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Ultimate combatant 04-04-2012 11:50 AM

S++ rank mission vs Narutoverse
Which characters could complete this mission alone?

Mission starts in Konoha, in Hokage office where the mission is given. All characters are alive, not Edo Tensei, and if ill, healed completely (including eyesight). Whichever character is doing the mission, their status if it would bring them misfortunes (rogue, criminal, enemy nation,...) is ignored. So, in other words, all someone had done up to the moment mission was given and would decrease chances of completing the mission, should not be taken into consideration. Popularity, fame, titles, connections and such remains (mostly).
Kakashi being widely known as a copy Ninja or Ninja with Sharingan stays, or Jiraiya being Sannin is not ignored. Jiraiya having lot of money, Kakuzu knowing all sorts of suspicious guys who are ready to buy and sell, Orochimaru having many spies... This all remains.

Any character gets 5 points. In certain situations he will get a chance to do or not to something to make his mission easier. Some of these choices will cost one point or more. Once he has no more points he cannot use options which cost points, or if he doesn`t have enough points to do something.

Character (aside from deciding to complete this mission) is in-character.
If your character is already mentioned in the mission, replace him with Aoba.

The mission:

Character gets to rest in Konoha until next morning.
Next morning his mission starts.

1. Character must go to Konoha main gate and hand letter from Hokage to Izumo and Kotetsu.
2. After that, he must leave Konoha.
3. After he leaves Konoha, he has much more freedom to do things. But he has to catch up to a civilian who left Konoha two days ago.
4. After catching up to him, he is ambushed by 25 Kumogakure ANBU. He must retrieve sealed letter from civilian and eliminate that civilian. Character doesn`t need to fight ANBU but is free to do so. As long as he completes his mission.
5. In the meanwhile rest of the nations send Shinobi to obtain that letter. Mizukage sends Ao and Chojuro. Kazekage send Gaara and Temari. Raikage sends C and Darui, Tsuchikage sends Kurotsuchi and Akatsuchi. None of them know, who caries the letter, but they do know he will stop in the land of waves.
6. In land of waves, your character must meet a bartender, who overheard conversation on two Jonin mentioning Shizune`s location. He must get this information. After leaving Land of waves, character must choose his path. On each path there is one team sent by Kage. Character can decide not to fight and pay one point.
7. Character arrives to a city in which there is a secret prison (where Shizune is imprisoned). Character gets up to a month to get information to save her from it.

Prison is multi-layered (think: Impel down). In the first layer there are imprisoned civilian. In second layer, there are Genin, in third layer are chuunin, in fourth layer there are ANBU, Tokubetsu Jonin, and in fifth layer there are Jonin. Shizune is there, too.
Within each layer there is 5 guards, who are on the level of prisoners from that layer. There are 50 prisoners in each layer. If guards manage to sound an alarm, another 20 guards (who are equally strong to those who called for back up) comes to that layer. Prisoners can easily be released from outside of the cell. Some may be willing to help the character, some just want to get to freedom. Getting help from more than 15 prisoners (excluding Shizune) from one layer, costs 1 point.

Shizune must be saved and uninjured, she can also fight or heal (Manga and Anime feats).
8. After that character must take her to Tanzaku town. There she can tell character there is some sinister plot created by Ganji, some rogue Shinobi who now leads Amegakure, after Konan died. Apparently, that plan is written in a sealed letter your character posseses. The one who created letter is also in Amegakure, and only he can unseal the letter.
9. Character can now save progress and abandon mission. By doing so, his mission completion rate will be 50%. Or he can continue.
10. Character can either make sure Shizune arrives safely to Hidden Grass village or pay two points and do whatever he wishes with her (taking her as an asistant, fighter, healer is also allowed).
11. After that character faces one team of his choice sent by Kage. Or pay two points to avoid it. Than he has to infiltrate Amegakure. There he has to find creator of the letter and force him to unseal it.
12. After that, he has to face Ganji and take him alive to a field that is in half between Konoha and Amegakure. Or he can pay one point to avoid fighting him in Amegakure and lure him to that field.
Ganji has following skills: sligtly faster than Kakashi, good strength, numerous water and fire techniques, plenty of Chakra and many poisonous mosquitos summons. He also knows basic technique and can do up to three Kage Bunshin. He is very skilled, observative, knowledgeable and strategic.
His ultimate technique is dragon (size and shape of Shenron) who can fly and kills and crushing his opponents. His speed and strength are on the level of Lariat used by Bee to crush Sasuke. If crushed, he will disperse, and slowly begin forming again. Basically, user is the one your character should target.

13. Whether caught or not, on the field there Ganji frees himself and has an army of 500 Chuunin, 300 Tokubetsu Jonin and 200 Jonin. Ganji`s dragon is even stronger now because of the field advantage. On your characters side there are: Team Kakashi (no Naruto, Sasuke or Yamato), Team Guy, Team Asuma(Genma, Raido, Izumo and Kotetsu are there instead of Asuma) and team Kurenai(Kurenai is present and not pregnant) and those sent by Kage who your character didn`t kill!!!

14. Your character should return and inform Hokage of what happened. Mission cleared!!! :D

So, which characters (canon or non-canon) could complete this mission, which complete only half of it?

I`m mostly interested whether those characters could complete the mission:

Naruto (base mode only)
Naruto (Sage mode allowed)
Naruto (Kyuubi mode allowed too)
Naruto (Bijuu mode allowed too)
Sasuke (from fight with Danzo)
Sasuke (from fight with Bee)
Sasuke (from fight with Itachi)
Sasuke (beginning of part 2)
Rock Lee
Tobi (orange mask)
PTS Kabuto
current Kabuto
Hiruko (3rd movie)
Killer Bee

What do you think?!! :D

Shikamaru Nara 04-04-2012 01:18 PM

Re: S++ rank mission vs Narutoverse
Killer wall of text dude. :lol:
Just had to say it.

Well definitely Naruto. (That's a start. xD)

Kakashi11 04-04-2012 01:49 PM

Re: S++ rank mission vs Narutoverse
Current Kabuto

Kuromaki 04-04-2012 01:52 PM

Re: S++ rank mission vs Narutoverse
Not to be an ass, but tl;dr?

Kakashi11 04-04-2012 02:03 PM

Re: S++ rank mission vs Narutoverse

Originally Posted by Kuromaki (Post 5976942)
Not to be an ass, but tl;dr?


Shikamaru Nara 04-04-2012 02:28 PM

Re: S++ rank mission vs Narutoverse
tl;dr = too long; didn't read.

Ultimate combatant 04-04-2012 02:29 PM

Re: S++ rank mission vs Narutoverse

Originally Posted by Kuromaki (Post 5976942)
Not to be an ass, but tl;dr?

Too long, didn`t read is what she meant.

Well, you entered this thread. So, I assume you are not blaming me for the length of this thread. Also, it`d be quite hard to shorten this much and yet tell the same thing!!! :D

Kakashi11 04-04-2012 02:38 PM

Re: S++ rank mission vs Narutoverse

Originally Posted by Ultimate combatant (Post 5977029)
Too long, didn`t read is what she meant.

Well, you entered this thread. So, I assume you are not blaming me for the length of this thread. Also, it`d be quite hard to shorten this much and yet tell the same thing!!! :D


I read it by the way, don't feel bad you should be proud as it was a good story and was entertaining

Kioroshi. 04-10-2012 08:28 AM

Re: S++ rank mission vs Narutoverse
I think Orochimaru could handle this one too.I am pretty sure of it,Also pain?

Kisame could.I would like to say kakuzu could but I am not sure :/

Kakashi most likely can not his stamina and chakra levels are too low.

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