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AkatsukiMember 07-23-2012 05:14 PM

The Birth and History of the Myomitus Clan (Based on Pangaea WS)
I'm writing a fan fic about the background of my family/clan history of my Pangaea War System character Delfonsus Myomitus.

The Myomitus Clan.....a clan that started with the creation of a village and a forgotten legacy. Started by a man who fell into darkness.

Chapter 1: Sages of Destruction
Chapter 2: Village Hidden in the Desert Sun
Chapter 3: The War of Hatred


I'm going to try to post at least one to two chapters a week until I am done.
Chapter 2 should be up sometime this week.

Feel free to comment.

AkatsukiMember 07-23-2012 07:07 PM

Re: The Birth of the Myomitus Clan(Based on Pangaea WS)
Chapter 1: Sages of Destruction

A few centuries years ago, there were three S-ranked shinobi. They were known as the Sages of Destruction.

Sage Mistress Anzu Melva also known as The Water Goddess, developed many water ninjutsu. She became well known for her Water Style: Poseidon’s Armor (A water based armor; used the water in the air or nearby source to form a thin, but almost impenetrable layer, of water around the user), medical ninjutsu, and Water Style: Demonic Water Dragons Jutsu (Created five large water dragons that could be controlled by chakra; known to be able to destroy villages). She wielded twin machetes and was said to cause lands to flood even during draughts.
Other Nicknames: The Demon Water Dragon; the Water Nymph

Sage Master Genero Halei, The Reaper of the East Wind, he was rumored to be able to cut down mountains, and was famous for his Wind Style: Hurricane Devastation (A jutsu that forms a hundred yard barrier around the user and opponent, but can cave in and tear the enemy to shreds while protecting the user. It was rumored to slaughter armies) and Wind Style: Blade of Sacrament (Gregits carried a scythe and encased his blade in wind chakra. He was also able to manipulate wind chakra to create a blade from swords to chakrams).
Other Nicknames: The Red Hurricane (called this because of his crimson hair, and when he fought legends say he would leave a mist of blood in the air); Stormy Beast, The Bloody Wind Dragon

The strongest of the three shinobi was Sage Master Delmavi Myomitus. He was known as The Desert Snake Lord. He also had mastery in fire, earth, and sand ninjutsu. Delmavi was also known for his Raze Style: Black Dragons of the Abyss (Ninjutsu that creates seven black fire dragons that were rumored to destroy lands; Raze Style will be explained later). The weapon of his choice was a custom heavy blade that had jagged ridges. One of his well known features was the summoning of giant snakes. These snakes’ heads could equal the size of three adult elephants, and bodies could be as long as a couple hundred yards.
Other Nicknames: The Blazing Dragon of the Desert; Master of the Sandstorm (He gained this title by being able to create sandstorms to cover large areas of land. When a sandstorm was created, he would go out and slaughter his opponent without them knowing what happened until they died.

The three shinobi became friends during a joint chunin exam, and promised each other that their friendship would never die. They spent most of their early rogue lives as mass murderers and were regarded by almost every nation as a threat to civilization. They became rogues around the age of 18 and were gifted in ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu. These rogues became infamous throughout the ninja world. They were even called by many as The Apocalyptic Dragons because when they fought they left an eerie sense of death after a battle. Leaving corpses all around them, they destroyed the hope of survivors and those that were told their tale.

To Be Continued....

AkatsukiMember 07-27-2012 10:41 AM

Re: The Birth and History of the Myomitus Clan(Based on Pangaea WS)
Chapter 2: Village Hidden in the Desert Sun

After each of them became highly honored in their villages, they went rogue. They disliked the way their villages were being run and decided to travel the world. As they traveled, they became wanted criminals and were also hated by most villages. They were even the cause of a war five year long war. The shinobi traveled the different lands for twelve years creating destruction in their wake. They decided to settle down and create a village of their own. About 8 years before this, they destroyed a small village known as the Village Hidden in the Sun for attacking them when they were entering the village gathering supplies. The village’s elders declared war even though they didn’t do anything wrong (Well, to that village).

They went back to the land and stayed in a non-shinobi village which built itself over the remains of the Hidden Sun. They protected the village and started the Village Hidden in the Desert Sun and named the leader Koyakage. Delmavi became the first Koyakage being agreed upon by the three sages. Under Delmavi’s rule Desert Sun became one of the largest ninja villages at the time. Anzu developed the Medical Ninja Corps and Genero formed the Special Forces. They trained up people from the village and from outside the village. Eventually, families started pouring in the village to make it their own. The sages even took in rogues from other villages and made them feel at home.

Through the course of the years, Delmavi fell in love with Anzu. A couple of years after the creation of the Hidden Desert Sun, they married. Genero also fell in love with Anzu, but hated the fact that he didn’t have her interest. He then had a hidden hatred toward both of his almost lifelong friends. Genero ended up marrying a woman within the village about 10 years after the Delmavi and Anzu’s marriage. Even though he had married, he still felt a dislike for the other sages.

Delmavi and Anzu had four children, two sons and two girls. All of their children grew up to learn some of their parents’ techniques and created their own as well. Genero had three children two girls and a boy. The sage’s children became highly ranked ninja as they grew older and also trained ninja of great skill like their parents did at the creation of their beloved village. Delmavi first son, Kilage, improved his father’s jutsu greatly and even improved his father’s Raze Style. Raze Style was a technique developed by Delmavi’s father, Raigen. The Raze Style is a combination of sand specialty, fire and earth chakras, but is hard to maintain control of the elements together. Kilage became a master of fire, earth, and sand jutsu and focused most of his Raze Style jutsu with fire being an area of concentration. He also became infamous in the land for his snake summoning techniques like his father.

AkatsukiMember 08-03-2012 11:12 AM

Re: The Birth and History of the Myomitus Clan (Based on Pangaea WS)
Chapter 3: The War of Hatred

The village became a hotspot for attacks by other hidden villages and nations. This caused Delmavi to make peace treaties with opposing nations and temporary alliances. Genero felt that these alliances threatened the independence of their village and disagreed with Delmavi on numerous occasions. Eventually, war broke out and peace among the nations was scarce. The treaties Delmavi had established strengthened the presence of the village, as well as its power.

About 25 years from the founding of the village, the Desert Sun was in a neutral state. The nations they signed treaties with asked for assistants during the war, and were denied. Delmavi, Genero, and Anzu agreed that it would be best for the village to be independent from war and alliances. Though, this changed when war was declared on the village by the Village Hidden in the Mountains. This village was an old village, but was denied an alliance with the Desert Sun. The sages accepted this declaration of war. There was no way of avoiding it, nevertheless they be destroyed. The Hidden Mountain was also Genero’s home village. Once war was declared, the sages made an alliance with some of the other villages. The Hidden Mountain had alliances as well.

The Hidden Mountain brought an army of ninja and samurai to the desert consisting of a few different villages. It consisted of villages that denied peace treaties with the Desert Sun and that broken bonds with other villages. Genero being head adjutant general and head of Special Forces led Desert Sun into battle. Both armies sent messengers between the armies. As the messenger of the opposing army came, he bowed before Genero and gave him terms of surrender. Genero refused.

The messenger then quickly drew is katana and attempted to strike at Genero. It was a failed attempt at assassination. As the messenger went to stab at Genero, a blade was already being thrust through the messenger’s chest. The messenger’s blood drained down the katana of his killer. The messenger’s corpse rested on the hilt of the blade, as the blade’s owner shoved the corpse off him it now hitting the sand.
“Thanks, I would have never expected you to be out here,” said Genero.

The man flicked his wrist shaking the blood off his blade. He then responded, “Well general, I am a captain.”

“You give yourself too little credit, Head Captain Kilage. Prepare the troops for battle,” responded Genero.

Kilage went to the other captains and told them to prepare for battle. Genero looked across the battlefield and noticed that his messenger had been put down without the messenger even raising a finger. Kilage returned, “They’re ready on your go, sir.” Genero nodded his head and lifted his scythe and a battle cry went up.

The massive army then started to run toward the opposing army with Kilage and Genero leading them. The opposing army started running toward the Desert Sun’s Alliance army as well.

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