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ZeroxNightmare 04-15-2013 06:02 PM

The Scaletta Family (Mafia RP)
The Scaletta Mansion:

Vito sits in his den, reading a newspaper. He then puts the paper down, and looks at some papers reguarding his mafia.

Caro Vito,

Cose si mettono bene per la mafia. Abbiamo appena navigato nelle coste americane, e il nostro popolo sono giÓ lý, creazione di imprese. C'Ŕ un'altra famiglia giÓ negli Stati Uniti sono cortile di Al, e hanno un punto d'appoggio abbastanza buona in America giÓ, quindi non avrebbe cercato di trattare con loro ancora. Tutto sommato, stiamo facendo abbastanza bene, e mi auguro che possa rimanere in questo modo.

Spero che stai facendo bene,

Joe Barbaro



Dear Vito,
Things are looking up for the mafia. We just sailed into American shores, and our people are already there, setting up business. There is another family already in the U.S. They are Al's backyard, and they have a pretty good foothold in America already, so I wouldn't try to deal with them just yet. All in all, We are doing pretty good, and I hope that it can stay this way.

Hope you're doing well,
Joe Barbaro


Vito puts the papers on a desk, and motions one of his people to take the papers away. He then gets up and goes to the balcony. Life was good.


Welcome to the Scaletta Family Mafia. We are a honorable and respectable group, who only want the best for their members. We aren't afraid to use the bullet in place of words if they aren't cutting it.

We are charismatic, and we have footholds in Italy and the US.

We hope you enjoy your stay.

"Some would call us rabblerousers, or troublemakers. I see us as more than that. When I was a boy, I had nothing. The mafia helped me out, gave me an education, and gave me a home. They gave me a purpose. And that is what I hope I can do for others, not just in one way. Jobs are not something you see everyday, it is a privilege, especially when I was a ragazzino(little boy). We are also a, company of sorts. Where else could you find more jobs in more areas? Not here, that's for sure. We are also a family. We are bound by blood, and bound together. We are brothers and sisters in arms. They come for different reasons, but we are here around a table of brotherhood, and sisterhood, rejoicing in our victories, comforting each other in our failures. Family, honor, brotherhood, and blood. That is what the Mafia is all about. That is what my mafia is about."

-Vito Scaletta in an interview about his mafia and his rise to power

Picture of Vito Scaletta:

Name: Vito Scaletta
Family: Scaletta Family (Mafias are called families :lol:)
Rank: Don
Mob Color: Green
Mob Crest:

Location: Italy, USA

Basic Footsoldier and Mob Dress Code: Suit or suit with Overcoat


Don: Vito Scaletta

Consogliere: Leo Galante

Underboss: Henry Tomasino

Capo: Joe Barbaro


Guerriro (Street Commanders) :

Ragazzi (Personal Bodyguards) :

Vito's Backstory:

Vito was just a poor kid in a rich man's Italy. Poor, homeless, jobless. Until he met Leo Galante, leader of the most influential mafia of his time, the Galante Family. Leo afforded Vito's schooling, and taught him the ways of the mafia, which shaped his beliefs about it. Vito eventually made his own mafia, and merged his and Leo's together, forming the Scaletta Family. Vito put only his most trusted friends and family at top positions. He eventually moved his operations into the U.S., wanting to capitalize on the markets there.

Mob Type: Italian

Bases and locations:


Florida & South:


Greece and the Greecian Penninsula:

We currently hold half of Italy, Sicily, parts of the US, and the Greecian Penninsula.

Scaletta Family theme:

ZeroxNightmare 04-15-2013 08:02 PM

Re: The Scaletta Family (Mafia RP)
Vito walked through a hallway to the conference room. His most trusted people, his consogliere, his capo, and his underboss were there. His capo had just returned from his stay in america, and they now were there to discuss the future of the mob.

The conference room:

Vito took his seat at the head of the table, and the others took their seats.

"Saluti, saluti. Let's get down to business ah?" Vito said.

"Yes, well, our presence in America has grown, but the other mafia there still holds major presence. We should try to decide what to do." Henry Tomassino, his underboss said.

"Now hold on Henry. We just made our arrival in America, we shouldn't try to burn down homes right away. There are still matters to attend to." Leo Galante, Vito's most trusted friend and ally, his consogliere, stated. He said it with a reassuring tone.

"I agree with Leo. I've been there, and things are looking up. We shouldn't jeopardize our operations now with a dumb move. We are still in unfamiliar territory, and we don't want to waste this golden opportunity." said Joe Barbaro, his capo.

"I will agree with Mr. Galante and Mr. Barbaro. We still do not know much of what is there, and this opportunity for business and profit does not come everyday. What of our other concerns? Mr. Tomassino, what do you have?" Vito said in an authorative tone.

"We still have another mafia in the north. They haven't proven a threat, and I think we should try to reach out to them with an alliance." Henry reported.

"Then it's settled. We will try to make an alliance with the Italian Cartel to the north." Vito decided, "That's all for now. Riunione Ŕ sospesa." Vito concluded.

The meeting dispersed, and Vito walked to his den.

The den:


The music for the conference:

Shisko Shi 04-15-2013 08:06 PM

Re: The Scaletta Family (Mafia RP)
Nice! I hope you do not mind talking to your self making a story. But you will get visits do not worry.

ZeroxNightmare 04-15-2013 08:10 PM

Re: The Scaletta Family (Mafia RP)
Thanks. I do it from time to time.

I speak a little in Italian so that really helps. I always try to include the places I own, and I think it helps in my story telling.

ZeroxNightmare 04-16-2013 07:24 PM

Re: The Scaletta Family (Mafia RP)
Scaletta Family Update: A trade and alliance with Alexadra De La Mar of the Yachos Mafia resulted in the Scaletta Family acquiring the country of Ecuador in South America, located directly above Peru.

Edit: Doo-do-do-doo. just gonna wait until someone shows up. So that I get more than one page, with 4 posts. Forever alone `~(

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