who wants to go on a quest when you can just sit back and relax anyways?

Jericho: I want to. I have important things to do. Go bother someone else.

Ahn: So, now I'm bother. Well aren't you one anti-social bitch?

Jericho: At least I'm not a guy who can't take a hint.

Ahn: That does, I'm challenging you to a duel.

Ahn pressed some buttons on his chip bracelet and seconds later Jericho heard a beeping sound along with a sort of robot voice.

Ahn Kirshnick has challenged you to duel. Will you accept?

Jericho looked at his chip bracelet and pressed the button that designated "Yes" by means of a technological words that appeared on the bracelet. As he stood there, he smirked and took a fighting stance.

Jericho: I'm going to have fun kicking your ass.

As Jericho spoke, a clock counted down on their bracelets. It counted down from 10 to 5 and quickly all the way down to 0 as a horn sound signaled the beginning of a duel.

New characters in this episode:

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Re: Power Surge
Episode 14: Virtual Immortality!
Narration (Jericho Speaking): Who does this lowlife punk think he is? First he attempts to force me to smoke with him, then he pushes me when I tell him I don't want any part of that stuff. What has happened to this world where people can't take no for a damn answer? I can't stand anyone who tries to shove their ideas down another person's throat, so obviously this bastard has found himself on my dislike list. It's all good though. Since he has challenged me to this fight, I will get to teach him some manners.

Ahn lunged forward at Jericho just as the clock struck zero. He opened his mouth and attempted to bite right into Jericho's jugular. Jericho jumped back however to avoid the attack and then punched Ahn right in the gut. Ahn slid backwards on his feet, but quickly got back into it as he hit Jericho in the face with a spinning heel kick. Jericho fell to the ground as Ahn jumped back up to his feet. Ahn then pointed his palms toward Jericho as several tiny fish emerged from his hands and flew for Jericho, their mouths chomping as they approached.

Jericho noticed this quickly enough to defend himself. He punched his hands forward toward the fish four times setting off explosions which caused each fish to disintegrate. That attacks went harmless into the air aside from that though. Jericho then hopped to his feet and jumped into the air as he spun above Ahn. When he got over Ahn's head, he extended his body as stone balls secreted from his body, attempting to smash Ahn.

Ahn created more tiny fish from his hands which would bite through all of Jericho's stone balls and come after him. Jericho started running toward Ahn as the fish changed their trajectory. When he reached Ahn, he slid beneath his legs. Instinctively, Ahn tried to close his legs, but to no avail. Not only did Jericho slide through, but his own miniature pirahnas bit into his legs. He quickly dispelled them, though he fell down to one knee in the process.

At the same time, Jericho lunged his palms forward, sending explosive blasts into Ahn's back which shot his across the forest into the water. Ahn had suffered critical damage, but he could still move. As he sunk in the water, he quickly regained his composure and swum up toward the surface as ribbons of water swirled around him. They continued swirling around him as he knelt down on the top of the water with one knee.

Spears of water shot forth from the ribbons of water, aiming for Jericho. Jericho wasn't going to let it hit him though. He created a stone wall in front of himself which blocked off the attacks. He then ran forward and kicked toward the stone wall, creating an explosion which sent a stone boulder flying toward Ahn. Ahn avoided the attack by simple submerging himself in the water. The boulder crashed into the trees, leaving a trail of destruction for about 100 feet where the boulder rolled over trees.

Jericho wasn't sure what had happened. Ahn stayed underwater for some time, but he was expecting some kind 'You Won' to appear on his chip bracelet. Of course, that would have happened if Ahn had lost. He still had some health left though. Ahn gathered water beneath his feet and used it to shoot himself forward like a cannon at Jericho's stone wall. Jericho only had enough time to duck as Ahn bit right through his defense and landed on the ground behind Jericho.

Ahn then ran forward at Jericho as he attempted to bite his neck. Jericho leaned away from the attack and then kicked at Ahn's side. Ahn however side-flipped over the attack to land back on his feet, then attempted to knee Jericho in the chest. Jericho stopped Ahn's attack by grabbing his knee and sliding slightly backwards. When he caught Ahn's knee though, Ahn spat his no longer lit cigarette from his mouth into Jericho's face.

The cigarette hit Jericho in the face and caused him to close his eyes momentarily. Ahn used that chance to bite Jericho in the neck as Jericho began to fall to his knees feeling Ahn chomp away on him. Ahn continued to bite further into Jericho's body as he also fell to his knees. Jericho's health was in the red when he finally mustered the strength to punch Ahn in the chest, causing an explosion which knocked both of their health points down to 0. They flew backwards, landing on their backs. They didn't respawn though, as instead their HP was just replenished, since they were in the base.

A draw sign came up on both of their indicators as the sounds of animen speaking to each other riddled the area. Apparently, Ahn had a 47-1 record so they were all impressed by Jericho's skill. One of the animan walked toward Jericho though and extended his hand toward him. The man animan was a half human, half whale creature. Jericho stood grabbed his hand and the whale-man helped him to his feet. At the same time, Ahn got back on his feet.

Ahn: BOSS! What the hell? Why are you helping my enemy?

???: You instigated this fight in the first place by imposing your will on this innocent new player. What have I told you about doing this?

Ahn: You may have mentioned not to do it anymore.

???: May have? Don't understate what I told you. I took you in as an act of kindness, but I can kick you right out our guild too if that's what you want.

Ahn: No sir.

???: That's what I thought. *turns to Jericho* I apologize for my subordinate's rude behavior. How can I make it up to you?

Jericho: I'll accept you just telling me your name.

???: Oh right, I didn't introduce myself, my bad. The name is Pearl White. I'm obviously a whale man. I lead a guild known as the Animan Knights. We are supposed to be known for our valor, but Ahn here contradicts that sometimes.

Jericho: I guess there has to be one punk in a group. *laughs* It's really fine though. I'm still alive and I can go on my quest. Drawing with a higher ranked opponent gave me 5- melos anyways.

Pearl White: Thank you for your forgiveness. Would you be interested in joining the Animan Knights by any chance?

Jericho: No thanks. I am more into flying solo. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the help, but I have more important things to deal with.

Pearl White: Well, I can give you my contact information if you ever change your mind.

Jericho: Sure, why not? It won't hurt anything. Who know, maybe I will change my mind someday.

Pearl White started pressing some button on his chip bracelet and moments later, Jericho received another notification sound as a message popped up.

Pearl White has sent you a friend request. Will you accept?

Jericho pressed the "Yes" button to confirm the request and then Pearl White received the notification for that.

Pearl White: Thank you for accepting. If you ever want to contact me, press the button marked with the number three and you will see instructions pop up virtually saying which button does what. I will contact immediately unless I am knee deep in a quest or am engaged in a boss battle.

Jericho: I understand. It's not that big of a deal. I might not ever give you a message. We'll see what happens.

Pearl White: Yes, we will. So, what are you going to do now?

Jericho: Well, I accepted a quest outside of the village to get honey from a beehive. So, I am going to be making my way over there.

Pearl White: Ah, the bee mission. Well good luck, and be careful. If you disrupt the bees, you will disrupt Queen Bee.

Jericho: Thanks for the tip and the hospitality. I appreciate it.

Ahn: Psh, whatever.

Pearl White: Ahn!

Ahn: Hmph. Just let him go.

Jericho: Well, I will see you around sometime, maybe.

Pearl White: Take care.

Jericho walked away after those parting words and made his way west of the village where he would later find the beehive he was looked for. In the animan camp, Pearl White and Ahn spoke to each other.

Pearl White: This is the the third time in the past month that I've had to get onto you for the same thing. Are you ever going to listen to me?

Ahn: Stop talking to me like that. You're my guild leader, not my father. I'll do what I want.

Pearl White: Well, if you don't straighten up your act I can kick you out of the guild. Is that what you want?

Ahn: I don't care. It's not like I need your help anyways. I can take on quests all on my own. I don't need you

Pearl White: Then go, if you don't need us do what you want. We don't need you either.

Ahn: Fine, good riddance to you buzz killer.

Ahn walked away from Pearl White that day and left the Animan Knights to become a solo player. It wouldn't be a peaceful split though, as there would be a whole nother story about what happened to them next. It was none of Jericho's concern though, he had somewhere to go and it was just ahead.

New characters in this episode:

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Re: Power Surge
Episode 15: Caution! The Stampede Of The Wild Boars!
Narration (Pearl White Speaking): My name is Pearl White, I am a whale-man on Restoration Online. As for what I was on Earth, I do not know. Our guild, Animan Knights is highly respected, but Ahn had always caused problems for us. I was glad to see Jericho teach him a lesson. Hopefully Ahn won't ever cause any issues for us again. Anyways, I am a highly respected animan in Gardelon, even though my memory is still limited. I hope that Jericho finds whatever it is that he is looking for.

In another area of the forest, Tricia was following her compass to take on her first quest. She didn't know what to expect of it. It was only a mission to defend the town against boars, but she was always prepared for the unexpected. After a few minutes of walking, she found the boars in a small clearing. The boars were definitely wild. She watched as they ran wildly into each other, as if they were playing football.

Tricia: Okay, these guys are definitely not just your average every day boar. How should I tackle this situation. I could run in and go wild on all of them. That might not be the best of ideas though. I don't even have a weapon yet. They may be low level creatures, but they can still do damage. Let's see, I have the ability to use fire and oil. I'm sure I can do something with that. I don't want to set the entire forest on fire though.

As Tricia stood there thinking to herself, the boars continued to crash into each other. After a few moments of that, another boar walked into the field. It wasn't like the other boars though. The other boars were a relatively normal size. The other boar however was three times there size, which said to Tricia that he must be the leader. This made her need to think to herself even more.

Tricia: Alright, maybe I could just take out the big boar and the rest of them would run away. Of course, then by ignoring them I would open myself up to receive damage and I don't want to do that. Maybe I should just put the mission off for now and come back with a weapon.

???: Why do that? You can take this mission down with ease.

Tricia turned to see who was speaking to her. When she did, she saw that it was a black human character. He seemed pretty relaxed with his dual swords on his back.

Tricia: Who are you to say that this mission is easy for me? I don't have any weapons on me like you do.

???: Who am I? The name is Lorenzo Martin. I just so happen to be taking on this mission too and to be honest I believe you're overthinking this. The quest giver recommended this to us as our first mission. If the boars were really that difficult, they would not make this the first mission.

Tricia: Aha, that's just what they would want us to think. What would be the perfect way to catch us off guard though? The perfect way would be to make the first quest actually a challenge. I won't for it.

Lorenzo: No offense, but are you on drugs?

Tricia: That's so rude. No, I'm not on drugs. I'm just being cautious. You should probably get serious too. Maybe do a jumping jack.

Lorenzo: I might would think you have a point if you weren't insane. Just run out there and start punching the boars. See what happens.

Tricia: Are you mad? There's no way I can beat those boars by just running out there and punching them.

Lorenzo: Alright, then kick them too. Whatever.

Tricia: That's not the point I was trying to make smartass. Look, the thing is, that I am not going to go fail this mission just because I run in blindly--

Lorenzo: Umm--

Tricia: And no, I'm not insane or paranoid. I just take this seriously. I don't want to waste my time failing some dinky little mission--

Lorenzo: Umm--

Tricia: I mean, would you want to go back to town knowing that you failed the first mission in this game, or would you want go back having everyone know that you knew what you were doing--

Lorenzo: Umm--

Tricia: And another thing, don't come prancing about here thinking that you are better than me just because I am a noob who is still getting used to the game--

Lorenzo sat down and sighed as he started poking at the ground with a stick.

Tricia: I mean, just because I didn't come as prepared as you, doesn't mean that you are better than me. I am perfectly capable of handling myself--

Lorenzo: Yeah, well, umm--

Tricia: So don't go starting to say things like that anymore. Now, that you've let me finish, why do you keep saying 'umm'?

Lorenzo: Well, you see, the funny thing about women and their tendency to talk too much is that sometimes that allows time for bad things to happen.

Tricia: And? What's the point you're trying to make?

Lorenzo: Well, you see, this is probably not going to be a big deal to you, but the boars started running toward the village when you started talking.

Tricia: WHAT?

Lorenzo: Yeah, you'll probably fail the mission if they reach the village, so I would probably suggest avoiding that.

Tricia: Won't you fail the mission too?

Lorenzo: Well, I lied. I didn't come out here to take on the mission. I've already beaten it. I was just watching your sexy ass walk by and thought that you would ask me to join in with you on the mission if I presented myself as taking on the mission.

Tricia: Ugh, well thanks a lot. Now I have to go catch up with some boars.

Lorenzo stood up to his feet as Tricia started running away. He ran off beside her toward the boars as well.

Tricia: Why are you following me?

Lorenzo: Why don't we go out on a date?

Tricia: What? No thanks. If you haven't noticed, I'm kind of in the middle of something.

Lorenzo: Yeah, I mean after you finish this mission.

Tricia: And why would I want to go out on a date with you?

Lorenzo: Because you think I'm hot and you want my body. Why else?

Tricia: Don't throw words into my mouth or try to make stupid jokes around me.

Lorenzo: Oh, trust me. Words are not what I want to put into your mouth.

Tricia: Ew! You're a sicko, you pervert.

Lorenzo: Whoa whoa! Don't take your mind straight to the gutter girl. I was saying that I want to take you out to eat and put food into your moth.

Tricia: Sure, yeah, whatever you say.

Lorenzo: So, what do you say?

Tricia: I say leave me alone.

Lorenzo didn't talk after that, but he still followed her until they found the boars. They were less than a quarter of a mile from the village when they reached them and started going crazy on them. Lorenzo jumped out from behind a tree and started slicing up the boars as they crossed his path. Tricia jumped at them and used some martial arts skills to take down a lot of boars herself. Lorenzo was right, it wasn't really challenging. Tricia thought in the back of her mind that she would need to apologize to him for being a pain in the ass, but she was too busy on her quest for the time being.

After they each knocked out a few of the boars, the boars changed their area of attention. Instead of running for the village, they begun to attack Lorenzo and Tricia. Lorenzo had no problem with them as he could just use his swords to fight them off. Tricia however, had a bit of a more difficult time. She hit many of them with punches and kicks, but there were too many for her to avoid getting hit herself. That's when she thought of something. She spat out oil from her mouth onto the ground. When the boars ran over the oil, the tripped and smashed into trees.

As they smashed into the trees, they disappeared. The stampede was nearly completely defended against when Lorenzo was talked by the big boar and sent to the ground. The boars all swarmed on him as Tricia defeated her last boar with a kick. When she noticed Lorenzo was being attacked, she knew there was only one thing she could do. She ran forward at the swarm of boars, shouting at the top of her lungs. The small boars continued attacking Lorenzo, but the big boar turned its attention toward Tricia.

Lorenzo pushed smaller boars off of himself and then stood to his feet. The boars attacked him again, but Lorenzo would not be hit again. He sliced through each of the boars until there were none remaining. Tricia wasn't having as much luck with the big boar. It rushed toward her and she wasn't sure how to defend herself and she ran away. She then remembered something important Alice told her about the Steps skill. She hoped that the points she put into it would be enough to get it to work.

The boar continued rushing at her as she ran toward a tree. When she reached a tree she ran up the side of it and then backflipped just in time to not be knocked off by the big boar who slammed into the tree. As Tricia backflipped over the boar, she spat more oil from her mouth onto the boar's back. She then created a small ball of fire in her hand and threw it at the boar, setting the boar aflame, defeating it. When she landed on her feet, Lorenzo jogged over to how.

Lorenzo: Wow, you're skills are even more attractive than your looks.

Tricia: So, now you're saying I'm not all that hot?

Lorenzo: Oh no, I didn't mean it like that. Gosh, I really worded that badly didn't I?

Tricia: Just a little bit.

At that moment, a message appeared from Tricia's chip bracelet.

You have successfully completed the quest 'Defending Against Boars'. For winning, you have gained 10 stat points to be spread along your stat sheet.

Lorenzo: I would get some more points before using them. The strength and speed stats require 10 points to increase by one. Health and Steps require 5 points to increase by 1. Then class and magic skill both require 15 points to increase by 1. I recommend getting used to the game so you can see what you want to improve and just checking the forest for loot.

Tricia gave him a nod and did as he suggested by saving her points. She then checked around the forest to see what loot she could find. She didn't find much, just a chip with the information for a bow and arrow on it, 20 melos and a jacket.

Lorenzo: Ooh, you got a clothing item. Clothing is not the same as chips. You actually can store that away in the system and wear it when you want. Just press the fourth button on your chip bracelet and tell it which clothing item you want to add to storage.

Tricia did as he said again and put the jacket in storage, which basically just made it disappear. She then opened up her chip bracelet and added the bow and arrow chip to her inventory.

Tricia: Thanks for the help. I apologize for being annoying.

Lorenzo: Oh no, it's fine. I wasn't really bothered by it.

Tricia: If you say so.

Lorenzo: So, would you like to go on that date now.

Tricia: No thanks. I don't really want to go on any dates. I want to go get my 100 melo for completing this mission and then go onto another one until I find out where I need to go and who exactly I am. If you want to join me for the time being that would be fine though.

Lorenzo: Sure.

Lorenzo then smacked Tricia's ass with an open palm.

Tricia: What the hell?

Lorenzo: I told you that you have a sexy ass.

Tricia turned her head away from him and made a 'humph' sound. She then started walking back toward the village as Lorenzo followed behind her. The only thing she did in the village was just as she said. She picked up her 100 melo and then asked for another mission. For the time being at least, her and Lorenzo were going to stick together.

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Re: Power Surge
Episode 16: Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?
Narration (Lorenzo Speaking): Tricia has one hell of an ass. Man, I really want a piece of that. It pleases me to know that she was finally able to see eye to eye with me in the end. For a while there, I thought she hated me or something. I guess the moral of the story here is that even though girls are annoyed by persistence and flirting, they are also highly turned on by it. Or maybe she just likes that I'm black. I mean, let's face it, being black automatically makes you awesome. Anyways, she's letting me join her on her journey now, so I look forward to going on another adventure with her.

In an underground cave, rested the village of the vampires. There was much open space in the cave, and of course, many vampire walking around. Inside the cave, everything was really dark. As everyone there was a vampire though, they don't really need to be able to see things to sense that they are there. In the cave, a girl spawned in her vampire avatar for the first time. That girl was Cherill Ohara. When she spawned, all the vampires turned their head for a moment to look at her.

She looked around in amazement at the village surrounding her. She didn't really understand how she could sense it in such darkness, but she happy she could. She wasn't really sure where to go at first, but that wouldn't be the number one thing on her mind very long. As she stood there, she noticed the vampires talking about something and pointing toward the top of the cave. She was confused and couldn't help but be curious.

Cherill: Umm, what's going on up there?

Vampire Player: There's an unwanted visitor in the Upper Village.

Cherill: The Upper Village?

Vampire: You must be new. The vampire village has been separated into three layers. The top layer above is called the Upper Village. It's on the surface of Surgolia. Where we are right now is the Mid Village. Below us is the Lower Village. That's where the vampire leaders reside. They make decisions for the village down there.

Cherill: Oh, what are the other two layers for then?

Vampire Player: They are pretty much for the same thing. Most of us stay in the Mid Village because really it's just where we spawned. Most of the shops and everything are here. Anything important can be found here and we like to stay out of sight. The Upper Village has a couple shops but it's mainly where the vampires train and do battle. So, there's no real reason to go up there unless we go on a quest or something.

Cherill: That makes sense.

Vampire Player: Anyways, as I was saying. We have an intruder in the Upper Village. He is a werewolf under the name 'The Big Bad Wolf'. He's a rogue werewolf player who likes to cause trouble around Gardelon. He's pretty powerful too, so we are a bit frightened of dealing with him as most of us aren't of a level high enough to give him a challenge.

Cherill: Well then, that's not very cool. Why exactly does he cause so much trouble? I mean, it seems kind of pointless to me.

Vampire Player: It's the downside of not having any real consequences for losing. People don't need a reason to cause trouble. We would attack him as a group, but like I said, he frightens us.

Cherill: I see. Well, we can't have that can we?

Vampire Player: Unfortunately, we kind of just have to deal with it. We can get a hit on him freely because he's caused so much trouble that he's free game in any place that's not the werewolf village. We could sneak up on him, but we can't really do anything more than land a couple hit on him before he takes out the entire village. You know something though. You have an odd appearance. You don't really appear to be a vampire.

Cherill: I just like having the powers and drawbacks of a vampire, it allows for more creativity and strategy than some normal race. It's also known for being dark, and I kind of like dark things. But, I wanted an appearance like this. So, I set it up when I joined the game. Never mind that though, how do I fight?

Vampire Player: Oh right, you need to talk to the vampire merchant NPC and receive a chip bracelet from him.

Cherill: Alright, I shall. Then when I'm done I'm going to see if this wolf is really as bad as you say he is.

Vampire Player: No, don't go up there, it's suicide.

Cherill: Well, I'm sure as hell going to try to get rid of him. You guys can stay here if you like, but I got this.

Cherill walked over to the vampire merchant NPC and placed her hand on a metal plate which recorded her player information from the real world. When she got her bracelet, she checked the chips to see what she had. She wasn't really please with having only what it gave her though, so she decided to talk to the merchant about weapons.

Vampire Merchant NPC: You can take a look at our collection. You have a selection of weapons that you can get for free as your first weapon. So, you can feel free to choose.

Cherill did as he said and looked at the weapon chips which were lying in a box when they were picked up, they would display a virtual image of the item. There were of course basic weapons likes swords and shields as well as bow and arrows. Cherill wanted something different though. Something basic but not often used. When she decided, she had chosen a free weapon pair and added the chip to her inventory.

Vampire Merchant NPC: Thank you, come again.

Vampire Player: Why did you choose that when there were so many better weapons.

Cherill: Because, I have a plan and these will help me succeed with that plan.

Vampire Player: This I have to see.

The vampires got over their fear enough to follow Cherill through the cave. When she reached the end of the cave and walked out though the vampires hid behind a building and peeked out around the corner to see what was going on. The Upper Village wasn't what she expected, but made sense for a vampire village. The buildings around made the village look deserted as they were destroyed and grass was risen from the cracks in the stone ground.

There were trees in sight which surrounded the village, but the closer they were, the more dead they were. Cherill walked out to the center of the village as she saw the werewolf searching through the shop stalls. When she noticed him, she had to take a deep breath because she wanted to make sure she was ready. After all, she was still literally a noob at the game. She worked up her courage though.


The Big Bad Wolf was annoyed by being called a furball more than anything, so when he turned and saw a noob girl yelling at he couldn't help but be bother annoyed and amused. The Big Bad Wolf walked forward toward her.

The Big Bad Wolf: Ha ha! You have some guts kid. You're really foolish though to insult me. Do you not know who I am?

Cherill: I know who you are. You're the jackass who goes around causing trouble. Why don't you take your overgrown ass and go play somewhere else puppy?

BB Wolf: What did you just call me, little girl?

Cherill: You heard what I called you. Are you acting dumb or are you legitimately that stupid?

BB Wolf: Why you? That's it.

The Big Bad Wolf has challenged you to a duel will you accept?

Before answering her notification, Cherill pressed the fourth button on her chip bracelet and pressed another button immediately after. At that moment, a red cloak appeared on her. It was red all over and she put the hood over her head. It highly made her resemble a famous fairy tale character.

Cherill: We're going to reenact a fairy tale little wolfie. Once upon a time, there was a little girl with a red hood, known as Little Red Riding Hood. Once day, when she returned to her home she realized something strange about her grandmother. What big arms she had, and a big nose, and legs and ears and eyes and teeth. There was no explanation aside from the one she hadn't realized. The Big Bad Wolf whom she'd spoken to earlier used that information to eat her mother and then the wolf ate Little Red Riding Hood. Today though class, we will learn about the alternate ending where Red skins the wolf. How does that sound?

BB Wolf: You are so annoying. Don't be so cocky you noob.

Cherill pressed the 'accept' button on the notification and surveyed the area to find what she could use to defeat the wolf. When she got her idea, she grinned. Two seconds were left on the countdown.

Cherill: I'm not the cocky one here. Don't underestimate me.

With that, the countdown hit zero and the battle begun. Cherill started off quickly by pulling out a pair of yo-yos and spinning them around quickly. They spun so fast that they were breaking the stone beneath her feet. The stones flew into the air and she hit them again with her yo-yos as they floated in front of her. The force from the yo-yos sent a barrage of stone toward the Big Bad Wolf.

The wolf was surprised by the attack and hit by the first couple, but then used his advantageous stats to avoid the rest and rushed toward Cherill. As he approached closer, Cherill made a stream of water shoot her into the air as she flipped across the battlefield to the other side. Once there, she repeated the process of tearing up the ground with her yo-yos and hitting them toward the wolf. The wolf was able to avoid them with ease.

BB Wolf: I've already figured out your trick girl. You're going to need to figure out something new to hit me again.

The wolf rushed in at her again, and again she shot herself away with a stream of water. She didn't go across the battlefield that time though. Instead she had it shoot her off to the left and forward to a distance from the first and second place she attacked from, to make a triangle. She turned toward the wolf and repeated the process; destroying the stone and then hitting them toward the wolf. He easily dodged them again.

BB Wolf: Just give up, you can't do anything.

Cherill just gave him a smirk and dodged him as he rushed toward her again. She used another stream of water to shoot herself across the battlefield, so that the place she had been would make the shape of a diamond. Once more, she used her yo-yos to do the same thing, and yet again the wolf dodged them. He was getting frustrated though by her repetitive and pointless attacks. He rushed at her again and she shot herself back across the battlefield with another stream of water.

As she flipped over the battlefield she hit the stone in the exact middle of the other stone areas she had destroyed. It cracked and some of it flew upward. When she landed, she immediately shot herself forward and to the left toward the second place she had destroyed. As she flew there, she again aimed her yo-yos down at the center area, destroying more of the ground. Finally, she immediately shot herself across the battlefield with another stream of water after landing to shoot her back to the first place she was at.

BB Wolf (to himself): What the hell is she up to.

As she flew over again, she one last time struck the ground with her yo-yos so that it knocked all the stone in the spot out of her way. When she landed, she waited a couple of second then shot herself back up wards with another stream of water. That stream was angled differently though with more height instead of distance. She wound out just above the central area as the wolf stepped onto the central area. When he did, she smirked and shot ribbons of water from her body into the four destroyed areas around the wolf.

With that, an entanglement of thorny vines shot up from the ground around the wolf and extended into the air. The wolf was trapped in the tall vines that were formed. Cherill placed her hand down to stop the vines as she fell toward them. At the same time, the top of the entanglement became solid wood. Cherill lied down atop the plant she created and looked down at the wolf from over the side with a smile in her face as she held her chin with her fists and swung her legs back and forth like a child.

BB Wolf: What the hell! I can't get out.

Cherill: Of course. If you had paid more attention to your surroundings you would have realized that you were standing over seeds for a vine tree. I noticed that they connected to the center with four equal points surrounding it while I was surveying the field earlier. Seeing as you are cocky and stupid, I figured it would be easy for you to fall for it. Now, will you apologize for all the trouble you have caused?

BB Wolf: Hell no! You couldn't beat me in a real fight, you sneaky little bitch.

Cherill: Oh my, we can't allow that kind of language. *giggles*

The wolf was losing health by the second and no matter how much he struggled, he couldn't break free. At that moment a leaf emerged from the top of the plant and lifted Cherill into the air. It flew away from the plant and then descended Cherill to the ground like an elevator. When she reached an area close to the ground she hopped off and landed feet first onto the ground as she walked toward the wolf.

Cherill: This is your last chance, will you apologize?

BB Wolf: NO! I will not apologize.

Cherill: Too bad.

With that Cherill swung her yo-yos forward and had the strings wrap around the wolf's neck. That's when the wolf noticed that the strings were made out of metal. The wolf tried to apologize, but she pulled the yo-yos back, snapping the wolf's head off and dropping his HP to 0. Cherill had won the matchup, but the wolf didn't disappear.

Cherill: Why is he still here? That doesn't make sense.

The vampires were happy that Cherill won and cheered as they ran out to greet her.

Cherill: Don't players usually disappear after you beat them?

The vampires stopped cheering at that moment when they noticed that The Big Bad Wolf was still there even though his HP hit 0. It didn't make any sense. It turns out that The Big Bad Wolf actually did die, but no one would figure out why until much later in the journey. For that time being though, Cherill and the vampires shrugged off their thoughts and had a small party in the Mid Village before returning to their lives. For the victory, Cherill received 50 melos and was allowed to keep the cloak that she borrowed from one of the vampires.

New characters in this episode:

Next Time: The Deafening Buzz! Queen Bee Enraged!

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Maikeru D. Shinigami 01-28-2013 07:17 PM

Re: Power Surge
Episode 17: The Deafening Buzz! Queen Bee Enraged!
Narration (Cherill Speaking): I really didn't mean to kill the dude. I'm just as confused about how he died as everyone else was. It was clearly told to me by the guide that no matter how many times you lost you would never die. So, to see someone die, by my hands of all things within the first ten minutes of my time on Restoration Online makes me very nervous. Why did it happen? Was I lied to? These questions will roam through my mind. I hope to find the answer sooner rather than later. Or maybe I prefer to remain ignorant. It might keep me from dying after all.

Walking through the forest, Jericho passed by tree after tree on his way to find the destination for his quest. The surrounding land was filled with the normal forest scenery. There were trees, bushes and grass all around. About thirty minutes into his journey, he finally found the area he was searching for. About five hundred feet in front of him, there was bee hive hanging from a tree. He considered charging in wildly but decided to think a few minutes to think about it.

Jericho: Alright, a first mission is obviously not going to be difficult, but I don't expect a pushover either. It could be deadly to rush in wildly, so I need to think about this for a few seconds to see how much time I should take. Bees are small and they swarm, which can be dangerous. Pissing them off is definitely something I don't want to do because I'll definitely wind out being stung. So, what's the best way to tackle this?

Jericho leaned against the trees for several minutes pondering that question. He was having difficulty thinking of any alternative to just running in and attacking the hive. His mission was to get honey, but he knew he couldn't just take it from the bees without them trying to attack him. That's when he decided that there was only one thing that he could do. There was no way he'd be able to get to the honey without being attacked, so he decided to accept that he might wind out getting stung.

He walked up to a point where he was only thirty feet from the hive and picked up a stick that was on the ground. He pulled his arm back and threw the stick forward like a boomerang at the hive. The boomerang hit the hive and rattled it as bees began to swarm at to chase down Jericho. Jericho rushed away the bees got closer to him. When he felt he was at a good distance, Jericho spat oil from his mouth at the bees and then punched forward with an explosive punch. It caused the oil to catch fire thus burning each of the bees.

The queen bee, who was hovering just below the hive was enraged. Those were her babies and this man had just killed them. Her fat bee ass wouldn't just take that without a fight. She and the remaining members of the hive all flew toward Jericho. Jericho punched his fist forward again knocking all of the normal bees away with the explosion, but the queen smartly and speedily dodged it.

Jericho: Shit!

With that, Jericho began to run from the queen bee, throwing stones behind him which exploded like dynamite. The queen bee was a really good dodger though, as she even was escaping the explosions. Jericho ran around in a circle as he tried to escape the bee and then rushed toward the hive itself. That's when he thought of something. He stopped in front of the tree with the hive on it and stopped. The queen bee rushed at him and went to sting him in the arm. Jericho created a piece of stone from his arm which stopped the bees attack though. Not only that but the queen bee wound out stinging the stone instead and instantly fell from the sky to the ground, dead.

Jericho: Your greatest weakness as a bee is that as soon as you release your stinger, you die. It's a sacrificial move which will cost you when you try to sting a smart opponent.

Jericho grinned as he successfully finished up the mission and used a stick to knock the hive out of the tree. The hive fell in his arms. He cracked it open on a tree and pulled a container out after pressing a couple buttons on his chip bracelet. He scooped the honey out with another item, a large spoon. He placed the honey in the container, closed it up and prepared to take it back to the village. When he gave it to the quest giver, he received 25 melos for his success. It was a really easy mission, but Jericho couldn't complain.

As he walked away, he noticed that none of the members of the Animan Knights guild were around the small lake. He didn't necessarily think it was weird. After all guilds would go on missions together sometimes, but he was hoping to say hello to his new friend Pearly White while he was there. He shrugged it off and continued on to find another mission to work on. He didn't realize that the Animan Knights were going through their own series dramatic adventure at that time. But that's another story.

Next Time: Don't Touch That Cub!

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