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wolfsfang 04-28-2009 01:04 PM

Shippuden Uncut / Unleashed
well whenever Viz actually dub the Shippuden episodes (which I hope is soon) I just pray that they will release an uncut (unleashed) version of it for DVD because I don't think it will be as good without Hidan's swearing

yes I know swearing is not big or clever but it just goes with that character so well that for it to be missing would just be wrong

Boku 04-28-2009 02:50 PM

Re: Shippuden Uncut / Unleashed
i think they will always be sub, but i agree with the cussing, it just fits him.

jhokage613 04-28-2009 03:29 PM

Re: Shippuden Uncut / Unleashed
YOu are totally right Hidan would sound like kinda intellegent with out the cursing in a way but whatever they do I hope do it soon

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