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Conversation Between Kakashi Hatake_Yamato and Star
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  1. Kakashi Hatake_Yamato
    02-26-2013 07:48 PM
    Kakashi Hatake_Yamato
    Yeah. I heard we are switching to something else, not vBulletin anymore.
  2. Star
    02-26-2013 06:40 PM
    Lol, yeah. I kept refreshing the page and I thought I typed KD wrong at first.
    Hopefully it will return shortly....
    Is KD going to look really different after the update? Or is it just going to be something minor?
  3. Kakashi Hatake_Yamato
    02-26-2013 05:08 PM
    Kakashi Hatake_Yamato
    oh yea... The update.... Hopefully it will be less than a week. I know I'll constant be checking and refreshing the page
  4. Star
    02-26-2013 02:48 PM
    Noooooooooooooo! DDD:
    I cannot be deprived of KD for a week!
  5. Kakashi Hatake_Yamato
    10-01-2012 07:11 PM
    Kakashi Hatake_Yamato
    ah. thought so
  6. Star
    10-01-2012 06:31 PM
  7. Kakashi Hatake_Yamato
    09-30-2012 03:30 PM
    Kakashi Hatake_Yamato
    hmm. Star...... Same as KD?

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