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Devils Lawyer 11-17-2012 06:11 AM

300 Roman Legionaires vs The persians
No restrictions and open discussion. Location where the Spartan fought the Persians.

The Immortal Watch Dog 11-17-2012 12:48 PM

Re: 300 Roman Legionaires vs The persians
so the Romans have Auxiliaries either Italians if it's the republic era or some Germanic/Gualic allies if it's the post Ceasar period? just like the original Spartan force had?

because if so they station a few hundred Gauls in the passes narrow "back door" and on various other parts of the higher terrain with archers and sling throwers

with the main force concentrated at the Hot Gates Romans are..fully aware of how this goes, all of their troops are going to be very trained- their equipment is going to be much better than the Spartan stuff which was too much for the Persians any way

basically they hold out about four or five long as their allies hold the sneakway - they buy enough time for a full Roman legion to be waiting for the Persian force a few dozen miles away and it becomes a complete disaster worse than what it was originally

if it's just 300 Romans then they don't last a single day alone..the Spartans wouldn't have lasted a single day alone they only lasted twenty some hours when they were backed up by almost two thousand yeah

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