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Ninja of Cao 02-28-2013 05:53 AM

Naruto Uzumaki vs Yoh Asakura
I like Saman King, so I thought that this would be an interesting comparison (sorry if this thread has been made already by someone else). Who would win?

Location: The Valley of the End
Preparation: 10 minutes
Starting distance: Each fighter stands on one of the statues
Knowledge: None

All anime and manga feats apply.

BMC1994 02-28-2013 07:29 AM

Re: Naruto Uzumaki vs Yoh Asakura
Didnt Yoh's spirit of earth have enough power/gravity manipulation to counter a black hole

koshej 02-28-2013 09:21 AM

Re: Naruto Uzumaki vs Yoh Asakura
It's ALMOST like Naruto vs Sasuke, cause the final Amidamaru looks kinda like Susanoo. :lol:
At least in the technical aspect of being a full-body shield of sorts. :D

Anyways, it goes this way:
Naruto beats Yoh into the ground.
Anna shows up and punches Naruto from behind.
Naruto: "Awww! Sakura-cha... HEY! Who are you???"
Anna: "How dare you beat up my Yoh!"
Keeps punching him, while Naruto cowers.
Finally she punches him away and summons the Shikigami.
They charge at Naruto...
Suddenly Hinata jumps in front of Naruto and goes into Shugohakke, repelling and dispelling the Shikigami.
Hinata: "Why are you attacking Naruto-kun?!?"
Anna: "He attacked my Yoh!"
Yoh: "..."
Naruto: "...HEY! I did not!"
Amidamaru: "Yoh-sama..." *CRIES*
Kurama: 'The hell's going on???' "Naruto! Get this straight!"
Naruto: "..."
Anna/Hinata: "Yoh!"/"Naruto-kun!"
Everyone: "...!!!" *SWEATDROPS*

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