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Conversation Between Hotarubi Hyuuga and PrinceofPeace
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  1. Hotarubi Hyuuga
    02-05-2013 06:30 PM
    Hotarubi Hyuuga
    Boy if I have to go back and give you a chapter for something you should already know that that is ridiculous. How hard is it for you to go back and watch the Chunin exams arc? or just watch Naruto part one and even some of part two over again because those weren't the only time that the military force was ever mentioned or explained and honestly what the hell do you think they are fighting the war with right now? you fights wars with a military face, now even though I do have proof and I can post a chapter for you, part of this is just common sense now.
  2. PrinceofPeace
    02-05-2013 06:17 PM
    so you do not have a chp. at all as proof?

    20 kumo ninja and Kinkau n Ginkauku<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Madara or kyubbi
  3. Hotarubi Hyuuga
    02-05-2013 06:14 PM
    Hotarubi Hyuuga
    Prince the Military force are the Shinobi of the leave didn't you pay attention way back during the Chunin exams arc when they said that it was a way for the villages to beef up their military force? Or how they said the students at the academy were the future of the leafs military force?

    Yes the 20 Kumo Ninja known the Kinkau force did kill him but he was basically already almost dead after he fought both Ginkaku and Kinaku.
  4. PrinceofPeace
    02-05-2013 05:45 PM
    the 20 kumo ninja is what killed Tobirama
    All I know the Kumo ninja are not as strong as Madara with Kyubbi

    The military force is not being used now? if so when what chp or episode.
  5. Hotarubi Hyuuga
    02-05-2013 05:42 PM
    Hotarubi Hyuuga
    The Military force is what they are using right now, that's what the ninja of the leave are the military force.

    Ginkaku and Kinakau are the reason that Tobirama is dead, they were basically like Jinchuuriki it even says that after they left Tobirama basically almost dead so you who are really trying to fool around here and lastly we don't even know how strong the Kinkau force was.
  6. PrinceofPeace
    02-05-2013 05:32 PM
    lol who said I loved obito?

    Tobirama was not killed by 2 jinjurki.

    The Military force was not a good thing. If it was good it would still be used today. It was just a way to keep tabs on the Uchiha. Instead of trusting him. His plan was a fail. Like Tobirama
  7. Hotarubi Hyuuga
    02-05-2013 05:29 PM
    Hotarubi Hyuuga
    Anbu, military force, you keep forgetting that.

    He was killed by two Jinchuuiki like people and his only goal was to let the others get away and why? Because he just is, I don't ask you why you love Obito so much yet have the nerve to walk around with a Neji Avatar after he killed him now do I?
  8. PrinceofPeace
    02-05-2013 05:09 PM
    I can not fathum why.

    He is definetly not the strongest.
    He is rude to others
    He does not listen to his superiors
    He could not take down 20 kumo fodder ninja

    The only thing I give creidt for him is the academy and chunnin exams
  9. Hotarubi Hyuuga
    02-05-2013 05:08 PM
    Hotarubi Hyuuga
    They also know that Tobirama wears the pants in their family, but seriously thought he still is my favorite Hokage.
  10. PrinceofPeace
    02-05-2013 05:07 PM
    well if your just agruing to agrue then whateves

    the point is now more and more people love Hashirama and know he is the better hokage

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