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Noctis Arashi 09-23-2012 05:35 PM

URPT Round 1: Jim Banjo vs Kani Aero
Location: Football Field, Active. (People are attending just as they would a game)
Distance: 40 yards
Rules: Distance Duel
Standard RP rules. This will test how participants handle rules, as well as pressure. The two contestants lives are linked by distance.

The first and second rounds, close combat is the way. Do not distance yourself more than the starting 40 yards, and you both will live.

Third and fourth rounds, ranged combat is the way. Do not get closer than 80 yards, and you both will live.

Fifth round, distance limits are off.

Contestants will be evaluated on battle skill primarily. So even if you lose, you may be judged a winner, but it is unlikely.

Pie goes first.

ILIKEPIE 09-24-2012 02:34 PM

Re: URPT Round 1: Jim Banjo vs Kani Aero
"Let the party begin". Kani dances for no reason before the battle started. Kani creates 5 black spiders that jump at Jim attempting to hit his chest and they explode on contact. "Go babies go".

"Cheerleaders give me a cheer". The cheerleaders start cheering for Kani. "Aero a go". Kani creates a blade of wind that she sends toward Jim's chest attempting to slice him in half. Following the attack Kani creates a gust of wind to propell her towards Jim while also pulling out her chainsaw. "Slice and dice time little boy hehehehe".

Kani attempts two slashes of her chainsaw one aimed at the chest and one aimed at the head. After the slashes, she dose a backflip 20 yards. "Sorry if I kill you little boy, but don't worry it will be a painfull death".

Turn 1/5
Distance 20 yards

deadtaka 09-24-2012 03:17 PM

Re: URPT Round 1: Jim Banjo vs Kani Aero
Jim was playing his piano back at home whilst cutting his wrists, cuz' he is so depressed. And then he took his car to the football field and the fight's started.

He attempts to say hi to his opponent but she just rambles, and sends spiders at him. Right as she sends them, he quickly jumps behind her and she attempts to create a blade of wind to cut me in half because she thinks I'm still there for whatever reason. As she's sending it out, Jim flips his blade to the blunt side and swings at towards her spine in a horizontal motion, attempting to hit it. As soon as I do my attack, she creates a gust of wind to send herself towards me, but I sidestep out of the way and make it out by a hair.

She slices at the air, obviously already planning the attack beforehand. I dash towards her as she does and just before I get right in front of the blade, and then slides underneath her. He sees her do a blackflip back yards, so he does one about 30 yards away. "wut k." He then does a quick dash towards her, and flips his blade to the side with the sharpness, making a quick slash at her shin while still dashing. He dashes to about 20 yards behind her and stops. "I think there's a good chance you may actually die, but okay."

joon 09-24-2012 03:20 PM

Re: URPT Round 1: Jim Banjo vs Kani Aero
Get a good look jim?XD

deadtaka 09-24-2012 03:24 PM

Re: URPT Round 1: Jim Banjo vs Kani Aero
*plays my banjo*

joon 09-24-2012 03:33 PM

Re: URPT Round 1: Jim Banjo vs Kani Aero
:p :p :p

ILIKEPIE 09-26-2012 11:00 PM

Re: URPT Round 1: Jim Banjo vs Kani Aero
"Instant replay for the folks at home, when Jim slashed at Kani's spine after somehow dodging her attacks, Kani created small spiders that quickly ran down her spine and blocked the attack. Most girls are afraid of spiders, but Kani loves them, now back to the action", Announcer man.

Seeing Jim running at her attempting a slash, Kani quickly uses the wide side of her chainsaw to block the slash. "So you are jumper, those types always get themselves killed in a single hit". Kani quickly turns around and sees Jim only a few yards away.

"The web of fate shall be your end". Kani creates two spiders that appear in front of Kani and attempt to hit Jim's feet with webs in an attempt to hold him down. Kani puts her chainsaw. "The aero in the sky says it's time for the x". Kani creates two slashes of wind that she sends at Jim that make an x-shaped in the air in an attempt to slice him to into pieces.

Kani graps her chainsaw and uses wind to push against her feet to increase her speed and to give her better controlof her movement but less speed than her last attempt. She runs at Jim and attempts a quick slash at Jim's head with her chainsaw's sharp teeth. After the slash she continues to run 30 yards behind Jim. "This television program is not approate for smaller viewers, please turn the station now if children are present".

deadtaka 09-27-2012 11:59 AM

Re: URPT Round 1: Jim Banjo vs Kani Aero
"kdascewldon'tcare," said Jim.

As she says her coy response, Jim replies with, "I got dat speed so I use...dat speed."

Jim runs and cuts through the web with the sharp side of his blade, sidestepping as the x-shaped slashes of wind approach he focuses wind into his blade, stabbing the slashes in the side to push off of it. He lands onto the fence in front of the bleachers, bouncing off almost immediately. He bounces off towards Kani as she is in the air, still seeing me again for whatever reason. He holds his sword to the south west on the sharpy killy side, aiming for the back of her knee, he continues to go past her for about 40 yards, and stops.

"This is educational, how dare you not let young children watch this? They could become strong men and women from watching programs like this, have you no soul?" so says Mr. Banjo.

Noctis Arashi 10-01-2012 05:59 PM

Re: URPT Round 1: Jim Banjo vs Kani Aero
Pie, please try to be more active and finish this up. Otherwise, in judging, it may count against you. Thanks. :)

Also, you must post your move by 10-2-12, at 1:59PM Central Time, to avoid disqualification.

ILIKEPIE 10-02-2012 12:51 AM

Re: URPT Round 1: Jim Banjo vs Kani Aero
"That was sidesteped too, not very creative are you". Kani quickly spin around in the air and blocks the sword with her chainsaw and just in case she had created a spider on the back of her knee just in case. "What's Soulless is the network and fact that watching the fight on tv costs 500 dollars per person in the room and that they also charge for pets".

Kani puts away her chainsaw. "Rapid spider attack". Kani creates 500 spiders that charge at Jim one at a time each attempting to hit his legs and the spiders will explode on contact. "It will take more than a simple sidestep to dodge that".

"Spin baby spin". Kani creates a hurricane by spining the air in front of her, and she sends the hurricane at Jim hoping to trap and kill him with all of the object that the hurricane will pick up on the way. Kani then jumps to a distance of 80 yards away from Jim, and then draws her chainsaw. "Please look for Kani's cheerleader combat the viedo game now at stores, this game is rated M for violence and blood".

deadtaka 10-02-2012 01:57 PM

Re: URPT Round 1: Jim Banjo vs Kani Aero
Jim generates wind into his blade, and as the spiders approach, he swings it from left to right in a swift movement, swift enough to cause the wind to strike all of the spiders and knock them from the air.

He focuses more wind into his blade and slashes at it in the direction towards Kani, storing enough to cause the whole earth to rotate a couple times but it's controlled to just the hurricane, launching the hurricane towards her, along with all it picked up along the way. "And media outlets, including many a gaming magazine and website, as well as regular citizens have thrashed the game immensely, saying it might be up to Sonic 06 level bad."

Jim then sees one of his old friends on the football team and makes a quick dash over to talk to him, asking him how he's been and average small talk you'd hear now and again. He then proceeds to lean against the fence in front of the bleachers.

ILIKEPIE 10-03-2012 05:28 PM

Re: URPT Round 1: Jim Banjo vs Kani Aero
"Oh, this guy has wind powers too. I thought he was just getting lucky with those dodges. Oh and Sonic 06 didn't have panty shots and my game dose and at least they weren't saying it was Superman 64 bad like Jim Banjo's Banjo Adventure".

Kani sees that somehow that weirdo Jim somehow send her hurrican back at her. "By the power of cherry pie I have the power". Kani puts away her chainsaw and concentrates her energy and then releases an incredibly powerful gust of wind that she uses to knock the hurricane into the stands and away from her.

"Lets do it girls". Cheerleaders run on the field and begin to form the pyramid with Kani on the top. "Alright now I'll show you what I really can do". Kani creates 5 large spiders in front of the pyramid and then creates a gust of wind to axcelerate the spiders towards Jim at incredible speed in an attempt to blow him into tiny pieces.

"Baby time for you to take a bite out of the world". Kani pulls out her chainsaw and then throws it at Jim while aiming it at his head, while also creating a gust of wind behind the chainsaw to increase it's speed. "Ps the reason I got on the pyramid was just to look cool, lol".

deadtaka 10-03-2012 06:22 PM

Re: URPT Round 1: Jim Banjo vs Kani Aero
"Actually I don't, it is part of a power I actually have, so I guess I kind of do actually, I need to rethink my life choices. Also I never had a game, because that's a horrible idea."

The hurricane is sent back towards the stands behind Jim but it's not where he's sitting, so he just ignores it and pays attention to that female opponent person known as Kani or something.

Jim does a simple flip over the gust of wind and spiders, focusing more wind into his blade to rise the speed of the wind towards the spiders, having them actually get hit by it and not him.

Jim ducks under the chainsaw at the last second and times it just right to stab the part of it with the engine that powers it, causing malfunction and it to stop working because Jim had impaled the engine and the engine is what allows it to work with the electric capabilities.

He focuses elemental electric power into his blade, giving the chainsaw another extra boost. Then he charges trough the pyramid, attempting to slice all of he middle cheerleaders in half. As Kani tumbles off, he swings a kick at her aiming for the air. He then takes his blade out of the chainsaw, and pushes himself into the air, and attempts to thrust the chainsaw into her spine, leading into her heart. Jim lands about 20 yards from where Kani will land, and just stands and waits.

Devroux 10-04-2012 02:54 PM

Re: URPT Round 1: Jim Banjo vs Kani Aero
Taka TM'd in his first move, but that's about the worst of what I see. Excluding that, I'd probably still give it to Pie though. Rather than just sidestepping and jumping away, she stood up and countered what was sent her way. Just makes for better RPing.

Victor is Pie, by my judgement.

deadtaka 10-04-2012 02:56 PM

Re: URPT Round 1: Jim Banjo vs Kani Aero
wut k

Pool 10-04-2012 02:59 PM

Re: URPT Round 1: Jim Banjo vs Kani Aero
Pie blocked a sword slash with spiders. They'd be squished and she'd be paralyzed.

Devroux 10-04-2012 03:02 PM

Re: URPT Round 1: Jim Banjo vs Kani Aero
You mean when he slashed at her back in the middle of her attack? Yes, I know. That's called TM.

deadtaka 10-04-2012 03:04 PM

Re: URPT Round 1: Jim Banjo vs Kani Aero
Well, I probably should have worded that better. Lesson learned.

Pool 10-04-2012 03:08 PM

Re: URPT Round 1: Jim Banjo vs Kani Aero
An attack is an attack. She didn't dodge correctly and probably would've lost her the battle. I think some crappy dodges and one instance of TM can be overlooked, considering how major the failed dodge is.

Devroux 10-04-2012 03:11 PM

Re: URPT Round 1: Jim Banjo vs Kani Aero

Originally Posted by Pool (Post 6285806)
An attack is an attack. She didn't dodge correctly and probably would've lost her the battle. I think some crappy dodges and one instance of TM can be overlooked, considering how major the failed dodge is.

This is exactly why I didn't want you judging my match. Bias judging. Taka is your friend, I get that, but TM is an auto-disqualification most of the time, other than when the participants decide to overlook it. However, this is a tournament and it shan't be overlooked. Also, you can't just decide that these are normal spiders. There is a certain point of equalization that must be used in matches like these. My ribbons aren't normal, so her spiders can have an extra oomph too.

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