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Saiyan 01-09-2013 08:53 AM

2006scape closed down
Read the letter here in this OP -

Only place I could find it.

2006scape domin now hijacked by jagex

I guess pos vault made off with alot of donations..and for what?

He played everyone the past month, he's been in these legal discussions for awhile now, he knew he was going to have to close it down yet he still kept accepting donations, and not so much of an update or warning.

Imo what a scumbag.

I hope all that icecream, well, I hope it melts atleast and his life..also melt...wouldn't be too bad.

He deserves to lose his shirt, I hope jagex sues him for every cent he made in donations.

I never gave him a penny. The most suspicious thing too me was how long it was taking to make this game public when there were all these private servers and code already available to use.

Jakropha 01-09-2013 08:58 AM

Re: 2006scape closed down
Wow, if your serious, then :lol:

Jagex has been too whiny to take serious legal actions on these bimbos, kind of shows they have some backbone now.

Am I the only other guy who knows everything about Runescape :lol:

05 forever!!

Saiyan 01-09-2013 09:08 AM

Re: 2006scape closed down

Originally Posted by Jakropha (Post 6421110)
Wow, if your serious, then :lol:

Jagex has been too whiny to take serious legal actions on these bimbos, kind of shows they have some backbone now.

Am I the only other guy who knows everything about Runescape :lol:

05 forever!!

07 for me... or should I say I'm 007 (haha lame I know)

Was hoping someone could suggest some good private servers that would be like 2006scape was made out too be.

I can't play that trash they got out now.

Lol I guess I won't be playing old school rs ever, maybe one day I'll make my own java mmorpg and try to make it like old rs. If andrew gower was able to make rs classic by himself it shouldn't be too hard right?

Jakropha 01-09-2013 09:10 AM

Re: 2006scape closed down
He didn't persay make it by himself, he had his brother too.

But it was pretty cranky in it's early stages, personally, I liked 2008-2009 the best.

But now, they are getting a liiiittle crazy <,>

Squeel of Fortune and Solomons General Store did it for me, I quat!

Saiyan 01-09-2013 09:14 AM

Re: 2006scape closed down
Tbh I loved that game until the hd update, that update for me really took out the character of the game.

The graphics did suck I guess, but they were nice, they boded well with the theme and the atmosphere of the game, the hd update just made it cheesey.

I forced myself to play after that then quit, then like picked it up again last september and it's 100x worse.

Tried WoW again and MoP, got to 90, still don't really like it. (I like the horde and alliance story, I think the world is pretty cool but at times it's really lame and cheesey), like I think I'd have more fun reading the wow books then playing the game, probably makes me sound way nerdy lawl.

I'm going to try the elder scrolls online and if that sucks I'm probably done with mmorpgs forever.

Jakropha 01-09-2013 09:21 AM

Re: 2006scape closed down
Play League of Legends.

It sucks at first, but we are going to try and set up Ranked teams later in the year me and Bacon/Dev whenever we get enough players to that point.

It's going to be a lot of work, and Bacon would have to do a lot of coaching, but it would have a great payoff in the end for having to know each other a little better than if it was randomly selected players.

About Runescape? I could tolerate the graphics change, I could tolerate the stupid updates, I even enjoyed Dungeoneering to an extent.
I wasted my life on 99 cooking, and I withstood the beast that was Nomad.
I KILLED NOMAD!!!! Still my best achievement ever, some 138 people never could beat Nomad :D
Gained the quest cape, school started, and I just basically sort of zoned out on the game, was working towards 99 attack (currently 97 I believe) and building my slayer up, and was working towards money to get Extreme potions, I still have like 14 mil not counting my gear :lol:

I was level 128 before the new combat update, and since I don't want to waste a 3 month card I have on a school month, I can't really test out such an update...

But, it was the voicing that really threw me under the bus, I mean... GOD, it's terrible.
The forums were charming, Mod Emily waiting for Banana threads were enjoyable, Moe is 1214 and Amascut backstory threads, and good suggestions were what really made me enjoy that part of it's community.

But in the end, Jagex just lost it's heart for the game, Bonus XP weekends were a start, but they had bad affects... BUT THEY STILL DID THEM.
Refer a friend? The Bot publicity that they harbored... Squeel of Fortune... Solomons General Store...

These are the things that really killed the game, you can't do anything about Nostalgia Saiyan, they did need to move on to compete with all the other MMO's, but all the corporate crap they decided to go with is what really made it die for old school players.

Sailing for 2013!!

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