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Hozuki 08-03-2012 01:45 PM

OPRP: Natsu Saruno
(Ok, I know I already posted this on another thread but I wanted to tweak it a bit and put it here)

Name: Natsu Saruno
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Occupation: Pirate

Personality: Natsu is very shy towards people but won't hesitate to beat them up. She gained an untrusting attitude after getting tricked and captured many times because apparently bounty hunters thought she was an "easy target". After gaining someone's trust, she gets a little more loose and shows her happy side a bit more.

History: Natsu was born on an island protected by the marines. Her father was a marine and her mother was staying at home. Natsu wanted to become a marine until one day, her father was rescued by pirates. Only her mother and her knew this because he came back and told them. Since then, Natsu wanted to become a pirate. At the age of 10, she wandered into the forest. Lost and hungry, she spotted a weird looking fruit. It was violet-colored with swirls.

She ate it though disgusted by the taste, she had to eat it to survive. Her dad found her and they went back home. After discovering this, she discovered that she was powerful enough to become a pirate. At age 11, she got on a rowboat and got to an island close by. There, a weaponsmith made her a "bubble cane". Weirdly, he had no problem giving it to a child. Natsu trained on the island and became more familiar with her fruit and she took up a profession in Navigation. Now at age 12, she wanders the waters in search of a friendly pirate crew.

Devil Fruit: Awa-Awa no Mi (Bubble-Bubble Fruit)- This grants the user the ability to produce and control bubbles.

Weapon: Bubble Cane- The Bubble Cane is wielded by Natsu. The Bubble Cane is 3 feet long, light blue and has a circle at the top in order for "bubble-blowing". This can also be used in close-combat.

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