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puppetmasterpossession 07-31-2012 04:09 AM

Winston Ascrut (in progress)
Name: Winston Ascrut
Fleet Name: Division VII
Rank: Ensign
Weapons/Powers: Fights with a pool cue.
Devil Fruit: Maida-maida No Mi

Description/Pic: Winston has a very nice face. A lot of people have said that is face is 'Jesus-like'. Though, he doesn't know what this means. Even though he has such a nice face, he tends to have a gruff appearance because of his 'almost beard' he has going on. It is unknown if he has this because he is trying to grow a beard and can't or if he just forgets to shave. Both are believable based on his personality.

Winston is never seen without his gold suit on. He takes great pride in it as it costs 300,000,000. He once captured a pirate captain with bounty of 300,000,000 and spent every single penny of it on this suit. He is only seen without it on at night, when he is in black sweats and a gold v-neck.

Backstory: Winston was born in Centaurea during the war versus the revolutionary army. His parents were both mercenaries hired by the revolutionary army to fight against the marines. Winston grew up making the choice to take bullets rather than run away from them. This was because even after the war, the island was overrun with pirates and corrupted marines. When he was five he found a pool cue that he continued to use to fight.

Winston's body had always been somewhat more durable than his friend's. His skin could get slashed by a sword and be left without a scratch. Some people call this impossible, until they saw it happen. This phenomenon quickly spread throughout the island, and then throughout the blue. Soon enough, Winston became somewhat of a d-list celebrity. He couldn't walk through town without being attacked multiple times.

Once, a man said that if someone could build a ship as durable as Winston was, they would be set for life. Upon hearing this, Winston decided he would try to build one. He learned how to build ships, and started making one. However, every ship he makes is very durable, none of them are durable enough for him.

3 years after this awesome ability had been discovered, the marines showed up at his doorstep. They asked him to join the marines, but Winston turned them down saying, "if I'm gonna join a side in any fight, it's gonna be the side my parents are on!" After hearing this, the marines trying to recruit him, quickly bought his parents out as fighters. After that, Winston joined the marines.

He was placed as a chief petty officer and took great pride in that position. He began his first mission by attacking a small slave black market in Briss Kingdom. He quickly defeated the owner and took possession of the house for the marines. With this, he was promoted to Ensign.

Now, in an effort to improve his fighting style, he has begun training in Roukishi.

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