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View Poll Results: So... What did you think?
So awesome 8 20.51%
Sucks 0 0%
Epic 8 20.51%
Seen better 3 7.69%
Bleach is better then Naruto still 1 2.56%
Zombie Team 1 2.56%
I...Hate...You...Kishi...And...Kabutomaru...For... bringing...back...My...Itachi 3 7.69%
Wait, Zombie Team = Akatsuki? You got to be kidding me 1 2.56%
So I heard about Itachi. But why the not the reast of the team! Kill Itachi! 0 0%
So Itachi and Sasuke, huh~? 0 0%
Tobi or Madara for Deidara? 1 2.56%
Sasuke: I'm going to kill you Madara (lol what? I though it was Kabuomaru) for bring back Itachi!!! I'm going to blam Konoha for this.. 1 2.56%
Hidan is going to bad talk everyone, if he comes back 1 2.56%
Tobi: Deidara Senpai! *or* Madara: Don't try to kill me, UCHIHA MADARA 2 5.13%
Sasori is human/puppet. Or what. 2 5.13%
People just die all ready! Itachi, Deidara, Kakuzu and how ever the hell else is back, needed to say dead. 1 2.56%
Is Kakuzu going to get Hidan or something? 0 0%
Karin, Karin, Karin, Karin.....Karin. You just got funny. 5 12.82%
other (post what it is then) 1 2.56%
Voters: 39.

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