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Forum Rules
Sannin Forum Rules

Welcome to the discussion forum, ninja. As you venture forth into the brave world of online discussion, please follow the rules below. We wouldn't want to take away your headband for breaking the law!

Sannin Forum Rules

1. Be Civil

- Keep discussions civil and respectful. Debate is good, flaming and harassment are not.

- No inappropriate material. Cursing, boobs, and graphic violence aren't okay.

- Don't scam accounts, or let yours be scammed. If it happens, please contact an administrator immediately.

- Don't spam. No advertising in signatures, posts and links. Just going to say 'hi'? Please do so in Off-Topic.

2. Be Social

- Stay on topic. If you think you're going to veer off topic, make a new topic.

- Never hesitate to send feedback, suggestions or questions our way using the Leaf Police Force HQ. If all else fails or it's private, contact an administrator.

3. Be Ninja

- Keep the storyline unspoiled. Be it anime, manga or videogame. If you do intend on using spoilers, use the spoiler tags.

- No images, videos (besides those on and, fanart, fanfiction, fansubs, or scanlations that make use of official characters or storylines owned by VIZ Media.

Rule Breaking

Seriously, don't do it and you will have nothing to worry about.

For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!
 I have read, and agree to abide by the Naruto Discussion Forum rules.  

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