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Shikamaru Nara 11-03-2012 07:07 AM

Cracking Down on Spam
This is similar to the edict put in place by TDZ a while back. Unfortunately, he was unable to stick around to enforce it and pretty much gave up on the Battlegrounds a while back.

Since IWD is essentially MIA, although I have gotten word from him, we're low on active mods. Discussion between people in the Burrow consist of Frosty, Uchiha Sora, and I, mostly. :lol:

Just letting you all know that I'm giving you three chances. I've marked multiple people's usernotes already. I'm going to use the tried and true three strike method.

I'm seeing more and more stupid pictures and YouTube videos everyday, which needs to stop, to some extend at least. I would like to see some constructive discussion then a funny video to emphasize your point, but when I see just a video, with not even a reason why it's there, it makes me think that this place is slowly degenerating to the likes of Off-Topic discussion, which is meant for the Off-Topic section.

Feel free to discuss this edict with me in the BG discussion threads, PM, VM, or even make a thread.

The Immortal Watch Dog 11-04-2012 08:11 PM

Re: Cracking Down on Spam
more damaging then silly image macros that mock stupid posts are the stupid posts themselves

rest assured though it may look like I am inactive I am here and actively prowling the yard..and those of you who make useless asinine and completely biased posts..consider yourself warned- that type of spamming will absolutely not be tolerated and I am going to come for you and bring the hammer of god down on you when ever you do..

this is you're only notice.. contribute or be treated as a troll

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