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Squall 02-14-2013 04:20 AM

Kabuto's Shine: Acknowledging An Identity
Alrighty, one part of Izanami technique = the victim is able to escape the infinite loop if they can acknowledge the real results of their actions and in doing so, accept their fate.

One of the last moments we saw of Kabuto were the scenes of his childhood memories - his nice childhood. It was full of love and care. You even saw in the war arc one of his present day 'brothers' who grew up with Kabuto at the orphanage state; "I wonder if "brother will ever come back?". It showed that he was still thought about and loved by others.

Quick recap. Kabuto was found with a head-wound and amnesia outside a destroyed village. From this point on, Kabuto was a very nice child. He may have been a tad introverted, but he was showered in love and care in his new environment. With no memory of who he was at this stage, he felt the feeling of guilt for simple wrong doings. He was naturally feeling guilt not doing something he thought he should have. That is a sense of a good person regardless of knowing a background before amnesia. Anyways, over this time in the orphanage, he developed a passion and love for his new found mother and a sense of identity within his peers. it happens, a once-nice person gets corrupted and tempted to sway to 'evil'. Much like Sasuke.

Itachi's Izanami technique will break the whole present-day Kabuto identity crisis and show him his true self. He will remember before his amnesia - his previous life. He will remember his newfound mother and his fellow orphans at the orphanage. He will remember the passion and love he learned. He will acknowledge and accept his fate. Kabuto will return in this war. He will return a hero.

So he will awaken from the Izanami, and very soon. His actions may have been off, but he will remember himself as a person. He will fight for the alliance with his new found will of fire....

I don't actually believe that this will definitely happen, this is just a theory and to get people thinking and talking about Kabuto again. He is still here, and what can he do once he escapes Izanami? ...he's better at Edo Tensei than Oro....

Whelp, with that done...back to study. Yay for me wanting to go through another four years of study, weee.

Vivi 02-14-2013 04:40 AM

Re: Kabuto's Shine: Acknowledging An Identity
Izanami translated -
Scales - Without - White Snake

Fighting_dreamer 02-15-2013 07:02 PM

Re: Kabuto's Shine: Acknowledging An Identity
@Squall; good thinking on your part.

I do believe that Kabuto would return from the Izanami loop because of several reasons...

Of all of them, I so don't want to see Itachi's efforts going to waste :(

I would see a number of things as an indicator of 'hope' from Kishi (I might be a little naive here!)

1- As you noted; his brothers are alive and still remember him and anticipate his return
2- A new look of Kabuto was shown through his loving childhood, someone who was a good person
3- There's a way out of Izanami :)
4- If Oro becomes a problem again, Kabuto would be the best person to counter him

However, something tells me that for Kabuto, even if he accepts the results, his fate etc he would not want to go help Konoha because of what happened to his mother. Loving his brothers is one thing and fighting for Konoha is another...but who knows...we wish it happens!
+ rep for you as I like the post and the idea!

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