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Souret 02-11-2013 05:53 AM

Cyri's alter ego

Not sure this is the correct section but she is a fan author.

Basically this is a friend of mine since I first met her she has wanted to be an author and personly I love her work, so if you want to support a talented writer please just read some of her stuff and review, I've known her since we were 11 and I've watched her writing get better and better :)

She writes fan stories for Death Note, Nabari no ou, warrior cats, black butler, Sherlock Holmes, pokemon, harry potter, Hetalia, bleach, doctor who, harvest moon, ouran high, animal crossing, ingo and is currently writing a one shot about Shikamaru that she won't tell me anything about :P

Please give her stuff a read and tell her what you think :P

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