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sakura_blossom 07-14-2011 08:25 AM

35 Tickets
I'm writing yet another story....whooptie freaking do. xD Like my spelling? No? Get over it >_<

Anyway yeah another story. Maybe I'll be a writer when I get older.

Mira Alexander is a student at a school for delinquent children, where the students have decided to do something called Tickets. Its nothing more than a contest between the students to see who comes out on top. The main goal is to get all thirty five tickets. The winner is crowned the king/queen of the school as well as receiving some kind of mystery prize.

Status: Ongoing

Ticket 1 Below
Ticket 2
Ticket 3
Ticket 4
Ticket 5
Ticket 6
Ticket 7
Ticket 8
Ticket 9
Ticket 10
Ticket 11
Ticket 12
Ticket 13
Ticket 14
Ticket 15
Ticket 16
Ticket 17
Ticket 18
Ticket 19

Other Works of Mine:
Digging Too Deep

I am aware that it's not that great but I would still like the commentary and constructive criticism nonetheless.

Chapter 1

"Mira come on! We're going to be late."
"I'm coming!" I called as I slid my shoes on. I grabbed my bag off the chair and ran out the door into the cool autumn air. Maylena, Rosalie, Aaron, and Dakota were waiting for me on the corner.
"So apperantly they're doing the ticket thing at school now." Maylena said, her long blonde and pink hair blowing in the wind. Her red and black plaid uniform clashed with it terribly.
"What ticket thing?" I asked.
"Oh yeah." Dakota said. "I forgot you were sick. The ticket thing is like a competition."
"Our school is a school of nothing but delinquents so fights are common." Rosalie explained, her blue and blonde hair tied up in a pony tail. "There are thirty five tickets given to thirty five random kids. To get a ticket, you have to fight and win against the person. If they don't have a ticket then they don't have a ticket. The goal is to get all thirty five tickets. It's just a competition. I'm curious to see how many people are doing this."
I could already hear the sound of fights form the school. "A lot of people, I guess."
"I think it's stupid." Aaron said, shaking his head. The front part of his hair was light green and the back was jet black. He never came in dress code, he was wearing ripped skinnies, a black t-shirt, vans, and a beanie.
"You think eveything is stupid." I sighed and pushed my blue, light green, and blonde hair off my face. I didn't usualy go in dess code either. I was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans, a white halter top, black heels (I'm extremely short), and a thick black bow. I had my bag hanging off one shoulder as we walked.
"I don't think you're stupid." He shrugged.
"You can't say she's stupid. She's like one of the smartest people I've ever met." Maylena laughed.
We started up the stairs. This place was worse than usual. Fights were irrutping all over the place. Several windows were shattered now and there was already an ambulance arriving. The doors flung open as a couple kids tumbled down the stairs.
"Look what's happened to this place already."" Maylena sighed and punched some kid who tried to smack her ass.
"So are any of you guys going to do the ticket thing?"" Rosalie asked.
"I want to." Dakota said. "I just don't know who has the tickets."
"I'm not. Like I said it's stupid." Aaron sighed.
"I might." Mayleana said. "It depends on who's got the tickets though. I'm not fighting a fight I can't win."
"What about you, Mira?" Rosalie asked.
"If I have to fight, and the person happens to have a ticket, well then I get the ticket I suppose. I really don't care either way." I said shrugging. Suddenly I felt someone's arm on my shoulder. Aaron looked over and he seemed a bit annoyed.
"Hey baby."
"Ugh. Eric get off me." I said pushed the curly haired blonde into the lockers. That kid, he never left me alone. Aaron absolutely hated that kid, for the simpled fact Eric was the reason Aaron didn't have a girlfriend anymore. Personally I think its a stupid reason, but I can't change what Aaron thinks.
"Megan wasn't enough so now you're going for Mira?" Aaron asked coldly. I had a bad feeling that this was going to end in a fight.
"I don't know what you're so upset about, Megan never really liked you anyway." Eric shrugged.
"But to dump me for the likes of you, I wouldn't want her back." Aaron said. I rolled my eyes, that liar.
Eric had his fist clenched. I stepped inbetween the two of them, "Alrigh you t-"
Next thing I knew Eric's fist made contact with my face and my head snapped to the side.
"Oh damn." Mayleana said unable to stop herself from laughing.
I touched my face. I felt the hot sticky blood running from my nose. I turned and looked at Eric.
"Bye. Bye." Nathan said sounding like a little kid.
"M-Mira. I-I didn't mean to. I was a-aming for Aaron." He said holding his hands up defensivly.
"I don't give a damn." I said coldly. My foot shot out and caught him in between the legs. He bent forward and I grabbed him by his hair and kicked him in the stomach. I threw him sideways and started walking away when I noticed something gold in his pocket. It was thin and looked like it had a huge number printed on it.
I bent down and picked it up.
"Mira!" Maylena siad looking at it. "That's a ticket!"
The number one was about as tall as the ticket was wide. I sighed and stuffed it into my wallet. Looks like I was in this game after all.

Skrillex 07-14-2011 08:38 AM

Re: 35 Tickets
Interesting...I thought of Beelzebub for a moment when I first read the summary.

sakura_blossom 07-14-2011 08:40 AM

Re: 35 Tickets
How did you think of Beelzebub?

Skrillex 07-14-2011 08:41 AM

Re: 35 Tickets
The part about the delinquent school.

sakura_blossom 07-14-2011 08:45 AM

Re: 35 Tickets
I just now realized that..O___________________o

Skrillex 07-14-2011 08:49 AM

Re: 35 Tickets
You're so slow sometimes...

puppetmaster zack 07-14-2011 09:14 AM

Re: 35 Tickets
I like it the story is good.Weirdly I thought of death race but It might just because I wanna watch it again.

sakura_blossom 07-14-2011 09:16 AM

Re: 35 Tickets
I don't even know what Death Race is, but thank you. :'D

puppetmaster zack 07-14-2011 09:17 AM

Re: 35 Tickets
A movie about the top killers in the world in a death race were the only way to win is to kill the others.You win equals receiving your freedom.

sakura_blossom 07-14-2011 09:42 AM

Re: 35 Tickets
Interesting. Maybe I'll watch it.

sakura_blossom 07-14-2011 10:24 AM

Re: 35 Tickets
Ticket 2


"I still don't understand the point of this." I said turning the ticket over.
"Mira, that's not something I'd be waving around." Mr. Lang said sighing. "You'll just attract unwanted attention."
I shrugged. "I don't even want to take part in this crap, but I guess now that I have this I have no choice."
"You were lucky you weren't fighting a senior." Dakota said. "You would have had your ass handed to you."
"Why do you underestimate her so much?" Maylena asked. "If anyone of us is capable of handling theirself, its Mira."
"Alright can we stop arguing about me?" I asked and slipped the ticket in my pocket.
The both shut their mouths. I looked around the room. Most of the girls were in the back gossiping, the boys were all crowded around a Playboy magazine, Aaron was lying across three desks behind me, sleeping and Rosalie was fixing her make-up.
"So what are we doing after school today?" Rosalie asked.
"I wanted to go surfing." Dakota said leaning back in his desk. "The waves are just right."
"I wouldn't mind going to the beach." Maylena said.
"I hate the beach." I sighed.
"How can you hate the beach?" Dakota asked.
"Its too sandy. I hate getting sand in my bikini. Its so uncomfortable." I said wrinkling my nose.
Rosalie sighed. "What about the mall?"
"On a friday? Its going to be crowded." Maylena said. She hated crowds of people.
"There's a concert tonight." Aaron said sitting up. "That amazing metal band everyone's talking about is supposed to be playing."
"How are we going to get tickets and besides I'm not allowed out after ten." Rosalie said rolling her eyes.
"I guess I'll go to the beach then." I sighed.
"So the beach it is?" Dakota asked and we all nodded.
Suddenly he classrom door flew open and a couple older guys were standing in the doorway.
"Mira, I heard you beat the crap out of Eric." One of them said.
"So we came here to settle the score."
"Two against one is hardly fair." Mr. Lang sighed. "A real man wouldn't need back up against a girl."
The whole classroom did that stupid middle school 'Oooh' thing. I rolled my eyes. Who were these idiots? I laughed just thinking that Eric probably sent them after me. What a loser. If wanted to do something about getting his ass kicked he should have come himself.
"I'll take you one at a time." I said and cracked my knuckles. These kids looked familiar. I think they were upper classmen. This may be a bit exciting after all.
"No you'll take both." One of them said as they both jumped at me. One of them was cut off by Aaron.
"The lady said one at a time."
I ducked as a fist flew over my head. Lovely. Who was this kid anyway? I dropped to the ground and swung my leg out, hiting him in the leg and knocking him over. I jumped back as the other one jumped at me. I jumped as he treid to trip me. When I was in mid air I kicked my foot out and kicked him in the face. I used that as an oppertunity to step over him, in mid air. I felt so ninja
When I landed the other kid jumped at me, but I hit him in the neck with the side of my hand and he went down like a rock. The one who's face I stepped all over hadn't gotten up yet. I looked around and suddenly felt myself being pulled down.
"You little bi-"
I kicked my foot up and hit him in the chin with the heel of my shoes. His head snapped up and I rolled over, trying to get to my feet.
Both of them were down now. What a total let down. I was expecting more of a fight. I noticed something hanging out of one of thier pockets. It was a golden ticket. I grabbed it and looked at it. The thick black number thireen was sitting in the center of it.
"Two in one day?" Rosalie asked. "What is this madness?"
"That's crazy! Hardly any one has gotten two in one day!" Someone said.
"Just who is this chick?" One of the guys asked.
"What did I tell you?" Maylena asked looking at Dakota.
He shrugged. "Fine you were right."
I looked down a the ticket in my hand. That's two. Just lovely.

Skrillex 07-14-2011 10:38 AM

Re: 35 Tickets
Still good. I like it.

sakura_blossom 07-14-2011 10:40 AM

Re: 35 Tickets
Personally I think it sucks. <________<

Skrillex 07-14-2011 11:30 AM

Re: 35 Tickets
You think everything you do sucks.

Ino's Girl 07-14-2011 12:01 PM

Re: 35 Tickets
Cool, fighting xD

sakura_blossom 07-14-2011 12:20 PM

Re: 35 Tickets
I'm not good a writing it but still xDD

sakura_blossom 07-14-2011 12:53 PM

Re: 35 Tickets
Ticket 3

It's been nearly three weeks since I've gotten another ticket. Of course the rumors about the day in class had already spread. I was already getting nicknames, but I didn't care to remember them.
"You're already famous around here." Aaron said. "You beat two seniors and you're only a freshmen."
I just shrugged. "Not like I care. I don't even want these stupid tickets."
Aaron rolled his eyes. "You shouldn't have taken them."
I looked at him. "Shut up."
He shrugged. "Whatever."
I sighed. Dakota, Rosalie, and Maylena decided to ditch school today, so I was stuck here alone with Aaron. We would normally be in class at this moment, but we decided to skip and we were sitting in the courtyard now. I was lying back on the bench, my head resting on Aaron's leg. The five of us have been friends for years, but I've always had a soft spot for Aaron. He was cute and he was a real sweetheart at times. I've always liked him, but unfortuantely he never felt the same way about me.
"So what are we going to do now?" Aaron asked.
"No clue." I sighed. "I'm about to fall alseep."
"You fall alseep you'll wake up in a dumpset." Aaron said.
"So cruel." I rolled my eyes.
"So do you plan on actually getting all of those tickets?"
"If it happens then It happens." I shrugged.
"You really don't care do you?" He asked setting his hand on my head.
"Not in the least." I said. "You want them?"
"No." He said. "I told you it was stupid. Come on, I'm thirsty."
I stood up and followed him to the water fountain. I leaned agasints the lockers. I noticed something sticking out of one of the doors. It was gold. Another ticket? I tired to pull it out, but it was stuck. I'd rip it if I pulled any harder.
"What are you doing?" Aaron asked.
"Trying to get something out." I said.
Aaron sighed and stepped in front of the locker and unlocked it. I slid the paper out. It was a ticket.
"I thought you said this thing was stupid." I said and held it up.
"It is." He said.
"That's why you've got a ticket." I said.
"I was one of the original thirty five poeple to get the tickets. I threw it in my locker, but forgot about it." He said. "You can keep it."
"I'm starting to get a collection of these things. I might as well try now." I sighed and stuffed it into my wallet.
"Dispite the fact I think this thing is stupid, if you want to do it, I guess I'll support you."
I looked up at him. Like I said he was a sweetheart. I bit the inside of my lip. "Thank you."

__________________________________________________ ______

"So you've got three of them now?" Rosalie asked. We were sitting on the roof of Aaron's car looking out at the ocean.
"Yep. I might as well try to get the rest now, I've got three already."
"I think that's the most anyone's gotten." Dakota said.
"One of the seniors has four. If she beats him she gets them all." Maylena said. "What number's on that one."
"Seventeen." I answered.
"Well you've only got about thirty two more to go." Rosalie laughed.
"Yeah, but some of them have multpiule tickets by now so its shouldn't take too long." Nathan said jumping up onto the roof and sitting next to me. "She shouldn't have a problem though. Most of the people who have the tickets got them from intimidation. I know Eric never fought anyone to get his. He probably scared one of the younger kids into giving it to him."
"He has a point." Rosalie said. "That senior only has four because he's intimidating the freshmen."
"Hmph. No one's getting my tickets." I said. "I'll make sure of that."

jenny 07-14-2011 03:24 PM

Re: 35 Tickets
2nd chapter: I'm feeling ninja? xD
3rd chapter: girl's got attitude

sakura_blossom 07-14-2011 03:27 PM

Re: 35 Tickets

Originally Posted by jenny (Post 5255475)
2nd chapter: I'm feeling ninja? xD
3rd chapter: girl's got attitude

xD Unlike the other one this is supposed to be a bit comedic and that was the first thing that popped into my head when I wrote it.

<_< She has a very bad attitude at times xD

jenny 07-14-2011 03:29 PM

Re: 35 Tickets

Originally Posted by sakura_blossom (Post 5255486)
xD Unlike the other one this is supposed to be a bit comedic and that was the first thing that popped into my head when I wrote it.

<_< She has a very bad attitude at times xD's humorous xD

xD maybe

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