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SakuraRen 07-14-2011 05:57 PM

Pokemon: Half-Life (Pack Den)
I will edit this later, when I actually have the time. For now, just roleplay to your heart's consent! Oh, and this is the location that the Pack members generally make their home, along with any Trainers that have chosen to reside with them.

You can start either by meeting the Pack or by just being random and doing whatever you want to. Like I said, I'll edit this when I have the time.

Pokemon: Half-Life Signup and Information Thread

Pool 07-14-2011 11:34 PM

Re: Pokemon: Half-Life (Pack Den)
Pool grazed the living area, looking for someone to chat with in the large area.

UsagiMizuki 07-18-2011 04:46 PM

Re: Pokemon: Half-Life (Pack Den)
The den was pretty quiet today. There wasn't any loud rustling or talking like usual. Ian observed the den he called home as he slowly walked into the large opening. He looked around and noticed none of the pack was in the main area of the den. He figured they were all exploring the woods or maybe even training perhaps. He stopped walking and looked around, noticing how different everything appeared in his Pokemon form then in his human. His eyes were clearer and he saw details he could only see as a Pokemon. Ian continued looking around, waiting for Lexie to join him. She always made sure Leon, the youngest and smallest of the team would be able to keep up. He didn't know why she let him walk around so freely like she did. He slowed them down often times but he had to admit it was sweet of her to allow him to stay out of his pokeball with them. He had a reason for having to walk by Lexies side 24/7, he couldn't go in a pokeball if he wanted to. Since he was a morph like everyone else in the pack.

"Are you too warm, Ian? Do you need me to get you some more ice?"

Ian turned his head around to see his trainer and best friend, Lexie. He shook his head and took a step back, letting her know he was about to go into his human form. She waited. He closed his eyes and before he knew it, he had arms, legs, hair.. All his human features. He took a deep breath, so used to transforming it was second nature. He opened his bright blue eyes that match his fur as a Pokemon. "No, thank you though. It's not as hot as it was yesterday. Besides, I think a cold glass of water will do the trick." He answered, combing his fingers through his dark black hair. Being a Glaceon, it was difficult being in warmer weather. Lexie always made sure to bring a few bottles of water and small baggies of ice so he would say colder when he needed.

Lexie nodded and turned around, "Leon! Come on! Come inside and I'll give you a apple!" She offered, knowing that'll make him move quicker and not get distracted. Sure enough, Leon came rushing towards her, extending his small arms for the apple Lexie was now pulling out of her backpack. She smiled and knelled down to Leons level, "Here." She said, offering it to him. He took it happily and began eating quickly. Leon was a larvitar and Lexie treated him like a baby. She shook her head and stood up straight, looking back at Ian, "The dens quiet today. You think everyone went out?" She asked.

Ian shrugged, "They'll be back soon. They know they aren't suppose to stay out past sunset." He began walking out of the den again, "You ready to head home?" He asked, feeling kind of hungry.

Lexie looked around the den again while picking up Leon and nodded after a moment, "Yeah, I guess we better." She looked down at Leon, "You ready to get in your pokeball, Leon? We'll let you out when we have dinner." She said, removing his pokeball from her belt and sending him inside. She tucked his pokeball back in it's place and looked at Ian once again, "Where do you think Ren and Hinote are? I thought there was suppose to be a meeting tonight." She said, recalling being told this.

They began walking out of the den side by side when Ian responded, "I'm sure they'll be back soon, Lex. Everyone will be. Don't worry okay?" He replied, using her nickname to calm her down a little.

She nodded, "I know, I know. Your right. Can't help it. Team X can be anywhere." She practically whispered, looking around at the forest around them as they walked to their home. Memories of her parents death flashed in her mind like they always did when team X was mentioned. She swallowed, trying to push those horrible thoughts aside.

Ian watched her with sad eyes, he knew she was recalling her parents death. He had already moved on from his own parents death, being used to being orphaned with other pack members. He was too young when his parents died to be as devastated as Lexie. He put a hand on her shoulder and gave her a weak smile, "Let's get home, okay? Try not to think about it." He said this in a calm low voice, trying to comfort her.

Lexie took a deep breath and nodded, "Yeah, I'm starved." She said, a grin appearing on her face. She lightly punched him on the arm and began running towards their small home.

Ian laughed, "That's better!" He shouted, running after her.

Another normal day at the den.

Reala 07-26-2011 11:37 AM

Re: Pokemon: Half-Life (Pack Den)
The light that poured through the scattered gap of the canopy glittered over Haruhi's grey eyes. Their almost black colour attempted to reflect the warmth of the scene, the bright noon light, the rich greens and browns of the forest. It was unlike anything she had experienced, nothing like the intoxicating chemical smell of the blur of greys and whites. Was this really the dangerous and polluted world Team X had described to her? No. This was just an illusion.

She should return to the task at hand; firstly locating "The Pack" and their den.
Haruhi returned to snuffling her way through the undergrowth in the summer heat. Her smaller form made it easier to slink around unnoticed, although more than once she had to avoid or escape from trainers eager to get their hands on a vulpix. Their persistent enthusiasm had made it difficult and dangerous. However she must continue, for the sake of Team X.

UsagiMizuki 07-26-2011 03:13 PM

Re: Pokemon: Half-Life (Pack Den)
"Why.. do.. you.. feel the.. need to run?" Ian said inbetween breaths. He had finally caught up to Lexie at their small makeshift home. His palms rest on his knees and his head was down, he tried to suck in as much air as he could to relieve his lungs.

Lexie grinned at his exhaustion and crossed her arms, "Maybe you should become faster." She teased, reaching for her pokeballs on her belt. She pulled out each pokeball and cradled each of them, "Alright, come on out everyone." She said, tossing all of the pokeballs into the air.

Each pokeball glowed a faint red and opened, a red lighting bolt pouring out of the small capsule and striking the ground. In only moments, five different pokemon appeared from the red light. A Arcanine, a Skarmony, a Gardevoir, a Dragonair, and a Larvitar. Lexie smiled at each of her pokemon and Ian walked over next to her, still in his human form. "Alright guys, you ready to eat?" She asked, looking at each of them.

The Larvitar dashed over to Lexie, throwing it's little arms up and reaching for her. She picked him up and looked at the others. "I still need to cook some dinner. Izzy, Selena.. You willing to help me out?" She asked, looking over at the Arcanine and Gardevoir.

The Arcanine, Izzy, nodded and the Gardevoir, Selena, floated over to the large Arcanine, confirming that she would be willing to help too. The Skarmory, Helix, next to them screeched a sort of quiet screech and looked down at it's stomach, letting them know that he was hungry. Izzy, rolled her eyes at him. The Dragonair, Estelle, remained were it was and was silent, looking flustered. Lexie sighed, "We'll try to hurry, Helix. Ian," She began, turning to look at Ian next to her, "Will you stay here and keep Leon, Helix, and Estelle entertained? We've got to get started."

Ian nodded, "Sure thing. Take your time." He said, smiling. He closed his eyes and was transformed into a Glaceon almost instantly. He opened his eye's and walked over to his friends/partners. Lexie set Leon down and gestured for Izzy and Selena to follow her inside.

Ian looked over at the other Pokemon, now able to communicate and understand them. "It'll be done soon guys, don't worry." He reassured them.

Helix sighed, "With Izzy helping them, I'm sure it'll take forever! And I'm starved!" He complained like he often did.

Ian shook his head, "It won't take long." He looked over at Leon next to him and gave him a warm smile, "Hey there, Leon. How are you?" He asked.

Leon smiled a huge cute smile, "Ian!" He said, throwing his little arms around his front leg. Leon still didn't understand that Ian was a poke morph and didn't recognize him as the same person when he was in his human form.. He though Ian was a Glaceon and his human form was a whole other person.

Ian smiled, "Good to see you again." He said, even though he had only saw him a little while ago. He then looked up at Estelle, she was cowering away from them like she usually did. "Estelle, you can come closer you know that right?"

Estelle gave him a small smile, "Y-Yes.. I'm good o-over here.." She practically whispered. She was actually doing better then before and she was slowly doing better and getting used to everyone.

Helix looked over at her, "Your such a wimp, Estelle!" He said, rolling his eyes at her.

Ian glaired at him, "Shut it, Helix. The only reason she's not comfortable now is because your here." He stood up for Estelle a lot, hating when Helix made it harder on her. He and Lexie were doing their best to get her to be more sociable and comfortable and Helix didn't help at all.

Helix stuck his head high in the air and made a hmph sound.

Ian shook his head. He hoped Lexie and the others would be done soon.

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