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joon 10-06-2012 01:28 PM

Joon vs someone
I'm just going to attack.
hyrule field
It was night time as i was walking the deadly field.
Everytime i saw a sword,i swear i thought i saw someone holding it.
I then saw someone else walking the plains.
He stoped and looked at me.
I also stoped.
I only had one thing to say to what had just happened.
"**** just got real."
I quickly ran towards my opponet while taking something out of my pocket which appeared to be a pencil. I covered it in reitsu and threw it at my foe at 100 mph.
I then jumped into the air and attempted to kick my for upon landing as i attempt to sweep kick him.
I then attempt to stomp on my opponet's face and push myself 20 feet away from him.
I stand and wait for my opponet's next move.

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