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loganace 12-14-2011 06:03 PM

Fanfic: Tales of an arrogant angeldemon.
As you may geuss I am one of the feared angeldemons. You would think I am one of the strongest beings ever, I am, but not because of my race. It is acually a hindeence. One reason is both angels and demons hate me. Turns out many abilitys of others come from them.What hippocrits angels are. They say ahh we accept anyone. atahen they say, get away Freak! On top of that I am weak to both darkness and light. But I geuss there is one good thing. I have the demon pistol ragnarok and the angel pistol excalibur. When I fuse them they make the ultimate sword Tarnag. I have a mentor a friend and many other people that know me and don't want to kill me. But I have many more enemys. I own the demon mark tamokaruru and the angel curse (I couldn't belive that angels have curses.) Hamarukara. So do you want to hear my story?

GaaraXSaiFan 12-14-2011 06:05 PM

Re: Fanfic: Tales of an arrogant angeldemon.
I like it already ^^

loganace 12-14-2011 06:06 PM

Re: Fanfic: Tales of an arrogant angeldemon.
Danke. I acually used the mary-sue test on one of the fanfic threads for inspiration.

loganace 12-14-2011 07:57 PM

Re: Fanfic: Tales of an arrogant angeldemon.
Hello Here is chapter 1

Chapter one. Hated by all loved by one.
“Ahh today is a beautiful day. I hate beautiful days, turns out someone is always trying to kill me on a nice day.” I then walk over to the Takurura market and I see that all of the buildings have enchantments so I can’t get in to buy things. Ahh refreshing more people want me dead.” I see my rival Tama come over to me. I give him a hi-five and pull myself in by his ear and told him. “Why don’t you kill me? You beat me before why don’t you do it again and kill me”. “Because I don’t hate you. You only think it so.” Kuchama, my friend that isn’t afraid of anything. “ Hello, now break it up! We let go and look at her. She then facepalms “And I am the mature one.” “Hi how are you Tara asks with a” friendly smile? Ha stop pretending you aren’t a heartless monster.” “You should talk Utalga.” I then point my sword at Tama. “Call me that again and I will kill you.” “Call you what comes a voice from nowhere and then Makana, my angel half brother. Falls from 5 feet in the air. And lands right next to me. “Hi” Suddenly darkness starts coming right after the group. “What did I tell you? Someone always tries to kill me on a nice day

loganace 12-18-2011 06:01 PM

Re: Fanfic: Tales of an arrogant angeldemon.
Soory. That was a terrible chapter. It will get better. Oh and I don't post more untill I see people vote on my poll up there.

sakura_blossom 12-18-2011 06:03 PM

Re: Fanfic: Tales of an arrogant angeldemon.
Its not bad. It could have been a bit more descriptive in some parts, but keep working on it. I see potential (:

loganace 12-18-2011 06:11 PM

Re: Fanfic: Tales of an arrogant angeldemon.
I was in a rush for it. I can do much better. But thanks:D.

loganace 12-18-2011 06:43 PM

Re: Fanfic: Tales of an arrogant angeldemon.
Chapter 2: The first chapter that matters
"The darkness!" It is back and it is coming." Suddenly the shadows go upwards and then as fast as a flick of the fist can go I pull out excaliber and fire it at 5 of 8 of the terrible streaks of darkness and they explode into nothingness as I leap back. I then see my half brother Makana eyes turn as white as a thousand beams of light. He thencrosses his arms and swings them in a downward motion that sends a dazziling wave of light and banishes the rest of the shadows. Then a spawn of darkness comes up from the ground behind me. Before it could inflict any major damage a purple fist goes right through its stoumach and it flys about fifty feet backwards into one of the buildings in the market. Lucky us the enchantments were still there and it absorbs the evil darkness spawn. I then turn around to see it was Kuchama that killed it. Another one comes up from the ground and pitch black ball goes around the other enemy making it inpossible to know what is the dark prison and which is the target. The ball then explodes and the spawn falls out. Quickly Makana comes and ignotes his hand with a bright light then putting it on the monsters forehead. The freak of evil then implodes. "Ahh!" Makana then goes flying outwards and hits a wall. "Dumb idiot! They made it so I can't read their mind. But I do know they are mercenarys, the Nukuramanakururu brothers. Do you know what that means Ace?! "Yea it means that they have a really long name!" No idiot that means a major demon wants you dead!" "Tell me something I don't know." "All demons want you dead but these ones are willing to pay lots of money to kill you!" "Your brother is right." "Shut up Tama!" "Well whoever it is they are a dangerous adversary." Said Kuchama.

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