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NINE-TAILS-BIJU 01-24-2013 08:16 PM

Zombie Apocalypse Team
we shall group up and survive the waves of Zombies to come. we first need some people. choose your job, post it, and we shall start in a while as soon as the jobs get taken. we can have as many people in one job. you may do a profile card if you like, if you do, i shall put it next to your name on the job. but if you can't decide on a job, just do the profile card, i'll put it in here too. here the profile card you can fill out-
Hair Color/Style:
Specialty: (This would take the place of that Job thing that's on the post, So people can choose their own thing)

people playing-


Name: Nine
Height:5 foot 6 inches
Hair Color/Style:brown long tied
Clothing:Purple T-Shirt, Blue Basketball shorts, tennis shoes
Personality: serious, energetic, keen,
Equipment: anything we get, but basically has AK47

Name: Zee Chess, The Islander. [ Z ]
Age: 25
Appearance: Wears a medium black squared shaped spectacle. Serious looking but is cheerful when smiling. Has a "Z" shaped scar that starts from right side of forehead, pass the temple and side of eye, ends near upper cheek.
Height: 5'7
Weight: 75.KG
Build: Medium beefy lean.
Hair Color/Style: Black, Medium Length Curvy Spike Hair. [ Like Yamato ]
Clothing: Mickey Mouse red t-shirt, Black slight-ripped Jeans, Chuck Taylors High Black Sneakers.
Personality: Serious/Not friendly when dealing with new people or surviving mode. Cheerful/Supportive when time gets hard or killing zombies.
Equipment: Swiss Army Knife, 3 sets of Small Kitchen Knife, Solar/Battery Torchlight, Skate Bag with first-aid-kit also 4 bottled water & favorite Skateboard[Use for short transport purpose and to release tension from Zombie stress]
Biography: In search of his two siblings whom got caught up during the "Detention Warning". Works part time as a Voluntary Medic/Ambulance Team.

Snipers- Azal,
Appearance:Pale, long straight black and purple hair
Hair Color/Style:black, with purple pieces, long and choppy
Clothing: purple corset, leather jacket, black skinny jeans, black thigh high heeled boots, gun holster on both legs.
Personality:sassy, nice, good sense of humor, fun to talk to, hardcore, loving, and protective.
Equipment:sniper rifle, dagger, and 2 pistols

Look_outs- Hozuki,

Strategists- Souret
Name: Souret
Age: 16
Appearance: Pale skin, red cheeks and short dark brown hair.
Height: 5 ft 3
Weight: 55kg
Build: average muscles particularly arms.
Hair Colour/Style: Dark Brown (almost like chocolate), Short choppy at the back with two straights sections either side of her face.
Clothing: Red skirt with a black rim, weapons belt, black leggings, red knee high boots, red shirt and a dark brown leather jacket.
Personality: Lazy, protective, a good thinker, not very trusting.
Equipment: a sword she inherited from her father, a small hunting knife and two pistols.
Specialty: Planning/tactics, also a pretty good fighter due to her father

Stats people(they will be in charge of supplies)-Bombs266
Age: 18
Appearance: reasonable hight and wheight, brown hair and eyes, wears a black overcoat as well as a leather belt which i hang a hunting knife from. denim jeans.
Build: not incredibly strong, like a whieghtlifter or anything, but has a bit of muscle to him.
Hair Color/Style: brown hair, not long, but ruffled.
Personality: Nice to be around, but gets easily temered when a friend is insulted.
Equipment: Carries a hunting knife (long, curved, serrated knife.) a over under shotgun, as well as a pack of shells for his shotgun, and has another pouch full of other ammo that he gives to people that have the gun for it, as well as carring a bag of herbs that can be used for medicine.
Specialty: (as said earlier, supply guy)
Biography:Basically, the rest of this sheet descibes who i am. His mother was a docter, hence the knowlage as medicanal herbs, and can also make a reasonable meal, as his father was a chef. not the best fighter, but can handle his shotgun well, but only uses his knife in emergancies.

clean up crew(they burn the Zombies bodies)-

Decoys- konoha chimp,

Weapon Specialist/maker(can create weapons or teach how to use them )- loganace,

Close hand combat fighters-NINE-TAILS-BIJU, konoha chimp,

Different- Memitim,
Name: Nate.(Last name not revealed)
Age: 19.
Appearance: Brown eyes, Small scar under his right eye and another one on his cheek.
Height: 6 ft 1.
Weight: 186 pounds
Build: Fit
Hair Color/Style: Dark Brown (almost black), Medium Length, Somewhat parted with bangs brushed down.
Clothing: White Tank Top, Black 3/4 Leather Jacket With Red Interior, Black Faded Jeans, Black Military Boots, Aviator Sunglasses.
Personality: Loner, Cocky, Laid back, Robs/Kills other survivors if he has to.
Equipment: Two 9mm's, Metal Baseball Bat, any other weapon that he finds along the way.
Specialty: Well rounded, Intelligent, Good with guns. Uses his baseball bat effectively in close range.
Biography: A grade student, Loved to compete in martial arts and has had prior training with guns. His parents were killed when he was 13, Pretty much raised himself after that, Was in Brooklyn when the outbreak started, had to kill his brother after he turned.

Ninja of Cao
Name: Alexander Oathstar (last name translated from Swedish), nicknamed "Tao".
Age: 17 years.
Appearance: Pale skin, shoulder-long brown hair, green eyes and a light moustache. Quite tall but not very muscular.
Height: 176 cm.
Weight: 74 kg.
Hair Color/Style: Shoulder-long brown hair.
Clothing: A black T-shirt, blue jeans, black army gloves and red headband.
Personality: Calm (sometimes cold) and serious with a great talent for military tactics. Sees the group's safety as top priority rather than individual survival.
Equipment: Ak 5 assault rifle, CBJ-MS submachine gun and a steel axe.
Specialty: Great tactical mind and an expert on the construction of weapons and defenses, but not as skilled when actually participating in combat.
Biography: Alexander "Tao" Oathstar is a Swedish citizen who got stranded in New York during the outbreak. By faking an older age he was allowed to join the Swedish special forces and specialized as the tactical mind of a commando group. After liberating hostages in the Middle East and fighting against his country's enemies abroad, he was called to the United States for unknown reasons where he was then separated from the rest of his squad during the outbreak. He is now determined to find his squadmates and find a way back home.

Derris Hunter, mercenary working for the US government to help with the zombie problem.
Uses a assault rifle
Extremely well trained in close combat and gunfare
Personality: Tough guy
Right now hes been hired to aid steve and the others to help battle the waves of zombies

Godaime Kazekage
Name: Christopher Kennedy
Appearance: Very pale caucasian male with dark brown hair (almost black) and green eyes.
Height: 5'11"
Weight:150 lbs.
Build:Thin, athletic. Not exceptionally strong-an endurance type.
Hair Color/Style: Dark brown, short hair. (Similar to the new Dante's (from DMC) style)
Clothing:Smashing Pumpkins graphic t-shirt, black hoodie, loose fitting blue jeans, and running shoes.
Personality: Kind, polite to strangers, but likes to tease friends, competitive, and loves kids and animals.
Equipment: Pistol w/ silencer and trench knives.
Specialty: No real special skills, but proficient at CQC and resistant to the virus (or whatever is causing the zombie outbreak).
Biography: At college when the zombie outbreak reached there. Survived by hiding in the dorms for a while until his roommates and him were attacked by zombies trying to find food. Decided to kill himself before zombification, but couldn't go through with it. After a long period of sickness he recovered at full health.

Divine Rush
Name: Andrew redfield{Andy}
Age: 22
Appearance: Brown eyes, Scar on his right cheek
Height: 6 ft 3.
Weight: 165 pounds
Build: Fit
Hair Color/Style: Dark Brown (almost black), Medium Length, Spiked
Clothing:Black Faded Jeans,Osiris skate shoes,Small Black Sunglasses.
Personality: Loner, Cocky, Laid back.
Equipment: Two 9mm's a knife any other weapon that he finds along the way.
Specialty: Intelligent Good with a knife.
Biography: Loves martial arts His mom was killed when he was 16 and his dad was taken by the government cause he was special and had a cure for the disease had to kill his sister when she turned, has been a loner ever sense....

Name: James Matito
Age: 21
Ocupation pre-apocalypse: Laywer
Hobbys: Medival history and weapons, strong medical knowledge.
Invintory: 2 katana's, 1 silenced pistol, Longbow, Shotgun, 3 fragmentation grenades, food and water.
Looks: brown hair and brown eyes, where skater gloves, a white shirt, jeans and tennis shoes.

Uzumaki Naruto!
Name: Robbie
Age: 27
Height: 5'11
Weight: 220pounds
Build: Build means body? If so I'm quite strong cause of my job.
Hair Color/Style: Black spiky and looks like a bed head
Clothing: Military Clothes with dog tags
Personality: Calm and very kind.
Equipment: m4
Specialty: Military

Name: Mauricio
Age: 22
Appearance: Just look at my picture album lol
Height: 5.10
Weight: 200
Build: Little Muscle and Little Fat
Hair Color/Style: Brown
Clothing: denim jeans, a open black leather jacket, a tank top underneath, and a welding mask.
Personality: The man is a Pyromaniac, loves to set things on fire and see things go boom.
Equipment: Carries a Flamethrower and a Magnum,
Specialty: Bomb and Gun Smith.
Biography:Before the the **** hit the fan, Mauricio was just your average Gun maker, He also learned how to make bombs for no reason other then why not. The rest is history.

Zombies- Shisko Shi,
Name: Drekovac of the 7th circle of Hell
Age: 39,590,320
Occupation: Captain of Hell's Zombie army

Equipment: Hell Sword, Dark Magic, etc.
Personality: He's a Demon. It speaks for itself.

We are all at NY, New York. if you are a zombie you do not die forever, just wait 5 minutes between deaths to allow the group to get to motion again. Each zombie will equal as 30, a group, since i am sure there will not be many people for zombies...

Please start choosing a job now while you have time...

Shisko Shi 01-24-2013 08:21 PM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Team
I guess I'll be a Zombie.

Azal 01-24-2013 08:21 PM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Team
I call sniper

NINE-TAILS-BIJU 01-24-2013 08:23 PM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Team
okay, done

loganace 01-24-2013 08:24 PM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Team
Can I make my own?

I know how to make bombs, use normal items and turn it into medicine ect... ect.... ect... And a pistol just in case XD.

NINE-TAILS-BIJU 01-24-2013 08:26 PM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Team
how about i make a weapon specialist one i'll put you in there.

loganace 01-24-2013 08:29 PM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Team
Sounds good. As long as I can make bombs :). I was going to use the chemist to make vials of the zombie infection in case we run upon cannibals or something XD

NINE-TAILS-BIJU 01-24-2013 08:30 PM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Team
heh, sure you can do that!

Hozuki 01-25-2013 02:55 AM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Team
I'll be a Lookout, I'll have unbelievable speed as well! :D

Souret 01-25-2013 07:57 AM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Team
I;ll be stratagist I like planning stuff :P

Shisko Shi 01-25-2013 12:25 PM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Team
Imma kill you all.

Stormy_Uchiha 01-25-2013 12:29 PM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Team
I want to be a sniper!

konoha chimp 01-25-2013 12:55 PM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Team
Decoy? I'll be a decoy :)
Not quite sure how I would decoy the zombies though?

I'd rather be a strategist but I think someone needs to fill in that Decoy space :lol:

Souret 01-25-2013 12:56 PM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Team
Run at them with a blow torch XD

konoha chimp 01-25-2013 01:04 PM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Team
Sure that sounds like a great idea! might be easier said than done though xD
I guess that means I'll be the maniac getting chased around by the zombies 24/7 I'm guessing I'll be the first to die then xD

Souret 01-25-2013 01:05 PM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Team
...can't argue with the last bit :P we will miss you dearly ;P

Azal 01-25-2013 01:06 PM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Team

Originally Posted by konoha chimp (Post 6451872)
Sure that sounds like a great idea! might be easier said than done though xD
I guess that means I'll be the maniac getting chased around by the zombies 24/7 I'm guessing I'll be the first to die then xD

Not if everyone else does their job.

konoha chimp 01-25-2013 01:22 PM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Team

Originally Posted by Azal (Post 6451881)
Not if everyone else does their job.

Well It looks like I'm counting on you then! :)

Hozuki 01-25-2013 03:20 PM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Team
When will this start?

NINE-TAILS-BIJU 01-25-2013 05:21 PM

Re: Zombie Apocalypse Team
So konoha chimp what are you gonna be decoy or strategist?^and soon my friend, soon..

i have already listed everyone else above, just need to knoe what konoha chimp is gonna do before we could start...

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