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Swag 02-21-2012 01:54 AM

Tobi's Rinnegan Eyes
Okay, I just joined this forum and I've read a few of these Tobi is X threads. I never saw this theory floating around so I thought I'd post it.

We know that Madara Uchiha was able to awaken the Rinnegan shortly before his death (Chapter 560). However, he did in fact die. If we've learned anything from Naruto its that dead Uchiha don't keep their eyes. So, the question becomes: What happened to Madara's eyes?

Tobi is very protective of his Rinnegan. He went to great lengths to retrieve them from Nagato (chapter 509). Considering this little field trip, as well as the fact that before this point Tobi had never been seen using the Rinnegan, these are likely the only set of Rinnegan eyes in Tobi's possession. This makes me believe that the Rinnegan eyes that appear in the various Six Paths of Pain are simply an after-effect of the Chakra receivers, rather than actual copies of the eyes. After all, why go through the effort of retrieving the eyes if you yourself can make dozens?

Since Tobi only has one copy of the eyes, which he loaned to Nagato, it seems highly plausible that these are simply Madara's eyes retrieved by Tobi then passed to Nagato. This has many implications.

In order for Tobi to have obtained Madara's eyes he would have to be around the same age as Madara, or Madara himself (Sorry Tobito fans). When you include Madara's statements about Tobi from chapter 560 in the mix, its easy to draw a number of conclusions.

1. Tobi is not Madara, as Madara was revived by Edo Tensei

2. Tobi has been working with Madara since before Madara's death.

3. Tobi retrieved Madara's eyes and the Senju DNA shortly after the battle between Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju.

Now for a bit of raw speculation. Since I highly doubt Tobi is a Zetsu clone of Madara, considering his age, the only remaining possibility is that Tobi is in fact Izuna Uchiha.

Tobi's emphatic attitude towards the various views of Madara Uchiha, and his age old alliance with the man lend credibility to this concept.

Tobi asserts that Izuna willingly gave his eyes to Madara on page 6 of chapter 399. However, in the panel beneath it, Tobi clenches his hand. This is clearly a sign of distress.

Before all the nay sayers come in and explain to me that Izuna died after continuing to fight in his blinded state, I ask you: Why couldn't the brothers simply swap eyes, rather than take the eyes of one then... heck if I know, squish them? It simply doesn't make sense. Now I could be wrong, but Izuna seems to be the perfect parter.

Tobi seems particularly interested in Sasuke, which would make sense, since Madara and Izuna are not unlike Itachi and Sasuke.

Final Conclusion:

Tobi = Izuna

Kyūbi no Yōko 02-21-2012 06:06 AM

Re: Tobi's Rinnegan Eyes
NOOO :( ..
I shall re-explain.

There have been Tobi = Izuna theories around, and yes your theory makes sense but there are other possibilites of Tobi's personality / identity such as : Kagami, Obito, Fugaku, Tobi as Zetsu clone, etc.

Vivi's Kagami theory is amazing.
She knows a lot about Narutoverse.
She knows a lot about Japanese mythology.
I count on her coming here and explaining it.

Ok, I will explain the Kagami theory a bit.

Kagami was a member of Tobirama's team together with Hiruzen, Homura, Koharu and Danzo.

Homura and Koharu = Konoha Council
Danzo = Root ANBU Founder

Tobi met with Danzo and Konoha Council before the Uchiha Incident.

At Sasuke's fight against Danzo, Tobi or Danzo (I am not certain and I cba to research) says : It's been a long time since we last met ..

So it's certain they met at a certain time and since Tobi was a part of the Incident, it was most definetely before the Incident, since also Danzo and the Council were part of it.

Taking the name Tobi also makes sense since he was a part of Team Tobirama.

Tobirama Senju was known possessed Space-Time Ninjutsu.
Tobi also possesses Space-Time Ninjutsu.

Before the Kyubi Incident, there were a few people who knew about Kushina giving birth, and those were Konoha Heads. Probably including Danzo. I think Danzo told Tobi about that as well.
__________________________________________________ ___
I explained only a bit.
Yes, not all points are facts.
To make a theory we need also stuff that haven't been mentioned / facts, but to really make these true you need Kishi's power, something you don't possess, so yeah ..
If Kishi were to make Tobi = Kagami then he'd definetely add new stuff.

BozothyClown 02-21-2012 08:55 AM

Re: Tobi's Rinnegan Eyes
^ This. I like the Kagami theory the best, Vivi really hit the nail on the head with her post.

About the Rinnegan eyes, They I believe are Nagato's and his alone. Why would Tobi give them to him instead of just using them himself? Also, Madara has his Rinnegan eyes right now as he is fighting the Kage. If he gave them to Tobi before he died then he couldnt be summoned with them as they are summoned how they were at the time of death.

So if they are Madara's eyes Tobi took them with out Madara knowing,Because Tobirama was Hokage after Madara's death and therefore he probably didnt know about the Summoning: Impure World Resurrection

skibum 02-21-2012 01:30 PM

Re: Tobi's Rinnegan Eyes
I personally like both possibilities. Kagami for all the reasons listed by Vivi, but Izuna would work for me. If Tobi had contact with Danzo to coordinate the attack in Konoha it could be possible. We all know that Danzo wanted the Uchiha's power and the only way to get it would be to implicate them in the attack. Perhaps he was willing to sacrifice a few of his fellow villagers for the opportunity. He was a bit twisted, always doing what he thought was best for Konoha, even if it wasn't. I also think the reason why we haven't seen Tobi's MS or EMS yet is because we have seen it before. We have seen Izuna's MS and if Madara and Izuna did trade eyes it's possible they had the same EMS in appearance. I think the Tobi = Obito theory is crap and if it turns out true I'll be very disappointed, but either of these two would be fine for different reasons.

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