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loganace 02-11-2012 04:39 AM

I want a new fight
I will do my turn without even knowing who I am attacking.
I smile at my enemy. "Time to lose to me!" I run up and a black light appears around my feet as I sink into the ground and come out behind you. "Dark style: Dark resengan!" A dark resengan appears in m hand. "Light style: Light resengan!" A light resengan forms in my other hand. I do that in a matter of about less than a second. I fuse the two resengans together with my hands. I attempt to hit you with my godly resengan. If I hit you, you will die. No ifs ands or buts about it.

sarutobi17 02-12-2012 12:29 PM

Re: I want a new fight
/ I stand there with no expression upon my face

"such words will not hold true against prepare yourself for the outcome that surely will come forth from this battle."

/as I notice the black light around your feet.i begin to make handsigns...

/then as you appear behind me,placing your dark and light style rasengans together.I quickly leap off to my right dodging your attack.

"The power of light and seems certain measures should be taken on my part from here on out.but first I must see for myself what your capable of that is my for now I will not take my own advice."

/I lift the hood of my white cloak up and off my head.revealing my identity...

*water release: call of the goddess*
As I turn and look at you,my hands held before my face.the ground below and around you begins to a massive amount of water then bursts from the ground around you and surrounds you forming a tall tower,with several water formed statues of a goddess making Up the tower they stand still upon what appear to be shelves formed using even more water.just as you begin to think of this to be a simple prison.the water formed statues appear to awaken as water bows form in there hands.the angelic faces of these goddess statues suddenly turn into rage as arrows of water appear with the bows.each of the hundreds of statues then take aim and fire there arrows at you.

/I perform more handsigns while i await to see the result


loganace 02-12-2012 12:41 PM

Re: I want a new fight
(are the arrows made of water?)

I smile knowing this battle will be fun. The tower is made around me and the arrows are coming at me. With my resengan in my hand still I smash the ground with it a large portal is formed with the energy. I dive face first into it and appear outside as the portal closes behind me. "That was close." I make handsigns. "You are going to use a godess jutsu I will to. Dark style: Persephone the queen of the underworld." A buitiful woman in black appears and points her hand at you and a black flame shoots at you. "I collected this myself on his orders." Said Persephone. The fire will burn almost anything in an instant.

sarutobi17 02-12-2012 06:48 PM

Re: I want a new fight
(yes they were.i formed the statues,shelves,bows,arrows and the tower out of water.)

/I stand there and watch as the queen of the underworld appears.

"so you have truly explored this underworld.i can see you trying to combine both light and dark...heaven and hell.i'm uncertain of why you intend to accomplish such a feat.but who am I to question."

/I quickly run off to my right in order to evade the black flame.

/I then perform handsigns with quick succession.

*water release: creation of the sea*
As I stop running once I'm clear of the flame.i look at you and grin,a massive amount of water forms a ceiling above me.and as it drops to the ground I jump up into the air going through the the water spreads creating a sea in the area.possibly drowning you and persephone as I have chakra gather at my feet allowing me to stand upon the water.

"your name is queen Persephone huh?...the queen of the different we are you the queen of the underworld and I a heaven warrior.but yes I used a goddess jutsu.but mine are goddess's who are heavenly and angelic they are of the seems yours are enemies of the I wrong?"

/I perform two sets of handsigns

*lightning release: lightning armor*
As I stand on the water looking down into the body becomes covered in lightning as it then forms my lightning armor.

*lightning release: bolt of zeus*
I raise my hand as a bolt of lightning forms and charges in my hand.i then throw the bolt into the water as it races down into the water towards you possibly hitting you.the bolt increases in size both in width and in will try to pierce right through you while also severely electrocuting you if hits.

(is this Logan the former heaven warrior or a different character?)

loganace 02-12-2012 07:26 PM

Re: I want a new fight
(Guess it dosen't matter now.)

" I have. I want? I already have. I control light and dark. Heaven and hell. "

I smile but then a huge see forms. "Persephone! More fire!" She shoots out more of the fire and it boils the water around us we then jump up as we see the lightning. "Persephone! Underworld gate!" A gate to the underworld opens and it takes the lightning and the gate then closes. "I Persephone, did not choose to be the queen of the underworld. Hades forced me. I am not against the light. But if this is what you consider light, if Logan disagrees. I will continue to help him." I then wave my hand and a gate opens. "Its okay Persephone. You won't be needed further in this battle." She walks in the gate and disapeers with the gate. I make handsigns and a huge white light surrounds my sword. "Light slash!" I make a slash and the energy comes at you. It can cut through most things.

( The former heaven warrior. )

sarutobi17 02-14-2012 05:31 PM

Re: I want a new fight
"no you do human has the power to control heaven and merely manipulate light and dark for you own personal gain which in turn allows you to manipulate heaven and hell,through the use of certain techniques.But you do not nor does anyone have the power to control the heavens and hell it's self."

/I quickly perform handsigns as I jump into the air

*earth release: mud wall*
As your energy comes toward me while I'm in mid air.a wall formed from hardened mud rises from below me as I land atop of the wall.then as your energy cuts through my wall I jump off to my right and land safely upon the water.

/I then once more perform handsigns

"how blind have you become Logan?do you actually believe in what you are doing?you appear willing to do anything to earn your masters trust.even if it means killing innocents and then doing whatever it takes to delay the heaven warriors attempts to stop have already attempted to kill members of the have clearly been lost in the darkness but yet you still believe other wise going by what I have heard about this plan of yours."

*water release: mass crushing wave*
The water that forms the sea.begins to rise into the air as I jump behind the wave that it then races toward you attempting to crush with all of the water.

"it seems Persephone has been with hades for far to long.if she can't tell the light from darkness.i am a heaven warrior dedicated just as my brothers in arms to preventing the darkness from succeeding.I have fought against people like Lugot time and time again and will continue to fight until my days end.i do not give up and surrender when the odds are against the heaven warriors.i shall not falter in my duty I will keep fighting.that is what a heaven warrior does.when the world is threatened by the likes of Lugot,tanoth,Hugh,Ishtar and akio.we stand together and fight not join them."

/I stand and look at you,my eyes focused on your movements.

/I then prepare a set of handsigns.

loganace 02-15-2012 03:56 PM

Re: I want a new fight
"Who ever said I was human?" Those words land like a crushing blow upon your ears.

"I have never killed anyone to gain Lugot's trust." I then start hysterically laughing. "I am not his puppet, he is not my master. I will haven't killed any of them yet. But I will try, not to kill them and have them dead. Just to stop them long enough to not be killed by Lugot. I know that you think what I am doing is wrong and you won't listen to my argument anyway so why do I talk? I won't kill anyone. Unless Lugot is in danger. It is the only way to save mankind. I will take those measures f I need to. You are a shinobi, you should understand sacrificing the needs of the few for the needs of the many."

The wave comes at me as I smile. I make many handsigns. A small black hole appears in front of me with much less power than that of a real black hole. Just more than enough to take in the water.

"Why don't you understand I am doing this for the benefit of mankind. If you still don't agree, we, I guess should just agree to disagree, agreed?"

I move my hand and the black hole shoots at you. You know if it hits you, your done for.

sarutobi17 02-17-2012 01:25 PM

Re: I want a new fight
/I place my hand over my face as thoughts race through my mind.

"really Logan? now you claim to be of another species?but alright if your not really human then of what species do you take claim too?"

/upon asking I quickly perform handsigns

*Barrier of protection: dome method*
As the black hole appears,a dome shape barrier forms around me keeping me safe from the black hole.

"you say I won't listen to your words...that perhaps is not so I may listen in fact I is believing your word that I may not.for I have no reason to trust you or believe what you have to say.because you have already betrayed the heaven warriors in order to join Lugot.and you clearly have nothing but belief in addition to giving us heaven warriors very little keep saying we will fail and Lugot will prevail,all the while doing what you can to stall the heaven warriors you encounter in order to give your precious Lugot time to get away or just give him time to fulfill another part of his also have said you only fight the heaven warriors you have encountered long enough so they won't get killed by Lugot.once again giving us heaven warriors very little credit and once more singing how successful Lugot will be.let me fill you in on something the heaven warriors have been around for sixty years.we have fought evil since the beginning of our order.fighting people like Lugot time and time again.all so we can protect mankind and this world and in return we ask for nothing in for this plan of sounds very suspicious to say the least.a world we never heard of will be the home to all of there will be certain changes made by you so evil,greed and murder will no longer exist.that sounds like forcing peace upon mankind instead of trying To bring forth peace through choosing peace not forcing it."

"but yes I'm a shinobi.a shinobi who in his young life has seen more bloodshed and betrayal then any other person in this world.yet I continue to fight evil and protect others trying to save lives not take say I should know that you must sacrifice the needs of a few to save the needs of many.that is a saying I know well,but that is exactly what I'm trying to prevent.i'm trying to save mankind from having to do that...instead I would prefer to make that sacrifice so they won't have to.In other words I'm a shinobi of sacrifice and dedication!"

"yes I disagree with you.your doing this for your own benefit not mankinds.if it was for mankinds benefit then why betray us for Lugot?"

/I prepare a strategy as I look around the area before returning my focus to you

loganace 02-17-2012 02:58 PM

Re: I want a new fight
"Do you really want to know what I am? I am more than a Mere mortal."

I smile as you speak. "I was right, you will still disagree with me. It dosen't matter if you like me oe not, I will just proceed. Also, Ihave one question for you. What would I gain for saving mankind? How is saving everyone selfish? Like I said before, we will just have to agree to disagree." I raise my hand and a energy of extreme power starts radiating. "I don't think it is time to show you my true form yet, but I will show you one of the steps up to there." I put my hand on my chest and a huge light comes from me.

sarutobi17 02-22-2012 12:20 PM

Re: I want a new fight
"yes I suppose I do want to know."

/I shake my head and sigh

"you still just don't get you Logan?if your not profiting from your plan and from serving Lugot then that means you are A: lost to the darkness and want to satisfy your evil wants and desires...or B: you actually think your plan will save mankind.well allow me to burst this bubble of yours and bring you back to reality,it won't save mankind it will only delay the fate that awaits them if you follow through with this plan of yours.but I'll explain this to you so you might understand what you have got yourself into.first...your plan it will allow Lugot to live and walk around this world as if he owns the place which he would if you complete your plan.but wait if you succeed in your plan to bring mankind to your world...that means Lugot would be allowed to do whatever he wants unchallenged in this world.though that has already pretty much been said earlier.then after awhile of celebration he will find that he wants more much more then he would already have.but what can he do?i mean there is nothing left for him in this then he would recall you and this world of yours where all of mankind now live.he would come to claim your world for himself and kill you if he needs to that is if you actually stand up to him.but wait could you stand up to him?i mean you did say to loghain that you would be in a dream like state and be drained of a certain amount of energy once you bring mankind to your world.did you not? But either way challenged by you or not,mankind would be once again in danger there lives threatened by Lugot."

"my overall point is want to save mankind then actually fight Lugot not surrender and join him.for that is the only way you can save must stand up to them and show no fear fight them until you can fight no can't offer them a deal and hope for the have to protect this world and mankind from evil not pick which one to save.yes there may come a time when we must transport mankind to another world in order to save them but this is not that keep answering with the same reply to what ever question I or someone else would ask about your plan or about your actions.those answers are that we agree to disagree...that you will no matter what I or anyone else says will save mankind with this plan of yours which includes serving or working for or with Lugot.trying to prevent the heaven warriors from protecting mankind and this world from Lugot.and all around allowing Lugot to succeed if you also keep saying that we will fail and Lugot will prevail and that your not being selfish by wanting to save see same answers and same actions.meanwhile us heaven warriors the ones you give no credit to what so ever.are working and fighting against Lugot and his minions.we want to save mankind while trying to prevent unnecessary sacrifices made by the citizens of this world."

/I perform handsigns as energy comes from you

"but although you say you don't gain from your actually do like it or not,it's just the matter of what it the money you would gain from the millions upon millions that would now live in your world after being taken from this one.because after all they would need homes,food and other supplies. that would cost them would it not?or is it something else such as power that perhaps Lugot has offered you? Or maybe it is simply to make mankind into your Personal slaves? Or maybe you do not gain anything from This plan of yours.but we the heaven warriors have a hard time believing a person who betrayed until proof is presented to us we will continue to see you as a threat and prevent you from taking mankind away from there home while still fighting Lugot with everything we have."

/ as I finish my handsigns...

*barrier of protection: dome method*
A barrier forms around me,I have it form around me to protect me and buy me some I begin to make additional handsigns as I close my eyes and concentrate.

loganace 02-25-2012 09:23 AM

Re: I want a new fight
"Interesting take on the situation. You underestimate me. If my plan does work do you think I will make the planet accesable to Lugot? I am the only one that holds the power to travel between both of these two plains of reality. This world is doomed anyway. Slowly but surely this world will die without Lugot. The resources are going, mankind is on the way to its suicide. If this world is gone what will they have left? Hope bassed on a fabricated reality? If society truelly crumbles then hope is just based on a false existence. Even if this situation wasn't happening like it is earth will die and mankind, unless technology developes 1000 times its normal rate. They will die as well. They need a new world. I am not the only one that has realized this. I do not only work for Lugot. I have my own group of powerful individuals that agree. All of them human. Without a new world. Life as many know it will be over. Also how could I be the leader while I am recovering? I will siply sleep ad then as I said before, take control of them until hatred evil and greed dies out. I have been a victom to things like this. It's terrible. It needs to stop. But, Lugot is trying to destroy them all. Human sivilization needs help. That much is obvious. I haven't seen anyone acually be able to completely do the job. So I will bring it upon myself."

More energy goes around me. "Form three. Activate."

My skin turns into scales stronger than any metal. The scales are blue. I grow two wings made of the same scales. Along with a tale. My voice changes to a deep and powerful, but smooth voice. "This is my hybrid form. My full form is that of a, as you can proboboly gues, a dragon.

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