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-Naruto- 04-01-2012 02:03 PM

Alexander "The Great" - Fullbringer
Current Name: Alexander "The Great"
Previous Name: Blaze Kagayaku
Gender: Male
Race: Ex-SoulReaper, currently Fullbringer
Fullbring Appearance:
Brief History:
Formerly the captain of a newly implemented squad 14, Blaze was lazy, and not too willing to fight. However, when danger struck, he was serious, and took out his opponents fast. His bankai was unique. A fire elemental type , he was able to utilize flames or destruction, and those of protection . Even he, however, lost control of himself every once in awhile...the result...

It is believed that blaze mastered the flames completely before losing his powers, using his Final Form to save the Head Captain, whilst also cleansing the Soul Society, and alerting his squad mates to his position.

After a year without powers, Blaze was tired of sitting idly by. He took charge and began to search for methods of getting some form of power back. Because of his mastery over destruction and protection prior to loosing his SR skills, he is not power hungry, and understands the balance of things quite well.

Blaze soon ran into Urahara, who gave him hints, and ultimately helped Blaze discover Fullbring. Blaze began to practice his power on his own, and quickly developed it, though at the cost of dead thugs and such. When Blaze made it to his Complete FullBring for, no one was there to protect him from the blast. He saved himself. His FB ultimately reflecting his last moments as a Soul Reaper, he was able to control the blast, and regain control over his flames. He also sported a unique weapon, in which which weighs a lot. Luckily, it feels like an extension of his arm.

It is believed that Blaze changed his name to slip into society. Likewise, it could be because of the appearance he sports in his Fullbring form.

Fullbring Ability:
Each person has desires, Blaze Kagayaku knows of both destruction aswell as his ambitions to protect... what if there was a unison between the two? a fusion of both Blazes black flames aswell as his blue flames... well this form is just that

The armor aswell as weapon are fused with the now lavender flames of Blaze's final form, he is able to manipulate and create said flames, "Incinerate!"

Current Mission: Trying to regain his Soul Reaper powers, as they will be enhanced due to his fullbring form.

Seven 04-01-2012 02:10 PM

Re: Alexander "The Great" - Fullbringer
There's a character section now. Move this there.

-Naruto- 04-01-2012 02:33 PM

Re: Alexander "The Great" - Fullbringer
For realz? So high-tech.

weshir 04-02-2012 01:01 AM

Re: Alexander "The Great" - Fullbringer
cool character! nicely detailed with lots of info! i like it! :D

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