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Kirito 01-28-2013 04:59 PM

Name: Kirigaya Kazuto
Nickname (preferred): Kirito
Race: Fullbringer
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Main Weapons:
Basic Weapon Abilities: Dark Repulser (left weapon) can cut through energy attacks. Elucidator (right weapon) can cleave through solids. (Repeated hits on enemy zanpakuto will cause it to shatter, or become damaged).

Kirito's weapons are not only more durable than a regular zanpakuto, but they are also ridiculously heavy. After using them for so long, they weigh practically nothing to Kirito. This means that by simply dropping a sword, or both, Kirito gains immense speed. Taking advantage of this, he has pushed his body to its limit, and further.

Kirito is noted to have one of the best reaction times, and instincts. He is able to note a weakening point in an enemy's defense, and exploit it.

Perhaps the most noted feature, is that of having an immensely strong will/willpower.

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