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06-15-2011, 03:30 AM
Raikage continues his flashback!

Raikage found out 4th Hokage's Flying Thunder God's weakness, which are locations of those special kunais.
Raikage suited himself with these kunais' locations and feinted 4th Hokage while observing the kunais around him.

4th Hokage used Flying Thunder God and disappeared.
He reappeared at Bee's back.

Flashback ends after the fight with the 4th. Bee tells Naruto he'll take care of raikage. Bee wins a lariat battle against Raikage, that's how the chapter ends.

More soon.

Shikamaru Nara
06-15-2011, 03:32 AM
More flashback, but more action. Thank god!

06-15-2011, 06:55 AM
I knew Bee was going to take on the Rai. I just knew it.

06-15-2011, 07:11 AM
Bee knocked the hell out of the A. Damn what a mean hit

Bee reacting to Hiraishin? Minato fan-boys are gonna be mad. Tsunade -____-

06-15-2011, 07:34 AM
Well we did have plenty of foreshadowing with Lil' Bee saying he was going to surpass the A-hole.

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06-15-2011, 09:09 AM

naruto tries to attack raikage while raikage is having flashbacks.

Naruto:now is the moment to strike!

raikage realized and punch naruto back.

Naruto: damn! he's too fast!

naruto tries to pass through raikage another time but raikage keeps up and punch naruto back again.

killerbee helps naruto by trying to lariat raikage.

Raikage: u really think ur lariat can defeat me?

raikage hits bee's back with his elbow.bee tries to hold raikage with his tentacles to stop raikage attacking naruto.

raikage: what are u doing bee?!?!?!

bee: dont u understand yet brother?u stupid motha...!

naruto:thank you bee san!

raikage grabs bee's tentacles and throws bee at naruto when naruto tries to escape and they collide.

Raikage: Hokage! come over here and help me!

slug:tsunade sama..

Tsunade: .....

tsunade thinks back about naruto saying he will become hokage one day and that's why he will not die.

tsunade walks towards naruto and bee.

raikage: what the ... are u doing?have u already find an excuse for doing this now?

tsunade: Even if u kill naruto now,i dont believe the next kyuubi jinchuriiki can control the kyuubi as good as naruto now! for now,it doesnt really matter which side i choose to stand!after all,we're at war! we should let them use their full strength to defeat the enemy!

tsunade: i choose to be on naruto's side!i'll let him pass!

naruto: this excuse is too great!although i shouldnt say it's an excuse!this should be the grandma i used to know!

raikage:....hokage..arent u doing the same thing now?making ur own decisions without the agreement of the alliance!what makes u so sure naruto will fullfill his prophecy?!

killerbee tries to attack raikage with lariat again.

Raikage: i told u.ur lariat is useless against me!

killerbee uses his right hand lariat against raikage.raikage tries to hit back bee with his right hand but was stopped by killerbee's left hand.

Bee: u underestimated my power when u became the raikage u motha...!

raikage thinks back when the third raikage passed away.


Bee : where's ma bro?

fodder ninja: he broke that wall and walked out.walked through that wall and u'll probably see him.

bee: dont cry anymore bro!from today onwards u're raikage now!

Raikage: i know!as raikage,i must protect the country and village!this is also my father's will. Bee! from now on,u'll have to practice ur bijuu bomb inside the eight tails chamber(i'm not sure what's the name of the chamber.)i wont let u get a chance to encounter the enemy anymore!

Bee: then what about my lariat?

raikage: u dont need to use ur lariat anymore!u'll just have to use ur bijuu bomb to attack enemies at far distances!listen carefully!from now on,u're not allowed to leave the village!


both kumo's push each other away.

raikage:bee,u and naruto are very important jinchuriikis! u r very special to the village and country.that is why i dont allow u guys to pass through!it doesnt mattter if jinchuurikis are powerful,all the other 7 are already sealed!

bee: naruto and i are very confident that we can do it because we understand ourselves! (bee charges towards raikage with lariat)

raikage: FINE! then let's see who's lariat is stronger! (raikage charges up his chakra and turns to V2)

06-15-2011, 09:21 AM
Bee, stickin it to the man

White Zetsu
06-15-2011, 10:18 AM
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06-15-2011, 10:21 AM
A: Hmph, don’t think that just because you tried to confuse me with deceptive words I’d let you go
A: His body flicker should only be able to jump to where the kunais are positioned because of the seals written on them
A: At this point I’ve pretty much figured out the position of every kunai, in the ensuing attack I only need to rush at full speed to the next location after his body flicker to resolve this
Minato: A lot rests on me too!
A: Go ahead! [Run!]
A: Where will you pop up next?
Minato: So I cannot lose.
Caption: Speed that surpasses the Raikage’s. Just what did the Fourth leave behind?!
A: Curses (anyone else with a Chinese background know a better way to translate 可恶 in this context? It's a bit like "damnit" but more directed at a spiteful feeling).
Grunt: This is...! The 8-tail's tentacles got tagged by the seal!
A: So was it during that time?!
Bee: Since the conflict has already been decided, wouldn't it be a relief to commit mutual homicide? (my feeble attempt to translate Bee's convoluted rap from Chinese, what a pain...the stylization is hard to translate from Chinese --;)
Minato: Although you're the enemy I quite admire you, the ninja's most worthy killing tool (he's actually referring to a type of action) is quickness. (Couldn't figure out how to translate this bit well, but the idea is that he's praising Bee's quickness).