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Cloukora 08-07-2012 09:14 PM

Cloukora vs Draco (Redo)
Forest with the arctic to the north, the desert to the east, the sea the west, and mountains to the south. Sky is clear, and it's warm weather.

Name: Cloukora
Age: 19
Description: 6ft, brown hair, hoodie, jeans, skate shoes, fingerless gloves
Nature chakras: Wind, Lightning
Abilities: Wind jutsus, lightning jutsus, kekkei genkai, summoning jutsu
Kekkei Genkai: "Wolf powers" Heightened awareness, speed, smell, and sight. Eyes become the eyes of a wolf.
Summoning jutsu: Wolves. Can summon up to 5. Names: Rhain, Winter, Rocky, Shadow, Lightning. Names do not mean they have elemental powers. They are only named so because of their habitats, with the exception of Shadow, his name is because of his coat.

Draco, you go first

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