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Conversation Between BoxHead and Jakropha
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  1. Jakropha
    07-31-2013 05:42 PM
    Every LoL champ should have a draven head, as a legendary skin.

    I would instabuy every single one.
  2. BoxHead
    07-31-2013 01:37 PM
    new skin?
  3. Jakropha
    07-31-2013 12:33 PM
    It's Draven in real life.
  4. BoxHead
    07-31-2013 12:28 PM
    its frick
  5. Jakropha
    07-31-2013 12:21 PM
  6. BoxHead
    07-31-2013 10:17 AM
    Because I don't like to ADC, and if I do, I go Graves.
  7. Jakropha
    07-31-2013 06:26 AM
    Why not Draven?

    Darius is just Draven with a shorter axe.
  8. BoxHead
    07-30-2013 09:50 PM
    Like Darius! I'll start with im.
  9. Jakropha
    07-30-2013 09:13 PM
    Best way to learn bucko.
    I need to start hoarding IP for runes, I'm JUST finishing my Cash4gold page for Support, but I still need to get Marks and finish my MR Glyphs.

    Then I have an Attack and Mage page to do.
    And that includes getting another page....
    Yeah, got a lot of first winning to do.
  10. BoxHead
    07-30-2013 11:49 AM
    I feel like playing so many champions that I suck at.

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