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Hinata Hyuga's BestFriend 09-12-2012 07:20 PM

Tobi Character Analysis: Identity, Thoughts, and Future (Read First Post) *Spoilers*
Hello, everyone! I haven’t been here in a LONG time, but now I’m finally back, and, in light of discovering the identity of Tobi, I made this thread to be a place where you can talk about his character—not only mentioning your opinion of his true identity (although this is more than welcome, and I made the poll about it), but also for talking about his actions, how Obito became who he is, debating which of “Tobi’s” actions were those of Obito and which were Madara’s, what you want to end up happening to Obito and/or Madara, and anything else you can think of that relates to the enigma of Tobi.

I’ll share my own analyses and thoughts below, and I’d love for you to tell me all what you think and give me your own opinions! It’s a really long post, but I hope it’s enlightening and/or enjoyable!

I know that a LOT of people hated the twist of Obito being Tobi, and some were mad that he wasn’t really Madara Uchiha; as a result, there has been SO much hate against Kishi for the past couple of weeks. I have to say, though: I thought Kishimoto's way of fooling the readers about Tobi's identity was pretty clever, because he got us to think along the same lines as the characters in the story. When Tobi claimed to be Madara, we (and when I say we, I mean the majority of the readers, the ones who thought that Tobi was Madara, not all of the readers), like the Naruto Universe, believed him, primarily because there was no reason not to. Madara definitely had the motive to commit the crimes that are attributed to Tobi, due to his hatred of the Leaf, his grudge against the Uchiha, and his Curse of Hatred in general. He also certainly had the means; in fact, that was why so many people believed it had to be him, since he was seemingly the only person capable of doing such things. And, since no one ever actually saw Madara die, the idea of him still being alive was not inconceivable; if he were still alive, that would definitely give him the opportunity, as well. Plus, Tobi knew so many details about Madara's life, including his motivations and feelings--details that no one, other than someone who knew Madara well or than Madara himself--could know. Tobi had a Sharingan and was heavily implied to be an Uchiha, greatly limiting the options on whom he could be, and was a very sinister individual, as Madara was also stated to be. Kishimoto actually gave us overwhelming misdirection that Tobi was Madara, and we, like the Naruto Universe, bought it. As a result, at the end of chapter 559 (when the real Madara Uchiha was revealed), everyone, the characters and readers alike, were wondering the same thing that Ōnoki said out loud: "If this is Madara, who the heck is the masked guy?" Regardless of whether or not you liked Kishimoto's Obito twist or whether or not you like some of his other plot lines, it's hard to deny that that’s good writing, when an author has the readers thinking along the same lines as the characters in the story.

That being said, those who've said that hindsight is 20/20 vision are totally right. At the time that Tobi was acting as Madara, all we knew about Madara were from the legends of old and the stories that people told about him. However, looking back, now that we've learned a lot more about the real Madara's personality and gotten to see him in action firsthand, the idea of him being Tobi is pretty ridiculous. About the only things that Tobi and Madara have in common are their Uchiha lineage, their Curse of Hatred, and their passion for the Eye of the Moon Plan; the similarities pretty much stop there. By now, we know that Madara operates differently than Tobi; Tobi controls others though coercion, manipulation, and threats, while Madara is much more aggressive and gets what he wants through force. There are also the simple physical differences, like their different builds and hairstyles, and they also have different styles of speech that reflect their different personalities; Tobi's speech style has always been more cryptic and elusive, while Madara is blunt and direct. Madara enjoys fighting, while Tobi generally avoids it unless he has to. Tobi instead sets people up to fight each other (like Danzō and Sasuke, and his intention to force Naruto and Sasuke to eventually fight); Madara is perfectly capable of fighting his own battles. Back when we still thought that Tobi was Madara, we accepted his explanation that he lost a lot of his power fighting Hashirama as the reason that he couldn't do many of the things that Madara once did. Now, though, seeing just how strong Madara is, thinking of him losing that many of his abilities and becoming Tobi is kind of silly. There's more I could say about this, but I've taken a lot of space already; you all are welcome to add anything else I’ve missed. Basically, had we known then what we know now, we would never have believed it when Tobi claimed to be Madara. But we didn't know it then, and that's exactly how Kishimoto planned it. I honestly thought it was pretty clever.

Now, for some of my personal thoughts:

--I thought it was kind of ironic that Obito, whose death seemed pretty confirmed in Kakashi Gaiden, was still alive, while Izuna Uchiha, a guy whose only proof of death we have is Tobi's word (which isn't much proof) is seemingly actually dead. But hey, that may have just been more misdirection from Kishi; for those reasons, Izuna seemed like a much more obvious choice to be Tobi--one of THE most obvious choices, in fact--than did Obito.

--Something that I found rather interesting was Obito’s total apathy towards his fellow colleagues, especially Kakashi. That was one reason that I used to think that Tobi wasn’t Obito, because Tobi didn’t seem to view or treat Kakashi, Guy, or any of the other Leaf ninja that he once knew any differently than he treated anyone else.

--Guess this was the real purpose of Kakashi Gaiden all along: so that when Tobi’s identity was finally revealed, we wouldn’t all be like “Who the f*** is this?!” Instead, it would be someone we’d actually heard of.

--As for the mystery of things that Tobi did (whether it was Obito, Madara, or someone else who did them), here’s my take: since Tobi was pretending to be Madara during the time that he said that he gave Nagato the Rinnegan and encouraged Yahiko to form Akatsuki, and since Obito either wasn’t alive or was way too young for him to do those things, I think that the real Madara did that stuff. I guess it was Obito who attacked the village with Kurama, although it does seem a little out there, and I’m not sure about who met with Danzo and helped Itachi kill the Uchiha—more likely to be Obito, possibly maybe? Must have been Madara who was manipulating Yagura and brought out the days of the Bloody Mist; Zabuza, who was around the same age as Kakashi (and thus, Obito), was a child during that time, meaning that Obito would have been too young. What do you guys think?

--One thing I really hope DOESN'T happen is that Obito suddenly starts acting more like Nagato now that we know who he is. Naruto even said to Tobi once, "You're nothing like Nagato; he genuinely wanted peace. But you're different!" and Tobi said "Heh, for sure." I love that Naruto is able to change people for the better, but Obito is one of the few people that I DON'T want that to happen with. It would just make all of his crimes, all of his cold, sinister behavior, all of his ruthlessness, seem really fake in the end. I personally think Tobi has made a great villain because of how purely evil he's been, his total ruthlessness towards just about everyone, and how sinister, ominous, and, frankly, downright scary he's been at times. If he suddenly turned not evil anymore, it would take so much value out of his character. I'm totally fine with Obito being Tobi, I do very much want to learn more about his backstory and how he became Tobi, and if he dies in the end (which I hope he does), I think it would be cool for him to, at the very end, show or hint at a little regret about the path he ended up taking. But I won't like it much if his personality undergoes a big change just because his mask came off. (After all, I'm pretty sure he wasn't wearing Majora's Mask this whole time.)

--Even though, like I said, I'm okay with Tobi being Obito, knowing his identity certainly makes you look at some of the things that Tobi did in a whole new light. Probably why Kishi waited so long to reveal who he is; the mystery of not knowing and having Tobi being some secret evil masked mystery man was, in a way, more fun. It was kind of a double standard for the poor guy; as long as he kept Tobi’s identity a secret, people would always want to know who he was and would complain about Kishi not revealing him, but when he finally did, no matter who Tobi turned out to be, there were always gonna be some people who were unhappy.

Sorry the post was so long, but these were basically many of my thoughts about the Tobi/Obito/Madara mystery. Please give me some feedback, and give me some of your opinions about this stuff!

PrinceofPeace 09-12-2012 07:33 PM

Re: Tobi Character Analysis: Identity, Thoughts, and Future (Read First Post) *Spoile
Kishi will explain it well. Just BELIEVE

I mean its not the first time. Who would have known that Itachi was a good guy?

Hinata Hyuga's BestFriend 09-12-2012 07:42 PM

Re: Tobi Character Analysis: Identity, Thoughts, and Future (Read First Post) *Spoile
It's true, that was a huge shocker for me, too. It made so much more sense, but still, I did not see that coming. There have been a ton of twists in this manga, but the twists that Itachi wasn't evil, that Tobi wasn't really Madara, and that Tobi was Obito were major game-changers.

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