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sasukefan 07-06-2012 11:10 PM

Orochimaru's Return
Recently we learned that Sasuke is going to find Orochimaru. This leads to some very curious questions, the number one being how? I have come up with theories of my own and have seen other people’s theories as well. Before the next chapter arrives, I thought that I would share these theories with you.

This post has two parts, the theories for if Orochimaru was alive before, and the other for him being revived.

The first part is how he is alive.

1. He avoided being sealed by the Totsuka Blade. I do not have the chapter or page number, but as Orochimaru was being sealed, in one of the panels you see three small snakes escape. One of them is burned by the Amaterasu but that still leaves two unaccounted for. One of them is believed to be Orochimaru resorting to a last ditch effort to escape. Orochimaru could have climbed out of the snake’s mouth once the coast was clear.

2. He was never in Sasuke to begin with. He could have done something similar to Kushina and Minato and had only a glimpse of himself in Sasuke, but it was not his whole being. This was done in order to mislead whoever tried to kick him out, fooling them into thinking he is dead. He was still alive in either his snake corpse or his human corpse, and Kabuto returned and quickly healed him or transferred him into a new body.

3. Orochimaru died before he was sealed into the Totsuka Blade and Kabuto revived him using Edo Tensei. As I mentioned in the first theory, one of the snakes was burned by Amaterasu; that soul could have been Orochimaru. I also said in the second theory that Orochimaru’s soul may have lingered in either of the corpses. If Kabuto did not heal him in time, he could have died like this as well. Either way, Kabuto could have revived him using the Edo Tensei, and either purposefully let Orochimaru release himself from the contract, to prove his loyalty, or Orochimaru could have done it himself when Kabuto was forced to release the Edo Tensei. Thus giving Orochimaru the immortal body he wanted.

The next part is how he will be revived.

4. Orochimaru is a spirit living inside Anko or Kabuto. Sasuke could easily use his Sharingan to see the Kyuubi in Naruto, so he could do something similar to either Kabuto or Anko. They both contain plenty of Orochimaru’s chakra, so there is a possibility that Orochimaru could reside in either of them.

5. Orochimaru will escape from Kabuto. Similar to what happened to Sasuke, Orochimaru will physically escape Kabuto and form a living being. The cells of Orochimaru seem to grow with a mind of their own, and, similar to the second theory, Orochimaru soul could have still been in the corpse that Kabuto infused with himself. And with Kabuto in a state of comatose at the moment, there is no will holding Orochimaru back.

6. Sasuke will release Orochimaru from the Totsuka Blade and Orochimaru will take possession of either Kabuto or Anko. As I mentioned earlier, both hold a heavy amount of Orochimaru’s chakra and that could perhaps provide a way to bound Orochimaru’s spiritual self to a living body, allowing Sasuke with a means of communicating with him. (As a side note, if Orochimaru can take over Kabuto’s body and survive the encounter with Sasuke, then Orochimaru would have the perfect vessel to learn the complete Snake Sage mode.)

7. Sasuke will release Orochimaru from the Totsuka Blade and Orochimaru will just become a spirit. If what I suggested above could not happen and Orochimaru would require his true physical form to be brought back, than he may just become a ghost that Sasuke can speak too before he leaves the world.

8. Sasuke will release Orochimaru from the Totsuka Blade and summon him through Edo Tensei. People have rumored that the scroll that Suigetsu brought Sasuke was teaching how to use the Edo Tensei. So, Sasuke would use the DNA of Orochimaru on Kabuto and then use Kabuto himself, or Anko, and the sacrifice and summon Orochimaru back into either vessel once he released him from the Totsuka Blade.

If I forgot a theory I apologize, I did the best I could in coming up with ever solution possible, but if you have your own theory or have something to say about one of the ones above, I will kindly hear you out.

Also, I do not agree with all of the theories above, but they are possibilities nonetheless and it would be unethical to ignore them just because I didn’t agree with them.

Saks 07-07-2012 12:49 AM

Re: Orochimaru's Return
Then what are some theories you agree with then?

sasukefan 07-07-2012 01:22 AM

Re: Orochimaru's Return
I agree with the first theory. I say this because I find it a bit odd that Kishimoto would go so far as to show three snakes escaping from the hydra but only show one being burned.

I also agree with the sixth theory. Throughout the recent chapters, I suspected that Sasuke would accidentally release Orochimaru from the Totsuka and Orochimaru would go and take over Kabuto.

I used to agree with the fifth theory. I believed that the snake coming out of the Kabuto's stomach was Orochimaru personified, mostly because I found it odd that the snake would often get its own panel and seemed to have a mind of its own.

Neve 07-07-2012 03:11 AM

Re: Orochimaru's Return
i think that oro may be in kabuto. remember the time when kabuto met naruto while they were searching for sasuke/itachi? kabuto confirmed that part of oro was inside him and was trying to take over his body

Satsuki 07-07-2012 04:53 AM

Re: Orochimaru's Return
8 seems like a great idea, I am hoping for that theory.

I want Orochimaru to become an undying body just like Madara! :D

Saks 07-07-2012 01:10 PM

Re: Orochimaru's Return
I think the theory I agree with mos is the first one

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