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Voidaken 11-05-2012 08:32 PM

The Void Looms In
Hello. I made an account here because I am a big fan of the Generations game and wish to become as good as I can be at it and have as much fun as I can. I hope there are some good discussions on the game and special techniques for me to learn.

Nice to meet you all and be here.

WishfulFairie 11-05-2012 08:33 PM

Re: The Void Looms In
Welcome to the forum Void!

Naruto321 11-05-2012 09:32 PM

Re: The Void Looms In
Well your in luck :)

You can talk about the game here:

And welcome to the forums!

moonwatcher 11-06-2012 04:41 AM

Re: The Void Looms In

Shikamaru Nara 11-06-2012 06:53 AM

Re: The Void Looms In
Welcome to the forums. Let me know if you need anything.

Rainbow 11-06-2012 09:09 PM

Re: The Void Looms In
★ Hello, it is a pleasure to meet you. I no longer video game, but it is good to see you are enjoying the video game you mentioned and are hoping to improve by using the forums. ★

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