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TheBlackChidori 09-06-2009 01:08 AM

The Complete Forum Help Guide
Basic forum FAQ
How is all this structured?
The bulletin board as a whole contains various categories (broad subject areas such as Off-Topic, Debate Forum, and more), which themselves contain forums (more specific subject areas. These are even more detailed) which contain threads (conversations on a topic. Dont go off of the topic.) which are made up of individual posts (where a user writes something). GUESTS CANT POST.

The board home page has a list of categories and forums, with basic statistics for each - including the number of threads and posts, and which member posted the most recent message. You will also find the most recent active thread. It would look something like this:

How do I find my way around?
When you click on a forums name, you are taken to the list of threads it contains. You will pick the forum based on the relevance to the section. For example: You are looking for a topic about Itachi. You would not look in the off-topic section, you would go to character talk. A good reference if you dont know where to start is the New Posts button. It will take you to the latest threads. A thread is a conversation between members. Each thread starts out as a single post and grows as more individual posts are added by different users. Threads can be rated to show how useful or popular they are and may contain polls.

To start a new thread simply click on the "New Thread" button (you may need the right permissions to do this). You will have to choose the correct section to post it in. Make sure you categorize it correctly!

Threads can be ordered in many different ways. The default is to have the thread with the most recent activity at the top. But you can easily change this ordering, for example to have the thread with the most posts at the top, or the highest rating. Simply click on the appropriate column heading at the top of the list of threads (Thread, Thread Starter, Rating, Last Post, Replies or Views).

You can also reverse the sorting order by clicking the arrow next to the name of the active option. (Note that "sticky" threads will always be at the top no matter how you change the viewing options or the page number you are on).

Multi-page views
When there are more threads to display than will fit on a single page, you may see the "Page" box, which contains page numbers. This indicates that the list of threads has been split over two or more pages. To change pages, simply click on the page number you want to go to.

This method of splitting lists of items over many pages is used throughout the board.

What are sticky threads?
"Sticky" threads are created by moderators or administrators, and remain "stuck" to the top of the listing, even if they havent had any posts recently. Their purpose is to keep important information visible and accessible at all times. They are usually forumwide or section announcements.

How do I read a thread?
To read a thread, click on its title. Each post in a thread is created by a member. You will see some brief information about the member who created the thread above the main post message. For example:

In most cases it will be to the side of the post.

To post a reply to an existing thread, click on the "Post Reply" button. If the "Post Reply" button does not appear, it could mean that you are not logged in as a member, or that you do not have permission to reply, or that the thread has been closed to new replies. Or you can go to the box at the bottom of the thread above the "Currently Active Users Viewing This Thread" box.

You may need to click the quick reply button in a post to activate the quick reply box before you can type into it.

On long threads you may want to change how the posts are ordered.
Is there a faster way to get to forums?

If you know which forum you want to go to, you can use the "Forum Jump" control, which appears at the bottom of many pages within the board.

Im having trouble with this site or forums loading.
Sometimes the forums and website run into a server problem. The four main errors users come across are:

No suitable nodes are available for your request.
This page cannot be displayed.
Zero sized object
Internal Server Error - Read

This problem should have been fixed.

If you continue to experience problems, try waiting a few minutes then try again. If the problem persists and is not one of the errors listed above, please post your issue in the Technical Issues topic.
Zero Size Object: This can happen if you hit a node while it is restarting. That happens about 2-5 times per day, and lasts about 15 seconds (roughly), so I dont believe people are seeing this very often, but if you do, just wait about 20 seconds and try to go to the page again.
No suitable nodes are available for your request: It means that there is a problem with the cluster of web servers that run the web site the link is pointing to. This is probably a temporary error, so try again later. Just like Zero Size Object.
The page cannot be displayed: Basically, there is something up with the page. Just wait and refresh.
Internal Server Error - Read: Basically, you made a request to the server and it wasn't able to understand what it was asked to do, either as a result of server overload (too many members) or a misconfiguration. All you can do is simply wait or refresh the page a few times. Please report these kind of errors in the Database Error / Internal Server Error Reports thread and the higher up's will stand a better chance at getting rid of the problem.

How do I find out more about members?
To view information about a particular member, click on the user name. This will take you to their public profile page once you choose the option.
What is the Navigation Bar?

The navigation bar at the top of every page has links to help you move around. A "breadcrumb" area at the top left shows where you are now. A form on the right allows you to quickly login. With one click you can reach areas such as: the User Control Panel, FAQ (which you are reading now), the Calendar, Search options and Quick Links to other useful features.

What is the "What is Going On?" box on the board home page?
On the board home page, you will see a section at the bottom that tells you what is going on at the moment. It tells you things like the number of registered users online, the number of guests, and even things like birthdays, and forthcoming events. These are just little widgets to make this place look fancy.

How do I make an account so I can start posting?
Identity on the board, a fixed username on all messages you post and an online public profile.

Registration is free (unless otherwise specified), and offers an extended range of features, including:
Posting new threads
Replying to other peoples threads
Editing your posts
Receiving email notification of replies to posts and threads you specify (Optional)
Sending private messages to other members (Optional. Can be disabled if necessary.)
Creating albums of pictures and comment on others pictures (Optional)
Adding events to the forum calendar
Setting up a "contact list" to quickly see which of your friends are online. (Optional)
As you can see, this forum has an extensive range of features, and can be customized.

How do I register?
You register by clicking on the "Register" link near the top of the page. You will be asked to choose a user name, password and enter a valid email address. In addition there will be some other fields to which you will be invited to respond. Some will be mandatory while others are optional.

Once this is complete you will either be fully registered, or in some cases you may have to click on a link in an "activation email" sent to your email address. Once you have done this you will be registered.

Note that entering your email address will not leave you open to "spam", as you can choose to hide it from other board users. You will probably be able to allow other registered users to contact you via email, but the system wont display your email address to them unless you give permission.

If you are under the age of 13, the administrator may require that a parent or guardian provide consent before allowing you to complete the registration process. More information about this is available during the registration process.

Making Your First Post
On some boards you might be able to post and reply as a guest user. But most communities require registration.

As a registered user you can go to a forum on a board where you have permission to view threads and leave replies. To reply you have a few options. You can click on the "Post Reply" button button by the particular post. If your post was the first in the thread, then deleting it may remove the entire thread.

Once you have made your modifications, a note may appear to inform other users that you have edited your post.
If the edit time and date appear as a link you can click on this to see the differences between the original and edited versions, or between edits if there have been multiple edits.

Special posting features
How do I format my posts and messages?
When posting messages you may wish to include some formatting such as bold text, italic text and underlined text. Or change the font type.

Adding formatting to your post can be done in two ways:
Using clickable controls similar to those found in most word processors
Typing formatting commands in BB code
Clickable controls are available in the Standard and Enhanced WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors. The difference between these is that the standard editor will show the BB code in your message and be processed when it is displayed. The enhanced WYSIWYG editor will show your message as it will be displayed while you are typing.
To use these, simply click the button, for example the B (bold) button and then type to get bold text. Click the button again to stop using that formatting. You can also highlight text that you have already typed then click the formatting button to format existing text.
BB code is a special set of codes similar to HTML that can be used in posts to the board. To see the full list of BB code tags that can be used on this site and examples of their use, click here.

How do I make a new topic?
To start a new thread simply click on the "New Thread" button that looks like this: . You will need to make a subject where it says title.

How do I get an Avatar, the picture under my name?
First you need to go into your User CP.

Then click the Edit Avatar button

After clicking the Edit Avatar button, you will be given a list of pictures of Naruto characters. If you dont like any that appear on the list, go to the next page, and choose from those.

How to edit your signature?
It is just about the same process as getting an Avatar. Go into the User CP, edit signature, and enter your text or links in the box. You cannot have pictures in your signature without approval from the admins.

What else can I do in the User Control Panel?
In your User CP, there is a section under Settings & Options named "Edit Options".
Login & Privacy: set your
"Invisible Mode" - sets whether or not other members can see if you are online and what page you are viewing
"Show Reputation Level" - shows your reputation level on posts if this option is enabled by the administrator
"Allow vCard Download" - sets whether or not to allow other members to download a vCard containing your email address and username.
Messaging & Notification - options include:
"Receive Email" - whether or not you want to receive emails from other Members and administrators
"Default Thread Subscription Mode" - how you want to be notified about new posts in threads to which you have subscribed
"Private Messaging" - control how you want Private Messaging to work for your account
"Visitor Messaging" - control how you want Visitor Messaging to work for your account
Thread Display Options - these include:
"Visible Post Elements" - whether or not you want to be able to see Signatures, Avatars and Images in posts
"Thread Display Mode" - how you want to view threads by default (more info available here)
"Number of Posts to Show Per Page"
"Default Thread Age Cut Off" - the time period for threads to be displayed - threads older than this age will be hidden
Date & Time Options - these include:
"Time Zone" - your local geographical time zone offset from GMT/UTC
"Start of the Week" - for the Calendar.
Miscellaneous Options include:
"Message Editor Interface" - This option allows you choose what kind of editor you will use when posting messages. Your choices include a basic text-only editor, a standard editor with clickable formatting controls, or a full WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor that will show your formatting as you type.
"Forum Style" - only available if there is more than one style (or "skin") available and the administrator has enabled this selection
"Forum Language" - only available if there is more than one Language enabled. This will change the language in which all controls and board messages will be shown. It will not translate members posts.

The time on the forums is wrong, how can I change it to my time?
Again, you need to go into your User CP and there will be an "Edit Options" link. Click it, and scroll down, when you get to "Date & Time Options", choose your timezone.

How do I edit or delete my post?
Can I edit or delete my posts?
If you have registered and are logged in, you may be able to edit and delete your posts (although the administrator may have turned off this option). Your ability to edit your posts may be time-limited, depending on how the administrator has set up the forum.

To edit or delete your posts, click the Edit button by the particular post. If your post was the first in the thread, then deleting it may remove the entire thread.

Once you have made your modifications, a note may appear to inform other users that you have edited your post.

If the edit time and date appear as a link you can click on this to see the differences between the original and edited versions, or between edits if there have been multiple edits.

Can others edit my posts?
Administrators, super moderators, and moderators over the particular forum, may also edit your messages. If they do, there may not be a note telling other users that the post was modified.

Creating a poll
You may notice that some threads on this forum also include a section where you can vote on an issue or question. These threads are called "polls".

How do I create a new poll?
When you post a new thread, you may also have the option to create a poll.

This allows you to ask a question and specify a number of possible responses. Other members will then be able to vote for the response they wish, and the results of the voting will be displayed in the thread.
An example poll might be:

What is your favorite color?
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Sky-blue
  • Pink with yellow spots
To create a poll when you post a new thread, simply click the "Yes, post a poll with this thread" checkbox at the bottom of the page, and set the number of possible responses you want to include.
When you click the submit button, you will be taken to the poll creation page, where you can specify the question and the list of responses you want to include.

You may also want to specify a time limit for the poll, so that (for example) it stays open for voting for only a week.

How do I vote in a poll and view the results?
To vote in a poll, simply select which option you want to vote for, and click the "Vote!" button. Sometime you can choose more than one option. You can see the current results for a poll before you vote by clicking the "View Results" link. Voting in a poll is entirely optional. You may vote for any of the available options, or cast no vote at all.

Note whether or not a poll is a public poll. If it is, any votes you cast will be attributable to you.
Generally, once you have voted in a poll, you will not be able to change your vote later, so place your vote carefully!

The Reputation System (Created by Toma RNK)
What is reputation?

Reputation is a way of rating users depending on the quality of their posts.

Reputation may be positive, or negative.
Neutral reputation is only given when the person giving reputation can not affect a persons reputation.

How do I give reputation?

To give reputation, click on the reputation icon in the relevant post.

This will reveal a form to complete with the reputation type and the reason for giving the reputation.

You may not give reputation for the same post twice.

How do I know what reputation I have received?

You can view the reputation that you have received in your User CP (User Control Panel) where it is displayed at the bottom of the User CP page.
Here you will see the latest reputation that you have received and whether this is positive, negative or neutral.

Your total reputation will be shown as series of reputation indicators in your posts and profile. The more positive your reputation, the more positive icons will be shown.
The more negative your reputation the more negative icons will be shown.

How much reputation is given? What is reputation power?

You giveto a users reputation a number of points equal to your reputation power.

You subtract from a users reputation using the following formula:

Basically you take away half rounded down and if you only have 1 rep power you still subtract 1 rep. Chart looks like this.

and so on.

Reputation power is calculated like so:

For every 365 number of days since you signed up, you gain 1 point of reputation power.
For every 2000 posts, you gain 1 point of reputation power.
For every 100 points of reputation, users gain 1 point of reputation power.

You must have 50 posts before you can affect any ones reputation.
You must have 3 reputation before you can affect any ones reputation.

Also, you may only alter reputation (up or down) 20 times a day.
In addition, you must Alter 20 peoples reputation before you can alter that persons rep again.

The rep titles currently known are:
(-) ranks:
- User has been known to Deface Sannin Monuments in the past.
- User has a dark heart coursing with Dark Chakra
- User is an S-class criminal.
- User has a full page listing in the Bingo Book...
- User is currently interning with Orochimaru
- User is wanted dead or alive - preferably dead - in all nations.
- User has jugulars of all forum members in his room

(+) ranks:
0- User is just chillin in the village doing D-ranks at this point.
10- User saved a kitten from a tree! Yay!
30- User has completed a tough C-rank mission!
75- User is far along on the distinguished path of a ninja.
150- User has a spectacular chakra aura going on.
250- User just finished a high-profile B-Rank mission...and went unscathed.
350- User has a pricey dish named after them at Ichiraku Ramen.
450- User completed an A-Rank mission and saved the forum yet again.
550- User strikes fear and awe in the fragile hearts of Genins.
650- User is one of the most respected ninja in the in the tri-village area.
750- User completed an S-Rank mission on the way to the bathroom.
900- User just might be Kage someday.
1250- User is listed in every clans bingo book under AWESOME.
2000- User is the subject of legends and tales that shall be passed on for generations to come.
5000- User --after fourteen consecutive terms as Kage of the forums--has at last decided to step down and become one with the universe. AFK
9000- Users power level is OVER 9000!!!!
10000 - User has ascended to godhood, causing plants and flowers to bloom with each step. The trivialites of forum life no longer satisfy. Only the infinite complexity of chakra satisfies. I eat your chakra!!!

What are smilies?
Smilies are icons that can be used in your posts to express emotions or feelings. You might wish to use these to show that you are happy, sad, joking, or embarrassed. For example, if you are telling a joke or being sarcastic you may wish to add a wink instead of writing "this is a joke".

The basic smilies are the same as what you would find on any instant messenger system. They are made up of a combination of characters which often show the basis of the resulting image.

For example, :) is converted to a smiley face and :( to a sad face or frown. Tilt your head to the left to see this in action as these consist of two eyes and a mouth either smiling or frowning.

How do I add smilies?
Some smilies can be accessed from the "New Post" or "New Thread" pages if your administrator has enabled this function. Clicking them will automatically insert them into your message. You can also type the character combinations for the smilies directly.

A full list of the smilies and their character combinations used on this forum can be found here.

On occasions, you may want to prevent the text in your message being converted into smilies. You will see a checkbox which you can select when you make a new post, which will allow you to "Disable Smilies".

Who are the leaders of the Forum?
Moderators oversee specific forums. They generally have the ability to edit and delete posts, move threads, and perform other actions. Becoming a moderator for a specific forum is usually rewarded to users who are particularly helpful and knowledgeable in the subject of the forum they are moderating.

Super Moderators oversee all of the forums, they arent exactly admins, but they have a lot of power. Becoming a super moderator is very tough, you have to be very helpful and smart, in order to become one.

Administrators and Quasi Admins are the people who have overall control of everything that happens on the board. They oversee how the board is styled, what forums to create and how to organize them, what information to require from members and who to appoint as moderators. Quasi Admins usually need consent from the real Admins to make changes.

The Admins are Sage Mode and SRhyse.

Friends and Contacts
What is the difference between a friend and a contact?
A friendship is a mutual, two-way relationship between two users. It is initiated by one user and accepted by the other.

A contact is a one-way friendship. This could be where the other person does not accept the friendship, a friendship request is pending, or you do not wish to be friends at this time but want to show them as a contact only.

Where is list of friends and contacts displayed?
Your friends and contacts are displayed on the Contacts and Friends page in your User CP. Your friends are also displayed in your profile page.

How can I request a friend, accept a friend or break a friendship?
There are two ways to request a friendship with someone.
The easiest way is to view the profile page of the person you want to become friends with and click the "Befriend" link.

The other way is to add the person to your contacts first. Then from your "Contacts and Friends" page ask to be their friend by checking the box next to their name labelled "Friend". Next, save the page.

If you know the username of the person you want to be friends with you can send a friend request using the box provided and clicking "Add Friend".
To accept a friend, go to your "Contacts and Friends" page. At the bottom of the page you will see a list of pending requests. Check the box for the requests you wish to accept then check the "Accept" button and save the changes. If you do not wish to be friends then select "Reject" instead.

Breaking a friendship can be done in three ways.
1. From your "Contacts and Friends" page, uncheck the box for friend for the particular person and save the changes. If you no longer wish them to be a contact either, uncheck both boxes for that person.
2. In your "Profile Page", click "Friends" and then click "Break Friendship" next to the users name.
3. In the other persons profile, click "Friends" then find your username and click "Break Friendship".

How do I send a Private Message?
Private messages work a little like email, but are limited to registered members of this forum. You may be able to include BB code, smilies and images in private messages that you send.

You may send a private message to a member of this forum by clicking the Send A Private Message link in the private messaging section of your user control panel (more info), or by clicking the "Send a Private Message" link in the drop down menu that appears in a members posts when you click on their username.

When you send a message, you have the option to save a copy of it in your "Sent Items" folder.

How do I work with Private Message Folders?
By default, you will have two folders in your private message area. These are the "Inbox" and the "Sent" Items folders.

The Inbox folder contains any new messages you receive. It allows you to view all the messages you have received, along with the name of the person who sent it, and the date and time it was sent.

The Sent Items folder contains a copy of any messages that you have sent, where you have specified that you wish to keep a copy for future reference.

You can create additional folders for your messages by clicking the Edit Folders link.

Each folder has a set of message controls which allow you to select messages, then either move them to one of your custom folders, or delete them. Once you have selected your messages, you can choose the following options in the "Selected Message" box at the bottom of the list:
  • Move to Folder
  • Delete
  • Mark as Read
  • Mark as Unread
  • Download as XML
  • Download as CSV
  • Download as TEXT
You will need to periodically delete old messages, as the administrator has probably set a limit to the number of private messages you can have in your folders. If you exceed this number, you will not be able to send or receive new messages until you delete some old ones.

If you would like to keep a record of your messages before you delete them, you can use any of the "Download as.." options listed above to take a copy and store them on your own computer.

Whenever you read a message, you will have the option to reply or forward it to another member of the forum. You may also have the ability to forward that message to multiple members of your contact list.

How do I track messages?
When you send a new private message, you may have the option to request a read-receipt. This lets you check whether or not a message has been read by its recipient. To do this, go to the Message Tracking page.
This page is divided into two sections: unread and read messages.

The unread messages section shows all messages that you have sent with a read-receipt request, that have not yet been read by their recipient.
The read messages section shows all messages you have sent with a receipt request that have been read and acknowledged by their recipient. The time that the message was read is also shown.

You may choose to end the tracking on any message you choose by selecting it and clicking the "End Tracking" button.

When you receive a message with a read-receipt request, you may have the option to read the message while denying the read-receipt request.

To do this, simply click the "Deny Receipt" link rather than the title of the message, if it appears.

Subscribing to Topics
What are subscriptions?
Subscriptions are a way of keeping track of different threads or forums. You can choose how you are notified about updates - for example by having them listed in your User CP and receiving email updates for each one.

How do I subscribe to a thread or forum?
To subscribe to a forum, click the "Forum Tools" link above the list of threads then select "Subscribe to Forum". You will then have the option to choose the subscription mode for this forum. If the forum that you are subscribing to has any child forums (forums within a forum) then your subscription will be extended to these automatically.

To subscribe to a thread, click the "Thread Tools" link at the top of the list of posts then click "Subscribe to Thread". You can then choose the subscription mode that you wish to use for that thread.

What subscription modes are available?

There are a number of different forum subscription modes available.
  • No Email Notification - lists the subscription in your User CP only. You do not receive any notifications about new posts or threads in the forum.
  • Daily Email Notification - sends one email a day with the new and updated threads in the forum and any sub-forums. If there are no new or updated threads in the forum or its sub-forums then you will not receive an email.
  • Weekly Email Notification - sends one email per week in the same way as the Daily Email Notification.
Thread Subscriptions have the same options as forum subscriptions with the following additional option:
  • Instant Email Notification - sends an email as soon as a new post is added to the thread. This is not sent for every reply and will only be sent once until you revisit the forums.
How do I manage Subscriptions and Folders?
Thread subscriptions can be sorted into folders for easy management. You can create as many folders as you wish by going to Edit Folders in the "Subscribed Threads" section of your User CP. To add a new folder, enter the folder name into one of the blank boxes and save the page. To delete a folder, delete the folder name. Editing a folder is done by simply editing the folder name in the list.

You can also manage your individual subscriptions by clicking List Subscriptions under "Subscribed Threads" in your User CP. Here you can select which subscriptions you wish to manage and delete them, move them to another folder, or change their subscription type.

Forum subscriptions are not managed through the List Subscriptions page and are shown on the User CP page where they contain the option to unsubscribe from the forum.

What are ratings?
The forums allow you to rate threads between 1 star (terrible) and 5 stars (excellent). Once enough votes are cast for a thread, stars will appear next to its name in the listings. These show the average vote, and can be an easy way to see which threads are worth reading if you are on a busy forum.

On the forum viewing page you can also arrange threads by rating, with either the highest or lowest at the top.

It therefore makes sense to rate threads because it helps all users. To do this, click on the "rate thread" link at the top of the thread viewing page.

Choose the number of stars you feel best represents the quality of the thread. You may or may not be able to change your choice of rating at a later date.

What are tags?
Tags are a useful way to search for threads with similar subject matter and content. This complements the normal search system, which searches only for certain words or phrases and/or posts by specific users.

To use tags, you add words or phrases to threads to help describe the content. For instance, if the subject matter is "photography" then you can add the tag "photography" to the tag list. But you could also add tags like "digital image", and "camera" (depending, of course, on the nature of the thread).

This will categorize this thread with all other threads that have matching tags, whether or not they have the word "photography" in them.

Who adds the tags?
Tags are initially added to threads by the user who started the thread. Other users may also be able to add and remove tags.

How do I use tags?
Tags are displayed in a box near the bottom of a thread page. Clicking on a tag will allow you to view other threads that have the same tag - and which may be related. Clicking on the word "Tags" in the top of the box will take you to an overview page with a "tag cloud."

This cloud allows you to see which tags are the most popular - the larger the word, the more times it has been used on threads within the board. There is also another tag cloud on the advanced search page that shows you the tags that have been searched for (or clicked on) the most.

My Computer is going slow, how can I clear the cookies?
You can clear all your cookies set by the forum by clicking the "logout" link at the top of the page. In some cases, if you return to the main index page via the link provided and you are still logged in, you may have to remove your cookies manually.

In Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP: Click the "Tools" menu. Select "Internet Options" from the menu that appears. Click "Delete Cookies" on the dialog box that appears. It will be in the center area of the "General" tab.

In Internet Explorer 7: Click the "Tools" menu. Select "Internet Options" from the menu that appears. Click "Delete...", beneath "Browsing History" on the dialog box that appears. It will be in the center area of the "General" tab. Click "Delete cookies..." on the next dialog box that appears.

In Firefox: Click the "Tools" menu. Select "Options" from the menu that appears. From the dialog box, select "Privacy" on the left. Find "Cookies" on the main pane, and click the "Clear" button adjacent to it.

In Safari: Go to Preferences, Security, then show Cookies and either select "Remove all" or select individual cookies and then the "Delete" button.

In Opera: Go to Tools, Preferences, Advanced, Cookies, Manage cookies
then select the name of this site and click the "Delete" button.
Your cookies should now be removed. You may want to restart the computer and revisit the forums to be sure.
Other browsers may have a different method of clearing cookies. Refer to the documentation for your own browser if you are unsure.

Oh crap, I forgot my password!!!
If you forget your password, you can click on the Forgotten Your Password link. This will appear on any page that requires you to fill in your password.

This link brings up a page where you should enter your registered email address. An email will be sent to that address shortly, with instructions for resetting your password.

Since passwords are encrypted, there is no way to resend your original password. This option provides you with the ability to reset your password.

You must be able to receive emails to your registered email address for this to work. You may need to check your spam filters and folder if you do not see this email in a few minutes.

Adding to the forum calendar and other events.
You will see a Calendar link near the top of the forums (if this option is enabled by the administrator). By default, the forums will have one Calendar that can be viewed and used by all members.

Members can add upcoming events that might interest the community. You can also sign up to get email alerts about upcoming events.
In addition, the administrator could create additional private calendars for individual members or for specific user groups.

How do I add an event to the Calendar?
If you have the appropriate permissions, there will be a box on the Calendar labelled "Add New Event". The administrator may have enabled registered members to post public events, but usually this is not the case. It is more likely that you can only post your own private events that can only be seen by you.

There are three types of event that can be added to a calendar:
  • Single, All Day Event - an event that takes place for the whole of a day.
  • Ranged Event - events that have a defined start time and end time, not necessarily both on the same day.
  • Recurring Event - repeat over a set period of time based on certain criteria. Examples would be an event that occurs on the first Monday of every month and an event that occurs every Monday and Wednesday.
Just choose the appropriate option for the event you are adding, fill in the required information, then save the event. It will now appear on the Calendar.

Where do birthdays show?
Birthdays may be shown on the calendar if the administrator has enabled this feature. Your birthday will automatically be shown on the calendar if you have entered the date of your birthday in your profile. Note: if you do not enter the year of your birth when you edit your profile, your age will not be shown on the calendar.

If you enter your birthday, your name will also appear on the main forum page when it is your birthday.

What is the member list for?
The members list shows the registered members of the board. Providing the administrator allows this, you can view the member list ordered alphabetically by username, by the date they joined, by the number of posts they have made or by reputation (?).

To view the members list, click on Member List on main navigation bar at the top of the page.

To quickly find a particular member, click on the Search Members link and type a username (or partial username) into the box. For further search options - including searching based on join date, post count or home page - click on "Advanced Search" on the search menu.

Are all members listed?
Some members may not be on the list. The administrator has options over who is shown on the list. They may, for example, omit members who have not made many posts or who belong to certain user groups.

Where are these new notifications I see?
When you have logged into the board, a link to "Your Notifications" may be displayed in the "Welcome" box near the top of the forum. "Your Notifications" will show if you have any one of the following:
  • Unread Private Messages (?)
  • Unread Profile Visitor Messages (?)
  • Profile Visitor Messages Awaiting Approval
  • Incoming Friend Requests (?)
  • Requests to Join Your Social Groups (?)
  • Invitations to Join Social Groups
  • Unread Picture Comments (?) (not a function)
  • Picture Comments Awaiting Approval (not a function)
By clicking on the "Your Notifications" link, you will be able to quickly see how many of each type you have received. Clicking on any of the links in the menu will take you to the relevant page within the User Control Panel or elsewhere in the system.

If there are no notifications, then this link will be replaced by a link to "Private Messages" (?).

What are Quick Links?
The navigation bar at the top of each page has several helpful links. One of them is a dropdown menu called Quick Links. (It appears only to registered members who are logged in). Clicking it once with the mouse will make it drop down and show the following options:
  • Quick Links
    • Todays Posts (shows posts created in the past 24 hours)
    • Mark Forums Read (marks all the threads and posts as read for your session - this is a shortcut alternative to actually reading the threads and posts)
    • Open Contacts Popup (opens a new window with a list of all your contacts)
  • Networking
    • Contacts and Friends (a page from where you can manage your contacts and friends)
    • Social Groups (where you can manage your social groups)
    • Pictures and Albums (where you can manage your pictures and albums)
  • User Control Panel (clicking this takes you to your personal user control panel)
    • Edit Signature (edit your personal signature that appears below posts)
    • Edit Your Details (edit your personal profile details)
    • Edit Options (manage your community settings)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Private Messages (manage your private messages, read your inbox, create new messages, etc)
    • Subscribed Threads (get an overview of your free subscriptions and options to manage them)
    • Your Profile (loads your social profile)
    • Who is Online (see which users who are currently online on the board and what they are doing)
There is a member breaking the rules, can I block them and report them?
Can I block posts, emails and messages from specific users?
If there are particular members that bother you and you do not want to see their posts or receive Private Messages and Emails from them, then you can add these members to your "Ignore List". There are several ways to do this:

Through your User Control Panel: User CP, Settings & Options, Edit Ignore List. Then, type their name into the empty text box and click "Okay".

What if I see something offensive?
You will find Report links in many places throughout the board. These links allow you to alert the board staff to anything which you find to be offensive, objectionable or illegal.

I just got downrepped. What should I do?
People are going to disagree with you, thats unavoidable. Heck, I get down repped all the time, but I still get over it. The point is, its the only means of rewarding someone on these forums, so it needs to stay. Sometimes its also the best way to punish someone without flaming them or banning them.

If we get rid of the rep system, or keep complaining about it, its going to go back to the old boring forums where arguments are settled with people calling eachother names and starting fights. We dont want that. So quit your complaining.

I dont like these current avatars, when will we get more?
Its a work in progress. Sage Mode(Hopefully...) is working on getting some images approved and made. Viz has to deal with certain copyrights in order to get the images approved, but in due time, there will be new avatars.

In the mean time, you can come to this topic here and vote for what new avatars you would like, but dont make separate threads about the avatars you want. Just post your suggestions here:

New Avatar Voting Topic

The videos on the main website arent loading!
Dont freak out, this happens often. Think of the videos as cell phone reception. Sometimes you have a signal in certain areas, sometimes you dont. Streaming Videos works the same.

Its possible that your area just cant view the videos but unlikely.

Also, sometimes the videos go down just like the forum does. Give it time and it should fix itself. If not, you may need to contact somebody for help.

What is the Ultimate Naruto Showdown?
Team Matches:
Team Matches occur between two members. Each member must choose their own team until they fill the Fifteen Point limit. If you want to battle tell us a member you challenged or tell them yourself then either council members will make a thread in which each of you will face off. You have 10 debating posts until you have to stop and then other members will come and make a thought out posts stating who do they think wins.

Only Participants can vote in the matches. In a match, council members will make a thread which states the participants, their teams, the location, and the range they start at. One member start by making a strategy against the opposing team, then the opponent makes a counter strategy. It will go on that way for 10 posts then the other members will come in and vote. Whoever gets the most votes wins. If you were to win a match, you would also get your opponents characters that they used if they are not worth 7 points.

To register for UNS:
To start playing the best debating game on the forum, you must register for it. Say you would sign up, and to register you must pick a 15 point team out of the available characters to you. You cant use the 7-points yet, you can only unlock them.

Your team can consist of as many characters as long as it adds up to 15 points. For example, you could use Tobirama, Pain (Asura) and Lee (Pre) that would be a 15 point team because that is two 6 point characters and one 3 point character. So as a re-cap, to register for the UNS you need to have a 15 point team made out of characters with point values of 1-6. The characters you may get is in the UNS Tier List.

2 vs. 2 matches:
Similar to the 1 vs. 1 matches, however in these, you may have a partner. It could be a friend, anyone you know, or someone random you want to fight with. After getting a partner, you may challenge someone. And the person you challenge must get a partner also. When you are done picking the location and who starts, PM a council member who makes a thread. Whoevers team gets the most votes will win.

Voting System:
Voting is important in UNS. All you would have to do is read a their match and vote for who you think would win. If you vote, you may get a voting point. Voting points will be very helpful. If you get the required number of voting points, you are able to unlock characters without playing matches. Some of theses characters include Deidara, or Itachi. A minimum of 5 sentences is required for 1 voting point.

Character Shop:
You may earn shop points for this character shop if you win matches. If you were to win 1 match, you would get 1 point. You could use those points to buy characters you do not have and want. However, you may only buy 6 pointers and below.

There is also a weapon section included in the character shop. Weapons cost more than characters. Some of these weapons may include Samehade or Kotetsus Shell Mace.

Character Trade Center:
A new part of UNS, you are able to trade unused characters you have for others. Say if someone had Kisame, and you wanted it. You would offer them a character and see if they accept. If they do, tell a council member to trade them for you. No 7 point characters such as Jiraiya or Killer Bee can be traded. Weapons may also be traded.

UNS Tournaments:
Sometimes, the UNS members can have a tournament. Up to 16 players can join, and it will be fun. A tournament will happen once in a while, and prizes are given to the winner and possibly to the 2nd place winner. Prizes may include Prime Nagato, Character Shop points, and more.

One on One Matches:
These matches are for Character vs. Character, and not a match where you fight. For example: Kisame vs. Asura. If you want to request a match, post it in the One on One thread. 5-6 votes are needed for a winner. Also only people who have joined UNS can vote in it.

Only 5 matches can be accepted at a time. When all of them are finished voting on, you are able to request more matches.

UNS Council:
The UNS has a council that only a few UNS players are in. You would need to be picked to be on the council. The council members are able to have modship in UNS area.

Being a coucil member means big responsibilty. A council member must close threads, make matches, change the titles, change records, and much more. Only a council member is able to create threads. Council members should be eager to help out UNS, coming up with good ideas and also being active on the forums as well.

Tier List:
The UNS Tier List was made by the creators themselves - Kisame and Miles Edgeworth. If you have any complaints and think the placement of characters are wrong, or noticed a missing character, post it in a thread. Be sure to give a good reason if you think a character should be placed somewhere else. This Tier List is also where you will choose your team from.
Legendary Kage - 7 Points
Pain (Deva) - Unlocked by 20 wins
Jiraiya - Unlocked by 20 matches
Naruto (6-Tails) - Unlocked by 15 wins
Sasori (True Form) - Unlocked by 15 matches
Naruto (PST) - Unlocked by 13 wins
Itachi - Unlocked by 13 matches
Killer Bee - Unlocked by 10 wins
Pain (Animal) - Unlocked by 10 matches
Sasuke (MS) - Unlocked by 7 wins
Orochimaru - Unlocked by 7 matches
Naruto (4-Tails) - Unlocked by 5 wins
Deidara - Unlocked by 5 matches
Kakuzu - Unlocked by 3 wins
Nagato - Unlocked by 3 matches

Kage - 6 Points
Sasuke (Hebi)
Gaara (Kazekage)
Naruto (Wind)
Kakashi (Post)
Pain (Asura)
Sasori (Hiruko)
Naruto (Rescue Gaara)
Itachi (30%)

Legend - 5 Points
Kisame (30%)
Kakashi (Pre)
Neji (Post)
Pain (Human)
Pain (Preta)
Gaara (SRA)
Orochimaru (Armless)

Jonin - 4 Points
Naruto (SRA)
Shikamaru (Post)
Pain (Naraka)
Sasuke (SRA)
Temari (SRA)
Kiba (Post)
Sakon and Ukon
Shino (Post)

Special Jonin - 3 Points
Lee (Pre)
Sakura (Post)
Choji (SRA)
Neji (SRA)
Gaara (Chunin Exams)
Kiba (SRA)
Kankuro (Post)
Hinata (Post)
Sasuke (Chunin Exams)
Kakashi (Gaiden)

Chunin - 2 Points
Kankuro (SRA)
Shikamaru (SRA)
Choji (Post)
Temari (Chunin Exams)
Naruto (Chunin Exams)
Kankuro (Chunin Exams)
Shino (Pre)
Ino (Post)
Kiba (Chunin Exams)

Genin - 1 Point
Demon Brothers
Tenten (Post)
Ino (Pre)
Sakura (Pre)

I want to make a club!
No problem, anyone can make a club at anytime.

Head to this forum and create away: Clubs Forum

Where can I find news about Naruto?
There is a forum dedicated solely to the news about Naruto, and upcoming events. You can also visit the news section on the main website.

The Naruto News forum is here:
Naruto News

How do I post an image?
When posting a reply, you can see the toolbar on the top of your post. This is where you can choose to add special features to your post.

Do you see this button?

You click on that button, and insert the url of your picture. You can do this by right-clicking on the picture you want to post, go to properties, and Ctrl+C the url.

If posting a picture of yourself thats on the computer. you can go to a website like

You will be given directions on how to upload your picture and size it how you want. same thing, get the URL and post it as normal.

How to upload a picture to the internet?
I have seen alot of post (especially in the User Image Album! Should You Choose, Strut Your Stuff Here thread) saying how do I post a pic, if you are confused then this is your thread.

First of all, go to
If your pic is on your computer make sure you have images/videos marked, then click browse.
After you find the file on your computer, click "start upload!". Then give it a few seconds.

Then highlight the first url it gives you and copy it.

Next click, incase you dont know where that is, here is a pic where it is.

It will pop up a window, now put in that copied url. And Click Okay~! You did it!

Now if it is online like facebook. Click the url find the picture you want and copy the url and paste it then hit host.

...Then end, any other questions, ask.

I wanna show people my picture, and see other members pictures.
There is a topic in the Off-Topic forum dedicated to that. The index of the users who have posted any pictures is on the first post of the topic. The username and page number will be available.
Link provided below.

Wanna post a link, but dont want that sloppy URL in the way? Its simple.

First, type out what you want the name to be. For instance, I want to link the main website.

I will type "Main Website" in my post.

Then, I will highlight the words "Main Website" by clicking and dragging my mouse over the words.

Afterwards, click this button on the toolbar above the posting area.
Paste the URL of your link into the box, the type is almost always http.

Copy the URL of the link you want.
Type the text you want the link to be translated to.
Highlight the text.
Click on this image:
Insert the URL into the long bar.

The Infraction System
Infractions are a way for bad users to be punished for breaking the rules without having to resort to a banning. They can be warnings, loss of priviledges and even temporary bannings. Only certain members and high ranking ANBU members are given the power to Infract.

For the full guide, see
Toma RNKs Guide to Infractions

Feel you received an unjust infraction? Take a look.
Visit Toma RNKs Official Infraction Appeal Thread:
Read the original post carefully!! Failure in doing so will result in the punishments that are mentioned in the original post. REMEMBER, only post an infraction that you highly feel is unjust.
Here is a suggestion: Before you state the infraction, it would be wise to try to understand the reason why it was given, such as a definition or its entire meaning, for example, like "spamming" or "flamming". If you get infracted for that, but dont understand what it means, then ask a member or simply ask it in the ANBU Help Topic Thread.
Another suggestion: Before you state it in the thread, try to discuss about it with the member who infracted you. They should give you a decent explaination as of why it was given.
Other than that, if you truly feel it was unjust, then by all means, state it in the thread(link provided above) and wait for it to be judged.

I have got some feedback or a Complaint about the forum!
That is great, we love to hear new ideas! If you have an idea for the forums, the main website, or just want to provide feedback or even complain about something, there is a special forum for it:
Feedback Forum

You can also make suggestions in this topic.
Suggestions Topic

Im being flamed and insulted by another member, what should I do?
What to do When Someone Flames at You or A Another PersonThe number one thing not to do is to flame back at them. If you flame back at them, they win. They are trying to get you mad. By flaming at them you are simply doing what the person is telling you to do.

What you should do is to ignore them. You could also try to calm them down,and tell them the next time you flame you, you will be reported. If they continue to flamereport them and the mods will take of it. Dont create threads about that person. All he is asking for is attention. It is ok to ask a person where he is though. If somebody flames at you, dont get mad.

He wants you to get mad. Try to be calm and ask the person what is bugging him. Also tell him to calm down nicely. If he still flames back at you,ignore him and leave. Dont flame back.

Who to Get When This Happens
Notify the mods immediatly. They will ban him, and delete his posts. Also use the report button too. Sometimes the mods arent online, which can be a problem. If no mods are online get a temp mod.

I hope this guide will help people better respond to events like what happened recently. Good luck,and stay out of trouble.

How do I get a higher rank?
Ranks are the title under your username, genin, chunin, etc.

How do I get a higher rank?

You post. This doesnt mean you should post just to rank up. Your fellow forum-goers will easily recognize that you are post-farming and your reputation will plummet to "interning under Orochimaru." All your posts should have substance!

The ranks are as follows:

Freshmen Academy Student 0-30
Ninja Academy Student 31-60
Academy Graduate 61-99
Apprentice Genin 100-250
Genin 251-400
Genin Elite 401-499
Chunin Exam Participant 500-850
Chunin 851-1190
Veteran Chunin 1191-1499
Special Jonin Candidate 1500-2999
Jonin 3000-5999
Jonin Leader 6000+ and 250 Rep

All ranks past Special Jonin Candidate are manually changed by admins, everything up to that is automatic.

I keep posting but my post count doesnt go up! ARGH, why!?

That is because certain areas of the forum dont allow you to increase your post count (and therefore rank). The areas are as follows: Off-Topic; Chats, Families, and Clubs; Debate Forum; Forum Games; Clans, Retreats and Training Grounds;

Why your post count may decrease?
Time to time, threads are being deleted. So, any posts you made in that certain thread(that is in a post-counted area) that was deleted, your post count will decrease by that number.
Other times, your post may decrease because it was rule-breaking, such as spam or flamming.

How to post a youtube video?
First, you will need to add these tags: "[youtube][/youtub] <---Just add the "e" at the end of "/youtub".
Second, is finding the video you want to post.(Remember NO Viz material or anything that is negative)
Third, is adding the video. Once you have found the video you want to post, you then add the URL code from the 2nd "=" sign.(Tip: If you got a link like this with the word "related" in it, be careful with those. They are hard to post sometimes. Just use the part that is bolded) <---Take what is in bold and put it: [youtube]-insert bold text here[/youtub]

What is a spam bot? What do I do if I see one?
Spambots, in the most technical sense would be a "member" with almost no post count pushing a product/website. If they have an advertisement in their home page and/or posts advertisement, then they are a spam bot.

If you see a spam bot then you can report it to a F.A.I.L, Super moderator, or Quasi(Members who have more power than smods). You can also report it in the Bot Report Thread.

What are Illegal Links/Images? What do I do if I see one?
Illegal links are links that send you to a site with things that are against the rules such as Viz anime/manga.
Illegal Images are the same as illegal links but in the form of a picture.

If you see an illegal link/image, then report it to anyone with power. You can also report it in the Find Illegal Viz-Related Links/Images thread

What is F.A.I.L? Can I be one?
F.A.I.L is an acronym for the Forum Assassination and Infraction League. F.A.I.L members are able to infract people who break the rules of the forum, and also ban people.

Well you shouldnt ask to be in F.A.I.L, it is frowned upon and lowers your chance of getting in if you ask. If you help out around the forum and you are a good member then you may be considered for F.A.I.L (no guarantee though)

What is the difference between a Moderator and F.A.I.L.?
A Moderator is one that can lock, move, stick, delete, and edit other peoples posts or threads in a specific section. (Unless otherwise specified) FAIL can only ban and infract members. They cannot edit posts, etc etc like a mod can do. There are some special mods called Super Moderators, or SMods, that have universal or global moderation powers, meaning they can moderate anywhere on the forum. Though it is likely they only moderate the sections that they frequent. They are also able to infract people like F.A.I.L.

How to change your thread title?
You can edit your thread title by going to thread tools, and so on(?) but only for 7 days.

(section needs expansion)

Want your username changed? Well, here is how.
Most forums or registered sites allow you to manually change your username. This forum, however, doesnt allow that function, at least not anymore, but that doesnt mean your username can ever be changed with perfect reasoning(s). First, you must meet certain requirements to even be allowed to ask for a username change.
Certain Requirements:
-At least 1000+ posts
-At least a member for 3-4+ months
-And may require you mentioning your contributions to the forums.

Simple username changes, such as capitalization of the first letter of the username or fixing a misspelled username, are more than likely to be done for you. Usernames with those mistakes are easy to be edited quickly by an Admin(preferably SRhyse) or Quasi(like the maker of this thread, TheBlackChidori). Wanting a complete username change, meaning the current username you have changed to a whole different name, will require good reasoning. If that Admin or Quasi(who has the power) feels that it is a good enough reason, then changing the username will be no problem. If it is not a good reason for them, then they will deny it. You, as a member must accept that decision and accept your own username. If not, then make a whole new account with the username you wished for. Before registering, please think of a username you will accept and be happy with forever.

What are the signature limits?
For the recently joined members:
-500 characters total(which includes BBcode markup)
-Max font size of 3
-1 line max

For existing/established users:
-2500 BBcode characters max(this includes tags and such)
-500 displayable characters
-Max font size of 4
-15 maximum lines

If a pic or video is added, the original line max will be broken, and possibly increased by 2x the original line max.

For Newcomers:
How do to earn signature rights?
5 posts (that count towards post count)
10 Reputation Points
30 days since account was made

If ANY of those conditions are met, you will be able to have a signature.

How to earn picture/video rights in signature?
You should have at least 300+ posts and a good history on the forum.
Once you meet that requirement, PM Maikeru Shinigami or AshenREAPER a picture/video to be approved in your signature. Remember, it must not contain Viz material or any other illegal stuff.

The Battle Narrative System
Visit this thread for information:

I still have questions that havent been answered.
No worries. In the Technical Forum, there is a topic called ANBU Help Topic. Go here and post any question you like, and we will do our best to answer it as fast as possible. You can also make a topic about your question if you choose to do so.

If you dont want to make your question public, you can PM any member of ANBU. The full list of members is on the first post of the topic.
Link provided below.
ANBU help topic!

TheBlackChidori 09-06-2009 01:09 AM

Re: The Complete Forum Help Topic - All Information For Users Found Here! (DO NOT POS
I better get some serious appreciation for this....7 hours of work, people. SEVEN. CIETE. >.>

I expect my rep to go up at least 200 points. ^_^

TheBlackChidori 09-06-2009 01:28 AM

Re: The Complete Forum Help Topic - All Information For Users Found Here! (DO NOT POS
One more thing, if I need to add more and you think I forgot something, PM me. Dont post it here.

<Aurega?> 09-06-2009 02:42 AM

Re: The Complete Forum Help Guide - Nearly Every Question Answered.
We could need a FAQ about the UNS. Would someone on the UNS council write up something and give it to TBC?

And TBC,
I would suggest you to wrap ALL the rules that have to do with the village war system into a single spoiler so people don't confuse it with the rest of the real forum stuff.

TheBlackChidori 09-06-2009 02:44 AM

Re: The Complete Forum Help Guide - Nearly Every Question Answered.
UNS, yes I need something on that.

No Aurega. Its too much to compress into one thing, and people wont read a giant essay. They want their questions split up into what they want to know. I sure as hell wouldnt wanna read 10 pages to find out one thing about Rogues. Its even red to distinguish it.

All this criticism and not one thank you. Yep, definitely aurega.

Cade 09-06-2009 02:47 AM

Re: The Complete Forum Help Guide - Nearly Every Question Answered.
Nice work.Stupid kentaru.

<Aurega?> 09-06-2009 02:48 AM

Re: The Complete Forum Help Guide - Nearly Every Question Answered.

Originally Posted by TheBlackChidori (Post 1108555)
UNS, yes I need something on that.

No Aurega. Its too much to compress into one thing, and people wont read a giant essay. They want their questions split up into what they want to know. I sure as hell wouldnt wanna read 10 pages to find out one thing about Rogues. Its even red to distinguish it.

All this criticism and not one thank you. Yep, definitely aurega.

You misunderstand me, put a spoiler around all the spoilers about the war system, so people not interested in it can skip it easily.

Kinda like this:

Village war system:

War stuff X:

War stuff Y:

War stuff Z:

TheBlackChidori 09-06-2009 02:52 AM

Re: The Complete Forum Help Guide - Nearly Every Question Answered.
I tried that bro. It honestly wouldnt let me. Everytime I tried it cut itself off at about halfway, that's how I lost the post in the first place.

<Aurega?> 09-06-2009 02:56 AM

Re: The Complete Forum Help Guide - Nearly Every Question Answered.

Originally Posted by TheBlackChidori (Post 1108578)
I tried that bro. It honestly wouldnt let me. Everytime I tried it cut itself off at about halfway, that's how I lost the post in the first place.

It's an apostrophe in the text that screws up the code. I can actually fix it if you want.

nvm, I don't have mod powers on these forums

<Aurega?> 09-06-2009 03:02 AM

Re: The Complete Forum Help Guide - Nearly Every Question Answered.
Anyway that's all I got right now. Hopefully this was helpful.[/QUOTE]

Testing... See? it worked!

TheBlackChidori 09-06-2009 03:12 AM

Re: The Complete Forum Help Guide - Nearly Every Question Answered.
Oh well, dont care. Editting your post because it takes up too much room. =)

Still no rep. >.<

<Aurega?> 09-06-2009 03:17 AM

Re: The Complete Forum Help Guide - Nearly Every Question Answered.

Originally Posted by TheBlackChidori (Post 1108220)
I'd like to thank all the people who contributed guides that were included here.

Toma RNK
Sage Mode
The VBulletin FAQ staff
Evil Buzzard

O_o what did I do to help you on these guides? I don't think I've written any of them either...

TheBlackChidori 09-06-2009 03:30 AM

Re: The Complete Forum Help Guide - Nearly Every Question Answered.
Whoops I forgot you were useless.

Can you stop posting now?

Kon 09-06-2009 04:43 AM

Re: The Complete Forum Help Guide - Nearly Every Question Answered.
ummm im trying to delet something on my sig and it wont let me the part that says good bye all >.<
it tells me some thing about the BB size i cant change anything on my sig :(

Sage Mode 09-06-2009 09:58 AM

Re: The Complete Forum Help Guide - Nearly Every Question Answered.

Originally Posted by Naruto/Fan Boy (Post 1108729)
ummm im trying to delet something on my sig and it wont let me the part that says good bye all >.<
it tells me some thing about the BB size i cant change anything on my sig :(

There you go, I helped you. :D

Naruto321 09-06-2009 10:25 AM

Re: The Complete Forum Help Guide
Edit: Quit quoting the damn post. Its too long.


Gamabunta 09-06-2009 10:56 AM

Re: The Complete Forum Help Guide
Universal sticky?

Naruto321 09-06-2009 10:57 AM

Re: The Complete Forum Help Guide
This should be stickied. :D

Zaragor 09-06-2009 11:21 AM

Re: The Complete Forum Help Guide
Nice, wish this was here earlier. Why not make this an announcement so it can be viewed from all forums?

kzilla2000 09-06-2009 11:26 AM

Re: The Complete Forum Help Guide
THERE ARE SO MANY SPOILERS i dont think i could read them all :shock:.well thnx it will be helpful for me in the future though i know it :mrgreen:.

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