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THE susanoo 12-31-2011 06:21 AM

Sasori vs Chiyo
the exact same secnario as they met before in the Akatsuki hide-out but this time Chiyo does not have sakura to control, meaning she only has mom/dad puppets and the 10 puppets of Chikamatsu and sasori has Hikuro, third KazeKage and preformance of 100 puppets,,,, who would win?

Vivi 12-31-2011 06:36 AM

Re: Sasori vs Chiyo
Does Chiyo get the Antidotes?

Even with them I don't see Chiyo winning when even with Sakura on her side,Sasori upon defeat had 198 Puppets left and freely chose to die.
"Sasori saw my last attack..."
"It gave him a small opening."

Without Sakura I don't even see her breaking Hiruko without the Chikamatsu Puppets.
And with Hirukos Senbon Spam I don't see her getting them out which would draw her into defense, which means she would have to use the Mom and Dad Puppets.

Chiyo would have to endure a spamwall of Senbon which she stands a good chance of withstanding with Mom and Dad until Hiruko runs out.
However I don't see it being in Character to pull them out so early same with her 10 Puppets.

Lets just assume she will for arguments sake.
If Hiruko runs out, then what?
Chiyo might get out the 10 Puppets and destroy Hiruko only for the 3rd Kazekage to await her with the Iron Sand.
Even if the 10 Puppets have possibly the best Teamwork in the Manga the possibility of defeating the Sand and Puppet are rather slim without casualties.

Lets assume she defeats the Kazekage Puppet with her 10 Puppets now reduced in numbers.

Sasoris real form awaits and then even the Puppet Army.

Chiyo stands no chance really when she needs to get her strongest Puppets out early to just defeat Hiruko alone in addition that 1 hit from Sasori means death.

With or without antidotes I don't see her winning this.

Thing with Sasori is that he is horrendously resiliant.
3rd Kazekage
Real Form
Heart Switch.
298 Puppet Army.
Being a Puppet himself.

In order to beat him fair and square one needs a large arsenal of different Jutsus in combination with High Stamina and antidotes or just a large scale Nuke attack like Chou Shinra Tensei or Madaras Sephiroth Mode.

Chiyo has neither really and at best I see her defeating the 3rd Kazekage Puppet while having suffered major casualties upon her Puppets.

However in no way will she defeat the 198 Puppets or even get there especially with Sasori switching Bodies.

NagatoGod_of_Pain 12-31-2011 05:13 PM

Re: Sasori vs Chiyo
Umm, nothing else to add.

Vivi completely dominated this.

Zatamizu Yougan 12-31-2011 09:00 PM

Re: Sasori vs Chiyo
Chiyo has no heavy/powerful attack to finish of Hiruko.

PrinceofPeace 08-09-2012 10:47 PM

Re: Sasori vs Chiyo
Chiyo barely won last time so Sasori wins

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